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The school gives you the flexibility to achieve your goals on a realistic schedule. They offer 8,12,16 week classes weekday and weekends for those pursuing an associates degree or earning credits to transfer. Love the diversity and professors at CTC.
Central Texas College is a very affordable school for not only residents but also for international students as well. This school provides a clean and safe atmosphere as well as professors that actually accommodate your academic needs.
I have done mainly online courses and those classes can end up on either side of the fence depending on the teacher. Most I’ve had are positive and get back to you right away. The biggest complaint I have about the school is they never answer the phones when you call. Financial aid people are friendly.
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The front office staff and advisers, while nice, are clueless. It's really hard to get the correct information. Some of the professors are terrible. They all have different grading rubrics so it's hard to know how you are doing. Web Adviser is terrible! I cannot get in contact with anyone who knows how to fix it. The campus is a mess as parking is scarce. Some of the programs or classes they say they have, they don't.
I love CTC! It is only 30 minutes away from where I live. CTC has all the options for a curious teenager that just got out of high school. And it is really nice with money and it is a great beginner college before I attend a big univisty.
I love Central Texas College. Students are friendly and professors are super nice and will always give you help when you need it. Everyone treats everyone the same and with respect. This is a great college and I wouldn't want to change a thing.
Central Texas College is a good start for those who plan on transferring into a four year university. It helps to conserve the student's money as well as provide the student with opportunities. It is a two year college, so you'll graduate with an associates by the end of those two years. The academics are excellent as you'll learn at a college level. The campus is relatively large for most community colleges. Classes are generally affordable for students to take as well as text books. Most professors at this campus are willing to help you and make the semester as comfortable as possible.
This college has a calming environment, it is my first year of college and the teachers that I have are nice and reasonable, the timing to do your homework is very easy to where you can be ahead ,it will work against you if you procrastinate, this school is pretty chill, bathrooms are clean, I have not eaten here since I live to home, you can make friends of people of your clasdmates
I like how the classes are executed online and in person. The teachers are very nice and understanding. One thing that could change is when you get ready to start the classes, have the correct room number so that student do not have to arrive late due to searching for it.
Very Diverse – There may be a few groups of people who stick with their own race, but I see a very diverse student body.
The staff is smart, educated, and they really care about you and your education. The online classes are simple and are as much tradition classes as it can get but online and self paced and convenient.
I haven't gotten the privilege to start yet but so far they have been so very helpful in the enrollment process. My academic advisor gave me a laid out plan of everything I needed to do in order to complete enrollment .
This is my second year taking classes with Central Texas College online and I am pleased with how things have been going. They are usually quick to respond and any misunderstandings are quickly resolved. My professors teach me all the necessary information I need to learn in a timely manner. My only complaint is that since everything is online, there have been many misunderstandings. This is something that can't be avoided due to the distance between school and student.
I actually feel like I am progressing in my degree plan unlike at other schools. My only issues are from switching from online to in class courses. It was so unorganized and I hope I never have to do that again. Also the incoming transcript area is unorganized and very slow. I had to pay to have my incoming transcripts sent there twice and im still waiting on them to update my degree plan with my prior credits.
I am currently attending Central Texas College and a 4 year University to complete by bachelor's degree. Central Texas College has flexible schedule along with online classes. It is difficult to attend both school at once; however, CTC makes it very easy to achieve with the awesome professors, administrators, and campus student life with include access to the library. Hopefully, this review is chosen. I could really using the scholarship since I have to pay for school myself.
My first year experience was very anticipated. I was excited and nervous to be starting college, even though it was only a community college. My teachers were all really nice and determined to help us understand the material. They all make it easy for you to reach out to them if you need any help. Its not as bad as everyone says. If you go there to do what youre supposed to do, it will be fine. Its a good place to start if wanting to transfer to a university.
I took the majority of my basic courses through CTC, and it was great and affordable experience! I recommend any student with financial struggles to attend. Their online classes are great and their offered classes help those who need to work while attending.
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It has a rather medium sized campus making it easy to get to a location. They also have many activities for students to participate in and most students are very friendly.
CTC is a good school with convenient options for working adults and/or working parents. Being able to balance work and parenthood, while attending class in the evenings is a true blessing.
Central Texas College is an amazing two year university. The Professors are really great from my experience attending there and are also very understanding. Overall it is very pro military, military spouses, and veterans. It offers a long range and variety of courses for different degree plans and programs. It's relatively low cost and also offers financial aid. I highly recommend this campus.
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