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What I like about this college is the social work program that they provide for students. While looking at the website, it showed all the important information needed for students who will be attending this college in the fall of 2018.
My experience at Central State University is alright. I don't really spend my time outside of campus or anything activities on campus because I am in the marching band here so it can take a lot of our time to really enjoyed what be happening on campus at times.
I love central state university. I've been visiting the campus many years before attending in 2016. The environment is very great at the university, it feels like one big family. I've had so many great experiences at central with organizations, Greeks,etc. We have the best professors there and the staff there is amazing.
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I love my HBCU, its what I call home! I would like to see the growth of the campus expand. The campus needs an update, dorms, stadium, garden, etc
I Love This School.. Especially being a Football Player here. The community of the school is amazing. Professor are willing to help you at any time of the day. The party's are awesome.
Love the school it is very nice the teachers are very nice and they find time to take individual help so that you understand your assignment the school is very good in making sure that you are able to eat if your hour let out late there is restaurant that stay open so that you can use your campus of anytime
Central state university is loving caring environment in which professors care about students and strive to bring the best out of everyone
Considering i'm a freshman i can tell you much. But i can tell you that i really enjoy this University. I enjoy it because your around people you have similarities with, you are taught by teachers who want you to show your potential. This can get tiring but the fact that they want to see you make it is reassuring.
My experience so far has been ok.
We need more police or security on campus we have had 4 shootings on campus last one 2 students got injured inside new dorm. We need more teachers . like some of my peers and staff members that i have met that has been great mentors for.. Cafe hrs should ve extended but good food .. Have two location besides cafe to eat at.. Student body has put together amazing fashion shows and award shows .. A lot of talented kids at this school. The Greek life is not really seen unless its a fight breaking out .
Currently my experience at Central State University has been amazing. What I love about this University is that it is a Historical Black College/University so the cultural of the school is great, the family-type environment is very helpful. The instructors and professors actual care about helping the students and making sure they understand the material that is taught. The overall communication at Central needs improvement and the enthusiasm of the student body needs progression.
It has been an awesome experience! The professors are very knowledgeable and caring. They want you to succeed. The campus is close knit like a family. My major isn't History, but I've learned so much about my history just by being on campus. Attending Central State Universiry was the best decision I've made in my life!
When I first went I was very afraid because I didn't know anyone and I was far away from home. The students and school staff made me feel welcomed. I like the fact that they have free tutoring. What I would like to see change more tutors so that I can have someone's full attention.
I love the class sizes and that the teachers know me on a personal level. It is like a family feeling with other students and the school is not too big and not too small. I would love to see the relationship between the faculty and students get better
Central State university is a HBCU in wilberforce, Ohio. It's a small campus with no trouble and young's adults from different states. It's not a bad college if your looking for a small school. I just wish that central would have more stuff to do on the weekend.
I love everything about Central, especially my department, Education. The professors are great and very helpful as well as the advisors.
I only came to Central because of the financial aid package. Central is a good school.. Central is also located in the middle of nowhere so bring a car with you. The honors dorms are the best. If you don't like seeing wild animals don't come because there are skunk and possums out at night.
The career center have two job fairs during the school year and the career services want you to come in to get help and improve your resume. They even have a closet business clothes if you need them for an interview and they'll let you keep it.
Review Central State University
Some professors are just there for the paychecks and some really care about how their student is doing and if they are feeling okay. Most classes range between 15-25 students.
The campus has blue phones set up around campus if you need help. Security is great too because if something does happen, they will make sure there are consequences.
Foundation Hall I, Foundation Hall II, and the Honor dorms are the best dorms on campus. One setback about the honor dorms are they are all the way in the back and far way from the main campus. The worst dorm on campus is Hunter Hall.
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