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I was in the Engineering Program which was a great program. Great teachers. Counseling Center could use some work. Had some trouble applying for classes. Do your own research before going to the counselors.
I like the fact that the staff (teachers mostly) are friendly and helpful in not only your classes but your whole degree.
What I like about Central Virginia Community College is that it has a lot to offer for the size it is. It is a very small school but there are many classes you can take. What I would like to see change is the professors. Some professors I have taken have been very rude, arrogant, and sarcastic. I would like to see CVCC have better professors that actually care about their students.
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The professors make assignments related to real life. Central Virginia Community College is a great place to start your Associate Degree and the cost is excellent. It is a fun school and has great subjects to learn about. I highly recommend going to CVCC for the first 2 years.
Central Virginia Community College can be easily affordable. Advisors in the Counseling and Admissions office are always available for guidance. Most classes are small in size. Their size enables students to engage in class and ask questions. Writing center is one of my favorite place at CVCC. Peer and professional tutors proofread students' papers and assist them in writing. It has been a great source of help. Food is a little expensive there.
Moreover, CVCC has many guaranteed admission agreements with four-year colleges and universities. Students can transfer to other colleges without any difficulty. Transfer counselors make sure that students all fulfill course requirements of prospective college or university and transfer their credits easily. I finished my freshman year at CVCC and have transferred to the University of Virginia. Scholarships opportunities are offered to college students who maintain good GPA. Overall, my experience at CVCC has been wonderful.
Great choice as a cost effective yet quality education option. I truly enjoyed my time as a science student. My chemistry professor made the subject come alive and it helped me in my decision to study chemistry for my undergraduate degree.
I recently graduated from CVCC. My experiences at this school were good. The classes weren't terribly challenging, but they weren't a breeze. The classes were mostly smaller, so you were able to have one on one with the teachers, which was nice. The professors seemed to genuinely care about your success. If I had to, I would definitely take more classes there.
Central Virginia Community College is not expensive like other colleges. Great counselors are always available for help. The college has guaranteed agreements with four-year colleges.
Signing up for courses and finding where the courses are located is super easy, but finding a course you need at a convenient time can be a challege. Counseling for courses and financial aid could use improvement, but for a public school everything is pretty decent.
I loved my professors and peers at CVCC. You sure do meet some interesting people there. I am so happy that this was where I started my college career.
I have not yet faced any aspects as of yet.
I have been to the campus and I love it so much.
CVCC has made school, work & my personal life responsibilities easy to manage.
I"ve only taken 2 online classes at CVCC and I haven't had any issues.
I'm greatly appreciative that CVCC gave me my job in the Admissions Office. I've learned alot since I've been in this position and this job helped me make my career major.
My classes are small and I'm able to speak with professors in a one on one setting if I need to. CVCC has connected me with other colleges to get the needed information to determine which one will best suit my career major.
There is a diversity of students at CVCC and great to be around daily.
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Coming to CVCC has helped me narrow down the field I want to major in for my JR & SR year of college.
CVCC has given me the opportunity to work in the admissions office and the pay helps with my personal expenses. This college is afforable and has taken finanical stress off of me and my family.
It's important to be diciplined
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