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Very nice engineering programs and adding more programs every semester it seems. The campus is also very beautiful and the Newark/Heath area is very nice.
The staff and students at Central Ohio Technical College are very dedicated to what they're doing. The campus is a friendly environment along with everyone in it. The admission counselors are very helpful with answering questions and getting first-time students set up
COTC has been great. The classes are roughly 15-30 people, for the IT degree, which allows me to connect with the professor and really get to know my peers. The campus itself is great with being in between Newark, Granville, and Heath. It has many resources such as: A Math Center, A Writing Center, Tutoring Services, Disabilities Center, etc. COTC overall for the price is a great deal.
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I love the campus very small and easy to find things. I love the small community that it has. The only thing I would change is have more dorms to live in.
It’s my second year in COTC, it really lacks opportunities to mingle with others, student life is really dry, there isn’t that much travel abroad chance, classes may only contain less than 30 students
Very open minded teachers, a beautiful campus and friendly, helpful students within the area. Everyone has helped make this a wonderful impact on my education and life within the Newark area. Classes were designed nicely to help prepare students for going into work directly after getting their degree.
Central Ohio Technical College (COTC) has a lot to offer without the typical university feel. I love to see the school constantly updating the campus buildings and showing the money the students pay is going to the buildings and grounds to keep it updated with nice surroundings. The professors have always been patient and willing to help with any questions. I've truly had a wonderful experience at COTC.
Central Ohio Technical College is an amazing school, with amazing teachers!! It was easy to apply. Everyone here wants you to succeed, and they will do their best to help in anyway that they can. I never thought college was an option for me. I thought it would be to hard to go back to school after so long, but if you are willing to put in the hard work it really does pay off.
COTC has a ton of great professors and programs, but advising is often shotty at best and it often feels like no one is really trying to help the student in question. Professors are hit or miss most of the time, with some of them being the best educators I have ever met and some that feel it is appropriate to leave the room for 30 minutes at a time.
COTC is a very nice college but parking is sometimes a struggle. Always get to school at least 5 or 10 minutes before class to walk to your class.
The college offers classes to high school students that are free! It is great to take advantage of the opportunity! The college is great if yo want to go to school but not for a ong time.
I love COTC. I truly feel like it is a fun, diverse, and encouraging campus where students can feel safe and be themselves!
I had great experience in college, teachers were nice. I wish they would offer more online classes for the engineering department. Campus was always clean, side walks cleared in the winter time.
I’m still currently enrolled, took some time off to have my daughter. The school is wonderful with being patient while I pay off some debt to go back in the winter semester! The teachers and staff are wonderful, always willing to help and watch you succeed! Always will recommend this school.
I find COTC to be a good college. It is not a huge college so the classes are fairly small but the professors are able to pay more attention to you individually.
I have been attending Central Ohio Technical College since August of 2017, and I think it is a great school. There are many resources that are open for the students. Also, everyone is different and following their own dreams; furthermore, everyone is respectful of one another. The instructors and faculty care about their students and want them to succeed in their dreams. I am majoring in nursing, and I am going to be beginning my nursing classes this summer. I am excited yet nervous, but I know I can succeed with the help of my instructors and teamwork from my class mates. I highly recommend this college to anyone looking to achieve in their academic studies.
Central Ohio Technical College is a wonderful school that is very diverse and always willing to help in any way they can when a student needs it. They are willing to work with you no matter what type of issue you may have. It is also very conveniently located for all of the surrounding cities.
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I have really enjoyed my time so far at COTC. I started Spring of 2017. I am studying to get a associates degree in Applied Science for Human Services. I love how you are able to chose to take classes online or in class. That really helps being able to take more classes at a time. This is my second time around with college. I am 50 years old. I also like how it is such a diversity college with young and older students. I also enjoy my professors. They are all very professional and helpful and are they when ever you need them.
I really enjoy central Ohio Tech college because of the diversity and the education is very high quality. I really think students enjoy the campus life because it has a great atmosphere and clean environment, love the people and the teachers too.
COTC is fairly well priced, be wary of whether the degree you seek is useful. Some degrees are outdated or too vague to be effective in real life. COTC regularly gets top marks for medical and public safety degrees thou some of the sideline degrees in these departments need to be updated or cancelled. As with anything in life do your homework. Campus is remote, driving is a must, parking is free but not plentiful. Be prepared to not park near class, no point on campus is more than half a mile from anywhere else walking.
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