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Overall I had a great experience. All of the staff members were very nice and willing to help! The food at the college is amazing, probably some of the best campus food i've ever had and we have a beautiful campus as well full of lots of different art work. The only complaint I have is that students don't really get as involved on campus as they should.
Everyone there, but a select few, were all just mean, including teachers. The facility is nice, but the community not so much.
I have had a wonderful experience here through their HiSET program! All of the staff are extremely helpful, and I never had a question left unanswered. I intend to enroll for even more classes this year!
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I have thoroughly enjoyed attending Central Wyoming College. It's intimate class sizes provides optimal learning environments for every major. Although it is small, the range of subjects that Central Wyoming College covers is far and wide. It is an affordable college, and it seems as though they are able to find a scholarship for everyone.
My overall experience with cwc has been great. From the start the staff was friendly and eager to help especially with the course i enrolled in being brand new to the college.
Great starter school. Excellent professors. Sometimes questionable decisions by school board that negatively impact student life.
My experience at Central Wyoming College has been delightful. Students and staff here are very welcoming and king. Instructors truly care about your success and what to help you to achieve your goals.
I have not yet applied but when I have gone to the college they have treated me with the utmost respect and kindness. This is one of the 2 colleges that I would want to go to for anything I want to study.
The success coach and academic advisors I was assigned were outstanding. Very flexible and willing to help make college happen for me. As a non traditional student, getting things rolling were difficult and they "made it happen!"
This college is absolutely wonderful. The academic content is very engaging and useful, not to mention the teachers are wildly concerned about personal growth and well-being. The campus is very nice, and secluded from the town. The small population of Riverton may be deceiving, but there is vast diversity in the campus population. I am very satisfied with all of the staffing, and I have met multiple international exchange students who are extremely satisfied with their college decision.
The school is easy to get to and classes are easy to find. Some semesters it was hard to find a good schedule that would fit my life. Lots of things kept coming up. The advisers really helped me to get my schedule more manageable for me
I struggled keeping up on my homework and balancing other things in life. The teachers understood my situation and helped me to pass my classes
CWC offers many classes to prepare students for jobs.
The teachers are very compassionate and understanding. They care about their students success. I always feel comfortable going to my teachers for help.
They offer a variety of classes to prepare students to continuing their education or finding a job
I changed my major half way through the program because I was struggling with some of the math and science classes. My advisers were very helpful with helping me to find a major best suited for me and continuing my education.
I love going to school at Central Wyoming College. They offer a variety of classes. The teachers care about your success and future. They do all they can to help you understand the material and to pass they class, they truly care about the students. Classes sizes aren't huge and I like that. We are surrounded by the beautiful Tetons, West Yellowstone and Jackson Hole. Beautiful place to live and go to school.
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poor online class setup. Instructors rarely know how to use the online classes well.
Credits do not transfer outside of CWC very well at all, and transferring in is very difficult
In some ways you can get help after college finding a job, but more than anything they will set you up with an ok internship and let you go. If you do get a job based on your time at CWC it will probably be at burger king making 9.00 an hour because you flipped burgers for the school cafeteria as a student job.
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