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Central Oregon Community College has great faculty! The campus is very beautiful, and professors make an effort to know your name.
This is a good starter school. All the professors, faculty staff, financial aid, admissions are all very nice and super helpful. However, I feel you don't have to try hard at all to receive good grades. Not a very diverse school. Mainly white students. The area around the school is beautiful. Many outdoor activities around. Overall, campus is big and very beautiful and everyone is super friendly.
I like how the ad visors their really work well with you on getting your degree on time. The classes here are a lot of fun also and very educational all at the same time.
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I had a great experience at COCC thanks to some amazing teachers and the fact that it's in the beautiful town of Bend. I still go back and take classes when I can!
Central Oregon Community College has been a pleasure to attend. I love the small classrooms sizes, the one on one teacher time, and the many resources for studying or tutoring. I have made a lot of positive relationships through this school. I have also been able to take a diversified set of classes that have helped learn in ways I never thought I could.
Great community college, I had an excellent experience as a part time student. I would greatly recommend the music program.
I love how everyone is so welcoming at the campus. The teachers make time for you and help you through things. I would like to see some more programs being offered.
I've spent a lot of time my first term exploring my options and have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of classes I was able to take. I have had a pretty light workload, aside from math classes.
Some professors are good and some are not so good, but for the most part its a great school. The school offers lots of resources that can help you if you end up with a not so good professor. The location is wonderful.
I learned a lot from the professors here, who are educated and passionate about what they do. The workload is doable for any committed student and the facilities are all beautiful.
My favorite thing about this school is that during finals and midterms there is always complementary coffee and food, usually breakfast (fruits, muffins, energy bars, water) to help fuel you and your mind while testing.
Class times are very flexible; class times range from early in the morning to late in the evening during all terms, including summer.
Online courses, like any, require more self motivation and timeliness The workload appears to be greater because there is no in class time, but adds up to be the same as an actual in class situiation.
The career center is full of information on different careers and there is always someone there to help you out with job prospects and alumni networking.
Class sizes are smaller for the most part, which is great because it allows for more one on one time with a professor if help is ever needed, and gives a sense of belonging because you get to know you other peers (who can also become lifetime friends, or contacts for future opportunity).
The degree program at this educational institution is great; there is a wide selection of topics and time slots to fit my schedule to be able to graduate in a timely manner.
This school has some of the best educators in my opinion; the English teacher I had improved my writing greatly over the course of a year. Similarly, the calculus teacher know exactly what he's doing and how to help the students get to here they need to be.
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Ridgeview is an engaging and positive environment overall. They take pride in always keeping the school 'classy', meaning we don't stoop to the levels other schools are at when there are sports, competitions, etc.
There are multiple classes held on different days and different times. It's really nice
I like how the classes are sized. It's really nice to be in. Smaller classes.
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