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Academically i am able to choose a variety of concentrations, and it seems like there is a great staff helping you figure out what your future has in store for you. The campus has an option for in student housing, if you decide to stay there. The community has a variety of student activities that can help you with what seems like everything to make your academic journey easy. You are in the area of Bend, which is a beautiful scenic city where you are surrounded by nature everywhere, and if you are in the city you have a wide variety of entertainment, which is what makes the college experience even better.
I took a four year break from college because I was unable to manage my time properly the first time. At the time, the University I attend was still developing its student success center. COCC has professors who care, and they structure it in a way that taught me the skills that I should have learned the first time.
Despite being a community college, a lot of great opportunities were provided. The professors were willing to make a connection with you and help in any way they could.
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The area that the college is surrounded by is beautiful! You’ll be sitting in class and deer will come up to the windows. Not only the sensory makes it enjoyable but also the teachers they all do a fantastic job getting you involved in the learning experience!
Central Oregon Community College is more than what I have expected. It really is a community friendly people and in my opinion has a great Automotive program.
Central Oregon Community College (COCC) is located in beautiful Bend Oregon so that is a huge plus. The campus is beautiful and well cared for. The variety of classes offer is awesome. The library is amazing. COCC also offers free tutoring to students. We just had a brand new science building built and it features study rooms with a view that cannot be beat. I have had nothing but good experiences with the staff and students of COCC. It is a very friendly environment and it is a smaller school so it feels more personal. The only downside is the parking. COCC is on a hill and the parking lots zig zag up the hill and that makes for a long walk and during the winter a very long and slippery walk. We could defiantly do with more parking but they really have no place to put it.
This community college is made up of four campuses in different locations within Central Oregon. The smaller campuses have a less variety of classes and activities than the main campus, which is in Bend. Overall, it is a great college to get your prerequisites out of the way. It offers two different transfer degree programs, but they only apply to certain Oregon four-year universities. My main issue is parking, especially at the bigger campus. I'd recommend carpooling, using public transportation, or arriving early.
Central Oregon is beautifl, the campus is friendly. The instructors are amazing they make going to school extra fun. They work well with students, and work well with students outside life.
It great community college, small class sizes. Teachers are very helpful. I enjoy the smaller campuses in Redmond and Madras. Bend campus has lots of stairs!
I love being a student at COCC! Aside from the variety of vocational programs they offer two different AA degrees. The counselors are super knowledgeable and make sure they do everything they can to get you the classes you need for your major and they are there for you on a personal level. Every employee cares about your success in school and it really makes it an easy place to go to every day to learn and progress in life. The administration departments are always helpful and give you access to tons of resources. I would not choose another place to complete my medical assisting certificate. I feel like I have all of the support behind me and I am able get help financially from school and that is amazing because they are helping me live my dream!!!
Central Oregon Community College is a great option for students who don't have the money for a university but are looking for more of a university feeling. The on campus living really makes it feel more like home. The professors are always open to help and really want you to succeed .
It's a great college that really pushes you to succeed. They have many different programs and transfer options that can help you become successful in any chosen career.
COCC has policies that don’t align with their own core values . They say they want students to reach their full potential yet can’t provide help for them to improve.
I liked how much their willing to work with people of all age ranges. Theirs a vast range of people at the college all planning to go into different careers.
I am new to COCC. So far, I like think the people are friendly. One thing that I would like to see a Dental Hygienist program offered here :)
It was an excellent decision for me to begin my first two years of college at COCC. It's a small intimate campus with affordable tuition, excellent involvement opportunities, knowledgeable and attentive professors, and fantastic on campus living.
I have not started college yet, but i have taken classes from there and i really liked how everything was set up and how everyone was so nice and helpful.
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COCC is pretty great! There are some truly amazing teachers, some pretty unique classes, and you can't beat the view of the Cascade Mountain Range. However, the parking situation is not great, and in the winter it gets even worse.
I am starting my second year after taking a 5-year leave of absence from COCC and it was been great to be back. I really love the school the teachers are great and the resources they provide for you very nice. So far since being back i have been given a lot of encouragement and support to continue my education and i can honestly say i am excited for my educational career.
I like the amount of degree and transfer options as well as the program set up to transfer students from COCC to OSU. The program has had its hiccups but I'm going into my fourth year at COCC and am finally well set up to transfer. The student safety and accessibility for handicap and able students to get around the campus could both use vast improvement. The campus is all either uphill or downhill and especially in the colder weather (through most of the school year) it is not maintained properly yet they still open the school and expect students to attend.
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