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It's a great college that really pushes you to succeed. They have many different programs and transfer options that can help you become successful in any chosen career.
COCC has policies that don’t align with their own core values . They say they want students to reach their full potential yet can’t provide help for them to improve.
I liked how much their willing to work with people of all age ranges. Theirs a vast range of people at the college all planning to go into different careers.
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I am new to COCC. So far, I like think the people are friendly. One thing that I would like to see a Dental Hygienist program offered here :)
It was an excellent decision for me to begin my first two years of college at COCC. It's a small intimate campus with affordable tuition, excellent involvement opportunities, knowledgeable and attentive professors, and fantastic on campus living.
I have not started college yet, but i have taken classes from there and i really liked how everything was set up and how everyone was so nice and helpful.
COCC is pretty great! There are some truly amazing teachers, some pretty unique classes, and you can't beat the view of the Cascade Mountain Range. However, the parking situation is not great, and in the winter it gets even worse.
I am starting my second year after taking a 5-year leave of absence from COCC and it was been great to be back. I really love the school the teachers are great and the resources they provide for you very nice. So far since being back i have been given a lot of encouragement and support to continue my education and i can honestly say i am excited for my educational career.
I like the amount of degree and transfer options as well as the program set up to transfer students from COCC to OSU. The program has had its hiccups but I'm going into my fourth year at COCC and am finally well set up to transfer. The student safety and accessibility for handicap and able students to get around the campus could both use vast improvement. The campus is all either uphill or downhill and especially in the colder weather (through most of the school year) it is not maintained properly yet they still open the school and expect students to attend.
It is an amazing community college located in a beautiful city. The academics are amazing and you have an opportunity to transfer directly to Oregon State University Cascades Campus. You can float the river between classes in summer, or hit the slopes in the winter. Plenty of good local coffee shops to study at and the most micro-breweries per capita in America! It is a great affordable alternative to University for your prerequisites. I'm attending their Nursing School and getting my RN. The professors are great, the campus food is pretty solid. The food options include vegan options which are super yummy!
This college has a lot more time to spend on its students than other Universities, especially the financial aid department. They answer your emails super quick. The biggest problems I've come across are specific instructors.
The staff and students are very friendly. Each professor that I've had was prompt, organized, and influential. There are many resources for assistance in classes.
This a great college to figure out what you plan to do and to get all of you undergrad courses completed for less money than a university.
It's a wonderful school, they are very helpful and make you feel accepted. the education is wonderful and the very informative
Of course there are many problem professors, but that is easily avoidable. For the most part this is a wonderful campus with many people that care. There are obvious favors of different departments, and departments could stand to communicate when scheduling, but other than that, wonderful.
Good school, with good professors and student life. They have many classes and many programs for everyone, they make it very very easy to transfer to other schools. There are many clubs and sports to get involved in as well. The cafeteria food and the housing is okay. I think that theres a lot to do around campus if you like the outdoors and snow.
I love Central Oregon Community College because the teachers are great and the classmates are down to earth and friendly. I have made a few really good friends because the average age of a student here is above the age of 30. I like this about this college because the classes are geared that way. They are challenging but still have a small college feel. The college also has a lot of school events and activities to peak all interests. There are diversity events such as MLK Day guest speaker a Food and farm fair happening this weekend.
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I have been taking classes at COCC since I was in high school. I have really enjoyed getting to know some professors. This community college has a welcoming and helpful staff. I love that they have free tutoring if you need it. I can't think of anything I would change. My experience has been a good one.
For a community college, COCC is excellent. Most of the professors are amazing and a few terrible ones, as to be expected. Overall, the entire staff is incredibly invested in their students and truly want you to be successful. Beautiful campus, great location, just be prepared for stairs. Parking is said to be awful but i have never had an issue.
Central Oregon Community College is home to a lovely campus and a nice atmosphere, although it should be noted that the winter weather can make it especially difficult to travel there since the campus building is located on a steep hill. Most of the professors here are willing to work with students to help them achieve their goals, although there have been instances where it's felt as though the professor has no interest in seeing their students succeed, which can be incredibly discouraging. I live off-campus and thus have no experience with the dorms. Their cafeteria is about average in quality. The website is poorly designed and hasn't been properly updated in some time, making it extremely difficult and frustrating to find information.
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