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Every professor seems to know what they're doing, and many of them make it easy to contact them and get class materials. They also make a lot of effort to make sure textbooks are affordable. Centralia also uses CANVAS, which makes it easier to make up missed days or check grades/assignments online. The campus is compact and pretty, and has built a new building since I've enrolled. It's easy to know where you're going most of the time. They offer a lot of interesting classes, and the advisors make it easy to plan your classes.
I went here for roughly two quarters in college, and while I was always surrounded by people who weren't mean, disruptive, or annoying, there also wasn't much of a student life; I got to school, went to my classes, and went back to my home. I would of also preferred to live on campus, but they only offer housing for international students. The food is acceptable, I only rarely ate there, and I couldn't find any details on the party scene.
I do think however, that it will eventually grow to become a much greater college, especially with its recent addition to the building. The professors are amazing (Minus one or two) and the diversity is not bad at all, in my opinion it is a perfect stepping stone for many in the local area, and perhaps a larger area given time.
I have only competed one quarter at Centralia College. I took two online classes during Summer Quarter. The professors that I have encountered so far, they have all been very helpful and informative. The only part that I wish was different is the tuition costs. I think that is an issue at any college, however. The campus is also very nice and updated.
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Overall, Centralia College has been a great start to my post-secondary education. The instructors are all very knowledgeable on the subjects they teach. Also, the campus staff have been very helpful in making sure I fit right in, and helping me adjust to a new culture of learning.
My experience at Centralia College has been great. This is the second time that I have been enrolled with this school. My first experience with the college was very overwhelming, but the staff was extremely helpful. They offer on campus jobs, clubs and study groups for each subject. This year they finished a new building, and other new buildings are in the works to turn this 2 year college into a 4 year college. All of the teachers want to see their students succeed. This will always be a college I recommend to anyone who lives in the twin cities and wants to get a feel of college life.
I graduated from Centralia College as a running start student and earned my AA and High School diploma at the same time. I served on Student Government as the Senator for Clubs and Organizations, and I loved it. I made a lot of great connections and appreciated the humility and friendliness of the atmosphere.
This college is growing fast but still gives special attention to each student. They offer several 4 year degrees and even have a wide variety of online classes. Easy access from the areas interstate with several outreach campus'. Centralia College is the oldest continually open college in the state of Washington. I am very proud to be an alumni!
This was a wonderful school to attend. The professors really care about you and want to help you succeed. There is a broad range of classes to take and that are interesting.
When applying after taking my placement test no one told me how to register further and when trying to contact them no one picked up the phone. But overall campus is decently sized and people are nice.
One of the best experiences of my life. The professors were super engaging and the students were very inclusive.
Great college for an affordable price. Great selection of classes, and easy to find help with any needs.
I like the friendly and personable teachers that are always ready and willing to go above and beyond to help their students understand and thrive.
I also like the student government and how well they listen to the wants and needs of the student body as a whole, and students individually.
I would like to see more access to parking, and more events dedicated to stress relief of the students.
Parking will always be an issue, but with the addition of a new building, parking is even more hectic than ever. I have to arrive at eight am, to find parking for my nine am class. If I am “late” and arrive around 8:30, parking is scarce, and I sometimes have to walk three blocks to get to my classes.
Even though CCC is a fun campus with amazing staff and faculty, students are still very stressed. I personally juggle going to class and homework, working, volunteering, and housework. A few more events, even simple ones, dedicated to stress relief or stress management would help immensely.
I am in my last quarter of earning my AA entirely online. Class material, interaction, and instructor facilitation have been consistently excellent. Professors challenged me, were helpful, and provided plenty of guidance and encouragement when I needed it. Overall, I would highly recommend Centralia College.
My experience at Centralia College was pleasant overall. The class sizes are small but the campus and programs are always expanding to become better. I would like to see more community involvement and a closer social system. There's not much school spirit but still, everyone is friendly there and the professors are great.
I gave my counselor my work schedule, and they immediately gave me a schedule that would still allow me time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I was so pleased that that was available to me.
I have yet to take an online course.
I have not done enough at the college to say much about it yet.
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I was super excited to begin my fall courses, and I haven't been disappointed yet! All the professors bring their own unique personalities to each class, yet still making everything applicable to the lives and characteristics of the students in their classes.
I will be graduating with my AA in English Education next year, and I feel very excited and prepared. The staff on campus is great, and the facilities have made it easy to get here. Everything involving the enrollment process was very straightforward and explained well to me.
The workload is more than I have ever experienced, but it has been a great challenge to me as I begin my college years and I am excited to see what I can do! The facilities make studying on campus easy, and I am already looking into job opportunities on campus.
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