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I have loved attending Central Michigan University and will continue to "Fire Up!" for the rest of my life. CMU is more than just a small college located in Mount Pleasant, MI; it is a home away from home and each year students continue to prove that fact. Everywhere we go, we are always firing up and supporting one another because we love to show off our school spirit and maroon and gold pride!
CMU is a very welcoming campus and I have made so many memories in only one year of being here! I work on campus and they schedule me around my classes and needs. I provides me with many on campus activities to be involved in!
Very inviting school and a lot of great people there, and I'm very excited to be attending CMU in the fall as an incoming freshman
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I loved the layout of the campus, and the library is absolutely stellar. It was really easy to navigate around Mount Pleasant and the town is constantly growing and offering more options for students wanting to attend there.
I will be going to my first year in the Fall. My orientation was fun and I liked what I saw and learned about the campus and school. I'm looking forward to getting started.
I love CMU. I'm so happy I chose to go here. I haven't had any problems with professors but the tuition rates suck when they raise them. Parking is limited during the morning too, even for the professors.
it has the home feel every college freshman wants in their new home. I never felt far from home, ultimately decreasing my likelihood to feel home sick. There science department if phenomenal just like all their academics.
Central is a great college! The classes are small and the professors are engaged in the process of learning. The campus is just the right size and there are numerous groups to get connected to enhance your experience.
CMU is a very friendly and inviting campus. Diversity, character, and volunteerism is really pushed on this campus and I really admire that! Most of the professors here really care about their students' success, which makes a huge difference in the classroom. Every college has its issues though. CMU is very money hungry, with tuition being hiked every year in order to raise the president's salary. Athletics is obviously favored over our performing arts. Parking is also a huge problem: you pay $175 for a parking pass, yet no one can ever find a spot to park. But overall, I have had a pretty good experience here at CMU so far. Expensive, but the classes are excellent and the atmosphere is very friendly and fun!
I've only gone through orientation at CMU a few weeks ago and I'm most impressed with their Leadership Program, the only university in the state of MI that has such a program and it is what employers are now looking at in prospective employee applications.
This school bleeds maroon and gold, and I'm very happy to be here, everyone is kind and accepting. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Best college ever! It's not too big, not too small. Perfect college if you're a kid from a small town!
I have visited Central Michigan about two years ago as a college campus tour. I think that it is a beautiful school with excellent academics. The students are friendly and welcoming. The dorms are nice, not too big nor too small. I am excited to attend this school in the spring of 2018.
-Going to be a freshman starting in fall of 2017. I took some tours of the campus and looked at the facilities as well as the cafeteria. Overall a great school and great environment to be in! Talked some of my future professors and had a great time!
Central Michigan University has such a warm and loving campus. The students there are always there to support each other and help one another thrive to the best of their ability. Most of the professors really want to see their students thrive and do what they can to help them achieve this. Yet, there are some there that are only there for the money, which is quite sad. Overall I am very happy with my decision to attend CMU and I will always fire up!
Great Connections with my professors. Great counselors and staff that helped me make it to my senior year. The campus was small enough and had a great atmosphere. It was like a home away from home. I felt safe at every event and party. Lastly but not least there was a lot of free stuff. I love Central Michigan University.
Great faculty and friendly environment. I've learned so much from coming here and would recommend for anyone to come here to have the great experiance I am having.
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Central Michigan University is an amazing college with the many different programs it offers and the growing medical school that is being improved each year. The professors and advisors are also willing to help and point a student in the right direction, even if that means they will lose the student from their program. The campus is the prefect size, since it take about twenty minutes walking to get to one end of campus to the next. The students there are accepting and they are always willing to help each other out, even if they do not know each other. The town the campus is located in a smaller rural town of Mount Pleasant, this town is growing slowly and becoming more college friendly.
My experiences with CMU have been overall good. There is a diverse and friendly community. A few classes could be set up differently but I like it.
I began going to Central Michigan University this past Fall and immediately felt welcomed to the community and beautiful campus. Just the atmosphere at Central was inviting and invigorating. The community embraces diversity and culture and dedicates time to educate students on these aspects. Every class that I wanted to take was available to me. My instructors were all enthusiastic and qualified to teach their subjects.
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