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I liked the amount of resources that the community college provides. I would like to see the amount of parking availability increase, I would also like to see better security in certain areas of the campus. Another thing that could be improved would be the certain people they have as teachers in certain departments, their teaching is not the greatest and there could definitely be some improvements. Overall, my experience with the community college was good and I would not hesitate to recommend people to apply for the college.
As a freshman I'm new to the College atmosphere, but I'm grateful because the variety of tools this Community College gives us, makes me wonder whether other universities have as many as mine does. With different campuses throughout the city, the transfer from our houses to class, or from class to work is made easier for us. As well as providing different ways to engage in the student body, they also offer ways of being more involved in the day-to-day social issues.
The environment of Central Piedmont Community College is balanced with caring teachers with an incentive to put their students on the road to success. Physically the college is a pleasant suburban area, quiet and enjoyable. The actual interior of the college is not confusing, though if a first-year will need some getting used to. Nothing a week won't handle. The classrooms are not too large with the seat count from anywhere in between 20-40 students, give or take, depending on the course. Overall the college is a pleasantry to be part of.
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Great staff, Helpful Resources, and wonderful atmosphere. If you want to get to a good transfer community college this is the place.
Central Piedmont Community college is good school. They kept you well informed, take education seriously and gives every opportunity to succeed. No changes necessary
It's a good school, however it's like no one cares about anyone no one cares if you have personal situations going on, so be prepared.
I like how the school is laid out and easy to go from one class to the other, faculty and staff are always there to help. students are really nice.
I like that the school has small class sizes and that that staff genuinely cares about student success. There are many opportunities to get involved such as clubs, organizations, honor societies, and work study programs. I also like that the college holds itself to a high scholarly regard with challenging students the same way any four year school would. I do wish that they had a better system for feedback on professors, as it has led to some situations where the teacher knew their subject very well, but could not properly communicate it to students at an introductory level. When this happens it is hard to know who to talk to about the situation in order to bring about change.
I have been taking dual credit classes with CPCC and it has been one of the best academic experiences of my life. With the program that I have been enrolled in, the Career and College Promise Program, I do not have to pay tuition, only class fees and textbook fees, and it has been an amazing money saver. I plan on transferring to a four-year college and taking these classes has helped me better prepare for the level of classes that I will be taking there and has also helped me save tons of money to put towards that university. It is super easy to apply, however, their communication gets a little iffy sometimes. With all that being said, I am so thankful for CPCC and the programs that they offer to high school students, college students, and even people just looking for a fun class throughout the year. Two thumbs up!
I love central piedmont community college! The teachers are nice and very helpful. I took online classes and the teachers responded very fast and they helped me out a lot if I had any questions. The campus is very beautiful and the book store will also help out if you have any questions looking for books.
Central Piedmont Community College is a developing and rapidly growing institute. I’ve had minimal problems with the registration process and classroom experience. I really like it because although it is a community college, they focus on educating individuals for the workplace and real world experiences. I would like for them to promote and encourage students into programs and club involvements .
This is an amazing college. I don't understand people who come here with the preconceive notion that community colleges are bad or not worth. I have had an amazing experience. The faculty is very knowledgeable and always there to help when you need (from my experience). It is normal that you find those professors that are just a shame, but you find those whether you go to a community college or to a good 4 year university. We do have some professors that happen to teach at UNCC, so it is not a matter of where they teach. Many people say that there are no opportunities. There are many opportunities for student to get involved here on campus, but it is up to the single individual to go out and make the most out of them! You are an adult, no one is going to coddle you or to force you to join clubs. I wold Recommend this college, Just come with an open mind, and make the best out of your experience.
Professors are very hands on. There are a lot of different resources that the school offers to help you with pretty much anything.
This school make it convenient for anybody to attend college because there are many different campus around Charlotte and there are also online classes. This school have great advisor to help keep you on track and also a great website for you to monitor the program you are taking for whatever reason. With the website you know what not to waste time or money on.
I am actually a middle college student that attends CPCC. This school is local and in my hometown. I attend the Central campus uptown which has such a warm and welcoming vibe. The professors genuinely care for their students and ensure the safety and preparedness for future courses in their curriculum. I truly appreciate the diversity of teaching styles, students, and course variety that is available at CPCC.
Central piedmont community college also known as CPCC, is the best community college in charlotte. Everybody is like family, from teachers to janitors everyone is very nice and make you feel like home. They make sure that reach you goals, and not only that, when you are in need they go above and beyond. They always have things going on in all of the campuses. If you like to be involve in the college life they have different options whithin all of the campuses.
It’s a great school! Good opportunity to network and also get the college experience. CPCC also offers different locations in the Charlotte to make it convenient for the students. I would recommend this school!
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some things that I really enjoy about this college is the small classrooms which gives you the opportunity to get extra help if you need it. I enjoy the café and the food on campus. I also enjoy how close other places are on campus
I would recommend CPCC to anyone looking to spend less on college while also learning and working toward their future career, whether they will finish that education at CPCC or need to transfer to a 4 year college afterward. This is due to the various programs of study offered and the small class sizes.
I am very impressed with Central Piedmont's Baking and Pastry Arts program which I am currently attending. The Chefs(instructors) are incredible and want their students to succeed. The only thing I would have changed at the start of the program there was some confusion on uniforms and books which would be an easy fix with better communication. Overall experience has been excellent!
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