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I loved that I will have a small class and have the ability to have some hands on learning. I feel I learn best when I can feel and touch my project.
The faculty and staff have been more than accommodating for me and other students. It is a very welcoming environment with quality education.
the school program was easy however the teachers didnt make sure it was easy to get work done with other students.
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Job outlook on the field is good.
Everyone at the school is very friendly. I felt so welcomed.
I like it because the classroom sizes are semi small.
It's the best beauty school in Oklahoma.
The admissions person that helped me was fabulous and made me feel excited and accepted. She was on top of giving me information and keeping me ready for each step of enrollment. She was great!! My instructor is wonderful at working with all of our schedules outside of the class room. The campus is small so very easy with parking ect.
I have enjoyed the students and instructors and have had alot of fun learning some of the skills . However, as I have stated already the curriculum needs to get with the times. The tools we are given also need to be of better quality. Everything just seems a low quality.
My school is extremely diverse. There is every type of back ground. I would say that it leans heavier towards lower income students and caucasions are the minority. Sexual orientation is wide open as well. I feel that ANYBODY of any race, sexual, religious background and or belief would feel accepted.
Instructors really lock on to you and your future as well as persoanl growth.
The information in the course book is very good. I will look back at this book for years to come. Once again there are procedures we are not exposed to learning and that is unfortunate. However, our instructor is great at bringing in great speakers for extra information the school doesn't provide.
In the program I am pursuing there are so many oppourtunities. There is a broad spectrum of knowledge to choose from. At CSBA I have a top notch instructor!! However, I'm not sure that the curriculum provides enough of the CURRENT procedures that I need to master to lucrative in my field. Apon graduation I want an employer to really want me because they know I've been trained properly and have the certifications to perform all services offered. The facility is older, and products we use are of pour quality. The instructors are what make this school one worth attending. Work load is good. I have things I need to study and practice every day, but if I don't have time one day I'm not going to fail anything. There are several big projects to complete through the course. I'm a full time employee at my job so of course I feel very busy with the curriculum as well as my job.
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