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What I like about Central Methodist University is that the students and teachers on campus are super nice with everyone and guide students to the right direction in life, not just in the classroom.
I Only have one online classroom and it is great! The professor is very understanding and knows the difficulty on being on zoom calls are morning. We all as a class work together to get things done smooth and efficient.
The online experience, while not as rewarding as in seat classes, is still a great one. I digital university aspect of the college is nice and really helped when it came to the corona virus pandemic
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I am a current student at Central and I absolutely love it. The faculty and staff are so understanding and want you to succeed and only want what is best for you. One thing that I would like to see changed though is the price of tuition. It is extremely expensive, and while it is most definitely worth it, it would be nice to see a tuition lock and not have the tuition go up astronomically each school year.
All the staff is extremely friendly and are always willing to help you in anyway. The class sizes are small so the professor actually knows who you are. The professors are amazing and help you no matter what. The living isn't the best but its ok with how old the school is.
Its depends on how well the professor knows how to work Mycmu which is our program we use for our grades and assignments. We all get an iPad Pro which is really nice.
The best part of CMU is how the professors take the time to get to know you as a person, as well as a learner, they strive to find the best way for you to learn and perform at your best. The school is small meaning you know everyone and everyone is super friendly and supportive. Caf food isn’t the greatest but it’s manageable.
Due to the recent covid pandemic CMU had to change all classes online. Being an international student in a different time zone this was daunting at first, but thanks to the digitalU program and all students having access to an iPad, I found it relatively seamless and minimal stress. My professors were amazing, extremely understanding and did their best to make it work for their students
The first time I went Central Methodist University was for a soccer ID camp, to meet the coaches and tour the college. Let me just say that everything about this college is amazing the coaches, the administrators, professors, and amazing facilities to help you throughout your education. CMU has dedicated professionals and workers that only do for their students ! I could never find anything I would change about this college because it’s perfect the way it is. I am very blessed to go to a college I know that is well suited and dedicated to make sure I am comfortable in my new home ! I can not express how much I love my school and it’s positive atmosphere, I never have to worry about not getting help in class or on the field because CMU students have access to free tutors and amazing trainers; I am so excited for year !!!
I personally have never took online classes, but I know so many students that love it ! When it comes to having help and access to notes and one on one time the professors and the college is right on it ! I’ve never personally heard anyone complain or talk down on Central Methodist’s online classes.
The teachers were really prompt about the assignments and always sending out reminders to make sure you didn’t forget to do the assignment.
I love the size of the school and how the teachers interact with the students. They make sure each student is set up for success.
I would really like them to use Moodle i stead of their intranet. With Moodle everything is centralized in one easy location no tabs necessary.
CMU is a great school. I live in Holt hall, and it's really nice! The campus is so pretty, and it's small. A small campus is nice because A) it isn't a far walk across campus, and it takes me like 5 minutes at the most to get to my classes, and B) it's easy to get to know people, and professors will know your name. The food is cafeteria food, of course it's not the greatest, but it's definitely better than highschool food!
I loved how Central Methodist offers many options to students who are still in high school and allows them to dual enroll and to get ahead in your college career
I love the professors in my major. I enjoy the freedom of living away from home in a safe environment.
If you get a good scholarship consider going here but if you have to pay a lot out of pocket look elsewhere.
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They accommodate very well for people of all ages, sexes, religion, etc.

I personally love Central Methodist because they have the program that I got one of my main scholarships for which is esports and they are designing my curriculum around the fact that when I graduate I want to immediately go into coaching a sport at a pro scene and that's something a lot of people aren't able to say.

After classes, I get to coach their collegiate Overwatch team to become one of the best in our division to get more scholarships and become the very best out of all the schools.

I firmly believe that I can make a difference inside this school and this school is making a difference for me.
I loved how well-developed the connections between students and professors are. You truly never feel unable to talk or ask questions about anything in any of the classes.
I am an online student with Central Methodist University. I have enjoyed the program. The online program has an entry course for online students to become familiar with the online program, which was very helpful and informative. The professors that I have worked with are easily available for questions and concerns.
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