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Centralia College has been very accommodating throughout my college course. The financial aid department is wonderful along with registration and all of my professors have been enjoyable.
The Canvas app used by Centralia College is very easy to navigate and the online experience has been a great one.
CC uses Canvas as a way to keep track of all classes so it's rather simple to follow along with your classes. Each class does use a different program for their online lectures, which can be tedious when you're switching between 3 different programs back to back. There's also the fact that while you no longer have a fee for some classes, it means you have to pay for the products you'd use in that class out of your pocket, luckily the college can usually give a discount on the products if they offer education editions.
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A good college to start off in. Offers many different courses and classes along with having many clubs that you can join for after school activities. Professors are overall very friendly.
Lots of resources for students, understanding staff and great academics. Whenever you need help, there are always at least 3 faculty members waiting to help you. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. You make friends in every class, all your classmates are very helpful and nice.
I have had no problems at Centralia College. Would be nice to have more ASL interpreter, but they are hard to come by. I have had great instructors. I wish they had more tutoring programs for students who are studying Accounting.
Lovely teachers, great environment, everyone enjoys helping you for the most part. Some professors are definitely more helpful than others, and if you find yourself struggling with a class, I would advise seeking out another professor in the same subject and get help from them instead. Cafeteria is average but the coffee shop is pretty good. Beautiful greenhouse.
Centralia College offers a very nice and small campus. Yes it is a community college with a smaller campus but this is nothing like an ordinary community college. The buildings here a very nice inside and out, the court yards are beautiful with new additions coming each year, the small community offers a great opportunity to meet new people and create life long friends.
Centralia College’s mission of providing life-long learning is important to me because I am eager to learn. I appreciate that each class size are around twenty to twenty-five people. The variety of degrees at Centralia College offer a career path for everyone, and I was able to find a career path that I am passionate about. The advisors are friendly, welcoming and eager to help me achieve my highest success. I have a mentor that is very supportive, and I use the tutors in every department as much as I can. I am also enrolled in a student success program to help me succeed in college. I would like to see a change in the work atmosphere to become greater than how big it is now.
I just started attending Centralia College recently, and it has been great! So far, all the faculty has been very helpful and the teachers want you to succeed. The buildings are also in good repair and the classes are the perfect size, not too big!
Centralia College is a very comfortable school. The professors are kind and down to earth. I would like more options for 4-year programs at CC.
I have had a great experience with Centralia College. I have found the process of applying and getting started with school very easy. The staff are helpful. The college offers a variety of degrees to choose from. It is a nice school that I would recommend.
I've really enjoyed my time studying at Centralia College. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate with plenty of places to study.
I had a great counselor at Centralia. She helped pushed me everytime I felt overwhelmed so that I could complete my Associates degree. The campus is very well laid out as well, and make sure you visit in spring, the cherry blossoms in the courtyard are gorgeous.
I enjoyed the cheap tuition and scholarship help from the community since I have been given zero help at home. The students are nice but a few of the professors have screwed a lot Students over. Mostly a decent school.
Centralia College has an amazing enviornment for everyone. There is amazing professors and small class sizes giving each person an opportunity to talk with and get ti know their professors. Something I would like to see change is the counseling. My counselor doesn't always help me choose the classes I want to take that also will match my degree.
Centralia College is a wonderful school in a wonderful location. A small-town college that knows how to act big. Centralia College is a professional, academically focused, and support facility and students fairly. If you want a school that has that small-town feel and big town effect. Come and see.
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I loved how all the staff is so helpful and willing to show all the options open to you. It really influenced my decision to return for my second degree. The only thing I would like to see change is that I wish they had more programs available. Due to being a community college in a small town, they can be limited. But they are hoping to add more soon!
I liked the small town feel and the community surrounding it. I was taught well and didn’t feel like I struggled through this college. There was also a lot of on campus help.
While I have attended Centralia College, I have had a few very interesting and fun professors who's class I have really enjoyed, but sadly there have been just as many teachers who just don't seem to care about their students' success.
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