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If you plan on going to major in math or Engineering please consider another college. My freshman pre-calc math class is a really important foundation on my major. I got a teacher at Cato campus who had to know someone to get his job. The Teacher comes to class 15 minutes late everyday and shows up and stairs at the board and works out problems. He has lack of hearing and couldn't hear our questions and he told us to yell. Teaching a student math requires communication. This is a community college the whole point was for me to have smaller classes wear i can be comfortable to ask questions. I put full blame on the math department at CPCC. I would like to keep my grade up and be on task but when the teacher shows up with copies of math problems and shows up and uses his brain to work them out then lets us go home is not ok.
My experience at CPCC was great! I actually received my GED from CPCC and I graduated May 2019 with my Medical Office Associated Degree.
I love attending this community college. The staff here are always so happy to help you with any questions or concerns. The teachers here are very welcoming to all people and are there to make sure that you do well. My favorite part about CPCC is that I do not have to make appointments to talk to an advisor, they are almost always available and are able to help with anything you need help with.
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Great professors. They actually teach and not just go through material because it is assigned to them by someone else. The only problem, some programs are all online (short session/fast paced, program biased), and some science class lectures versus lab syllabus do not coincide (this makes the course be equal to two courses, instead of one course).
Central Piedmont Community College is, in my opinion, the greatest choice for a school to get an Associate's Degree. There is a diverse group of students at each of the different campuses and really provides a sense of belonging, whomever you might be. The buildings are all very new and always clean and taken care of. Many of the campus' offer places for food and coffee beyond just vending machines! The larger campus' also have book stores to buy school supplies, textbooks, school gear, and various other things. Even if you aren't attending to obtain a degree, taking just a few classes on something that interests you is a wonderful idea. The courses are carefully thought through and I learned so much attending my classes at CPCC. No matter what you're interested in learning or doing at Central Piedmont, you will have a wonderful time.
So far it has been really great at this college, if you are considering applying to CPCC I highly recommend that you should go to central campus. It is very diverse there.
I really like the school, the diversity, the teachers, the students and the opportunities that the school gives us, also the place where it is located is very good.
At Central Piedmont Community College, I enjoyed that the school was close to home and I didn’t have to drive far to get to class. This school offers plenty of majors for students to choose from at an affordable cost. Central Piedmont has amazing professors for the most part but I would like to see a change in the amount of available professors we have so more students can attend to the classes needed for their program. I would also like to see a change with the extracurricular activities I wish that this school offered more options that would better suit everyone major not just some.
I have been a student here for over 2 years now and in general, for a community college it is basic and okay. The professors vary, some are great and caring but some professors don't even reply to your email and teach carelessly. There are plenty courses and time/date option per campus which is very convenient. In a few words, if you are looking for a basic, no thrills college that is affordable, this is the one for you.
I’m a transfer student going to a university after obtaining enough credits, this school is great. I’m taking online classes and they make everything so easy. The only thing that can be difficult is navigating they’re telephone directory to get to the right person when you have to do everything remotely.
This is a great place to start your college journey. The staff is with you every step of the way, is extremely supportive, and will do all they can to make sure that you succeed.
The CPCC Central campus is one of the cleanest and prettiest campuses around. CPCC staff are very friendly and there are plenty of different and unique resources for students. The work study program is fun and I always know where I can go to get some information about what is going on at the campus. If you are struggling in a class, the campus has resources to help you succeed.
Central Piedmont Community College is an amazing institution being that each student is encompassed with unlimited support so that they may succeed wherever their future pathways takes them. As a student currently attending Central Piedmont Community College, I have the full support of each faculty member. Instructors are always reassuring me that they will always be available to assist me with finding the best positions to start my career and they are willing to provide any recommendations needed for future opportunities.
CPCC is a great school for transfer students. I am a rising sophomore and plan to transfer to a University my junior year, and so far CPCC is a great school. I've actually been taking classes here since 2017, and the teachers are awesome!
Central Piedmont Community College is rich in opportunities as there are many ways to build relationships, network, and have fun all while being a student. I would describe the experience as life changing because you will always walk away with something which has influenced your life. I feel that Central Piedmont's experience is on par with 4-Year universities and you get more than you expect.
My experience has been nothing but amazing. My instructors are amazing and the rest of the faculty are very helpful. I would recommend CPCC to everyone who is interested in obtaining their license for cosmetology or natural hair
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Enrolling into this school has been an easy process. From the time I decided to attend. Staff is welcoming, and the outline is specific and clear. The student portal is informative and helpful.
CPCC has impressive resources and technology. It gives students the opportunity to learn hands-on and truly explore their future careers. The professors, mostly, are well-educated and very good at their jobs. Overall, CPCC is a really good college, minus some minor problems with assignments and certain professors.
Central Piedmont Community College is an amazing school! I took a class at the college while I was a senior in high school and fell in love with the freedom, environment, and diversity. I just completed my freshman year and will be continuing my education at CPCC. I plan on becoming a dental hygienist, and they have an excellent dental hygiene program, which I will be applying to in the spring. I love being a student at CPCC!
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