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I enjoy being able to complete my prerequisites for my bachelor's degree at a beautiful and up to date campus. I also like that it is much less expensive to attend this school rather than attending all four years at a four year institution.
The teachers are mostly excellent and the classes are also great.
CNM is a very good starting point for your continued education. Many of the professors also teach at UNM and hold PhD's in their area of study. The professors I have had are very good about accommodating your need for one on one help. The cost of classes is approximately half in proportion to UNM, so it makes sense to start here. CNM also offers dual courses to help high school students get a jump start on their college careers.
When I started attending CNM classes during high school through a dual-credit program, I took advantage of the great benefits from learning there. The westside campus is beautiful and offers many resources such as a bookstore, cafe, and academic advising which all contributed to a pleasant and helpful experience. The classes were overall useful to my learning and having the classes be small and a closer interaction with teachers helped me to learn effectively. Even with the other campus that I took a course at, Montoya Campus, they offered resources that bettered my education and was a pleasant place to be as well. At CNM I was able to work towards my academic goals while having fun, such as my involvement of one of their many clubs, the Sci-Fi club; I enjoyed the student activities of that club such as watching movies, playing board-games, media discussion etc. in between classes and studying. I will always appreciate the experiences and knowledge that I acquired while attending CNM.
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I love going to school at CNM! I think the teachers and other staff are really helpful and create a great learning environment. I like that even though the classes are hard, professors try to make the learning experience as easy as possible for everyone. I also like how CNM has several campuses all across the city, making it easier if you live in different parts of the city.
I came to CNM Montoya campus in the spring of 2017. I enjoyed my first year here because of all the resources available to students and their willingness to help the students succeed.
Central New Mexico Community College is both affordable and academically viable. Advisors are helpful and work toward the student's best interest. Classes are somewhat small so students are able to receive private attention should it be necessary. Most professors are passionate about their respective fields. Student resources are abundant and easily accessible.
I like that CNM offers smaller class sizes and classes that can really work around anyone's schedule. I also get surveys from CNM about what I want improved- it's great knowing they care about MY experience and want to know how they can make me happy. Also, each instructor I have had has had ample experience in their field and have many great tips and tricks and have always helped me and have gone above and beyond for me. It's really a great community.
Central New Mexico Community College is a very nice campus to start off a college career. The Campus is always being renovated with new technology. The staff is very helpful in assisting each student reach their educational goals. The school makes it easy to transfer to the Univ. of New Mexico. I have attended two previous community college institutions and CNM is the best one I have attended.
The content is challenging yet enough support and tutoring available to assist students. The instructors are there to guide and answer questions beyond classroom time to assist students in achieving goals.The Disability Resource Center is an excellent resource for those who have a need. The other fantastic program support is TRIO Student Support Services which assists undeserved populations to graduate from CNM to transfer to a university! I will transfer in the fall because of their assistance.
The Central New Mexico Community College is a place in which a person, no matter of race, religion, or age can enroll in classes and begin their journey towards higher education. By attending the Central New Mexico Community College, students are able to achieve their education at a fraction of the cost of a 4 year institution. After they complete their Associates degree, students are able to transfer into other universities to complete their bachelors degree. Community colleges help to create opportunity and equality in education.
The concern they have for the new students. Freshmans are discriminated against
i had concerns and was on the verge of being homeless and they denied me help because I was a freshman
Ive had a great experience at CNM Westside. The campus is very clean, its very quiet and not a lot of people. The faculty and staff are very friendly and helpful, I havent had and bad experiences with any teachers.
I love CNM, I have been attending since I was a high school senior. There are many accessible campuses throughout the city and even the next town for student convenience. Campus is always clean and taken care of and the professors really care about your success.
I really like this college. I am a beginning freshman and it was very exciting to step into the classroom and to meet the diverse students in class. The instructors are very helpful and nice. I have no complaints about this school. I highly recommend to attend.
At CNM theres a friendly environment. The Professors are amazing by offering multiple ways to help students academicly. The staff is very kind, respectful, and ready to help! The tutoring staff is excilent, they take time to truly help you and find different ways of explaintion to help!
CNM is a great school because it's very affordable and its a great jumping block to UNM. All of my classes will transfer over to UNM this fall with no problem. The classes are typically no more than 30 students, so it's really interactive and easy to learn. The instructors are also very good, many of them even teach at UNM, so it's as if you're getting the same education as a UNM student would but at a much more affordable price. There's also three different campuses in Albuquerque, so no matter where you live, it's not going to be a long commute.
I have had some very excellent professors at CNM, but also a few that are too harsh. They have tended to be both extremes, so I recommend the college, but also to drop a class if the professor is over the top, so that you can re-register with one of the really good instructors. I have attended multiple colleges and universities over the years and so this contrast of teaching styles is what stands out to me at CNM. The campuses are quite lovely, especially the Montoya campus which is next to a park and in view of the Sandia Mountains. The buildings are kept up very well and the office is efficient and accurate with money and records.
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The professors will help you that way you can understand the material and pass their class. The staff is also really friendly and welcoming.
I like the ratio of students to professors. The class sizes are small enough for student/professor interaction and it's easy to get to know classmates. I would recommend CNM to anyone wanting a good education without a big university atmosphere.
I think every one at CNM is very helpful and does their very best to see you succeed. CNM gave me the best college experience starting college.
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