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I love Central Oregon Community College. Located in Bend, Oregon, students are never missing beautiful views, exciting wildlife, and awesome teachers. Teachers are attentive and focused on student success.
My experience at COCC has been amazing. The campus is clean, safe and beautiful. The classes are small so you can really get into your studies and get to know your professors. If you don't know what you want to pursue in your career or life, COCC is a great place to explore your options.
this campus is very diverse and the student body is very open to new comers and inviting.When visiting everyone was very energetic and inviting and happy looking, there was a lot of flyers and clubs i saw. The food was amazing and tasted like restaurant quality.
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This is a great college in the lovely area of Central Oregon. Professors are some of the best of the best. Some of Central Oregon Community College Professors have retired from their career and come to Central Oregon to partake in the beautiful scenery and amazing mountain skiing. I highly recommend anyone wanting to appertain their associates or any certificates to apply to Central Oregon Community College.
I like how Central Oregon community college helps people provide access to a bunch of academic resources like computers, rent books, and have one on one support with teachers. What I hope to see changed is the cost of some textbooks and access to renting online ebooks because everything is going digital but still hard to find for good price.
If I could give this school a lower rating I would. Disregarding my FAFSA, it took them THREE whole months to reach back to me and tell me that I submitted the wrong paper work (two whole weeks before Fall Term was about to start, even though I submitted the paperwork to them at the end of May). And because I didn't have the correct paperwork, COCC withheld my Oregon Promise which I was already granted from the Oregon Promise Grant itself. Now not only that, they signed me up for a class (that I had already taken and passed with an A) and charged me for it. And then somehow lost the credits from the original class that I passed with an A. This school has been nothing but frustrating, a disappointment and a complete waste of money. I would go to any other school if I could do it all over again.
C.O.C.C. is an amazing College to attend! All of my classes were extremely informative, I was able to see a large amount of diverse ideas and opinions, the campus was always clean and neat, my professors are some of the most helpful people i know, the local area is amazing with great places to eat as well!
Very small campus, high competitiveness. Security guards have bad history. No sports team, very focused on learning and earning a degree
The campus is great and I love the area. So far the staff has all been wonderful to work with and are very helpful not matter the need at the time. I am looking forward to getting to know all of the campus better and exploring the city. If you are considering attending, I would highly recommend spending some time on campus, taking a tour, talking with the admissions staff and current or former students.
I like the community and how nice everyone is.
I feel like the teaching is all powerpoint based and I would like more hands on learning.
Although this college is a community college it is quite large with 5 campuses around central Oregon. They are very helpful when it comes to applying and getting ready for your freshman year. There are many programs to chose from especially in the medical field.
A great way to go through your first two years of school while living in one of the best towns in oregon
I am having a great experience at Central Oregon Community College. I am returning to school as an adult rebuilding my life, the instructors really know about the field they are in, and have a passion for teaching. Which makes it less intimidating. They really help you with your career goals, and help you with your plan even starting from scratch. I am more confident in myself then I have ever been thanks to their help, and I've just begun.
As a freshman starting a new school it can feel overwhelming and nerve-racking, but COCC does everything to make sure you feel comfortable.
I love how every class feels welcoming. Theres not one time that I felt intimidated. The professors are awesome and the other students are too. It has been a great experience to go to COCC. I loved that I didn’t have to travel far, I live super close-by. The campuses are in good condition, they are always clean and tidy. The only thing is that since it’s in a seldom lonely place of Bend, It can feel weird going at night. Thats the only thing because I once had a class in the evening and It was a bit scary going at night on my own. There aren't that many security around all the time.
Academically i am able to choose a variety of concentrations, and it seems like there is a great staff helping you figure out what your future has in store for you. The campus has an option for in student housing, if you decide to stay there. The community has a variety of student activities that can help you with what seems like everything to make your academic journey easy. You are in the area of Bend, which is a beautiful scenic city where you are surrounded by nature everywhere, and if you are in the city you have a wide variety of entertainment, which is what makes the college experience even better.
I took a four year break from college because I was unable to manage my time properly the first time. At the time, the University I attend was still developing its student success center. COCC has professors who care, and they structure it in a way that taught me the skills that I should have learned the first time.
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Despite being a community college, a lot of great opportunities were provided. The professors were willing to make a connection with you and help in any way they could.
The area that the college is surrounded by is beautiful! You’ll be sitting in class and deer will come up to the windows. Not only the sensory makes it enjoyable but also the teachers they all do a fantastic job getting you involved in the learning experience!
Central Oregon Community College is more than what I have expected. It really is a community friendly people and in my opinion has a great Automotive program.
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