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When applying after taking my placement test no one told me how to register further and when trying to contact them no one picked up the phone. But overall campus is decently sized and people are nice.
One of the best experiences of my life. The professors were super engaging and the students were very inclusive.
Great college for an affordable price. Great selection of classes, and easy to find help with any needs.
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I like the friendly and personable teachers that are always ready and willing to go above and beyond to help their students understand and thrive.
I also like the student government and how well they listen to the wants and needs of the student body as a whole, and students individually.
I would like to see more access to parking, and more events dedicated to stress relief of the students.
Parking will always be an issue, but with the addition of a new building, parking is even more hectic than ever. I have to arrive at eight am, to find parking for my nine am class. If I am “late” and arrive around 8:30, parking is scarce, and I sometimes have to walk three blocks to get to my classes.
Even though CCC is a fun campus with amazing staff and faculty, students are still very stressed. I personally juggle going to class and homework, working, volunteering, and housework. A few more events, even simple ones, dedicated to stress relief or stress management would help immensely.
I am in my last quarter of earning my AA entirely online. Class material, interaction, and instructor facilitation have been consistently excellent. Professors challenged me, were helpful, and provided plenty of guidance and encouragement when I needed it. Overall, I would highly recommend Centralia College.
My experience at Centralia College was pleasant overall. The class sizes are small but the campus and programs are always expanding to become better. I would like to see more community involvement and a closer social system. There's not much school spirit but still, everyone is friendly there and the professors are great.
I gave my counselor my work schedule, and they immediately gave me a schedule that would still allow me time with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I was so pleased that that was available to me.
I have yet to take an online course.
I have not done enough at the college to say much about it yet.
I was super excited to begin my fall courses, and I haven't been disappointed yet! All the professors bring their own unique personalities to each class, yet still making everything applicable to the lives and characteristics of the students in their classes.
I will be graduating with my AA in English Education next year, and I feel very excited and prepared. The staff on campus is great, and the facilities have made it easy to get here. Everything involving the enrollment process was very straightforward and explained well to me.
The workload is more than I have ever experienced, but it has been a great challenge to me as I begin my college years and I am excited to see what I can do! The facilities make studying on campus easy, and I am already looking into job opportunities on campus.
I love the time I have already spent at my school! After meeting my professors, I knew I was going to grow in the knowledge I had already gained from my high school years. The advisers and counselors were extremely helpful in my decision of what I wanted to major in. They looked at my grades, and looked into my personal life after lots of discussion with me and helped me come to the best choice, and it is one I am very comfortable with.
When sick or having other emergencies come up the instructors are wiling to work with students to help them still achieve there academic goals
There is an on campus technology resource center and their hours are accommodating for a variety of different schedules.
There job resource center is small but it is very helpful. I have had help finding employment when needed.
Class size is moderate for the size of the college. The professors are strong in dumbing the information down for those who need it and keeping the more advanced kids challenged.
Review Centralia College
Keep the new student in mind. Offers college transfer fairs, job fairs, and club fairs so the students have ample opportunity to get involved.
The resources they have for nursing students really help them learn the material, and hold them to a high standard. A strict application process.
I really appreciate the small town atmosphere. It is easy to make friends and build a strong support system. The instructors are down to earth and very helpful.
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