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I am currently taking online classes due to the pandemic. All of my professors have worked with students to help get us setup and ready for the semester.
I am part of the dual enrollment through CVCC. I really like how we have a center right in my hometown, I don't have to travel to main campus if I were to need something. The only thing I would change is the cost for dual enrollment, we are all in high school and can't afford $2,400 a semester by ourselves and some of our parents just don't have it.
the staff has been very helpful. they are nice and understanding. helpful when you need them. there tho help. good environment
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the staff has been very helpful. they are nice and understanding. helpful when you need them. there tho help. good environment
I loved taking classes at CVCC. The Professors has different ways of teaching the same classes, which expanded my knowledge and opened my eyes to new possibility’s and opinions.
I was a little uncertain about online classes, but the understanding of the Professors and the flexibility of the classes made online learning easier.
It has been a greaat two years. Very understanding professors, really easy work, very great if you are just starting out and are not really used to college or want an easy way to be able to adjust to college and adult life and what it has to offer.
My 2 years at CVCC has been a learning experience. It sure was different from High School. It has taught me to be more responsible and to learn time management. I loved the help everyone gave you if you had any questions and they answered them very quickly. It made me ready to continue my education at a 4 year college. I feel like I can conquer the world now.
My overall experience at CVCC was wonderful. My professors had clear knowledge of the subjects they taught and they were very willing to help when help was needed. I am extremely satisfied with my time at the CVCC Bedford campus. If I had to go back in time I'd choose to do it again.
The school is very good with academics. The ability to enroll in any class is easy, and there is help when needed. The professors are very good with helping students with their classes.
Central VA community college allows students to be well equipped with the tools they need to pursue higher education. They offer a wide variety of transferable classes which apply to many colleges within and outside of Virginia. The college is well equipped with security guards and they do a great job with teaching students what to do in dangerous situations such as a school shooting. The environment of Central Virginia Community College is friendly and welcoming to students, guests, professors, and visitors. Overall, I would highly recommend Central Virginia Community College!
Just wish there was more contributions from the counselors to the students. The professors are really good and understanding. The amount for out of state is nearly tripled compared to in state and can be very difficult going from out of state to in state tuition.
I enjoy CVCC because of the relationship the teachers attempt to have with the students. They make it clear that they are willing to help students whenever they need it and that their number one priority is the students learning experience. I am attending CVCC through an early college program, so I do not take classes on campus, but I have been to the campus and it is very pretty. All the faculty members I have met have been friendly and welcoming. I do not know of anything that I would change. Overall, CVCC is a very good school.
I love this college so much because it was the first college I went to when I got out of high school. They have wonderful teachers that teach and the whole staff is wonderful too.
Lots of online classes and overall good experience. Due to my schedule, and my kids, I had to take online classes for prerequisites for nursing programs. So this fit my schedule
I haven't started here yet, but the school looks very nice and the counselor that I have is super helpful and very nice. I am looking forward to this Fall.
I am currently enrolled in Central Virginia Community College and I have truly enjoyed my experiences thus far at the campus as well as the wonderful online classes. I've had the pleasure to do them both and I would say they were both great from my own personal experience. I am enrolled in fall courses and look forward to taken one online and the other my math in class as I consider that to be one of my weaker subjects and need all the in class time I can get with that subject. But overall I am very pleased with the years I have been attending this college.
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CVCC has been an outstanding school and I highly recommend it to students of ALL ages. There is a ton of support and activities on campus; there are opportunities for employment shadowing and a plethora of resources available to make it possible
for anyone to get their education.
I wish there where more academic options. The models in the biology lab are old. The instructors are very informative and friendly.
Although some believe that a Community College is inferior to a 4 year school or university CVCC is the same education for a much more affordable price.
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