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IT CLOSED RIGHT AFTER I GRADUATED! A then $28,000 student loan is now $80,000 for NOTHING!!! They won't return a phone call or email. 2 years of college to get off the street and I am back on the street and now worse off than I was when I accrued this debt. I have to at least make 6 months of payments so I can get out of deferred status so I can get financial aide and get another student loan to then go through the nursing program again?! Never trust Greeks or South Koreans bearing gifts or financial aide.
Teachers are very knowledgable and experienced it is possible to learn a lot from them
Good curriculum prepares you for state exam
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So far experience is ok classmates are enjoyable some staff are enjoyable as well
Financial aid is smooth questions will be answered
Not many resources here student has to do a lot of research on their own
Not many resources here just basic.
Not really much that sets it apart from other schools
So far all my questions have been met by my recuter Martin he is the best..thanx a mill
Have not started the program yet
Did not do online classes
Not sure I dnt start until the 6th of Jan
Only school with the program I want & it'll only take me 12 months
Very small they have a suite on the 8th floor it's clean
There is no student body @ this school the school is very small so is the class size that's what I love about this school so much
So far so good it's very high to attend this school but it's the only school I found that was fulltime & only 12 months
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