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In person is always better because you can obviously get real time answers to your questions whereas online you sometimes are teaching yourself in certain subjects.
So many different classes to choose from with different times and schedules so you never have to give up and choose work or school. Wish the business office had longer available times.
Central Texas College has been exactly what I needed on my journey as a student. I feel I have been given exactly the right tools I need in order to succeed, and the support of the staff is beyond phenomenal during quarantine.
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Central Texas College's professors where always ready to receive and mentor their students online. Many of my questions have been answered with speed and priority.
My experience has been very good with Central Texas College...I have had only one problem with the testing department. Nothing major though.
I've taken all classes online. This is my second year. The professors really have the students best interests on their agenda.
If you have questions do not hesitate to ask because they will help find a solution.
I took roughly 50 hours online with CTC to save money before transferring over to a physical campus. Doing so really helped me financially and I would very much recommend anyone else looking to do so to CTC. Their online learning was easy to learn and use.
Taking roughly 50 hours online with CTC, I've come to know the ins and outs of its online programs and they have been very easy to use on a daily and frequent basis. The professors are mostly very low-stress and help you when you need it, the assignments are a good size so you aren't bogged down but not too small that you don't learn anything, and the classes themselves are well organized and run. I very much recommend anyone who's looking to take classes online to save money or fit their schedule to do so with CTC.
Very easy to navigate online experience. I took most of my prerequisites for nursing school online and only had to go into class for labs. As a mother of 3 this was very convenient and beneficial. My kids didn't get left out while I earned my degree.
I loved going to nursing school here. The teachers were so involved and cared for us as we learned our new trade. I couldn't ask for a more patient set of people. Would definitely reccomend CTC to other students in the future.
Everyone is very professional and the professors are never too busy to help you. I especially love the late library hours and the new courtyard.
I have not had an issue with any department during my time here. Wide range of courses and things to do. Every year more opportunities are opening up.
My experience with CTC has been absolutely terrible and memorable in the worst possible way. My transcripts, for some reason, are locked out of their online service. This means I have to deal with their painfully slow and inefficient records office. My experience has been trying, and failing, to receive my transcripts now 4 times over the course of several months. I have emailed, I have called, I have done everything I can to try and receive my transcripts and am STILL EMPTY HANDED.

Save your money. Save your hair from going gray. Run as far away from this school as you can, because you'll (apparently) never receive documentation for having gone anyway. This will make applying to real and better schools (literally every other school in Texas) a painful and extremely long process.
My experience had been tough sometimes, it’s hard to balance schools and work. I have been doing better.
I really enjoy going to Central Texas College. I've had no issues. Advisors are great, Professors are very helpful. They offer a lot of help especially towards military affiliated families which is also nice as well.
CTC online has allowed me to continue pursuing my degree while taking care of my family and working. The professors have been very helpful, the coursework applicable and the website is easy to maneuver. I recommend CTC to anyone looking into online or face-to-face college courses.
I think that CTC has amazing professors and they aren't biased towards their scholars which is something I'm always looking for.
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I am a student from early college high school, so I take these classes while I am in high school. However, I am still a student at CTC. I very much like how manageable their classes are, as long as you put in the effort and turn in the work not much can go wrong.
I really enjoy central Texas college. It is located in a great location with easy access. The advisors are very friendly and knowledgeable on the academic programs. The campus is well kept and great.
My experience at CTC has been a good one I'd say! You can apply for classes in person or online, there are plenty of electives and activities to do, free tutoring if needed, and the staff are always helpful!
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