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So far my experience with CTC has been good. The blackboard website is a little confusing but I was able to download the app on my laptop and it is so much more efficient. I have no complaints and am grateful I was able to take the online classes I needed in the timespan I had, while being in the military.
Central Texas College is a very good community college because it allows any student to have a smooth transition from high school to college. The professors at Central Texas College take their time and help each student individually for the success of that student. From personal experience, I can say that each professor that I have had has helped me achieve success in his or her class. Central Texas College is a very calm campus which allows each student to be completely focused on his or her studies. Central Texas College has helped me see the true potential that I have within myself to achieve success at the collegiate level.
I have been attending this college off and on for years. The versatility of the campus, students, and curriculum is ideal for anyone. The pricing is affordable with a state of the art Planetarium. The educators are flexible with knowledge to inform a recent high school graduate to a retired Veteran.
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I love going to Central Texas College. The registration was easy just take a test to find out if you need refresher classes. The college offers online and face to face classes. I found that there was no test to take to start taking the online classes. The found out that most of the student are military personal and that why the graduation rate is low. But that did not stop me from attending. The student center is a great place to meet fellow students. The food is awesome it is made daily by the students of culinary department.
Well I liked how they had flexible class schedules, and also I like how my teachers taught and explained the topics very well, they gave time to ask questions and were patient to answer too, they had lots of campus activities. Basically had a nice experience.
I had a really good experience with CTC. For a community college, it surprised me to see how easy they made the process for me. I love how they offer a degree plan it helped me choose the correct classes and the professors. Its a great campus also with great professors.
As a member of the US Army it is important for me to feel supported. It is not easy being active duty and going to school at the same time. However, CTC made everything so smooth; from enrolling in classes to attending and making sure you are okay. It makes you want to keep going and stress-free.
This school is military friendly and the staff will walk you through the entire process from admission and registration. The teachers are very good at communicating with students on assignments and providing clear instructions and extra guidance if needed.
Its alright, Love that its a small school. Easy to get to each class in a timely manner. The class sizes are worth the time. You are able to get one on one help with any material that you need help with. The professors are understandable and willing to work with you as much as possible.
CTC has provided an opportunity for single mothers like me to make college possible! I have returned to CTC to finish my nursing degree, and they now offer evening and weekend courses, as well as an evening nursing program so you can keep your job and full-fill your dreams .
I've been attending Central Texas Community College for the first time and absolutely love all my professors! They take the time to teach and listen to each students question or concerns. I am planning on attending this next semester and furthering my education.
Central Texas College has been great with my while I completed courses and remained in an active duty status with the Marine Corps; however, a negative experience I've had was having a counselor tell me to take an incorrect class for my degree plan. This resulted in my graduation date being pushed back and I was unable to put my degree and graduation on my military record because of that.
Everyone is very helpful and respectful. Very friendly campus with good professors who care a lot about the success of the students.
Central Texas College is a great school to help high school students earn college credits so that when they go to college, they have the ability to take more classes that are necessary for their intended major.
CTC is exactly what I expected out of a junior college, there's nothing overly exciting about it. I started there in January 2017 with 3 credits under my belt. I attended full-time, online, year-round, and now have 48+ credits from there. They offer accelerated courses (8 weeks long) which makes things a little easier per semester.
The professors are great. The online courses are convenient and able to complete with ease. Academic advisors at Fort Wainwright are very motivational and helpful as well.
Central Texas College is a great and affordable college to attend. The college has numerous opportunities and degree plans, and the counselors are very helpful to figuring out ways to best fit your interests and needs for the future. The college is also very military based and offers many online courses.
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Central Texas College is a small collage but is still a college in itself. It’s not the biggest but it has the one thing I wanted, which is a gym.
I liked how enthusiastic and friendly the professor was. His goal was for us to learn the material, not to fill a quota like some professors.

One thing I would change is the diversity of classes in the satellite campuses. There were very few classes over the summer in th satellite campuses like Marble Falls.
Central Texas College is a great school for Texas resident because tuition rates are extremely affordable. It's even great for military personnel and dependents. As a military Texan spouse I can back this up. I am currently in Germany and still with CTC with very affordable rates and have vast course selection online and in person.
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