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Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology Reviews

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CPI is a small, vocational school serving adults learners and rural high school students in the area. It's nestled among rolling hills in a bedroom community near the college town of State College, Pa. As a result, public transportation can run in excess of two hours to and from this isolated campus. Controlled entry -- albeit expected of a private college -- can seem excessive if visiting for the first time.
I love that all staff is understanding and address any type of questions, concerns in a professional, timely manner. The financial aid office is very knowledgeable wonderful in assisting the most efficient way personally for each individual.
Many of the students in our class were nervous taking online courses, however, we were given an online tutorial by Skype with the company we were taking the course from. Our teachers were also available and created times for students who needed help to come to the classroom for one-on-one time.
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This Institute does not have many facilities available for the students. There is no athletic center, campus activities, or student centers. We are given a nice classroom, lab rooms, and computer rooms. There is a small library available.
Most of my Pharmacology class was online and I liked it. I seemed to get better grades reading at home and teaching myself...
The school itself is pretty clean and well maintained. It does need a few cosmetic upgrades here and there but overall is a good structured building.
They need a bigger clinical room with more computers. The computerized Whiteboard does not always work properly so sometimes we do not get the powerpoints that we need to take notes on.
Our financial advisor is not as helpful as he should be. Very hard to get ahold of or get a call back from.
At CPI, the staff at the school are incredibly helpful in assisting you in finding a job, giving great recommendations, and if you want to continue on further, help with transferring. CPI has a reputation of having an amazing nursing program, and gets recommendations for their graduated nursing students.
The main reason why I chose CPI was because they offered the opportunity to get my LPN in 1 year. They have a wonderful nursing program where you have hands on experience, great staff to work with, teachers who are willing to help in any way, and they give you the chance to be responsible. At CPI, they accept people of all ages and backgrounds , and help you to receive the education you desire.
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