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The many campuses are nice, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn and succeed. The services are good and there are always workers available to help out with any questions or concerns.
This is a great school to start and get a Associate's Degree from. It is a budget friendly college which is great for students. There are a variety of college programs you can choose from. The teachers here are very informative and helpful as well.
The professors here at Central Piedmont Community College are fantastic to go along with the academics and job opportunities as well.
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Overall, I've had a great experience at Central Piedmont Community College. I love the diversity on every campus. Most of the professors I had were amazing and actually loved their job and cared about their students' success. They were very understanding of how life events can occur and interfere with school and ensured I would pass my courses. CPCC offers plenty of resources that are beneficial for students attending their college(s) and those that aren't. Student success in their institutions is very important and they help guide students in the right paths that will prepare them for a future outside and after CPCC.
my experience at cpcc was average. i like the environment and how students work. i believe that this schools staff should do better in actually trying to figure out what the students need and not treating every case the same.
Central Piedmont Community College is a great place to earn your Associate's Degree. The teachers are very educated and most are willing to help you do the best that you can.
CPCC should not be looked down on because it is a community college, it is a great experience and a cheaper alternative to paying tens of thousands of dollars for the same associates degree. I have never had a problem with a teacher, faculty, or anything, altogether it is a great college.
I have been living in the Charlotte area for about a year now while attending CPCC. This is not a four year university although I am in the process of trying to transfer to a four year, this a two year community college that offers great transfer programs. Not only that, there are so many activities going on around campus such as job fairs, participation of different clubs, and sometimes free food! The transfer advisors here are really helpful and provided me all of the information I needed in order to graduate and transfer. Professors are very helpful as well, they take the time to make sure you understand the material and answer any questions you may have no matter if it's a silly one. Overall, CPCC is a great community college to attend if you are living in the Charlotte area or even online!
What I like about CPCC is the Advisors and the professors are pretty good. I feel like your getting what you pay for. It’s like a great education price with great quality.
I have been passing my classes and talking to nice students. The Campus is very average and only some instructors are worth having.
As an International Student from South Africa, Central Piedmont has honestly become my new home. I always thought home meant one place, but I soon realized that this is not the case - home can be in more than one place, in more than one person. Central Piedmont has an immense diversity, and with this diversity they encourage connections and through connections it allows for immense opportunity. I have excelled academically in the classroom but also found myself to have excelled outside the classroom. In this I have become secretary of the Global Student Association, member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, member of the Global Engagement program, member of the North Carolina Students of Global distinction and so much more. Through these opportunities I have made lifelong friends, allowed doors to open for myself and ultimately invested in my future. I am proud to be a Central Piedmont student and would recommend it to so many future students.
As an online student I'm met with the convenient opportunity to attend my courses virtually and obtain the college education I always strived to have. The staff are extremely helpful and very informative when I needed assistance in setting up financial aid as well as registration for my courses. My financial advisor was able to thoroughly guide through the step-by-step process to ensure I was ready to begin school smoothly.
I loved how much the staff cares at this campus. I attend the Matthews campus. I have so many resources I can use to help build my classes, get extra help if needed, and feel comfortable in my classes. They really care about your well being. I moved from Texas a little over a year ago, and community college was the best route for me. I am in nursing school, and I love it. They will take their time to help you with anything!
This school is one of the best community colleges in the nation. There are campuses all over the surrounding area. If you have a degree in mind, this school can assist in your achieving your goal. They offer a widening variety of degrees. Most of the teaching staff are awesome. That being said, the financial aid office, academic counselors, the school bookstore, along with any other entity that assists with getting students into classes is terrible. They will repeatedly give the wrong information or withhold helpful information. Administration creates issues that make it difficult to attend. No loans of any kind are offered. Often times classes that you have registered for are dropped the day before they begin. You will be on your own to fight for any issues that arise.
It is a extremely nice experience to have and be with staff that knows what they are supposed to be teaching.
My experience in Central Piedmont Community College has been an extraordinary one. Being a first-generation student not knowing what my next step was after graduating high school and in need of help, CPCC has really led me to the right path I needed to be on. They are absolutely helpful and guide everyone to the right direction. What I really liked about CPCC was the instructors, staff, and the diversity in the school. It was easy to get along with anyone and asking for help. I have really enjoyed my two years being there and am now excited to transfer into a new experience I am ready for. I believe there is not much to change about CPCC because I feel as if everything is good the way it is.
CPCC was a great school for me to go to. I learned more in my two semesters there than I did in high school. It was a great step stool to start nursing school with.
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I attend CPCC through dual enrollment but so far I've had great teachers who are there if you have any questions at any time. I haven't had any trouble in my courses and the atmosphere is okay.
The teachers are very thoughtful and the building is very clean. My classes are on campus and online both are great choices
I like how diverse Central Piedmont is. I like the class room capacity, because it’s never more than 35 to a class. I like how there’s multiple campuses provided for students as well.
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