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The programs offered to the students after graduating can be ongoing. If the student wishes to go to school to further their education, then there are schools that will take our credits and work them with theirs. For the student that wants to go to work after the program, regardless of whether or not they have actually finished the program or have continued to take their NCLEX, the program helps you to get both CNA and LPN licensure so that working in the field of nursing is possible in some manner.
For our online courses, there isn't much instruction on it geared to the ATI/NCLEX-PN practice exams. We are provided with books that sometimes has different information that what is in the textbook.
Though the school is part of a vocational/technical school, sometimes there isn't enough computers or other technology to go around for the nursing students to use. At times, in order to use the computer, we have to either wait until after school or go elsewhere to get some of our work done.
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For me, since I started this program my senior year of high school, I feel that I am truly getting my money's worth. In the first part of the program, my tuition was nothing more 330 dollars! There were no hidden fees and payment of my tuition was very flexible. Now that I am in the second part of the program, I hae received PELL, which this year I only have to pay around 1300 dollars for more that expected education!
Becuase the CSPN program is of health specialty, every student is required to be a part of HOSA (Health Occupations Student Association), which is controlled mainly by students once officers are elected. The students typical of this program are students who wish to become nurses for numerous reasons.
Norfolk Techinical Center offers a variety of courses for adults and high school students who are looking to become certified in various areas of work/career. High school students can start off with most programs as early as their sophomore year, but the CSPN program requires that high school students are graduating seniors or term graduates.
Because CSPN is a part of Norfolk Technical Center, which is a part of Norfolk Public Schools, high school students have the opportunity to enter this program as a senior and gain skill and experience as a nurse early on.
When going through the course of this program, the student is offered courses according to the guidelines of Virginia State Board of Nursing. Once graduated, if the student chooses to continue their education, Tidewater Community College in Portsmouth, VA has an LPN to RN program that will be shorter for CSPN graduates.
This program is an 18-month program that aims at helping their students to receive licensure as a CNA and then a LPN. The curriculum offered ranges from fundamentals of nursing to medical-surgical nursing to obstetrics and pediatrics (of course that is not the full list of the areas offered). Also during the course of the program, various volunteer opportunities are offered related to clinicals and/or preceptorship.
The experience at the CSPN is welcoming and eager to work with any and all students to ensure that all students graduate on time and succeed on passing the NCLEX-PN exam that follows after graduation. What is unique about the school is that the course can be taken as early as your senior year of high school and the tuition is reasonable without too much feeling like your pockets are blown to pieces. For any students who are interested in the program, I would recommend this program (and even re-do the program) because it's an opportunity that may never come back around, despite having other nursing programs that have the same intentions.
The Central School of Practical Nursing in Norfolk, VA offers opportunities for both high school students and adults to learn the skills of nursing, as well as receiving licensure for CNA and LPN throughout the course of the program. Though very vigorous, this program works with each student to ensure that everyone will graduate with success.
Excellent Program – The program criteria is carefully laid out with everything needed to enter workforce
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