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I do online schooling through Central Texas College. I'm a military spouse and they are very understanding with the difficulties I run into. The professors are outstanding and they interact with the students very well. I can't wait to start my next semester!
Central Texas College is a good school to go to for a working adult who's trying to go back and get their education. The Professors have always been helpful and flexible with my needs as a student. The blackboard was easy to navigate and the course materials were easy to use.
My experience with central Texas College has been fair so far as I am working on online courses. Other than the not so helpful guidance counselor that was pretty rude at the school, the process seems to be going well.
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Central Texas College has many phenomenal instructors across the world and is very military friendly.
As the spouse of an active duty Marine it is difficult at times to continue with my education. Central Texas College has made it easy for me to attend both face to face classes, as well as, online courses while we are stationed overseas. The best part is as we PCS to different locations my education goes with me through their online classes. The fact that they offer condensed 8 week courses that cover the same material offered by a traditional course allows me to stay on track with my education goals. The instructors are great and willing to help you with any questions you have. I have been receiving FA and any time I need further information from admissions they are always quick and effecient in getting me what I need to provide in order to continue with FA.
I was very disappointed with this school. In my experience they are unorganized and unprofessional. TWO professors in the same semester "accidentally" gave me the wrong grade on my transcript. One was an A but they posted it as an F. One was a B that they posted as a C. They were slow to get back to me on things, they took forever posting my transcript, and they were NOT helpful (very vague) when I asked questions in the office for distance learning.
There are evening,night, and weekend classes.
they offer many different classes
It is a typical application.
One of few schools in Texas with a aviation department.
It has been a pretty good experience all around.
I currently work while going to school, so planning around my school schedule and making sure id have enough time to study was a vital point in applying. The classes had many options of availability to take, so it was very easy to manipulate and work with and not against it. Good Luck!
Make sure to always check your blackboard! Good Luck!
Because CTC is generally surrounded by transfer students, their job prospects and internships are plentiful and are i abundance. You just have to go out there and look a bit but they're there. Good Luck!
CTC has numerous courses, degrees, and opportunities for students to enjoy. So far, the classes that i have taken have been both knowledgeable and fun, and the professors have been extremely nice but yet stern as well. I think it is also in every students benefit to go onto and try to find a good teacher that has good reviews. It has worked for em every time.Good Luck!
Getting a degree from CTC is great. However, it's not so much the degree that you get that will matter in the future, but more so the grades you achieve. Because CTC is a community college, the average student that attends here is more than likely planning to transfer somewhere else afterwards. So within transferring, making sure your grades are high, attendance is good, and participation is active, getting a degree from CTC should be a walk in the park. Good Luck!
My major is Mechanical Engineering. Because the college i am currently attending is a small 2-year college, engineering is not one of the many popular degree plans found here. So while there are many other students who are also in engineering as well, their is very limited classes available for this subject. In total, their are approximately 5 engineering classes available. So if you still want to continue pursuing engineering after CTC, i highly suggest researching transferring colleges so that you can achieve your desired degree. I will be gaining my associates degree in engineering and hopefully transfer to UT or A&M. So just a heads up and good luck!
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I never planned to go to a community college. In high school, everyone talked about leaving the state or area and going to a university. But due to financial reasons, i just could not afford to go to a university. But i didn't want to not achieve an education. CTC, although a community college, is a great college. Not only is it super easy to transition to from high school to college life style, but it is affordable and very inviting. As of right now, i am extremely pleased that i decided to spend my first few years here. It has saved me from being in debt at such a young age. I would highly recommend this college to all students out there. Good Luck!
I attended one semester and completed 6 credits at a community college after high school graduation in 2012. I have not been able to get the transfer yet, but I am currently working on getting them. The classes I am registered to this semester were fairly flexible.
I would prefer the traditional classroom setting however I am not able to due to my active military orders. Online will work out perfect for my schedule and the registration process was fairly easy. I go through the website GOARMYED so they track and submit all required documents through them.
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