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Central State University is a very good college. It only doesn’t have 5 stars because of the way you sign up for classes the following semester & the location of the school.
Central State is the #1 HBCU of all times. It's easy to find friends and people to hang around. There are a lot of organizations you can join and lots of fun.
Central state University is a school of love and hate and can really push me to the brink sometimes, but as a student and a young adult this university has taught me things not even the world could teach me. I like Central State because I am around my own kind and the culture from each city that is provided is very groundbreaking from a person such as myself who has not been to too many places outside of my hometown. I find it amazing that I go to school with kids scatted all over the Midwest, and we all find a way to come to a common ground and realize we are all going through the same things but only in different regions. Central is only going to get bigger and I love the progress my school has made over the last three years since I enrolled here. Central State's only problem is space and opportunity, I would like to see my university expand and bring more opportunities to the school so nobody nor no one will feel left out.
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I have experienced a fair amount of ups and downs at Central State University. Sometimes the universities system can be a little unorganized and confusing, but when you attend this HBCU you will feel at home and It's good to see young American and African-Americans getting their education and getting along. The professors are great and they will work with you as long as your willing to help yourself and put in the work. One thing I would like to see change just like I mentioned earlier about the organization of the school can be a little off, so I would like to see everything set in place and flowing. I don't want to see students financial aid getting messed up or students getting taken out of their classes because of issues with the university. The University should also push for renovations in the dorms so we can live in nice tidy environment amongst each other.
Central state university is a great school. Although just like any other school they have flaws. Sometimes I wish they could answer the phones a little more or be a little more organized but overall I love Central State University. They create a family environment and also The faculty and staff become your family as well. I don’t really have family but, central state staff and students became my family. I love my HBCU
Central State opened a lot of doors for me. The campus life is great i wouldn't trade it for the world. Central is a very family orientated environment from faculty and staff all the way to students. Since being at central i have changed my view on a lot of things about myself as well as life. I truly believe central is change and i am changing for the better and just to know that i am attending an luxurious Hbcu that many Black African Americans attended and paved the way.
Central State is what you make it. If you stay in your dorms and don’t do anything and just got to class it’s definitely going to be boring. Get out and get involved.
I will currently be attending Central State in August. I have not visited the school yet. I will visit the school July 13th. From the looks of the school I think it'll be a good fit me and so far I see everything just about being average.
I love central state university, the students at the school are great and they have a lot of organizations for you could join. The professor is very helpful when you ask them for help. Overall Central State University is a great school, but the only thing I would change is how they handle certain situations
Central State University is what you make it. My first choice wasn't central state but it definitely has made a big impact on my life and helped me grow into the woman that i am today. Ive learned so much from being on this campus and how to handle certain life situations it has made me a better professional speaker from being involved on campus and also to being a better friend and student.
The school itself is great and it's nice and affordable. It's a great campus and I love being around the campus. And it's only a few hours away from Chicago.
It’s very fun if you are involved. Even if you are not involved, it’s a pretty great school over all. It’s like a big family here.
When I entered Central State University fall 2014 it was like home. The campus size is perfect and I have easy access to my professors. The University is like home. Also all the staff cares about the students
Central State University is a great institution and it is very family oriented. I enjoy the students, activities, and the professors.
Central State University is one of the only two historically black universities in this region. The campus atmosphere is amazing. CSU is my home away from home.
My experience with Central State University has been very pleasant so far. I love how connected our student body is and we always show support no matter the occasion. The education I am receiving is also very good. I learn more and more every day and you can also connect more with your peers and teachers even in a classroom setting.
I love Central State University because it’s a family type of college . For an example if one person has a problem the next person is right there to tell them it’s going to be ok . My school has very good school spirit a lot . I just wish the school was in the city because it’s hard looking for a job in country area.
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I love central state university . I simply love it because it isn't to far from home and its not to big . They are here for students and willing to help anytime needed.
I have been attending central state for about 1 month; so far i am in love with the college itself. Most of the professors here are foreign African so it is a little hard to understand verbally, However, The curriculum is at a understanding pace. Here on campus everyone is inviting you to what seems to be a family, Because the college its self has some history to it and have a strong upbringing from the past. Central State was the first college in Wilberforce to have there own 4 year program for African American Students that its self is welcoming and why I choose central
In my time at Central State University I can say that I have enjoyed it. The University is up and coming. It has a few lingering problems but from my first year to my second I have witnessed a major upgrade. Central State is trending up and I would recommend for anyone. The staff and faculty are great, while the facilities are not that far behind.
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