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Central is the greatest decision I have made in my life thus far. They admittedly gave me the most money out of my college choices which encouraged me to go there, boy am I glad I did.

I not only was welcomed with open arms by attending Leadership Safari but I have met "my people". The bond and connection I have with the people I have met through CMU is something I will forever be thankful for. The campus is amazing, new additions and improvements every semester, the place is big enough to get lost but small enough to feel like you are someone, and really get involved. I am a very outgoing person who fell in love with the personality of the place. This place also has amazing resources and academics. I had my laptop stolen along with all of my books an notes a few weeks into spring semester, and I made the deans list for the first time. I credit this to CMU, the people and the professors that I have met have helped me grow into a young man that I am proud to be.
I loved how small the campus was and how easy it was to get around campus. You were never further than 10 mins away from your next class.
My favorite aspect of Central Michigan's campus is the push for diveristy. It is the constant topic of conversation and many organizations have been developed to make everyone feel included.
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I love how Central Michigan is a small university with a big school feel. Most classes are only a 5-15 minute walk and shopping centers are not to far from campus. There are events almost every day of the week and a bunch of student organizations to join. There are always resources available on campus and a ton of people to connect with.
Central Michigan is a great school! I just wish the community was more so a college town, there isn't much to do outside of campus. MY professors were amazing, they were always an email away. Library and study rooms are great, even around exams they have therapy dogs and free coffee! There are so many clubs and organizations to choose from, no matter your interests! I do wish the dorms were a bit more updated as well as some of the academic buildings, but overall it is a beautiful campus. Even parking should be updated, considering how many people have cars on campus.
Overall, the school is pretty nice. The staff in most programs are polite and knowledgeable. I just wish that the school store would be a bit better at getting back in touch with you after you ask a question/reserve a book/ etc.
Overall it was a pretty good experience. A few points though. I went in being told this was a top school for journalism. That was a flat out joke. The journalism department was a joke. My senior year for the top journalism class all we did was watch old movies. Throwing money in the toilet and barely learned anything. Thankfully I got out in time and made it my minor. That was just for that department. Taking classes in other areas the professors seemed to have their stuff together. One other thing, the local police have no lives and harass students for trying to be college students having fun. It has taken a huge fall from being known as a top party school
My experience was that of a great one. I got to know a wide range of people and the professors were amazing.
I really enjoyed the experience I had with the on campus activity, but I would like to see more scholarships available for current students to apply for
My experience at Central Michigan University would be considered average. Central Michigan is a smaller campus than many of the other schools I got in to, and it makes a whole difference. Classes tend to be smaller, so the relationship with your teachers matter. Student life can be very cliquey because of the small campus. Diversity is very limited.
My experience at CMU has been great so far the staff is very nice and friendly. CMU offers a variety of programs and courses. The environment is education friendly.
I love Central Michigan University! If you are looking for a campus that is not too big or small then come to CMU. You can make it across campus in 15 minutes, and the campus is kept up pretty nice. The people at CMU are always willing to help you too.
I love how many different resources the campus offers, it had really helped mold me into the person I am today.
CMU provides a fun and safe atmosphere for its students. All of the professors that I have had so far have been really helpful in making sure that I know what I need to for assignments and get the best grade that I can. There are also a lot of opportunities to receive help, such as tutors or student help centers. The dorms are pretty nice and the cafeteria food is okay (could be better, but its not horrible). Overall, CMU is a great place to go if you are looking to get a good education and make a few friends along the way.
My experience at CMU is great. It is very diverse and welcoming, great place to get a good eduction and build connections socially. Tons of organizations utilize service and give back to the community at CMU. It is a very active campus and I love everything about it.
Do not take their online classes. What they tell you before you apply is not how it goes. Once you start classes they change what they told you and your stuck taking classes you never agreed to. Then your grades are only used by how well you do on your exams, nothing else. So basically you have to pass all of your exams and your final to pass your class. And all the other work you did over the course does not count.
Going to CMU is the best decision I could have ever made so far into my life. I quickly found amazing friends, my professors are all so supportive and want to succeeded in the world, and the overall campus environment is extremely welcoming.
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CMU is honestly a great school located in the middle of "no where". It gives it a fun small town vibe that makes it a strong community. The academics are pretty standard for a university, and their athletics are that of a lower level D1 school. However be careful because the dorms will try to fine you for anything and everything. The night life is AWESOME, and the best part about the fall is tailgate szn.
I like Central Michigan University and I have enjoyed learning from all of my teachers thus far but as long as I have been there I have not had one African American teacher. I wish the campus was more diverse in general.
Central Michigan University is not only a great school in academics, but as well as in terms of community. The diverse student body, extensive programs and activities, and engaged staff make the university a welcoming home rather than just a four-year education.
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