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My overall experience was Cpcc was very good. I was able to get my general education classes out-of-the-way for the fraction of the cost. The only thing negative is it’s hard to navigate and to get in to with Advisors
Central Piedmont is a great place to get started on your college career or to return to add to your education, they have many convenient locations and class times.
As an international student, CPCC became my home in the two years that I have been studying. The diversity in the central campus makes the college a vibrant and interesting place to be part of.
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No matter what campus you attend CPCC Student life is amazing, and every event is similar to a homecoming. The school does not have any sport teams, but their events are still fun and exciting to attend.
The teachers are kind, and willing to help and provide resources.
The school does not provide housing, and does not have a campus similar to the campus of a four year university; there are classrooms, vending machines on almost every hall and a dining area in almost every building. If you know the area you can find a party, but there are none on campus.
It's a great school! Most of the professors are great and the networking opportunities the school provides are extremely useful. If you are pursuing an applied science degree, you will definitely be able to get a good paying job. Make sure to speak to your professors about internships and opportunities available for you.
I like the convenient locations of CPCC. You can tell the school cares about how happy the students are with their education and college experience. I think some of the labs can be tweaked for a better educational experience.
I love CPCC! I would recommend it to anyone thinking about going to college. If you want to go to a 4 year university and save some money, this is the perfect option. The school has campuses throughout the Charlotte area so it is very convenient.
This was a great school to allow me to take time to save up for transfer. However, many professors were relatively indifferent to their students. I also found it frustrating to be in an environment where most people don't care about their education and success.
They offer a wide variety of courses at the different campuses around the Charlotte area. Many courses are available online which helps the working student.
Central Piedmont Community College Levine campus in conveniently located in Matthews area of North Carolina. Levine campus has several parking lots, where students are always able to find a parking spot. College takes s a pride in having well taking care and beautiful landscape, where students can take a break and catch a breath of fresh air between their classes. Convenient location and parking availability gives me an opportunity to attend classes on campus which helps build relationships with my fellow student colleagues and professors. In addition, community college has great selection of online classes. Professors care about their student’s success and prepare them for the transition from college to the work place. It is a great choice for a transfer student or anyone interested in a 2 year degree.
There's a lot of great things about CPCC. The most important care that CPCC has is helping you reach your academic goal. The instructors are very kind and want to help you succeed. They also provide many resources to help if you're falling behind in your studies. All in all I give them 4 stars.
My experience at CPCC has been nothing but the best. I like CPCC because of its small class sizes and willingness of the Instructors giving every effort to help their students. I also like the student organizations that lend helping hand to any student that needs assistance in school work.
I liked the amount of resources that the community college provides. I would like to see the amount of parking availability increase, I would also like to see better security in certain areas of the campus. Another thing that could be improved would be the certain people they have as teachers in certain departments, their teaching is not the greatest and there could definitely be some improvements. Overall, my experience with the community college was good and I would not hesitate to recommend people to apply for the college.
As a freshman I'm new to the College atmosphere, but I'm grateful because the variety of tools this Community College gives us, makes me wonder whether other universities have as many as mine does. With different campuses throughout the city, the transfer from our houses to class, or from class to work is made easier for us. As well as providing different ways to engage in the student body, they also offer ways of being more involved in the day-to-day social issues.
The environment of Central Piedmont Community College is balanced with caring teachers with an incentive to put their students on the road to success. Physically the college is a pleasant suburban area, quiet and enjoyable. The actual interior of the college is not confusing, though if a first-year will need some getting used to. Nothing a week won't handle. The classrooms are not too large with the seat count from anywhere in between 20-40 students, give or take, depending on the course. Overall the college is a pleasantry to be part of.
Great staff, Helpful Resources, and wonderful atmosphere. If you want to get to a good transfer community college this is the place.
Central Piedmont Community college is good school. They kept you well informed, take education seriously and gives every opportunity to succeed. No changes necessary
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It's a good school, however it's like no one cares about anyone no one cares if you have personal situations going on, so be prepared.
I like how the school is laid out and easy to go from one class to the other, faculty and staff are always there to help. students are really nice.
I like that the school has small class sizes and that that staff genuinely cares about student success. There are many opportunities to get involved such as clubs, organizations, honor societies, and work study programs. I also like that the college holds itself to a high scholarly regard with challenging students the same way any four year school would. I do wish that they had a better system for feedback on professors, as it has led to some situations where the teacher knew their subject very well, but could not properly communicate it to students at an introductory level. When this happens it is hard to know who to talk to about the situation in order to bring about change.
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