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Wide variety of Degrees and tons of opportunities are made available to the students. Teachers work very well with all the students and do their best to ensure that all their students understand the criteria. There are also tons of events and clubs at Central that are all very fun and diverse.
I am an online student in CWU's IT and Administration Management Program with 18cr left in the degree. Coming from North Seattle College with a two year degree and A+, Security+, and CCNA I was expecting the BAS program to pick up where a 2 year degree leaves off. This degree is just a piece of paper, I have not gained any practical IT skills AT ALL from the year and a half taking classes at CWU.
Quick application process. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Nice campus. Location is nice and close to metro Seattle area.
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I like Central Washington University because it is an excellent school to get a degree from with smaller classes so more one on one but the school is still very affordable. Most of its programs are on par with the biggest schools in the state but at an eighth of the price. What I would like to see change is our spending on athletics, we need to not be spending money on the athletic program and instead be spending it on education. There are already enough sports schools in this state.
It's everything I've wanted in a college all the professors are amazing and helpful. They want the best for you . I like the environment of the college and all the people want the best for you . There are so many opportunities of college and they give you so many jobs and internships. The options are unlimited.
I have gone to this university for one quarter and I took four classes. All of my teachers were very friendly and extremely helpful, the campus is beautiful and full of activities for just about everyone.
I love the environment at central I also love how the have activitys going on all through the week mostly move Monday I enjoy just going to the classes every day.
Had some really good professors, but the school admin is terrible! I was one of many transfer students who was promised that their credits would transfer only to get there and then be told I had to re-enroll in classes I'd already taken.
Not bad at all. Cares about students. Has some really good programs. Some degrees may take up to five years to complete but many are doable within four.
Being here at Central has shown me there is many professors who care about our grades and how we do in his/her class. I also really enjoy the programs they have here. There is many options in classes to take her. I also really enjoy the food they have here. There is always so many options.
I really like Central Washington University because of the campus. It is easy to get around and the students from there seem helpful when it comes to getting around. I would really to attend this college. It is my dream.
Everyone at Central Washington University is so nice and very helpful. Its your home away from home, which helps if you get home sick a lot. They are so inviting and a fast growing school that welcomes all new freshmen by helping them with scholarships. I would definitely encourage others to apply.
As a non traditional student who does not live in Ellensburg it is kinda of just like any other University with young, ignorant students.
I transferred here after a long break from school. I am suceding here. I took a second medical leave from college during my study here. I love this college so much. The complete staff is very helpful. I couldn't have kept up if not for their help. It is more laid back here than the first college I attended with people that are more friendly and helpful. Since being here my self-confidence has increased considerably. I enjoy college here!
I am currently a senior in high school i have visited central quit a bit of times. It is an amazing school with so much opportunity. There teaching program is amazing and very helpful. The campus is perfect and close to my home which makes it easier for me. All the times i have visited Central Washington it has made me love it more and more and i cant wait to enroll after high school.
What I really like about CWU is that it's a really nice environment and it makes you feel welcome and at home once you, for example, take a tour on campus or go through the events of the first 5 days here after moving in. It's also a very diverse and a very spirited university, everyone is really spirited even the upperclassmen here. College is hard but it's also fun and interesting and you get to explore around your majors and academics and go to events, see your interests in clubs, etc. I hope whoever reads this has the time to go through a tour here at Central and hopefully feels determined to come here and enjoy the excitement this university shows proudly. If not, it's okay!
The university is a very quite and nice community and the school is very good looking. I just wish the departments could be more organized and offer more majors for example they don't offer nursing they only offer pre med.
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When I was applying for colleges, I was not considering many big universities. However, after visiting Central Washington University and after going to one of their summer Wildcat Days, I instantly knew I had to go here. From my experiences, the faculty and staff on campus are great. They are very welcoming and open to help in any way they can. As far as the campus goes, it is not too big, but yet it is not too small. It is a perfect size campus making it very easy to get around from class to class. At first, I did not think I would like Central, but after going here for only one year I realize that commuting to this school was the best decision I have ever made.
A much better school than I expected, I had visited the campus many times before my enrollment for band competitions but never experienced the school like I did when attending. The students and teachers are all extremely friendly and supportive. The campus itself is beautiful. Classes are a good mixture of challenge and fun. Only problems I've had is working with administration and the online system, I've had a few miscommunications with them, one which led to me taking an extra class that I had already earned credit for. Overall, would definitely recommend going to school here.
Central is a great school, everyone is friendly and kind. Food is good, housing is decent, and very diverse. Overall it's a great place to be, and it is a very great choice for school!
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