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It's a great campus, it had different cafe, which serves Starbucks and Dion's subs and salads, and other snacks. The class aren't that big, which makes it easier to talk to professors. As well as parking meter close to building, which makes easier to get to class in enough time.
CNM is a good school for lower level classes. Many students from the local university come to CNM to complete their 100 and 200 levels classes on a budget. Class sizes are smaller with about 30 students on average. Many dual-credit students come here to kick off their college career early. I have learned a lot in most of the classes offered. The teachers are okay, you can be lucky and get an awesome professor or end up having to teach yourself through the class. Overall, CNM is a great place to start when it comes to your college career.
It's a nice school and has the perfect setup. There are so many resources to save money and you can even borrow the textbooks from the library. The teachers are amazing and the faculty and the school in general has a population of students from many different walks of life, which means that classes are scheduled in a very flexible manner, which is great! The classes are affordable, and free tutoring is available to all students. The people that work there really want you to succeed and have a high quality education.
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It is good for people who can not afford a university their are many campuses so make sure you know the locations of the campus before registering for a class simple and quiet place to study and they don't have dorms so living would be on you .
I have been at Central New Mexico Community College for only two terms, but I am very pleased by the instructors and professors. The classes are small and I feel, it is very easy to get one on one help with my professor as needed. I enjoy the campus. As a freshman, I was worried I would be overwhelmed but I seem to be very comfortable with the workload and classes I am attending. The staff is very helpful with any questions concerning my major and with financial help. They are always ready for any question I may have and make sure I have an understanding about what they are saying. I am very pleases with CNM.
I am a current student in my third semester, thus far my experience at CNM has been great. The environment is quite friendly and the Instructors are very helpful. New Facilities are being built that are "LEAD" Certified, energy efficient. There are many great programs available, I am in the Environmental Planning and Design program. The cost for New Mexico Residents is well worth the education, I look forward to completing my course of study for further studies in Environmental Science, CNM is providing a great foundation to build my education upon.
At Central New Mexico Community College, your education is taken seriously. There are constantly people making sure you know how to go about finishing your degree, finishing on time, and advisers ready to help you set out a plan for the future. CNM is a place where staff is dedicated to helping you succeed.
CNM is paired with UNM where a lot of the classes double dip. CNM is great for getting through your prerequisites and then swapping over to UNM for your career courses. CNM has campuses in multiple areas which can help if transportation is an issue for you, but some classes will require you to be at their main campus (especially medical and technology majors).
The lack of knowledge when it comes to the staff members. It can be very frustrating when all you want to do is go back to school and no one has the knowledge to assist you or even cares.
CNM is overall an excellent community university. This university provides several options including online classes. The diversity is awesome and flexibility allows for one person to achieve their goals. Each campus provides accessibility for a person to have full access regardless of the location in the city.
I enjoyed my time here. Campus was awesome and easy to get around. Great first college!! I took all my prerequisites here then continued online.
I loved that it felt like you could really get a personal feel for college and that you are not being looked at like another seat in the class. Once you get to know your professor and classmates, the semester is a breeze.
Central New Mexico Community College has been a really good experience for me. When I first started to attend there were so many people that were willing to lead me in the right direction. All of the instructors I have had for my classes besides one have been really great and willing to work with students if they are having a hard time with the class. The only thing that I would change about CNM is where they are doing cuts to the budget. There are some history classes that the College is no longer providing because of these budget cuts. What i really love about this school is that it is really diverse. I love knowing that I'm not going to be judged at this school because of my ethnicity or race, my sexual preference or what i believe in. This school takes pride in letting others know that they accept everyone no matter what.
Great College! All the professors I've had the privilege of working with have been amazing and are very focused on educating you for your future. You can tell that this college is more about the student and our education than making money off of us!
So far I have had an overall positive experience with CNM. The financial adviser has been very helpful. And my academic coach is very supportive. However when contacting the call center I was unable to reschedule my appointment that they had scheduled incorrectly for the same day. And when I was calling to follow up on my financial aid app I was given incorrect information about a $50 holding fee.
My experience at CNM was fantastic. My first day I was scared and nervous, but the staff and everybody was welcoming and I felt safe and welcomed. There different campuses around the Albuquerque area, but CNM is a great community college. The changes I would like to see is maybe CNM have a workout facility or gym for the students around here.
Central New Mexico Community college makes college affordable, while making classes you need to complete your program accessible. The teachers want to see you excel and reach out to help you if you are willing.
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It's a great school to start off your college experience especially because it way cheaper than most colleges. CNM as lots of campuses around the city of Albuquerque, NM. Great staff and students as well
My experience has CNM has been a good rewarding time, Ive learned a great deal in the cosmetology pprogram. The only thing I would like to see is a little bit more understanding and leaniancy with the instructors when it comes to attendance and effort.
I like how peaceful it is; the staff is always committed to a student's success. They want their students to succeed and eventually transfer to a 4-year university.
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