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Warm, welcoming community! Very helpful counselors to guide you through applying, and the acceptance routine!
I have yet to take any classes online but they seem to be very helpful when it comes to making sure you will not fail. They set you up for success at CPC!
The second I stepped foot on the Central Penn College I knew it was the school for me. Everything from the small class sizes, to the leadership opportunities, to being able to become student government president in just 6 months of being here. This college is amazing and one of the best schools anyone could attend.
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I visit there routinely with my family and it is a nice small college with small professor to student ratio. It looks like a great place to go to college.
Central Penn College is a very good college to get in and out with your intended degree. Sports are not very available here, nor are many clubs or activities. This is a very small based college, much like a community college. Suites are available and new to students. Campus is also very diverse.
I like the accelerated classes, it gives a more sense of timing. Also, the online classes are fairly easy for the most part. You have the same professor many times throughout the time there , this helps with learning.
So far in my experience they have been extremely helpful with starting my online class application and were outgoing about giving me information and just calling to check in.
I am a current student and I am very impressed with the quality of my education. The staff and faculty are very professional, caring and talented. The curriculum is changing my life and I am so fortunate to be able to apply much of what I'm learning to my current job. I highly recommend Central Penn College.
We went on the tour and love the way we was treated plus the benefits of free room for a whole year is a great perk.
If you're looking for a party school, this is not it. If you're looking for a focused, private, on the small side institution of higher learning, you have hit the nail on the head!
Central Penn is the perfect pick for me.
It's super small but it has a beautiful campus and great people. You make personal relationships with the professors and staff. It's easy to meet people, make friends, and the internships are great. I'm a commuter but the food is pretty good and the dorms are spacious. The clubs and activities are lots of fun!
I am currently in my second year at Central Penn. I am majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Care. I work full time and am a full time online student. I have been completely satisfied with the administration, professors, and classmates as all encourage success. The online program is convenient and easy to navigate.
I am a new student, who will be starting this semester in Criminal Justice. My counselor guided me through all the needed information, financial aid, ordering of needed books and guided me to my classroom.
I like how the class sizes at Central Penn College are fairly small. There aren't really any large lecture halls. This enables the students to have a better relationship with each professor. I think that Central Penn College could improve on its club sports offerings as they are pretty slim. Overall, Central Penn College offers a great learning experience.
The overall experience at Central Penn Business School has been an educational growth. I'm half way into my second term and professors, academic experience has grown forward.
They have a team of excellent and well -equipped professors.

What i would like to see a change in,is their food services.
I spent 2 years looking for the perfect college. time after time I went online and everything I found was way to large, too many parties or just not what I was looking for. My major as an occupational therapy assistant narrowed down my search and I ended up finding Central Penn College. I went for a visit and knew it was everything I was looking for it was small, a close knit community, no parties and so much student life! Central Penn was the only college that I applied to which was very risky but I got in!! With the program and the scheduling at Central Penn I will be able to finish in 1.5 years and get right into the work field. I`m so glad to say that I go to Central Penn College! The one thing that frustrates me at the moment is the schedule and the fact that I have to go to school over the summer but when I am working and everyone I graduated with still has 2 years if college it will all pay off!
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I love how helpful everyone is at this college from advisors to professors to financial aid. I was always so worried about going to college due to not knowing if anyone was going to help me or if i was gonna be lost and on my own. Well I'm glad I took a chance with central Penn it was the best decision I made because the whole school is there every step of the way.
I went to OTA visit day and loved the atmosphere. Everyone was warm and welcoming. I look forward to starting a new career path and continuing my education.
Central penn is great. I feel like I'm getting a quality education, and it is making me inspired, and motivated to continue. I am getting plenty of feedback and support from my professors, advisor, and other students. A great school to go to!
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