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One of the most under rated universities in the State! Amazing campus, great professors! Most classes are taught by PhDs, not graduate assistants, friendly/family vibe around campus.
The campus is a friendly enviornment that makes a great fit for any new student! Campus is easily walkable and very close to downtown Mt. Pleasant.
Central Michigan University is a great school integrated into the town. The campus has a great setup and an altogether good atmosphere.
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Very welcoming! I transferred this past semester and my RA made me feel at home. The academics are great and they really focus on diversity. However, diversity seems to be shoved down your throat along with LGBTQ ideas. This is something that is introduced too quickly for students who never were exposed to this in high school. My professors are great and are easy to understand
Great campus, professors are good down to earth people, however MAJOR issues with the financial aid office and communication. They'll tell you one thing someday and the opposite the next day.
I transferred here from community college and I love it. There are so many groups you can join, so you will meet new people as long as you are involved. Many programs to choose from. So many things to do and see.
My time at CMU was brief but the relationships that I made there will last a lifetime. All of my classes were challenging but great and my professors were always willing to help by answering questions.
The campus is awesome. Student body is friendly and diverse, and professors care. Best place to get your degree. CMU has so much to offer.
CMU has something for everyone. It's a medium sized campus that boasts its furthest walk to class as a mere 15 minutes. In the student body, people are very welcoming and it is easy to make new friends. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in professional or social RSOs. The night life is always exciting.
The campus is amazing, most of the people are very friendly. The faculty is very approachable. I feel welcomed and there are opportunities everywhere
Central Michigan University is a great school. The campus is a good size; the furthest walking distance is about twenty minutes. Mount Pleasant has restaurants, shops, grocery stores, movie theater and even a casino. Very welcoming and friendly campus.
I love that it is a multicultural school and also included 500 student ran organizations. I feel like this is the perfect school for me to spend four years at. The teachers actually set times to when you want to meet up and ask for homework help or anything. The office hours are flexible, that's what I love the most. I came from a private school that had so many opportunities to get help and that's what i wanted when i got here. And I received it my very first semester.
What I like about Central Michigan University is that that campus is bigger than a regular college but it's still small. Everything is close together and it's not hard to find where you need to go. Every one is friendly where ever you go. Although I did not have the dorm life, it does not seem that bad as an outsider looking in. It does snow a lot up north Michigan, and some days it is very dangerous getting to school since I am a commuter. I would wonder if we would get any snow/ice days in the near future because of this issue. Overall Central is a great place to be at, I have met many people by joining the dance team, and i am able to attend many of the athletic events. I very much enjoy my time here at CMU.
I love that CMU is such a welcoming college and they have so many resources available to students. The staff and other students are extremely helpful to incoming freshman and do everything that they can to make them feel welcomed and comfortable.
I really like Central Michigan University because no matter what year you are, you can get involved with so many programs. It is also not too big of a school and you can have easy access to everything
What was really nice about Central was the campus and the student life. Central is really diverse when it came to the student body. Every body was very friendly. The campus was always well maintained and very well designed to make finding classes easy.
Overall nice university. Great campus and scenery. Nice professors and faculty that truly cares. But the school is known for its parties however. It is also very expensive and everything here comes at a price. It is hard to get money back on things and there are many fees.
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Central Michigan University has treated me very well thus far in my college career. The acceptance, environment, and friendliness of the students and staff here are what make this my school of choice. There are many student organizations that you can get involved in, as well as excellent academic standards and professors. Although I still have a few more years here, I know that I will be successful in my future due to the opportunities and connections that I have made here. The city is small and the food isn’t always the best, but there is not place I would rather experience these years of my life.
I fell in love with Central the first visit I made my senior year of high school. Everything about the environment, makes me feel so at home and loved. It's a big enough school were you feel like you can meet so many new people, but also not too big where you feel like you're just a number. I have had so many wonderful professors who continue to make my success at this school exceed what I thought I was capable of. The campus is all pretty close together, and you can make it across campus in 15 minutes. There are so many wonderful ways to get involved, whether it's RSO's or Sorority/Fraternity houses, you'll find something that you love.
Great academic programs available for all students. I was able to make many great friends upon arrival my first year as a freshman and felt right at home. I enjoy hanging out with friends after my classes and being able to freely move about on the campus performing various activities ranging from doing homework to participating in clubs and events that happen very frequently on campus.
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