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I struggled while at CMU, mostly because I am a first generation college graduate and had no idea what classes to take or the smartest route of finishing quick. I had issues with counselors not believing in me and offering advise to switch majors because I wasn't doing well. Now, 3 years after graduating, I have been accepted to a Doctorate program in Physical Therapy and am pursuing my initial dream despite what the advisors at CMU had to say I could or couldn't do. Never give up!
the campus is very nice. Some professors are better at teaching than others but all are knowledgable about their field. There are many clubs, activities, research opportunities around campus. Also there are many places to eat around campus and the surrounding town. though food in the dinning halls is usually the worse option and food often sits out if you aren't there right at the meal time rush. Though I don't believe its the biggest party school in the state there are plenty of opportunities for a party nearly every night if you know where to go.
I am a freshmen at Central Michigan and I absolutely love it. The atmosphere of the campus is amazing, and it feels like home.
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This is a medium sized four year school that gives you a small school feel. The class sizes are small and it is easy to get to know your professor. You don't need to worry about your professor thinking of you as a number. The campus is also very compact and easy to navigate.
CMU has given me a voice. Before college, I was shy, introverted, and uninvolved. Through the various means to get involved, and the encouragement to find your niche, I was able to find my voice. This will surely help me in future endeavors to chase my dreams.
Great university. Not a whole lot to do other than study, though. Overall, it is a nice, quiet mid-Michigan community.
I am starting here in August of 2018. I did a tour here and the tour guide was very informational, on everything and anything I or someone else asked. This made me feel very happy and safe. All of which made me chose this school as the one I want to go to.
In terms of safety, I think that we need a more efficient shuttle service that runs at night. Only having two Safe Ride buses running at night is not enough.
I study fashion merchandising and design, and I love it at CMU. It is such a friendly environment. I have no complaints besides the dorms and the food, but I like the fact that we have flex and many food options on campus. And there are plenty of places around campus to grab a bite to eat or just to hang with friends to get off of campus as well.
When it comes to Central Michigan University, I just love the diversity that can be found here. It's also amazing how nice everyone is. When I went there for a tour you could go up to anyone and they would be willing to help you out at anytime.
Central Michigan has a beautiful campus and it's safe. Also, there's lots of things to be involved in. The resources and most professors are awesome. It's just a good environment to be in.
I loved it here. Took a semester off due to some personal issues, but none were related to the school and I'm looking forward to returning in the fall! The party scene has gotten much smaller in the last few years due to police really cracking down on it (especially on campus) but there are many activities to do around campus to keep you busy! The area around the school is pretty small; it's pretty rural and quiet for the most part, and many people I know that attend Central do not like the area because there isn't a lot to do outside of the school. However, other than that, it's a great school!
I am a Freshman at Central Michigan and I can tell you this, this is the school that I was meant to go to. It is such a great place to be. I think the best thing is that everyone is so friendly. Everywhere you go, someone is willing to help you out with something and everyone seems to be happy at CMU! Fire Up Chips! I have truly enjoyed my classes and have met some really great people so far. I feel that I am well on my way to enjoying the next 5 years at CMU. There are a lot of student activities to partake in and always things to keep you busy when you are not studying or in class.
The environment is very indusive to learning and all the people are so friendly. That are various clubs to groups and activities to go to. You feel like you fit in very quickly
I have been enrolled at Central Michigan University for two years. Coming here was one of the best decisions i have ever made! My professors are great, greek life, and friends i have made outside of it are great. When it comes to acadmenics Central Michigan has the most balanced atmosphere I absolutely love it here.
I have enjoyed Central Michigan University overall. It has been hard adjusting to a new environment, but its a welcoming campus.
Central is filled with students and professors who are passionate about what they do. Advisors and success coaches help with tracking you progress and helping people who are undecided find something they love. The overall atmosphere of CMU is very positive and happy. Students are kind and helpful around campus. There are plenty of ways to get involved whether it be through the volunteer center, Greek Life, or one of the many student organizations on campus. Overall it is a fantastic school with a great environment.
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I will be transferring to Central in the fall. I have fellow classmates that currently attend CMU and they love it. Every time I go to visit, I am left feeling excited that I will be able to call it home in the fall. Overall everyone is kind and out-going, staff goes above and beyond for their student, and everyone looks out for one another. There anyone can succeed.
Overall The School is a great place to study. The only Complaint I have is that the school has specific required classes that force you to pay more money for a general Education Class. This can cause students to be behind from transferring and causes headaches down the road when trying to complete the core classes of the program you choose. The medical School is very nice and is highly sought after. Central does very good in the medical field of schooling. The campus is not a big campus which makes it easy for student to walk to class in a short amount of time. The option of off campus housing is affordable and roommates are easily found.
Central Michigan is a good school. They're very student focused. However, Mount Pleasant is a very rural area so there isn't much to do. CMU is a very good school for programs like teaching, etc. However, compared to other schools, they don't do much to help develop you professionally for internships. You're going to have to find most of those things.
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