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I loved the time I had at CMU it was a great experience and I would recommend it to anyone. You make great connections and learn so much.
I really liked there campus, it is amazing. They have really good food and also nice dorms. Everything is really close to each other. They also have the sport i like which is golf and would be cool to play there.
I really enjoy seeing the campus of Central Michigan University. I really would enjoy going there become I will feel like I'm home. I feel that I will work towards my degree attending there.
My experience at Central Michigan University has been great! The campus is very walkable. Nothing is more than a few minute walk or a short bike ride away. The school is big with about 27,000 students in attendance but you still get the small college feel. You never feel lost in the crowd of people and it's likely you will see someone you know everywhere you go. Central Michigan has become a second home to me. The professors are all welcoming and kind. They make you feel like they have your best interest at heart. With the over 400 student organizations to join you never have to spend your afternoons bored! If you want to come to a place to grow and be the best you, you can be, Central Michigan is the right place for you!
I really enjoy CMU. It is a welcoming place to be and a great place to call home away from home. It was overall my best choice for college.
Central is a great university, their sports are well developed and have a wide variety of clubs and intramurals. The food is okay some of the time, but the meat can be dry and vegetables are not cooked well. CMU says they aren't a party school, which is true to the fact that all the partying is happening off campus... a lot of partying. If you are relatively academic most of the professors are great and as are the academics, just make sure to use reviews like ratemyprofessor.
Beautiful campus, staff and student alike are all very friendly. The environment encourages you to empower yourself to find out which career path is right for you.
Central Michigan University is a great campus! There plenty of clubs, groups, and majors to keep you involved connected and on task!
What I like about Central Michigan University is that it is a big and fun campus. It allows everyone to gather at athletic events.
I liked the homey feeling of it. It has a good campus and is a large, nice school. The facilities are great and the people are very nice.
Central Michigan University is a great school with a lot to offer for a variety of people from all different backgrounds. They have something to fit everyone's interest and the genuinely care about the experience of the individual student. Most people are heavily involved in the community and have a passion for the work that they do making it a postie area to be in
This is a great university if you're looking for a fun, inclusive, and high achieving environment. As well as being a top party school, central offers a multitude of campus resources, good facilities, and class sizes that are perfect for learning and meeting peers.
This college has a very homey feeling, even though it is rather large. Everyone I encountered on my visit was helpful, nice, and willing to answer any question I asked. Also, everyone I saw at the school had so much school spirit from their clothes to their school supplies. Overall, Central Michigan University is a friendly and welcoming college.
The online program is an excellent choice for working adults and patents returning to school. The advisors were helpfuland provided timely and applicable information.
I like that I get to meet so many different people from different places around the country. The professors are great and there are many resources to get help with homework. I would like to see an improvement in the dorms because they are small and can get hot. Also, I would like to see more of a variety in the food that is served in the cafes.
I loved my time at Central Michigan. I found numerous ways to get involved with tons of different organizations and volunteer opportunities. I found my home away from home. The only thing that I can think of that could improve would be the local community accepting the college. The surrounding citizens and police enforcement do not interact well with the students the same way that they used to causing rising tensions in the community.
Cute campus with a cute downtown area. Although it is a little walk from the campus, it is a walk well worth it. The new renovations are outstanding and the school has many perks of being a student there.
I am in love with my campus. Not only is the campus beautiful but the faculty and staff are all eager to help you learn and do your best. The students are beyond friendly, all willing to give one another a helping hand. There are so many clubs and activities that you can be a part of. You can as involved or uninvolved as you choose. I am so happy that I choose CMU to be my home as I grow as a person, discover who I am, and decide how I want to help the world.
I love this school. I am fortunate to be a part of the great music program and Honors program here. This campus has a lot to offer students of all types.
The resources at your fingertips are unreal. The education is unmatched! I definitely am going to be back for my doctorate some day.
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