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The professor's at Central Oregon Community college are very friendly. They reply back to their emails pretty quickly, and they made me feel that I was listened to when asking questions. They also made sure that I understood what their answer was to any question I would ask. Also, the staff at Central Oregon Community College is very nice. Whenever I had to ask the office staff any questions, they were always willing to go above and beyond to get something done. I felt that my education from Central Oregon Community College is phenomenal and I would recommend coming to this community college.
When Covid first hit, the professor's at Central Oregon Community College had to change how they taught things. It was pretty difficult for all of us (students and professor's) at first, to get the hang of things. However, now it seems that online learning is much easier to navigate. I also loved that some of the professor's would record their Zoom sessions, so if you couldn't make it to class or had Wi-Fi issues, then you could come back to watch class later. It's also fun being in class when it's online.
The college professors are so dedicated to teaching their students (especially during the pandemic).
I wish that there was a little more communication with students and their advisors. But other than that I am really liking COCC! I would definitely recommend going here because it is relatively inexpensive compared to four year universities and you are taking the same courses you would anywhere else.
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I have taken online classes while being at COCC. I wouldn't have normally taken these classes but I needed to because the campus was closed due to the pandemic.
I learn better in social environments so taking online classes has been rough, but the professors are really kind and understanding when you communicate what is going on. 8/10 times (I'm my experience) professors will 100% help you if you're falling behind because they understand how hard the past year had been for everyone.
Each class is different and being a student you need to decide if you can learn the material not being in a "classroom" setting and if you can, then there is no harm in taking a majority of your classes online because then your schedule can be extremely flexible.
Given the pandemic, I've taken the majority of my classes online. COCC uses BlackBoard. For the most part, it goes without issues. However, it can get a bit dull. Most professors will post both videos and PowerPoints. However, the videos are just of the professors reading word for word what they put in the PowerPoints. Overall, my experience with this is average.
It is okay for a community college. Some of the fees I think are ridiculous, like charging students a fee for taking online courses when they are mostly offering only online courses during the pandemic. The quality of the classes is pretty good, though.
Central Oregon Community College is a good way to jump back into school. Their counselors help break down your education pathway in a way anyone can understand and follow.
The online learning was easy to navigate and be successful in. Teachers held zoom meetings to ask questions and to receive any feedback to improve your experience once a week.
It was great for my first time doing some online classes, even though online is not for me. The teachers and other students were very helpful and thoughtful in helping me when I needed it.
The beautiful campus of COCC is very welcoming. The professors and students are very nice and helpful. There is not a lot to do outside of the classroom unless you are involved or enjoy sports.
I plan on taking all my classes online so I can also work. However, classes have not started yet to be able to tell you my experience and how well its working for me.
This is my first time attending this college but they've been so helpful throughout this process of transferring me over. They provide lots of help and resources if needed or preferred. Campus is gorgeous, very green in Oregon.
I did not take any online classes but navigating all of there online resources was very easy and applying them to my learning helped me a lot.
My favorite thing about cocc was the teachers every one of them helped me to achieve my goals and if I ever needed help they were there to give the help I need. They wanted me to succeed and did everything the could to help me do so.
Trust me you'll love the dorms and the placement of the campus. While it does look like it in the middle of nowhere and lots of hill, you'll surely get a work out. Very close community and you're treated as a person rather than a number.
Covid caused a little trouble but nevertheless we persisted. Professor make sure they are accessible and there are lots of online resources to aid students.
I enjoy COCC very much the teachers and courses are great and the class sizes are perfect. There are alot of events and clubs aswell.
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The courses were well organized and easy to follow. Instructors were available and willing to help with any issues.
Central Oregon offered a beautiful campus experience as well as staff that were willing to work with anyone over any issue! With so many classes to choose from, you can get credits for hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and so much more! Both summer and winter could be experience in the outdoors while earning credits from the collage!
Online classes are geared for someone with a busy work schedule. A lot of online classes are easy and the teachers know how to communicate without being face to face all the time which makes it easier on students.
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