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This school make it convenient for anybody to attend college because there are many different campus around Charlotte and there are also online classes. This school have great advisor to help keep you on track and also a great website for you to monitor the program you are taking for whatever reason. With the website you know what not to waste time or money on.
I am actually a middle college student that attends CPCC. This school is local and in my hometown. I attend the Central campus uptown which has such a warm and welcoming vibe. The professors genuinely care for their students and ensure the safety and preparedness for future courses in their curriculum. I truly appreciate the diversity of teaching styles, students, and course variety that is available at CPCC.
Central piedmont community college also known as CPCC, is the best community college in charlotte. Everybody is like family, from teachers to janitors everyone is very nice and make you feel like home. They make sure that reach you goals, and not only that, when you are in need they go above and beyond. They always have things going on in all of the campuses. If you like to be involve in the college life they have different options whithin all of the campuses.
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It’s a great school! Good opportunity to network and also get the college experience. CPCC also offers different locations in the Charlotte to make it convenient for the students. I would recommend this school!
some things that I really enjoy about this college is the small classrooms which gives you the opportunity to get extra help if you need it. I enjoy the café and the food on campus. I also enjoy how close other places are on campus
I would recommend CPCC to anyone looking to spend less on college while also learning and working toward their future career, whether they will finish that education at CPCC or need to transfer to a 4 year college afterward. This is due to the various programs of study offered and the small class sizes.
I am very impressed with Central Piedmont's Baking and Pastry Arts program which I am currently attending. The Chefs(instructors) are incredible and want their students to succeed. The only thing I would have changed at the start of the program there was some confusion on uniforms and books which would be an easy fix with better communication. Overall experience has been excellent!
I'm enjoying my first year at CPCC we have a great community here, if I had to change anything about the school it'd just be how far I got to travel between classes as a culinary student, but that's a small personal issue. Overall it a nice clean school with an excellent education staff.
Central Piedmont is really a life saver. Tuition prices are a fraction of the price of a 4 yr university, although the book store can have prices hiked up almost 40% from Amazon.

I received a quality education here, thanks to my professors who really took their time with me.
In my first year of attending Central Piedmont Community College, my experience was fairly overwhelming transitioning from high school to college. With help of willing faculty, I was able to complete my freshman year with success. This community college is great for a tight budget and is close to home.
I transferred into CPCC as an adult working single mother. I did all of my classes online and didn't deal with any of the campuses or rarely did I have to go in to deal with advising, etc. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes that I took via CPCC online. The professors were always extremely attentive and helpful to the students online and to myself in private communications when needed. I did all of my registration online, and never had any problems getting a schedule that would work for me, granted I was a part time student...but I was able to get the classes that I needed when I needed them. As a single mother I utilized the financial aid office and I never had any issues with my tuition not being paid on time, etc.
My experience with CPCC has been overrall very enjoyable. Every single one of the staff is very welcoming and kind, especially to new students, while returning students are treated like family. That's pretty much what this college is, and everyone here, a family. The classes are very informative and well taught by all the instructors. The work isn't too much of a burden and well balanced. Finally, all of the students here are kind to one another and are more than willing to go beyond what's necessary to help each other. I recommend this college to anyone, not just people who don't have the money for a university right off the bat. It's very good for anyone who wants to save a decent amount of money and not have staggering debt when they are finally graduated. In two years, you can also transfer, which is what I'm doing. I'll save about 50,000 dollars and still get to experience a university when I am ready. I'm very excited.
I love some of the professor. Some of the professor are very engaging and some of them teaches you life lesson that can be applied in life. I would like to see more professor that are more engaging rather than "here is the work and I will not teach this material more than once type."
The location of the school is perfect its 10 min outside uptown and they have many campuses all over Charlotte. The main buildings are old and a little rough looking but the class rooms and computers are nice and up to date. All of the staff is nice and helpful and the teachers I've had so far have been super nice and helpful. Overall a good typical community college.
Central Piedmont Community College was an outstanding institution. Though people may have mixed feelings about community college, the courses were all rigorous and they challenged you. All the faculty and staff were there for the students to ensure our success as we strive for a higher education. The professors were very much accessible to the students with an email, phone number, text message, and they would reply immediately. Overall Central Piedmont Community College was an amazing experience and at an affordable price; to make sure that no student leaves with debt for trying to achieve a higher education, and also they have a lot of scholarships for the current students and the upcoming freshman, additional they have a summer bridge program that intended for high school students to have smooth transition to college, the only things that they ain't got is athletics,
The instructors were caring, mindful, and genuinely wanted you to succeed. The campus was incredibly on-top of alerts and emails sent to your phone about safety, snow days, road closures, accidents and wrecks, etc. The technology that was centered around being a student, such as these alerts and the CPCC app, was more than I could have ever expected. It costs next to nothing to attend, to my loans with be thankfully low, and I feel like I am getting a worth-while education in a location that is very close to me.
My experience at Cpcc is been a good one, I mean the teacher s are nice and most importantly they take the time to help, and if you feel you can't make it for an exam your teacher can reschedule the exam for a later date. what I would recommend we change is get more science tutors as you can't if get an appointment when you need it.
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The CPCC campus is pretty large for it to be a 2 year community college. It is in center city Charlotte, NC and has awesome views of the city. I've had a great experience at this school with the professors and all of the students I've met throughout the semesters. Also I've always felt safe because there are campus police always available and in sight. Overall I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a school that is not over whelmingly huge but still gives you a metropolitan vibe that's not too expensive.
I visited the Central Campus which i plan on attending in the fall and i felt very comfortable with it! The location is close to downtown Charlotte which is my favorite part of North Carolina and i know my future will be bright at this school. I am very confident that Central Piedmont has much to offer in terms of education, and that the experience will be one to remember.
well rounded college , i dont know if the media center should be better . i like the idea of having college in a affordable price in which the price would be better from schools that would cost more and wouldnt have the same effort as this school
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