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I've been taking all courses online and I love it. It enables me to continue working and still go to school. I think the professor's are phenomenal. Any time I've reached out to them for guidance or help in any way, they have always been extremely helpful, and so easy to speak with. I'm truly enjoying my time back in school.
My experience at Central New Mexico Community College has been extremely positive. I wanted to be able to do online courses due to my work schedule, and because of the flexibility, I've been able to do this. Of course, this was pre CoVid and now we are all online, which I know has been challenging for students and educators, but it's been well worth it to me. I'm so glad I made the decision to finish my education. I've waited a very long time to do so.
CNM has been very helpful throughout my entire college career. I have changed my major multiple times but it has always been a simple process with them. I have to give them 4 stars because they started implementing some practices that I disagree with when it comes to affordability.
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Cnms online learning is streamlined and simple. I've not had an issue with it. The professors are good about answering questions and being attentive.
I make sure that I have all of my work turned in on time but lately it seems like my professor has not graded my assignments. Otherwise it has been going really smooth.
College is stressful with the expenses but CNM is one of the cheaper colleges with great professors. There are great programs to Give out certificates as well, so if you do not want to go to college this is a good alternative. It's never to late at CNM there are programs to help people get back into college. No matter if you are a year or twenty years out of college CNM is a great place to continue your education. I love going to this school and it can open new opportunities to you.
I'm not too much of a fan for online classes but the system makes it easy. The online learning program is perfect for easy access, or time restricted schedules. The school offers a variety of online programs.
They offered a lot of classes and different time frames, easy to find rooms, website is easy to navigate, parking isn't too bad at a lot of the campuses. The classes can be comparable to university classes.
The experience is fine. You get to choose whether to do live classes, mixes classes, or fully online classes. It has a choice for everyone and that is very helpful.
Attending CNM has been really stress free. There student services are great and they can help you with anything that is needed. They have a wide variety of degrees that you can then use to transfer to a 4 year college. There isn’t anything that nexessarily needs changing just needs updating for example their website for school work, blackboard, it’s relatively outdated and should be replaced or updated.
I haven't taken any classes yet but the registration process was awful. I cant register bc I didnt take the orientation, but I did. so no I cant register
I cant register, everything is so slow. nothing processes on time. I waited a week for my application. if I had another option, id take it.
It has been very good, they have been with the students since day one and are open to talking to thier students and communicating. The teachers are readily available if needed. It's very flexible and allows for me to work while also going to school.
Central is very afforable and a welcoming community that allows for people in New Mexico to excel in education without the cost of debt.
It offers a variety of classes and licenses that jumpstart people's careers in multiple fields. I have a cousin who takes carpentry and it is all hands on learning and they allow one on one teaching and learning.
CNM is a great starter school. Especially since there are many resources provided for everyone, and it is helpful when trying to get your pre requisites out of the way. It can be quite scary starting college. This is why i went with starting with CNM because while I was in high school i was able to take some classes at CNM for credit and i loved it because i was able to takes classes in banking, film, Hotel and Tourism. Once I graduated High School i officially enrolled at CNM although i still had no idea exactly how to figure out the system CNM has coach advisers that can help assist in finding the right classes for your major and all the staff there is quite friendly.
At this point i have taken a few classes online with CNM. While every professor has there own way of teaching CNM helps by having a system called my cnm learn. This system helps divide discussions, syllabus, learning modules, grade reports into different tabs helping us students to be able to figure and find the information we need.
I have taken classes online every semester I have been at Central New Mexico Community college. All new students think that online classes are hard, this is true but only if you are not disciplined enough to get everything done without a teacher constantly reminding you. Online classes can be very easy it just takes the organization to set aside time and always email the professor if you have questions, they respond quickly.
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Central New Mexico Community College is a very active campus. The professors are always available to speak with students and willing to help to see their students succeed. All professors make sure to see students trying on their end and if not then they are held accountable. Central New Mexico Community college is not a University but they do ensure that all students will get a degree. I would love to see the campus being a more friendly and safe campus for all in the future.
Due to COVID-19, all classes have been moved to online. I love how accommodating the professors were during the transition!
I really like the atmosphere at CNM. Most community colleges are frowned upon because they aren't an institution however, at CNM most of the professors teach at both CNM and big state university, UNM.
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