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CMU is honestly a great school located in the middle of "no where". It gives it a fun small town vibe that makes it a strong community. The academics are pretty standard for a university, and their athletics are that of a lower level D1 school. However be careful because the dorms will try to fine you for anything and everything. The night life is AWESOME, and the best part about the fall is tailgate szn.
I like Central Michigan University and I have enjoyed learning from all of my teachers thus far but as long as I have been there I have not had one African American teacher. I wish the campus was more diverse in general.
Central Michigan University is not only a great school in academics, but as well as in terms of community. The diverse student body, extensive programs and activities, and engaged staff make the university a welcoming home rather than just a four-year education.
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Most of my classes are around 30 or less people giving the professors a chance to get to know every individual. The professors never have a problem meeting me outside of class even if it doesn't fall in their office hours.
I love CMU. The campus is beautiful and easy to navigate. The professors and students are super friendly and helpful. I have always felt safe on campus and have met some of my best lifelong friends here. I would recommend CMU to anyone who wants to find a home away from home.
I liked how many program you can get involved in at Central. I do not like the cafeteria choices that much and I do not like the availability of restaurants near us.
The college is in the middle of Mt. Pleasant, MI, which doesn't have much to offer. I often found myself bored with nothing to do on the weekends besides going back home.
CMU is a great school to attend if you're into a college that doesn't seem overwhelming. Even though there is roughly 25,000 students, the layout of the campus makes you feel like the school is not that big! There are a lot of activities to do and it's very easy to make friends and meet new people. The class sizes are also pretty small making the class experience seem less intimidating and you actually feel like you will contribute something to the class instead of being "one out of many".
The teachers are very attentive in both classrooms and online courses. The students are nice, and it is very easy to make new friends while learning. The dorms are not always pleasant if you are a person that likes privacy, but if you are a very open person you will enjoy them a lot. CMU has a lot of resources and clubs on campus, there's something for everyone to enjoy.
I am a transfer student to Central Michigan University. I found that it was an easy transition to learn the campus and the community. The students and professors are very helpful and very eager to get to know you. Because CMU is a smaller school, I found that there are many opportunities for people to take advantage of. For example, my first semester here I decided to join an amazing RSO within my major. Then, the next semester I became an E-board member just like that. I found that very personal campus was the right fit for me.
I am currently a freshman at Central Michigan University. Before coming to CMU, I had no idea what college was going to be like since I was the first in my family to go to a university. I also did not have very many older friends, so I did not have anyone that I could ask what college was like, basically I went in completely blind. Ever since starting school in the fall of 2017 at CMU I have lived everything about it. If I had to choose one thing that I like the best about CMU would be the size of the campus. The campus makes me feel safe and at home. I love being able to walk everywhere. Another great aspect of CMU is how friends EVERYONE is, I can say hi to anyone and they are nice and say hi back as well as I feel safe enough to leave my dorm room door open, so I can meet people as they are walking thru the hallways. I am so glad that I chose to go to CMU! FIRE UP CHIPS!
I had a decent experience at this college. Most of my instructors were very down to earth and willing to actually hear what you have to say. The class sizes ranged from medium to large. If you're looking for a campus with a good party scene this school is probably not for you. The campus was small and there's not much of a night life other than the Wayside or The Bird.
I am currently a freshman at CMU. I have already learned so much about myself and around campus with amazing opportunities. The one thing about it is is I need an extra push to get more involved around campus, although the members of the community are very forward with you to get involved. Overall, amazing college with amazing diversity and opportunities. Helpful teachers and community all around.
CMU is a good place to go to. Most of the professors are really nice, and are willing to help you succeed. There are also tons of clubs and organizations to get involved in. There are also a lot of things to do on the weekends, and it is a big party school. One thing that I don't really like is that the food in the dining halls isn't very healthy, and there are very few healthy options available. I would like to see more healthier alternatives. Another thing that gets annoying is that there is not a lot of parking available, and this can be stressful when you don't live on campus.
I feel that Central Michigan University is a safe campus. Central's campus is very diverse from people all over the world. The staff in all the offices are very kind and are so happy to answer your questions. I have never had a person who showed like they didn't want to help me out (like some other schools I attended). I would recommend this school to anyone wanted to finally obtain their degree.
It has a good community and I like the atmosphere. All of my teachers I have had the pleasure of having have furthered my growth as a student. I like the small campus size because it makes it easy to get to classes and lets people get associated with the campus easily. The community in the dorms is great and I have had an overall great experience here.
Central Michigan University is great!! The classes that I take are accelerated courses therefore , I can take one class at a time. The professors are very helpful overall.
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I was placed in a 4 person dorm room and struggled with such little space and 3 roommates. I would have much rather preferred to have a suite style room with more space and freedom to be myself. I have had roommates take my things and lose them with very little to no apology.
I struggled while at CMU, mostly because I am a first generation college graduate and had no idea what classes to take or the smartest route of finishing quick. I had issues with counselors not believing in me and offering advise to switch majors because I wasn't doing well. Now, 3 years after graduating, I have been accepted to a Doctorate program in Physical Therapy and am pursuing my initial dream despite what the advisors at CMU had to say I could or couldn't do. Never give up!
the campus is very nice. Some professors are better at teaching than others but all are knowledgable about their field. There are many clubs, activities, research opportunities around campus. Also there are many places to eat around campus and the surrounding town. though food in the dinning halls is usually the worse option and food often sits out if you aren't there right at the meal time rush. Though I don't believe its the biggest party school in the state there are plenty of opportunities for a party nearly every night if you know where to go.
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