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This semester because of the pandemic, I am choosing to attend all online to keep myself and my family safe. I am being punished by doing so because of the endless technical issues my professors or myself have. On most days I cannot hear my professors during lectures unless I call in using my cell phone. I am very much so considering switching colleges.
For the price of tuition, the education should be much better. There are constant technical issues, professors do not put assignments online, and the school seems overall sloppy and unprepared. I am very disappointed this semester.
I took about 3 classes online because of Corona. It was quite difficult because the teachers were caught off guard so they didn’t know what they were doing and they kept assigning work randomly without letting us know, it turned out to be very stressful till the last two weeks of classes.
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Central Michigan is a great school, but so far I’ve had two different experiences: an experience as a freshman and as a student of color. As a freshman everyone was nice in the beginning till they showed their true colors. The people weren’t all bad but they weren’t as happy and there for you as they portray it. It took me till 2nd semester to find my real friends. As a student of color it was fine but also a struggle to be the only black person in a classroom. I would sometimes bump heads with my teachers and/or classmates just because I am a student of color. I wouldn’t have as much access to certain things because I am a student of color. Overall the experience is good so far but things could be better.
N/A - Didn't take any online courses but a good handful were offered. Overall good UI for their 'portal', used Blackboard for all grades, etc. Easy to navigate.
BCA program -- Great experience & wealth of equipment to learn how to use. Well-developed program with variety of classes for both in front of & behind the camera, but some are classes you could've learned via youtube.
The online courses were great additions to the on-campus courses! They were perfect for summer classes or core classes that require attention but can be done from a distance!
I truly enjoyed the campus groups, activities, and socials! The lively atmosphere and challenging courses made for a stimulating 4 years, which I will never forget!
I really liked going to CMU. Mount Pleasant is a nice place to live and is in a great area. You really feel like you're at a big university without being completely overwhelmed.
I took a few classes online and the teachers were really great. I dropped out of one online class simply because it was a lot to do along with on-campus classes as well.
Central is a great school! Everyone is friendly and treats people with respect. You may not know everyone on campus, but they are there for you if you need them.
I have learned a lot from my professors. At first I didn't know how coming to a 4 year college would be, transferring from a community college and all would be completely different. But I've enjoyed my experiences so far, and the online classes help a ton.
Diversity is stressed at this university. It is the ultimate focus of what we believe in. However, the university students do not show it. No one talks or mingles with diverse groups, and it is very split. The teachers are not very diverse either. It is surprising to think that diversity is the number one focus and it does not exist. Furthermore, I was lonely every day being here. It was hard to make friends, especially when no one wanted to really talk unless you were part of their group. I tried joining a co-ed fraternity and only fond fake friends. My roommates acted like friends for one year and then decided to dump you in order to party. The partying is very out of control! I had my daughter in the middle of my junior year, and i did not feel safe anymore on campus. Diversity does not extend to families. Moms are discriminated against by teachers and students! No help and no sanctuary. Then came a shooting, stabbings, and a sense of no safety. No help for struggling students.
Did not do online classes! But I would have preferred it if it meant not having to be discriminated against for being a mother going to school to better her daughters life and her own.
I really enjoyed our online learning. I felt like I had all of the tools I needed to succeed. It was still quite a challenge but I think I am better for it.
I have enjoyed going to this university. I have learned a lot and I feel like our professors really work to help us succeed outside of school.
The transition to online due to COVID-19 was difficult at first but I had great professors who helped to make things easier.
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I love the atmosphere of CMU. I feel really supported and there's so many great people on campus who are helping to make sure I can succeed here.
At central I can finally discover my true calling because they have the major I intend on pursuing! I am so excited for my future endeavors!
The instructors reacted pretty much like the students! I felt like the academics though turned out great due to the circumstances!
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