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It is a diverse community and people are always open and very helpful. You can feel at home and should not be afraid to ask for help. Everyone is welcoming and may lead you to certain clubs that may even help yourself. Throughout clubs and organizations you meet a lot of people which is a great thing so then you can help and lead other to great recourses.
My school is located in a small town; therefore excessive partying takes place. I feel a student should have a broader array of options for fun. A small town such as Ellensburg also does not allow students to develop the kind of cultured and worldly perspective as they would in a city. Personally, I enjoy discovering new places, meeting many different people, and participating in music and art. All of these past times are extremely limited in a place like Ellensburg, so if you attend Central Washington University, be prepared to get imaginative and create your own kinds of fun.
Central Washington University is a good school, but some things can be changed. I'm sure it’s like that at every college. Racism may not be the biggest issue but there is discrimination in the school and city. I feel there should be more scholarships and grants for students in the Fashion department. We didn’t get as much support from the school or donors as much as I think we should. We do way more than an average person may think. The ATM program goes in depth about apparel, the culture behind certain looks and learning about the business side of it. Everyone assumes its easy when it takes hard work to master some of this knowledge. We take business and selling classes for this major outside of just fashion courses. We host a Fashion show every year, but I don't know anyone that received a scholarship particularly for fashion design, styling or anything in the fashion field.
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The students at central Washington University are very respectful and provide a safe and comfortable experience for others who attend the school. The professors are great and are willing to help you in any way they can so that you can succeed . I would recommend Central Washington University to anyone interested in joining a 4 year community college.
Welcome! The wildcat catch phrase, "You are welcome here." It's a very inviting and active campus that inspired me to attend it.
campus is pretty nice, barto hall is nice if you are staying on campus. The classes are all good that I have heard but double check what the counselors say because they are not always correct.
I went to Central Washington for a Thespian Festival and had a great time. The atmosphere was very inviting. Lots of my friends go here and love every second of being there!!
`I love CWU. It's a school I feel is on the up and up--beautiful new infrastructure being built, great teachers. I'm a math major, and the math department has been no less than excellent. Last year when I was choosing where to attend college, I only applied to 2 places--CWU and UW. I got into both, but chose CWU because they were notoriously strong in education, and because the college itself was so inviting. Now, as I am almost through with my inaugural year here, I can honestly say how happy I am to have chosen the smaller, lesser known school. It is everything I could have wanted.
Central Washington University is a great medium sized college that gives you a big college like feel. The campus is a decent size and is very diverse. The food is hot, ready, and affordable! Overall Central is a very welcoming place to go to school.
I like the community at Central Washington University. Everyone here is very warm and welcoming. The activities on campus are engaging and you get to meet new people. Central Washington University takes the extra step to get their students involved in activities both on and off campus. This school has really grown.
I love the diversity and how easy it is to fit in here. People are very open and inviting it’s scary starting college, but here they make you feel at home and help you make the adjustment. The food for students that live on campus is pretty dull. It’s the same food everyday with only a few times to be able to change it up. The professors at this school are very nice and super helpful. You can go to them during their office hours and they will do everything in their power to help you with the questions or problems you have. Overall Central Washington University is an amazing school with great staff and subpar food.
My experience at Central has been great the academic help they offer for almost any class is outstanding. The recreation center is also great, as well as great food and activities all the time.
Central is an amazing school! So far, I've only been attending for two quarters but all the professors are amazing! They teach very well and are always willing to help out with anything! Central and the local town of Ellensburg are always coming together to get all the students, as well as the community together in local events and on campus gatherings, such as the Ellensburg rodeo and the various holiday dinners hosted in the SURC cafeteria. Diversity is also celebrated widely here. We have a diversity club that almost every week puts on a show/ skit or puts on an event. Just last week they put together a flash mob in the student recreation center. The diversity club as well as many other students preformed the song and dance "We're all in this together" from high school musical to welcome everyone to our school.
The community is great, whether you live on or off campus. It's really easy to make friends and become involved. There are always so many activities going on that it feels more like fun than college. The professors are amazing and really want you to do well and are willing to work with you to help your certain needs. Overall, it's really great.
Central Washington University has a large campus. There is somewhere on campus for everyone and the amount of buildings offers a large amount of opportunities for all students in almost all situations. The campus has a welcoming environment. All students seem to be happy to be there and there is a major for just about everyone.
Great wholesome learning environment, the teachers and professors are highly educated, concerned with their students welfare and are highly focused...
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CWU is a great campus with various activities and clubs to be involved in. Located in the beautiful town of Ellensburg, there are many things to do on and off campus. I love it here!
There is a lot of sports at the school and as an athlete the time slots of using the facilities is very well organized. The class sizes aren’t too large and the Professors seem to actually care about your grade. The campus activities could be more frequent and interesting.
My experience at CWU has definitely been the College experience. Professors are nice and offer a lot of help outside of class. I’m looking forward to my future years here!
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