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Central State University is what you make it. My first choice wasn't central state but it definitely has made a big impact on my life and helped me grow into the woman that i am today. Ive learned so much from being on this campus and how to handle certain life situations it has made me a better professional speaker from being involved on campus and also to being a better friend and student.
The school itself is great and it's nice and affordable. It's a great campus and I love being around the campus. And it's only a few hours away from Chicago.
It’s very fun if you are involved. Even if you are not involved, it’s a pretty great school over all. It’s like a big family here.
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When I entered Central State University fall 2014 it was like home. The campus size is perfect and I have easy access to my professors. The University is like home. Also all the staff cares about the students
Central State University is a great institution and it is very family oriented. I enjoy the students, activities, and the professors.
Central State University is one of the only two historically black universities in this region. The campus atmosphere is amazing. CSU is my home away from home.
My experience with Central State University has been very pleasant so far. I love how connected our student body is and we always show support no matter the occasion. The education I am receiving is also very good. I learn more and more every day and you can also connect more with your peers and teachers even in a classroom setting.
I love Central State University because it’s a family type of college . For an example if one person has a problem the next person is right there to tell them it’s going to be ok . My school has very good school spirit a lot . I just wish the school was in the city because it’s hard looking for a job in country area.
I love central state university . I simply love it because it isn't to far from home and its not to big . They are here for students and willing to help anytime needed.
I have been attending central state for about 1 month; so far i am in love with the college itself. Most of the professors here are foreign African so it is a little hard to understand verbally, However, The curriculum is at a understanding pace. Here on campus everyone is inviting you to what seems to be a family, Because the college its self has some history to it and have a strong upbringing from the past. Central State was the first college in Wilberforce to have there own 4 year program for African American Students that its self is welcoming and why I choose central
In my time at Central State University I can say that I have enjoyed it. The University is up and coming. It has a few lingering problems but from my first year to my second I have witnessed a major upgrade. Central State is trending up and I would recommend for anyone. The staff and faculty are great, while the facilities are not that far behind.
Central State University is a great school to attend because staff and students are super friendly and helpful. I love the open-arms feeling that I get on campus. Everyone’s friendly and welcoming and staff make sure you are comfortable. The school is very resourceful when it comes to those who need extra help. The book store has everything you could want and need to get through the day. Central State is an excellent school that anybody would love to attend because of the rich personalities, great hospitality, and wonderful funfilled events
Late with information, not reporting incidents on time to parents, false information, and food is terrible.
I really wouldn't recommend this school to anybody. This school is so disorganized, they are messing around with peoples money they are really being funny and since we are all black they think that we are dumb and wont get it so they mess with our money. And they are voted #1 HBCU of the year but they don't even have their stuff right. The food is nasty. They are always trying to fine people. Its ghetto. The campus is cute but I don't like the school personally. The classes are fine I love them but other than that I am never going to rep this school once I graduate from here.
The experience here is good I really like the environment of the school and the people. The food here is good on certain days but the food is always fresh and fully cooked and prepared.
I love that Central State University is an HBCU. That is why I chose it out of the other schools in my area. CSU gives a sense of community and togetherness. I've had a great time at Central State so far, I've learned a lot here. I also love the Family like bond you get from professors and peers.
What I like about this college is the social work program that they provide for students. While looking at the website, it showed all the important information needed for students who will be attending this college in the fall of 2018.
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My experience at Central State University is alright. I don't really spend my time outside of campus or anything activities on campus because I am in the marching band here so it can take a lot of our time to really enjoyed what be happening on campus at times.
I love central state university. I've been visiting the campus many years before attending in 2016. The environment is very great at the university, it feels like one big family. I've had so many great experiences at central with organizations, Greeks,etc. We have the best professors there and the staff there is amazing.
I love my HBCU, its what I call home! I would like to see the growth of the campus expand. The campus needs an update, dorms, stadium, garden, etc
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