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Great school with lots of diversity for a community college. Had a great experiences in each class and most instructors care about their students passing their class and tend to push students towards success.
I love this school! The instructors are very willing to help with homework questions when asked and most of them are very quick to replying to email questions. There are tutors for just about every subject with hours available and all the tutoring is free through tuition. I have learned so much going here that I am able to retain, not just memorize facts, since they do a lot of hands on learning activities. I feel I have gotten a wonderful education here and highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn. The campus is nice and has picnic tables in various locations which is nice to have lunch at and get fresh air between classes.
It feels like I’m just another number and not a student. The bookstore staff is rude and very unhelpful. Paula Simone and Ann Marie Sargent are hands down the best year here at this school!
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The professors are invested in my education. The resources available including tutoring and writing lab are invaluable.
First of, if you don't like stairs don't consider COCC. There is so so many it's ridiculous. However besides the insane amount of distance and stairs, COCC is a great community college. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond to help you and guide you through school.
COCC was a great college to go to and i enjoyed the classes. The campus wasnt my favorite but I lived off campus so I didnt experience the food, dorms etc.
Great school and a great location. Staff/instructors are for the most part really helpful and knowledgeable. You can also transfer to OSU Cascades if you want to.
COCC offers great teachers, small class sizes, affordable tuition, scholarships help, and free tutoring for students.
Love that the class sizes are small enough where you can interact with the professors and not have to yell through an auditorium! Most of the professors I've had are very committed to help you learn, that has been one of the best parts about coming back to school after a long break!
First of all, Bend is a beautiful town with lots of opportunities for recreation. Because Bend is such a great place to live, it attracts a lot of well-qualified individuals. It is these individuals that make COCC such a great place to learn. The professors are all competent, intelligent, kind, friendly, and enthusiastic. Their classes challenged but did not frustrate. They did not hesitate in answering my questions or providing the help I needed. The same goes for the rest of the COCC faculty, such as my academic advisor. This not only makes for a comfortable learning environment, but also an academically sound one. COCC may be a community college, but it has everything a student could need--and because it's a community college, the tuition is far, far less money than anything at a university. In short, my experiences there have been completely positive, and I will always recommend it.
I like the Bend location, many of the teachers, and the outdoorsy environment. I would love to see some updated buildings.
Central Oregon Community College was an excellent way to get my associates degree quickly, and was affordable for me. I would recommend anyone to start at this Community College because of all the great mentors, and teachers it provided me with.
Central Oregon Community College has great faculty! The campus is very beautiful, and professors make an effort to know your name.
This is a good starter school. All the professors, faculty staff, financial aid, admissions are all very nice and super helpful. However, I feel you don't have to try hard at all to receive good grades. Not a very diverse school. Mainly white students. The area around the school is beautiful. Many outdoor activities around. Overall, campus is big and very beautiful and everyone is super friendly.
I like how the ad visors their really work well with you on getting your degree on time. The classes here are a lot of fun also and very educational all at the same time.
I had a great experience at COCC thanks to some amazing teachers and the fact that it's in the beautiful town of Bend. I still go back and take classes when I can!
Central Oregon Community College has been a pleasure to attend. I love the small classrooms sizes, the one on one teacher time, and the many resources for studying or tutoring. I have made a lot of positive relationships through this school. I have also been able to take a diversified set of classes that have helped learn in ways I never thought I could.
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Great community college, I had an excellent experience as a part time student. I would greatly recommend the music program.
I love how everyone is so welcoming at the campus. The teachers make time for you and help you through things. I would like to see some more programs being offered.
I've spent a lot of time my first term exploring my options and have been pleasantly surprised with the variety of classes I was able to take. I have had a pretty light workload, aside from math classes.
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