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I transferred here after a long break from school. I am suceding here. I took a second medical leave from college during my study here. I love this college so much. The complete staff is very helpful. I couldn't have kept up if not for their help. It is more laid back here than the first college I attended with people that are more friendly and helpful. Since being here my self-confidence has increased considerably. I enjoy college here!
I am currently a senior in high school i have visited central quit a bit of times. It is an amazing school with so much opportunity. There teaching program is amazing and very helpful. The campus is perfect and close to my home which makes it easier for me. All the times i have visited Central Washington it has made me love it more and more and i cant wait to enroll after high school.
What I really like about CWU is that it's a really nice environment and it makes you feel welcome and at home once you, for example, take a tour on campus or go through the events of the first 5 days here after moving in. It's also a very diverse and a very spirited university, everyone is really spirited even the upperclassmen here. College is hard but it's also fun and interesting and you get to explore around your majors and academics and go to events, see your interests in clubs, etc. I hope whoever reads this has the time to go through a tour here at Central and hopefully feels determined to come here and enjoy the excitement this university shows proudly. If not, it's okay!
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The university is a very quite and nice community and the school is very good looking. I just wish the departments could be more organized and offer more majors for example they don't offer nursing they only offer pre med.
When I was applying for colleges, I was not considering many big universities. However, after visiting Central Washington University and after going to one of their summer Wildcat Days, I instantly knew I had to go here. From my experiences, the faculty and staff on campus are great. They are very welcoming and open to help in any way they can. As far as the campus goes, it is not too big, but yet it is not too small. It is a perfect size campus making it very easy to get around from class to class. At first, I did not think I would like Central, but after going here for only one year I realize that commuting to this school was the best decision I have ever made.
A much better school than I expected, I had visited the campus many times before my enrollment for band competitions but never experienced the school like I did when attending. The students and teachers are all extremely friendly and supportive. The campus itself is beautiful. Classes are a good mixture of challenge and fun. Only problems I've had is working with administration and the online system, I've had a few miscommunications with them, one which led to me taking an extra class that I had already earned credit for. Overall, would definitely recommend going to school here.
Central is a great school, everyone is friendly and kind. Food is good, housing is decent, and very diverse. Overall it's a great place to be, and it is a very great choice for school!
The community is very open and accepting of all its students, and the smaller size of the campus means that everything is within easy walking distance.
CWU offers small class sizes that really personalize the learning experience you can have at college.
Cwu is good school. I like everything that cwu they have done for me and others, they have nice teachers all the teachers I had was will good people they help me with my homework and my English class and I have class to do the work
I am currently enrolled in Central Washington University and i am very happy with the experience so far. The best thing about it, is the class sizes on average are about 20-30 kids which really helps with your academics.
At Central Washington University you are opened to many different cultures and people. My teachers have shown that they care about my learning. They make sure to not only praise those who are doing well but also look for those falling behind and help them catch up. Although the environment is very caring and free, they still expect you to be an adult and act like on too. This means we still are treated as adults and are given responsibilities.
Central seems to be a great university so far! I enjoy the education I am currently getting there now and I hope that it doesn't change in a negative way.
This is my first year at Central after transferring from another out of state university. So far I am not very impressed at the level of the academics here. The community is also very small and not very interesting.
Some things I enjoy about Central Washington University is the way people view the town and where the campus is located. I like how its not a big town and its not a big school for parties. Something I do not like about Central Washington University is how though it is small, everyone knows each others business.
My Central Washington University experience has been great! The staff are great people who help out whenever you're in need of it. The professors are also great who get the material across in an understandable manner. They're are quick to respond to your emails and to find them in their office hours for extra help. All resources are easy to access around campus. They're are many programs to help out students whether they are first year or senior students. Central Washington continues to grow and I continue to having a great experience with this University.
I'm just starting here but the transition into going to Central has been great! I have had numerous admissions counselors call me and I have been emailed by 2 other counselors. I have been helped greatly getting into this college. It looks like a great start for me.
Review Central Washington University
I liked them at first, but I did not feel welcome. I was constantly judged, and felt like I was not good enough to attend the school.
Its a great University with a great community. there are a good amount of programs offered, with satellite campuses, in case you aren't able to move and go to the campus in Ellensburg.
What I love about Central Washington University, is the town. It is for sure a college town, almost every business is decorated with central stuff and many places give student discounts. The town of Ellensburg also throws events for Central students, like Bite of the Burg; where local restaurants businesses give out free food and free samples of their products.
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