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I liked that CMU has many club options to join and very up to date buildings. Central has friendly staff and makes safety a priority at their university. They also offer free rides around campus.
Great university! Small in size but very liberal staff and students, respectful people, a wide range of courses, and New Venture Competition for Entrepreneurial students! Five different police forces that are money hungry and anxious for arrests though.
The campus is close-knit and there’s a lot of things going on everyday so it’s easy to get involved and stay busy.
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I liked that they were really helpful and wanted everyone to feel involved and feel wanted there. they tried hard to explain everything and make sure everyone was okay and make sure that people are safe and feel safe here
Central Michigan University is a wonderful university with professors that very willing to help students succeed and do the things they want to do. The classes can be rigorous or easy, but all of them are very valuable and teach students a variety of material.
CMU has a beautiful campus and many opportunities to get involved and meet new people. I have met people that I consider to be my best friends and it never would've happened if I didn't choose to come to Central. The diversity on campus could be improved and the living conditions aren't the best for most residence halls. The resident hall food isn't always good and I actually got sick from the food once. Although, CMU probably isn't the best College ever it has become a place that I have grown to love!
The Fashion program here is amazing, I would say the best in Michigan by far. the college life is amazing here, but the town could be better.
CMU was a great place to experience college life while navigating the transition from young adult to adult looking to build a future.
One thing I love most about CMU is that they're always concerned about the students' health and safety. I don't party, so I can't tell you much about the party life, but I do know most of the students I've encountered are great to talk with and easy to get along with. There's always something to do on campus, and even in Mount Pleasant, you won't get bored with this college town! Check out their ASL program, the teachers are great and easy to work with.
Central Michigan University is a perfect fit for me. The counselors helped me choose the classes I need to get a marketing degree. I live right across the street from campus, and just down the street from town. I have a car but do not really need one most of the time. My classes are a good size so that if I need help I get it. I play on the CMU club ice hockey team and have made a lot of friends! I am very happy with my college choice! Fire Up Chips!
Central Michigan University schools overall is decent. The campus and professors are very good. The surrounding area of mount pleasant really lacks things for college students to do. It also used to be known as a party school but in the last three years the Mount Pleasant police department has really put an end to the party scene. It is very disappointing and hard to find things to do outside of studying. The party atmosphere was never out of control but if you are out with more than four people passed 10:00pm you will most likely be questioned if seen by the police. The police at CMU should be worrying about all the other things happening in Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant can be scary with the human trafficking happening at many places in Mt. Pleasant. Overall the school is good other than it can be boring. The professors are always willing to help and are easy to reach and all the students are very welcoming.
The counselors were very effective in helping me make the right decisions regarding my transferring to the college. I had several great options to choose from, and they are great about returning phone calls and following-up. CMU will not forget about you. They ae truly interested in their students and potential students.
Central Michigan is a big name school with a small campus feel. Everyone is friendly and inclusion is important. The professors are helpful and accommodating. Great university!
Central Michigan University has great relationship with teachers and they have many opportunities for students to improve their academic career.
My school provided us with a free trip to tour CMU and see the main campus. Then and there is when I fell involve with my future college. Not only is it a beautiful campus, but all of those that are involved in the school are compassionate people. They are there to help you get the experience you deserve and need to make a college decision. Without those people the trip would not be what it was.
CMU is a great place to find what you love, Coming here was one of the best decisions i made when decideding where I would spend the next 4 years of my life!
Central is great- A little high priced but most schools are. However they recently added a $225 fee for each semester. This can be quite costly if only taking one class. The math equals out to 18% service charge. If you pay by credit card they add a fee for that too. I like my classes and instructors. I just wish I didn't feel so nickeled and dimed to death.
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Central Michigan university is a good school for those living on campus, although the professors and campus as a whole is not supportive nor friendly to the commuter students and lifestyle. Overall the college is a good experience and preparation for the future, but it makes it much more difficult to complete as a commuter.
CMU is a great place to get an education. The area around it doesn’t have very much to do, but there is always something going on somewhere. The SAC is great to work out at. The only real downside to CMU is the cost but that’s not 100% their fault. Overall it is worth it. I’ve made countless friends at CMU and they make it all bearable.
As a Global Campus student, I do not have access to many of the programs, resources, or advantages of on-campus students. That being said, the wide variety of online degrees available is incredible. The instructors I have had have been mostly very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Some minor clerical issues with regards to billing have been frustrating, but they have all been addressed and managed in a timely fashion. Recently a rather high Student Services Fee has been assessed every semester, and it is frustrating for those of us students who do not have access to nearly the same amount of services yet are still required to pay.
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