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I love the teacher interaction with the students. The teachers are very willing to help you succeed and graduate. This college has many very helpful resources for all students in different areas. I am very thankful to be at a school that wants every student to pass and succeed.
I decided to return to COTC in 2012 to get my associates in Human Services . I was 47 years old - with health problems. But I knew I had to do more with my life! I studied hard, I was determined to graduate with good grades. I graduated 2014, Phi Thata kappa - with a 3.7 gpa. After much discussion with my husband , I decided I wanted to come back to school and get my RN. My father passed away in 2016 , of stage 4 colon cancer, progression to liver and lungs. I held his hands last week of his life! At that point, I was angry when he passed away! But on the Anniversary of his passing 5/10/17 . I decided I needed to go back and get my RN. License, why ? Because everyone needs their hands held during the last days! Everyone needs someone to care, and be there! I am that person. My compassion and love for people- rewards me . Patients smiles is the best feeling in the world .
The beginning part of my degree was great but after we lost our head of IT things seemed to quickly go bad as they were unprepared for this
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the people here are really nice and want to see you make it and are helpful. it seems like a lot at first but they are willing to work with you and willing to answer any questions that may come about. this is my first year here and I'm excited to see how the teaching style is with the teachers.
Friendly environment and tight knit community. Programs are good. Would like to see more organization but not bad as is.
I would like Pataskala location had more to offer. You use to have it that you can sign up for tutoring before the class started but this semester it was like that. I love Cotc. and I would recommend this school to anyone.
Love the atmosphere, and friendly staff. Everyone is here to help you. Campus is absolutely beautiful!
I like the atmosphere of COTC. Most classes that I have been involved in are small enough to actively engage an instructor in your learning process. Like most Technical colleges you may find transferring credits outside of the small percentage of local colleges that COTC has agreements with might be difficult. Research this before committing to a COTC program, it may not fit well.
This college is more expensive than other community colleges. The nursing clinical sites are far away from the Columbus area and are a lower ranked hospitals than other community colleges. They do offer numerous enrollment deadlines which is nice and they also have partnerships with several four year institutes which is convenient.
This is my 4th semester with COTC as a CCP student (I'm a high schooler taking college classes). Some things I like about the college are:
- It's small; takes about 8 minutes to walk from one side to the other.
- It has a library, a rec center and gym, a cafe, counselors, tutors, and free-to-use piano/computer labs.
- The campus is kept up well and easy to navigate.
- The potential graduate salary average is high.
- They have a fair amount of online classes.
Some things I don't like:
- You never know what kind of instructor you will get. Chill, strict, young, old, mean, nice, approachable, unapproachable, etc, and they all have different ways of running their class. They also hire a lot of foreign instructors, some of which are quite hard to understand.
- Few opportunities for athletes.
- Student services is very slow. Unless you personally schedule a meeting with your advisor to ask a question, don't expect them to "get back to you" until at least a week later.
The professors were all very nice and easy to work with but I feel as if the classes did not prepare me for my field.
Central Ohio Technical College is a great school with awesome professors and administrators who help every step of the way!
I like how my teachers are currently in the field in which they teach. I am in the Digital Media Design Program. My photography teacher is currently a professional photographer who does weddings and senior pictures. My web teacher is a programmer who does websites for companies. My typography teacher used to work at a print shop. My design teacher led a group who did a project.
My online nutrition instructor was unable to answer some questions and required time (usually too long to be of benefit) to look up answers.
No problems at all transferring credit.
Class sizes are good, but there's room for improvement with some of the professors.
For my first semester, the general advisors didn't suggest I take a certain class that was a prerequisite for my nursing program, thus delaying my application for a semester. I felt frustrated.
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The nursing instructors I've experience so far are stellar!
While most of my instructors at COTC have been good, there are some problems. My A&P I instructor lived to make everything as difficult as possible for students. My microbiology instructor's undergrad degree is in philosophy and her graduate degree is in ecology. She's breathtakingly boring and probably not the best choice to teach microbiology.
They have great flexible hours and I have not had any hassles or frustrations except learning algebra.
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