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At Central State University I love how some of the faculty members are very helpful. And who can be very understanding with the students. A few faculty members talk to the students like we are five years old.
I have been at Central state for almost 3 years. My time here had been good to me. I have fallen a little bit but central state staff is always there to help and uplift when you need it.
What I like about Central State University is the people here willing to help you through out what ever you going through. Here at Central they won’t shame you for what you have done in the past just wanting you to long forward towards your future.
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This college has always been my number one college I want to attend since I was in 5th grade. When I went there to tour it was very nice, the teachers, staff, etc was very nice and informative. I loved every bit of Central state and hope to be attending there fall 2020
My experience with Central State University has been shifty. I only say that because the financial experience that I've had. If you go to central state I'd advise you not to get on a payment plan if you know that you cannot keep up with it. I personally fell behind with half a month and they tried to put me out of school.
They don’t care about you. They care about your money. There are very very few professors and admin that might take the time to understand and better you. Other than that your on you own. I’ll be transferring here soon.
The lessons I learned while on the campus of Central State University will stay with me forever. I learned how to be a man, how to really dress, and also how to use not just knowledge learned in the classroom but also what I learned from just walking around the campus and viewing the history and beauty that has made me as ambitious as I am now. Going to an HBCU changed my life for the better and I would recommend anyone, regardless of race, to try to attend an HBCU with as much history as this one.
I rate CSU a 4 because no college is perfect but this college is Amazing!!! This is a definite school i would love to bring me children to weigh out their options for college . i would love to become part of this atmostpher and this legacy school. its also a HBCU and it most definitely shows!!!
Everyone was nice. There is not much to do other than party. It is three miles to the nearest grocery store.
Central State University is an HBCU located in Wilberforce, OH. I am a Junior there and the school is pretty nice! The campus life is enjoyable and the students there are okay. Most of the classes have up to 30 students so you get a more personal experience with your professors. The cafe food isn't the good but it's doable. The parties are really lit most of the time. The dorms are okay but most need to be renovated since they're so old. Overall the school is a good school to go to!
This HBCU has changed my life for the better! The programs are great and the class sizes are even better.
Central State is a great university, I have learned for much in the two years that i have attend. I'm looking forward to my upcoming junior year.
Central State is a great environment. They truly care about you and want your to do big things . They give you a lot of information and the important steps that you need in order to pass and move on. If you ever need help, talk to someone , they are willing to help.
My first year at Central State was amazing. I literally loved every single minute being there. My professors were amazing and caring. The food was good, and my dorm room was nice. Everyone at CSU is welcoming and caring. The only thing I would change is the wait time at finical aid. The waiting time sometime is ridiculous.
Everyone is nice, including administration and students! Athletics are very good. Night life is amazing!
Central State is a truly family based environment! It welcomed me and gave me the start to my leadership.
Central State feels like a second home to everyone on campus. Currently the school is making changes that they think is bettering the students. In reality, the changes is also changing resident life.
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I loved how all my teachers helped out and they were all different races. Teachers, faculty, and students made you feel comfortable and that you could be apart of whatever you were comfortable with. The only thing I would like to see change is the cafe food. Good food was only served on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. In the evening and on the other days it seem like they served scraps. Also, they closed the cafe to early. I think in the evening it should stay open until 8 or 9pm. College students are busy throughout the whole day and sometimes we do not have enough time to eat a full meal until late at night.
What i love about Thee Central State University is that it may not be diverse race wise but cultural it's definitely a beautiful thing to experience. What i mean by that is coming from Chicago,IL and seeing other states like Detroit,Michigan, The DMV, Cail and even the Bahamians seeing how that other states or cities live and what their use to is amazing we get a good advantage to see more than just our cultural and we even have a greater one by giving off some of our cultural as well
What I like about Central State is that I am surrounded by people from different countries and even cultural backgrounds. I like that my peers are willing to go the extra mile to help one another. That the different experiences and knowledge each of us present is what makes us a Marauder family.
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