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Great College. This college cares about its students. Tutoring is offered, as well as a cozy student center. Close to home and easy to get to. Offers many diverse courses. Cheap collage but great quality education. Some courses offer open ended resources which allow students to access books without the extra cost.
I enjoy attending Central Texas College. I really like the professors and feel as if I learn very efficiently from them. They have a wide variety of classes and clubs that you can be apart of! It is overall a great experience; I recommend it very much.
Overall, CTC (Central Texas College) is an amazing school! A lot of the classes have less than 40 students so the professors are super flexible. Not only that, but they also have electives and clubs for everyone.
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My college provided an amazing education at an excellent price point. The professors care about student success and it truly stems from their unwavering passion for the subjects they dedicate their lives to.
Central Texas College is a great college located in the Killeen, Texas area. They have accreditation in many different areas of study and hold fast to superior academic excellence. There is also a dorm located on this college campus.
Taking a year off after graduation from high school then coming to CTC was my best choice . The school isn’t stressful and the teaching is amazing , and the staff are helpful in all aspects.
This school is just like any other 2 year college in my opinion. They have a wide range of studies. They work decently with the military personnel thought.
CTC is a great place to begin online learning in my opinion. It took me quite a while to finally get my degree completed; not because of them, but becuase I hadn't quite aquired the self-motivation to complete the task in a timely manner. I took a couple of courses then quit. No matter, CTC was there during my extended leave of absense from them and I jumped right back in like I never left. Never had any problems with any of the teachers, books, lectures or any of it. The only thing that took some time was actually getting my degree mailed. However, one phone call and e-mail later, my degree showed up (once they verified I completed all the courses) in a matter of days. Actually though, if you are looking towards higher learning, I would recommend beginning with your Bachelor's versus an Associates, which I'm working on now with another institution. It would save you headache of wondering whether your next level will accept all your transfer credits.
My second semester is about to begin as an Online Only Student So far, my experience with Central Texas College has been amazing. The instructors are caring, compassionate, willing to help, and go the extra mile for their students. I am beyond happy with the choice of school I made. I look forward to this coming semester, and future ones as well.
I am taking online classes and the professors monitor the course and interact with students regularly. They also use blackboard which works well for tracking and completing course work. The staff available in person to help with course registration are friendly and very helpful! They know all the ins and outs and are kind and courteous.
What did I like about CTC? What would I like to change? Good news, their costs are low. It's close to my home. The staff is nice. Textbooks are equal in price to tuition most times, but on the first day of class, you'll often learn the book isn't actually needed for the class, or at least not the latest edition. Bad news, the sidewalk designs are needlessly frustrating. The librarians have very old books and don't have the money for a rehaul. Overall, cheap and small, but your education will still be just as good as anywhere else.
The teachers and staff could be better. Some of the teachers don’t really care for the students like they should and don’t care if they pass or fail any of their classes as long as they get paid for their work.
CTC is full of knowledgeable staff who are committed to helping their students attain success and are very helpful towards military.
CTC is a great college to attend. First and fore most it is inexpensive. It also has classes starting almost every week rather it be online, in the classroom, weekends only and many more options.
I recently moved to the area am trying to finish my last four classes i need to complete my associates. Although they don't have my degree at this school the advisers have helped me plan my courses and transfer them to the other school. Unfortunately though they can't help me financially because they don't offer my degree.
Professors are very reasonable and depending which one you choose they can make a very boring subject more interesting.
I’ve taken course online with Central Texas, and I have loved it. If I ever have any issues with anything the staff is super helpful, and quick to respond.
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CTC is an online school which was great for me when I was in the Navy. Very friendly military school.
I have had a really great experience at Central Texas College. Everything has been really easy to take care of and everyone has been super helpful.
I have enjoyed being a student at CTC. You get the guidance you need and the support when you are unsure of something.
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