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During the time of my enrollment until my graduation date, some key improvements I've noticed that could be implemented is more interaction of the Student government association with the students in terms of planning social outings and group activities.
In addition, be able to provide additional outreach events for the community in terms of allowing college students to engage with the community and perform community service.
Although there was no online learning available during my tenure, my learning experience was in person and the professors were engaging in terms of overall teaching and implementation of subject matter being taught.
When classes moved online due to the Coronavirus pandemic, teachers and staff worked fast to ensure that all students were accommodated to adapt to this new way of learning.
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I loved the communal atmosphere at Central State University. The teachers were always attentive and I feel that I received an adequate college education from the University. The only downsides were that the school was unorganized at times and it took a long time to receive answers and resources from administrative staff.
The admissions office took three months to inform me that I had to take pre-requisites at another college before I could take the business program. They NEVER respond to phone calls or emails. I finally found out just a couple days before the semester started that I had to take classes elsewhere and was very fortunate to be able to do it. Now they won’t tell me if I’m even in the right program. BEWARE of CSU!
Never got a chance to try. They wouldn’t communicate with me in timely fashion about their requirements.
I like Central State University and the professors and associate professors seem really nice. There seems to be guidance and assistance if you reach out.
I did not take any on line classes on line at Central State University but I plan to take some during the 2020-2021 school year.
I have only had a couple online courses at this school. Sadly they do not offer online classes for all classes. This tends to make going to school difficult for those who commute, work, and family.
The teachers at this school go up and above for their students. They try to give students the resources they need to succeed at the course and future classes. They have also been known to start study groups to help their students practice for testing.
The online classes are easier than face to face classes. Sometimes it’s hard to get someone on the phone. There are options for getting online help if you need it.
Good HBCU, online classes are easier than face to face classes. Sometimes it’s hard to get someone on the phone
The online learning experience wasn’t all that good in the beginning because the teachers was giving so much work at once. But once students expressed their concerns the teachers were very understanding and slowed down the work load and offered more help for students to catch up.
Central State University is a small but very diverse HBCU. If you are one that need more one on one time with your teachers and smaller class environments then Central State is for you. There’s literally so many activities and Organizations to join you won’t get bored.
I like the cultural, heritage and traditions of my beautiful HBCU. I like the diverse campus life and the liveliness of residency on its campus. I like how invested my professors are with my education and how they stretch learning beyond class instructional time. I like the nuclear spirit of the students at events and the participation of faculty members in non-curriculum settings.
Central State moved all of its classes online during the pandemic. Every virtual resource at the university’s disposal they made available to its students.
Central State is an amazing school and I would totally reccomend people to go there. Amazing professors and a good environment.
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The online classes was not as bad as I expected them to be. The online classes were actually amazing. Yes, we had some bad point during the online classes but other than that everything else turned out good.
My experience at central was life changing. Central made me the women I am today. It made a believer out of me.
I absolutely love Central State University. This is a great Historically black college because the professors really care about you. I'm a returning student and the professors always make me feel like I haven't missed a beat. They take time to help you rather than just fail you. The school is very generous. The renovations that have been makes the school look excellent. I am so glad I will be graduating from this school. You just feel at home at Central State University. You walk on campus and find the best things. I remember being in class and out of nowhere I looked out the window and there was a stage set up. They had a random step show! That was a really nice image to come to after a super hard class. I recommend any and everyone in the midwest to check out Central State. This is really a friendly, effective school. I would like for them to add more online classes, Dayton campus and more evening classes. That would be the only negative I have on this school
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