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CMU is a great place to find what you love, Coming here was one of the best decisions i made when decideding where I would spend the next 4 years of my life!
Central is great- A little high priced but most schools are. However they recently added a $225 fee for each semester. This can be quite costly if only taking one class. The math equals out to 18% service charge. If you pay by credit card they add a fee for that too. I like my classes and instructors. I just wish I didn't feel so nickeled and dimed to death.
Central Michigan university is a good school for those living on campus, although the professors and campus as a whole is not supportive nor friendly to the commuter students and lifestyle. Overall the college is a good experience and preparation for the future, but it makes it much more difficult to complete as a commuter.
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CMU is a great place to get an education. The area around it doesn’t have very much to do, but there is always something going on somewhere. The SAC is great to work out at. The only real downside to CMU is the cost but that’s not 100% their fault. Overall it is worth it. I’ve made countless friends at CMU and they make it all bearable.
As a Global Campus student, I do not have access to many of the programs, resources, or advantages of on-campus students. That being said, the wide variety of online degrees available is incredible. The instructors I have had have been mostly very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Some minor clerical issues with regards to billing have been frustrating, but they have all been addressed and managed in a timely fashion. Recently a rather high Student Services Fee has been assessed every semester, and it is frustrating for those of us students who do not have access to nearly the same amount of services yet are still required to pay.
Central Michigan University is such a diverse and inclusive school. There are multiple opportunities to be involved and feel connected. On campus, buildings and landscapes are constantly being updated and refreshed. Safety is a priority for CMU as well. With the continuous effort from this universities, students are guarenteed success. Resources like the library, free tutors, and study session, leave students knowing there is always help within any subject they may be struggling with. overall, Central Michigan University has the best atmosphere and education of any university.
I love the small town feel that Mount Pleasant has. The adminstration is typically very helpful with meeting all of your needs
Awesome. Very helpful in every decision I needed help with. Online classes works perfect for me. The instructors are very helpful and always there to help you out
I loved the way the campus made me feel like home. I am from a big city but I like the feeling the small city of Mt. Pleasant gives me. I have met friends that I will keep forever thanks to athletics. I have a unique experience here with gymnastics and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
The campus is the perfect size to adjust to, it isn't too big of a campus and it's not overwhelming at all. Everyone on campus is very friendly and welcoming.
I really enjoyed the campus life there. I experienced great people and made many friends on my floor, as well as from several buildings. The staff is friendly and is very intentional with helping the students be successful throughout their college career. One thing that I change would be some of the professors. A few struggle to respond to important e-mails and will not get back with a student until several days after.
The staff and fellow student are very welcoming, they make you feel at home. There is also always plenty of things to get involved in on campus.
I have had nothing but positive experiences during my 4 years at CMU! The staff is always willing to go above and beyond to help you with anything you need. There are so many extracurricular activities and organizations for everyone!
As a sophomore at CMU, I have been motivated by the outstanding staff and tremendous school spirit of my fellow classmates ! The campus itself is very
clean and friendly.
Central is the greatest decision I have made in my life thus far. They admittedly gave me the most money out of my college choices which encouraged me to go there, boy am I glad I did.

I not only was welcomed with open arms by attending Leadership Safari but I have met "my people". The bond and connection I have with the people I have met through CMU is something I will forever be thankful for. The campus is amazing, new additions and improvements every semester, the place is big enough to get lost but small enough to feel like you are someone, and really get involved. I am a very outgoing person who fell in love with the personality of the place. This place also has amazing resources and academics. I had my laptop stolen along with all of my books an notes a few weeks into spring semester, and I made the deans list for the first time. I credit this to CMU, the people and the professors that I have met have helped me grow into a young man that I am proud to be.
I loved how small the campus was and how easy it was to get around campus. You were never further than 10 mins away from your next class.
My favorite aspect of Central Michigan's campus is the push for diveristy. It is the constant topic of conversation and many organizations have been developed to make everyone feel included.
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I love how Central Michigan is a small university with a big school feel. Most classes are only a 5-15 minute walk and shopping centers are not to far from campus. There are events almost every day of the week and a bunch of student organizations to join. There are always resources available on campus and a ton of people to connect with.
Central Michigan is a great school! I just wish the community was more so a college town, there isn't much to do outside of campus. MY professors were amazing, they were always an email away. Library and study rooms are great, even around exams they have therapy dogs and free coffee! There are so many clubs and organizations to choose from, no matter your interests! I do wish the dorms were a bit more updated as well as some of the academic buildings, but overall it is a beautiful campus. Even parking should be updated, considering how many people have cars on campus.
Overall, the school is pretty nice. The staff in most programs are polite and knowledgeable. I just wish that the school store would be a bit better at getting back in touch with you after you ask a question/reserve a book/ etc.
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