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The success coach and academic advisors I was assigned were outstanding. Very flexible and willing to help make college happen for me. As a non traditional student, getting things rolling were difficult and they "made it happen!"
This college is absolutely wonderful. The academic content is very engaging and useful, not to mention the teachers are wildly concerned about personal growth and well-being. The campus is very nice, and secluded from the town. The small population of Riverton may be deceiving, but there is vast diversity in the campus population. I am very satisfied with all of the staffing, and I have met multiple international exchange students who are extremely satisfied with their college decision.
The school is easy to get to and classes are easy to find. Some semesters it was hard to find a good schedule that would fit my life. Lots of things kept coming up. The advisers really helped me to get my schedule more manageable for me
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I struggled keeping up on my homework and balancing other things in life. The teachers understood my situation and helped me to pass my classes
CWC offers many classes to prepare students for jobs.
The teachers are very compassionate and understanding. They care about their students success. I always feel comfortable going to my teachers for help.
They offer a variety of classes to prepare students to continuing their education or finding a job
I changed my major half way through the program because I was struggling with some of the math and science classes. My advisers were very helpful with helping me to find a major best suited for me and continuing my education.
I love going to school at Central Wyoming College. They offer a variety of classes. The teachers care about your success and future. They do all they can to help you understand the material and to pass they class, they truly care about the students. Classes sizes aren't huge and I like that. We are surrounded by the beautiful Tetons, West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Beautiful place to live and go to school.
poor online class setup. Instructors rarely know how to use the online classes well.
Credits do not transfer outside of CWC very well at all, and transferring in is very difficult
In some ways you can get help after college finding a job, but more than anything they will set you up with an ok internship and let you go. If you do get a job based on your time at CWC it will probably be at burger king making 9.00 an hour because you flipped burgers for the school cafeteria as a student job.
Good luck getting a job with a degree from CWC.
Most courses now are online. This semester I dropped 3 classes because of online problems. First, applying for my math class, I was enrolled in two classes. I was told it was a two part class. The math instructor a week later decided she had too much on her palette and dropped one of the classes as an instructor. Inadvertently, she disconnected me from both classes and I fell way behind waiting for my class to be available. Also the first week of school, between the two math classes I had 9 assignments and 3 tests due. That is insane for a community college entry level math class in my opinion.
there are some neat internship options, and if you are a fan of NOLs, you can get college credit through them.
This school is pretty awful. The people in charge of managing your account dont care, and the financial aid is bogus. There are a few people who care, a couple teachers, but most people who work for the college just want the paycheck. Last semester I was removed from all of my classes "By accident" and therefore have extended my associates degree. They dont work with you at all. My first semester, they threatened to evict me, and take away all of my credits when my fafsa "didnt go through", then I had to restart my fafsa, and pay up front in cash, and was reimbursed some of the money later on that year.
CWC has enough classes for two years in my department. It offers courses you would have to take at any university during the first two years. The curriculum is the same as at University of Wyoming, so it's going to be very easy to transfer there. I don't think that the workload is extreme, but again, I have to now to compare to other colleges.
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As a freshmen I don't know a lot about other colleges. CWC seems to be a good option for students, who want to save money and get a necessary background to transfer to a university. The college doesn't have a lot of classes to offer in some departments, but you can earn enough credits to transfer to a bigger school.
The campus is small so that allows more communication and easier to get help when needed. The social aspect is nice as long as you put your self out there they always have fun group activities. All the professors that I have met have been very friendly and eager to teach.
The campus life is very dull, and the students are hard to get along with. The staff is awesome, and the schooling is perfect for an AA.
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