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It's a pretty small campus but everything is good walking distance. The classes are small which is great and makes it easier to focus and succeed
CNM is a really great school for transitioning high school students! Classes are the size of a typical high school class, ranging from about 25-40 people with one teacher. The main campus on University and Coal has a beautiful and large campus with plenty of curriculum, ranging from microbiology to yoga and pilates. Alongside with this, CNM offers intersession classes in order to bypass lengthy courses, giving you only a few weeks to finish a class in what would have taken months. Although it is not the traditional college experience for freshmen, if you are focused on your curriculum it is ideal because there are no distractions. CNM offers an array of services, with plenty of scholarships on their website and access to free tutors in the library. It is a great, inexpensive transition to college and an easy way to get transferable credits to a university such as University of New Mexico. I highly suggest enrolling here for incoming college students!
Love the location and the people. The technology is at or above standards. Also there is so much assistance from staff.
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I have had a great experience at this school. There are multiple locations with classes that fit into my schedule. It is also affordable compared to specialty schools ie cosmetology. They offer an associate degree for their cosmology program not just a certificate. Great instructors
I like that the campus isn’t overwhelmingly big. The staff have changed a lot from when I first started. People are a lot more friendly and helpful. I love that i have access online to all of my course progress so I don’t have to see an academic advisor to figure out how far away I am for my program or what courses I need to take next. Everything is laid out and easy to understand
The professors are fantastic! They take the time to really ensure that their subject matter is understood. They are caring and really excel at their craft!The TRIO program is available for those who qualify, with additional tutoring and support!
I have found the classes consistently enlightening and thoroughly informative. I went into this at the age of 24 (I'm now 25) expecting not to learn much, but the goal was simply to start my journey to a Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Teacher Education. Somewhat surprisingly, I've learned quite a great deal from all of the classes I've taken so far (I've finished my 3rd semester with 25 credits). The professors have all been very supportive and interesting to listen to in their own way. I've founded answers when needed from the advisors, either in person or online. It's been a very pleasurable trip so far.
I chose CNM to complete my general education classes before transferring to university. At CNM I can take advantage of small class sizes and multiple campuses to create the schedule that I want and get support from the teachers. Unfortunately I did not feel very supported by the counselors they never gave me the information I needed which unfortunately cost me time and money.
Good college for high school students looking for something more academically. I would suggest you preview professors online before registering for their class. There are a couple new professors that have not quite figured out how to teach their class but they are knowledgeable in the field.
My experience with Central New Mexico Community College has been great. one of the best things about them is they're affordable, and they have multiple campuses throughout central New Mexico (as well as online classes). They offer tutoring, access to computers, great environments to study. Most campuses are safe and in very accessible places.
The professors from UNM get tired of teaching the rich kids and decide to teach at CNM instead, which makes for a great faculty of professors at CNM. They are very knowledgable.
The tuition is extremely affordable. The programs are worth attending. There are several campuses/online classes available. CNM accepts many different transfer credits as well.
Easy to navigate platforms used online. Helpful student advisors, help you piece together the major your achieving. Available financial help here has saved my life and the teachers make me want to continue studying even after class is over.
Central New Mexico Community College is a wonderful place to receive an education and meet amazing like-minded students and teachers. The classrooms are relatively small, and the teachers are very welcoming and supportive.
I took a few classes in this community college this past summer and I liked it. The campus was very clean and full of helpful students. The professors were also very helpful in my classes. I would really recommend this college to those who are looking to earn a degree while working.
I really enjoyed my time at Central New Mexico Community College. They have a very good Paralegal program. I did not finish it, as I changed my degree. They are right next to the baseball stadium, which makes parking even more difficult than it already is when there are events. I had to walk 20 minutes through the neighborhood when I took the bus because they did not have one that went straight to the college.
I love the fact that CNM is such an “underrated” school, when in reality it has some of the best faculty, resources, and students in the country. I know a girl who moved from Hawaii just to go to CNM. Wonderful school!
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central New Mexico is a college that that helps and guides the students to achieve their goals to higher their education well maintaining a job or family well they better them selves in other aspects
Sort far the College is good, the real issue is that it’s hard to get from campus to campus. Each location is scattered across the city
My experience at central new mexico university has been a great one, the teachers are nice and knowledgeable. I have been here 2 years and I am soon to graduate with my associates degree, it has been affordable and convenient to attend this university and I would recommend it to anyone else that is interested in going to a 2 year college.
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