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The professors I have are doing everything they can do to make sure we are learning and providing us with all resources to make sure we're successful. The professors came up with a quick game plan and it has been working for me for the semester. It is also convenient that I can log on to class at any time and can complete assignments on my own time.
I have been going to CPCC for the past 2 years since I am in a early college program and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Being a high school student in college setting really helped me gain a lot of success, maturity, motivation and independence. Central piedmont offers a lot of degrees such as Associates in Science which is what I'm currently completing. The college environment is awesome, the campus is clean and safe and it is very afforable. I would recommend this college to anyone wanting to earn a 2 year degree.
I started at CPCC in 2019 with the intent to leave as soon as I possibly could. I didn't want to be known as one of the only kids in my graduating class that didn't go straight to a four-year school. Looking back, I don't regret it at all. I am extremely thankful I chose CPCC for my education. The staff is phenomenal and the education approach is fantastic. I started my freshman year off a little rocky but with the help of my professors and the resources provided to all students, I swiftly brought my grades from failing to straight A's. I cannot wait to say I graduated with an Associate degree from CPCC this coming spring.
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At first, it was very difficult to become accustomed to online learning with COVID-19 but CPCC made it easy to transition with resources always available and professors doing their best to accommodate all of our needs. My grades actually skyrocketed after transitioning online and the programs used are phenomenal and easy to navigate! Online learning with CPCC will not let you down.
Good online classes. Knowledgeable professors. Very informative. My best online classes were for lit. Alot of writing but educational.
Gorgeous campus (well, at least Central campus). Exceptional theatre and art department with lots of plays and art exhibits. Just as good quality of education as many universities and good variety of programs. Great price. Great location. Some of the best years of my life. Transferred to a uni afterwards. Best CC in NC with the most resources.
Central Piedmont is a really nice community college. I have enjoyed myself thus far. The campus is really clean, very modern layout and has some really nice professors. So far, I haven't had much trouble with this school. I do wish there were more clubs or more ways to get involve at equally at every campus. I also wish there was much advertising of internship opportunities.
My online experience with Central Piedmont has not been too bad. Some professors definitely struggle with using the latest technology and sometimes overcomplicated the online classes. However, there were many understanding professors during this transition from in person to online.
Online is fun, and I’m at my own pace. But teachers not actually teaching is at its worse. They’re basically drones there to grade.
I love Central Piedmont’s campus, and the other students are wonderful. However, I think the staff is lackluster. Most of them don’t even teach, and send you off on self research days and Khan Academy lessons.
What I like at Central Piedmont Communitiy College is that they offer dual enrolment to students in high school. Undergrads are able to start their college pathway junior year of high school and be half way done to get their bachelors degree when they transfer to their 4 year college.
I enjoy doing online with CPCC, but the only struggle I went through was getting help from my teachers. Also I didn't have some of the softewares they required.
It was a rather a great experience at this college. The teachers are very supportive and can easily get your associates for a low cost.
It would have been better in person. However the school did the best they could to prepare and cope with the current situation.
I have took online classes i have really good professors though so i have a positive outlook on mobile learning.
I love the location of CPCC Central Campus.I am from the country and love the big rush feeling i get here.
So far I am so glad I took this route at a community college first. They have truly helped me get my feet wet with going back to school. I took a few years off before I decided to go to college and at first I was scared and afraid. But I am actually so proud to be enrolled here. It makes everyday worth it. This has been a great experience with a college so far and I hope to be able to lead other people who are ready to take the next steps with their education.
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I am currently taking all online classes and I LOVE IT!!! Best thing yet. I’ve been taking online classes since my first year here and it’s worth it! Being able to not have to get up and drive to campus and enjoying the comfort of my own home and being able to sit back and get work done is great. I prefer to take online classes.
CPCC is whatever you make of it, which is exactly what I was looking for. For me, it was a stepping stone between high school and a four-year college where I could get my confidence up and still learn from some of the best professors in Charlotte. For others, CPCC is where you can get your degree (Nursing, Dentistry, etc.) and live the good life while saving money! No matter what you're looking for, CPCC fosters excellence in its students and encourages you to be the very best you can be!
During COVID-19 CPCC reacted fast and was able to switch gears with ease to make sure that both their students and their faculty were safe. This dramatic and sudden change (while obviously needed) did create a learning curve for both students and the college staff. Though, in saying that, everything was done with grace and I found the online experience to be an enjoyable one despite the circumstances.
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