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I have only been to Central Michigan University for a few months. However, I already feel acclimated to the university. Central has many opportunities for involvement and allows students to express themselves in a welcoming environment.
What I love about Central Michigan University, are the staff here and how they encourage you to stay involved with various activities and organizations on campus. If there were anything I would like to see change, are more focuses on students and mental health
Excellent professors. They are always willing to help. The material is relevant and informative and is explained in an easy to understand format. The material supports critical thinking. The online classes are fast paced and conducive for parents and working individuals.
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The food is decent, cops are always driving around the area, the campus is beautiful, and the classes are organized. It is definitely a party school, with a club within walking distance (less than a mile) from campus. It's not too big and not too small, and so far I'm enjoying my time here.
Central Michigan University is an amazing place. So much to offer. The instructors care. The campus is beautiful and safe. You form bonds that lead to life long friendships. I really enjoyed my time at cmu!
I enjoyed my time at CMU, I was able to successfully network with my peers as well as professors and staff. The expense I gained at CMU has given my the confidence to continue to work toward my goals.
Transferring to Central University has made my life more full and made me feel like I was apart of a community. I have met life long friends, have become apart of groups, and have got involved. Professors are helpful and are knowledgable in what they teach. The only thing I would change is having more parking for commuters for those students who live off campus.
Central Michigan is a very friendly, clean, and safe campus with lots to do and very helpful staff. I transferred here from a community college and I was concerned about getting lost in the large student population but it is not like that at all.
I liked most of the professors and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Some of the faculty and the conditions of the buildings really need an upgrade, though.
Although I am only a freshman at Central Michigan University, I have already been able to witness a welcoming and supportive environment. The students are passionate about making the incoming freshmen feel welcome and being part of the cross country team has helped me tremendously with getting to know these fantastic students.
I am currently a Junior attending Central Michigan University. My academic advisor is awesome. It is very easy to get in contact with her and she listens. On the Fafsa application CMU is listed as having 77% retention rate. This information is accurate and deplorable. Many of the online instructors make the material so difficult many students drop courses in lieu of receiving a failing grade. Dropped courses are equivalent to higher retention rates. Most students run out of federal funds before graduating and are left scurrying to apply for high interest loan debt without any assistance from the Financial aid department.
I graduated from Physician Assistant program at Central Michigan university in 2008, and here is where I met the smartest, and kindest human being in my college experience. He does more for his students than any other professor I have learned from. I idolize how dedicated he is and how he always managed to find time to bond with each one of his students semester after semester. Dr. Hakemi god bless you, you are exceptional, intelligent and kind human being.
The experience is great and has a high percentage of ethnic groups. The school also puts on parades and many events for the students to get involved in. They also have great professors who are really involved with student.
I like the range of degree programs they offer, and they make it very easy for working adults to learn online.
It’s full of amazing people but it’s easy to get off track with your studies. Focus on school work during the week and then have fun on the weekends. Try not to over load yourself too. Make sure your studying is healthy and safe for your mind and body.
My experience at Central Michigan was an overall positive one. I felt that I received the proper education as it related to my major, my professors were always willing to help, and there were plenty of extra-curricular activities and group that contributed to landing my first job.
Great school, great location, great people in and around the community. This is almost exactly what I thought college would be like when I was growing up. I enjoy my time in class and on campus, as well as a great nightlife off campus. Would highly recommend this school to others.
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I like that it is like another home to me. I am excited to go back and be a great student. I had the great opportunity to be apart of a place I feel loved. it is also a very clean place to live. the dorms are the perfect size and also come with all amenities. this causes my family to also feel better about me going there. this is also a safe place where I can be free
Central Is overall a great place to go! The student life is awesome, there is always something to do on campus. The local town has everything you need, the food choices are kinda limited.
I enjoyed the scenery on the campus. I love small and peaceful the campus is. The dorms are very diverse and are filled with wonderful people.