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The campus is nice, people are friendly, instruction is good. I'd like to see more food options on campus and the safety of campus could be better.
I like the option to go to multiple campuses. Main campus is very crowded and the others are a nice alternative. Albuquerque is a small city so it doesn't take long to get to one campus to the next. I've had very good experiences with all of my professors. As long as you do your work they are very flexible and understanding of the fact that I also work full time. The buildings are very clean and newly renovated and they are doing a lot of expansion and offering new programs.
I personally like the staff at the campus. I also think is very helpful that it’s not as expensive as other colleges nd also because when pregnant I would get help and everyone was considerate
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CNM is a very cheap college it is very well known for that. One thing I would like is that they upgrade more of the buildings.
helpful people and professors want to be there for the students, easy online navigation through there websites and online learning tools, easy to navigate campuses and many campuses to choose from
Do not expect a proper education from this disgraceful excuse of an educational institution. Look at what grade they consider passing. The deans of chemistry were excited about a class that started with 50 students, ended with 19 of which 48% passed.
The people are really helpful and they actually want you to succeed. CNM as a very friendly environment for learning and tuition isn't that expensive.
The professors and campus are fine. The problem is with the administration. Not very helpful with registration or financial aid. If you get through, you will be given the runaround. The staff seldom will call back if you leave a message or set up a callback online.
During my time at cnm I liked how friendly everyone was once I walked in they helped me figure out all my classes and they helped my figure out the campus I really enjoyed the classes also the teacher are very well prepared and ready to teach
Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) has been very helpful in my application and registration process. I look forward to attending school here. They have a plethora of helpful resources available to us and they are willing to do everything in their ability to ensure your success. There are multiple campus locations so you can find a location that would best work for you. Although I have not attended classes yet, I am looking forward to what is to come. I see CNM opening lots of opportunities for my future whether I decide to transfer to a four-year university or get my associates in two years. If you are planning on transferring to a four-year university CNM is a great place to start. CNM is on the affordable end and they will work with you to make sure that you can financially attend.
This is a great school for anyone. People of all ages come here for an education especially those who are returning to school. This school has lots of emphasis on student safety. Instructors really care about your success and treat you will respect and understanding. The information they provide you in your classes are invaluable to your success in continuing education your education or taking your skills to the work place.
I love the environment with CNM. I felt all the teachers were very helpful and wanted me to succeed. I felt like I was able to ask questions and speak up if I didn't understand something. They offered a lot of online classes which helped because I am a full time employee.
CNM is a wonderful college for anyone at any stage in their lives. The counselors are all so incredibly wonderful and extremely helpful. They take the time to sit with you and plan your courses and make sure that you are heading in the right direction toward your goals. Not only are the counselors amazing but so are the instructors. Many of them go above and beyond to help you with any specific needs you may have and will even schedule office hours for you to talk one on one and discuss any questions you may have. I am very glad I chose Central New Mexico Community College to start my college journey and have not been disappointed yet. I would highly recommend this college to anyone looking for a brighter future.
Central New Mexico Community College really is for anyone. They have so many different opportunities for your field of study and the advisors really work well with each individual student. I've only been a student for one full year going onto my second year, and I have recommended it to my siblings that are soon to be graduates. It is definitely something that is easy to start with and most of the credits will transfer to universities. Registration is so simple and easy and it can be done right from your phone. All of the professors care about your education as well. If you are putting in the effort, they will put all of their effort in too. They work around their own schedules to meet with the students one-on-one to make sure the student is getting what they need. I have been very satisfied with CNM and it was a perfect place for me to start.
Going to CNM has been a great experience, it is full of outstanding teachers along with welcoming and diverse students.
The classes are very small, which is very good for more one to one learning. Processors are well educated and know what they are doing.
Central New Mexico Community College offers many assortments of classes whose credits are easy to transfer -- depending on the plans of the individual. There are many classes that are both online and on-campus, so there is a lot of flexibility in how one can take classes. The staff are very friendly and ready-to-help; the professors (at least that I've had) are knowledgeable. Furthermore, the website is easy to navigate and use.
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The classes are well structured and the staff are eager to assist with any tutoring issue that may present it's self. The facility is always clean and well lit at night with security. I have always felt safe and have enjoyed my time.
Great faculty, nice are, great classmates. The school helps graduates find job placement and start building for the future.
Everyone is nice helpful with something you need to ask or do many people to learn new these many useful programs and diversity
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