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I enjoy CVCC because of the relationship the teachers attempt to have with the students. They make it clear that they are willing to help students whenever they need it and that their number one priority is the students learning experience. I am attending CVCC through an early college program, so I do not take classes on campus, but I have been to the campus and it is very pretty. All the faculty members I have met have been friendly and welcoming. I do not know of anything that I would change. Overall, CVCC is a very good school.
I love this college so much because it was the first college I went to when I got out of high school. They have wonderful teachers that teach and the whole staff is wonderful too.
Lots of online classes and overall good experience. Due to my schedule, and my kids, I had to take online classes for prerequisites for nursing programs. So this fit my schedule
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I haven't started here yet, but the school looks very nice and the counselor that I have is super helpful and very nice. I am looking forward to this Fall.
I am currently enrolled in Central Virginia Community College and I have truly enjoyed my experiences thus far at the campus as well as the wonderful online classes. I've had the pleasure to do them both and I would say they were both great from my own personal experience. I am enrolled in fall courses and look forward to taken one online and the other my math in class as I consider that to be one of my weaker subjects and need all the in class time I can get with that subject. But overall I am very pleased with the years I have been attending this college.
CVCC has been an outstanding school and I highly recommend it to students of ALL ages. There is a ton of support and activities on campus; there are opportunities for employment shadowing and a plethora of resources available to make it possible
for anyone to get their education.
I wish there where more academic options. The models in the biology lab are old. The instructors are very informative and friendly.
Although some believe that a Community College is inferior to a 4 year school or university CVCC is the same education for a much more affordable price.
I am very happy that I chose Central Virginia Community College. I did not want to go to a four year university, so this was perfect for me. The changes I would like to see are more class options at the Bedford, Virginia campus. I don't particularly want to travel 30 minutes away for school, but if I have to, I will. Also, I would love to see different sports just in case someone wants to play one.
I think that this community college is a great place to go overall! I've started off online, and I've been receiving tremendous learning kills. next semester I look forward to being on campus. People go to cvcc for early college, that way they can start on their education early. Not many people are eligible to do that, so to have the opportunity is a blessing itself.
Central Virginia Community College is a great way to jump start your academic career, or to find a good trade.
very please with this school and how they try every possible for you t advance your career and education.
A great and warm community college with an office staff that strives to help each student whether just in choosing classes, or transferring to a University. Teachers that work with you and help with any questions to you might have, or some programs can assist you in any area of study that you seek. They offer many fields of study, certified degree programs, and transferable programs that do transfer to your university of choice. A place to learn and grow before heading off to a four year or higher college, learn a trade and get started on your workforce career.
I did the early college program, and some of the teachers were terrible, but some were really goos like the english teacher mrs green
My time here at Central Virginia Community College has been wonderful. The counselors help you in any way they can, the professors are very good and make sure that they make themselves accessible to you, there are many work study opportunities, and if you intend to transfer, they do all that they can to connect you with 4 year schools. I will surely miss this school when i go on to nursing school!
CVCC is a great school for those who are planning on transferring or who just want to get an education without forking over tens of thousands of dollars. There are some really great professors here who know what they're talking about and really care for their students and their success.
The financial aid department here is absolutely horrible, though. They have screwed me over as well as many of my friends, and it has caused one of my friends to have to drop out (because he couldn't afford to go because they gave him false information regarding his aid and payment) and I didn't receive my financial aid because they neglected to let me know of information they needed, and they were unapologetic throughout the whole process.
CVCC doesn't have much of a campus life since everyone there is a commuter student. But most people I've met are very friendly and social so I've enjoyed my time here.
Central Community College is a good Junior college to go to right after high school to get your general studies out of the way so you can focus your major at a 4 year college. The professors care about your success and are a lot of fun. The councilors are very helpful and provide information to decide and help with your majors. The accommodations for students with disabilities are really helpful. The campus is very good to start out so you can get a good idea of a college campus. Overall I'd suggest this school to any student who want the easy way through college.
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I was in the Engineering Program which was a great program. Great teachers. Counseling Center could use some work. Had some trouble applying for classes. Do your own research before going to the counselors.
I like the fact that the staff (teachers mostly) are friendly and helpful in not only your classes but your whole degree.
What I like about Central Virginia Community College is that it has a lot to offer for the size it is. It is a very small school but there are many classes you can take. What I would like to see change is the professors. Some professors I have taken have been very rude, arrogant, and sarcastic. I would like to see CVCC have better professors that actually care about their students.
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