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My experience with Central New Mexico Community College has been great. one of the best things about them is they're affordable, and they have multiple campuses throughout central New Mexico (as well as online classes). They offer tutoring, access to computers, great environments to study. Most campuses are safe and in very accessible places.
The professors from UNM get tired of teaching the rich kids and decide to teach at CNM instead, which makes for a great faculty of professors at CNM. They are very knowledgable.
The tuition is extremely affordable. The programs are worth attending. There are several campuses/online classes available. CNM accepts many different transfer credits as well.
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Easy to navigate platforms used online. Helpful student advisors, help you piece together the major your achieving. Available financial help here has saved my life and the teachers make me want to continue studying even after class is over.
Central New Mexico Community College is a wonderful place to receive an education and meet amazing like-minded students and teachers. The classrooms are relatively small, and the teachers are very welcoming and supportive.
I took a few classes in this community college this past summer and I liked it. The campus was very clean and full of helpful students. The professors were also very helpful in my classes. I would really recommend this college to those who are looking to earn a degree while working.
I really enjoyed my time at Central New Mexico Community College. They have a very good Paralegal program. I did not finish it, as I changed my degree. They are right next to the baseball stadium, which makes parking even more difficult than it already is when there are events. I had to walk 20 minutes through the neighborhood when I took the bus because they did not have one that went straight to the college.
I love the fact that CNM is such an “underrated” school, when in reality it has some of the best faculty, resources, and students in the country. I know a girl who moved from Hawaii just to go to CNM. Wonderful school!
central New Mexico is a college that that helps and guides the students to achieve their goals to higher their education well maintaining a job or family well they better them selves in other aspects
Sort far the College is good, the real issue is that it’s hard to get from campus to campus. Each location is scattered across the city
My experience at central new mexico university has been a great one, the teachers are nice and knowledgeable. I have been here 2 years and I am soon to graduate with my associates degree, it has been affordable and convenient to attend this university and I would recommend it to anyone else that is interested in going to a 2 year college.
The resources and the emphasis on making sure all students succeed and finish their degree on time and with the easiest yet most enlightening and most educating way possible. Anything I rate terrible on is because they don't have it
There are 5 campuses for CNM around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, making it easy to attend classes no matter where you live in the city. The Main Campus is pretty big and has one of the best libraries in the state, with closed off rooms for personal or group study, all with whiteboards. There is also a huge tutoring resource center that every student has access to, no matter what you are studying.
CNM may be a community college, but the staff and courses make it possible to get the educational experience as if you were in a four year institution. The professors and staff are dedicated and have time for their students, they are willing to go out of their way for you. The professors are passionate about the subjects they teach and inform students of activities that may be happening around campus or off campus that could benefit them and their education.
Central new Mexico community college is a good school i feel lime the teachers really try to help you. They are willing to stay after class or extend ther office hours to help you pass the class
I have truly enjoyed my education at CNM. Throughout my education, the CNM staff, professors, and academic advisors have provided me with the greatest support and help. I would highly recommend CNM to anyone who is planning to continue their education.
Great Teacher Robert Hackney he teaches Welding. One of the Best!! The campus isnt too large so its easy to navigate were your building and class is. There is plenty of staff at Main Campus that are very helpful. I have an Amazing advisor named Patrick Gomez, he works at the South Valley CNM Campus. The class sizes can vary depending what course your taking. The bookstore is easy to navigate through to purchase your text books, I think there a little bit pricey, because when it comes to buy backs they sometimes give u less than half of what you originally paid. My expierience at Central New Mexico Community College has been great so far. I just wish they could make the South Valley CNM campus larger and that way its way more convient since i live really close. Also if they would offere more variety of classes i thin it would be very helpful. There are many academic advisors that do such a gret jobs getting you on track and
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I enjoy being able to complete my prerequisites for my bachelor's degree at a beautiful and up to date campus. I also like that it is much less expensive to attend this school rather than attending all four years at a four year institution.
The teachers are mostly excellent and the classes are also great.
CNM is a very good starting point for your continued education. Many of the professors also teach at UNM and hold PhD's in their area of study. The professors I have had are very good about accommodating your need for one on one help. The cost of classes is approximately half in proportion to UNM, so it makes sense to start here. CNM also offers dual courses to help high school students get a jump start on their college careers.
When I started attending CNM classes during high school through a dual-credit program, I took advantage of the great benefits from learning there. The westside campus is beautiful and offers many resources such as a bookstore, cafe, and academic advising which all contributed to a pleasant and helpful experience. The classes were overall useful to my learning and having the classes be small and a closer interaction with teachers helped me to learn effectively. Even with the other campus that I took a course at, Montoya Campus, they offered resources that bettered my education and was a pleasant place to be as well. At CNM I was able to work towards my academic goals while having fun, such as my involvement of one of their many clubs, the Sci-Fi club; I enjoyed the student activities of that club such as watching movies, playing board-games, media discussion etc. in between classes and studying. I will always appreciate the experiences and knowledge that I acquired while attending CNM.
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