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1,289 reviews
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Central Washington University is full of many positive aspects. This school is beautifully laid out to support your academic success with many different buildings to support studying and homework. For example, the SURC, has everything you possibly need throughout your long busy day. From a quick coffee break to a quite area to focus, this building was made for the students. Central Washington University's classes are structured to meed the students needs. With an average of 35 students per class, the professors and students really get the chance to get to know each other and build relationships. This is my 2nd year at this school and I am very satisfied with the faculty and the diverse student population.
I think this an excellent school with a great staff! It is not too big nor too small, friendly people, and just great service overall.
Central Washington University holds itself high on the ability to make each and every individual Welcome. As a new student, I felt this was especially true. Making friends was hard for me, but I never felt out of place. All of the professors are kind, and will do anything they can to help you if you're struggling. The stuff are equally supportive, always cheerful. The students are welcoming, Ellensburg feels like home.
I love central! I am a resident assistant and have learned lots through my job. I really enjoy the environment and how the teachers are so willing to to help out when asked. The only thing i would like to see changed is the amount of food choices. I want to see options for people when eat differently of have restrictions. I would not want to change schools because I have created my own family with the amount of friends I have made.
My experience wit Central Washington University has been really good. I am a first year student and fell in love right away. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. The teachers care about their students and want them to succeed. The University also wants students to enjoy their time here, so they host different kinds of activities throughout the year that are fun, educational, helpful for the community, and gets them more involved with their piers. I wouldn't change anything about Central Washington University, it is perfect as it is.
Fantastic teachers. Good professor student ration. Strong on teaching teachers, creative career choices. Beautiful campus, easy to get around, small college town.
Central is a great school located in the small community of Ellensburg, Washington. Central has excellent faculty and staff that are always will to help students.
My experience at Central Washington was a positive one. Being located in Ellensburg was what I found appealing to the college, there are a ton of outdoor activities year round to occupy your time while not in class or studying. I although am not pleased with the challenge of dealing with your Exploratory adviser. One change that may be beneficial to the school would be to not require transfer students to take the course UNIV 101 and to further educate exploratory advisers of the majors and programs the college has to offer.
I absolutely love CWU and everything it has to offer. While we get to experience all intense seasons, there so much to do here. Whether it be snowboarding and skiing in winters or cliff jumping and kayaking in summer, there's so much to do and never a dull moment.
The teachers invest their time into their students if the student reaches out just like any other college. The tuition is extremely affordable and worth it. The student to teacher ratio is 19:1 which is extremely low as compared to other large colleges.
First view of Central Washington University might be deceiving, you will need to give it a few days to have CWU and its environ happen to you, you might appreciate the infrastructure, as well as the quality of life, with its noticeable simplicity.
It's amazing! The professors are great, the campus is beautiful, and it's incredibly easy to make friends.
I felt that I was not given enough guidance for what to do after graduation. Even my adviser was not super helpful. Even now as a graduate I have barely been able to use my degree and the alumni association keeps calling me asking for donations I don't have money for!
Over all I love the environment here everyone is every close and easy to talk to. Central feels like home is the best experience ever especially living in the dorms.
I'm a CWU freshmen living in Miesner and I absolutely love it! Campus food and get kinda boring (ahh but those chicken strips man!). I love all my professors I've had so far, they're all very friendly. My classes are great. I'm on the Equestrian team, although the school doesn't sponsor our sport, it's very much alive and welcome to anyone interested and joining the team! Go wildcats!
I love this school, it's amazing. I love the atmosphere and how you're free to be yourself. Everything you need is at your finger tips, feel free to ask questions at the information desk if you need any help. The teachers are wonderful, if you need help they have no problem taking the time to help you or answer any of your questions. All you have to do is see them in their office during their set office hours or send them an email. There are plenty of activities that you can participate in, whether you want to go out or stay in your dorm and do in hall activities that they have planned for your entertainment.
Throughout my duration of attending Central Washington University I have experienced a multitude of positive opportunities. The staff offer numerous opportunities to attend to receive help in any area in which I may be struggling in. This ultimately, has help my success rate excel. Not only are the academic success rates appealing the staff also keeps the campus extremely safe and clean. The campus police will provide escorts late at night if you are walking alone to ensure one's safety. Overall, I have only had positive experiences with this school and hope they are able to continue.
Everyone makes you feel so at home. The campus size is not too small nor too big. It is a perfect size. Class sizes are small so you get more individual attention from your professors. I like the food on campus, and there are many-many support systems on campus for everyone! CWU offers a lot of support. The tuition is on the high side for me, though.
This university was the perfect fit for me! Ellensburg is far enough from the city, but not too secluded. So I always feel like there's something to do. CWU has the perfect class sizes for people who enjoy getting to know their professors. I think my largest class had 80 people in it, and my smallest had 15. I work as an RA in the residence halls. So I can tell you that they are fantastic places to meet new people. My only complaint about this university is that there is not much school pride. But, the university is working hard to change that.
I love the food and the personal relationships with faculty. I would like to see the financial aid department improve in their communication.
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