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I will be going to this college in the fall of 2019 to play baseball and study Exercise Science. I have been to a baseball showcase and love the field and took a visit to talk about my scholarship for playing baseball.
Many things to get involved with. The professors are incredible and help as much as they can. Many are very active in the university.
As someone who has just finished my first year at CMU I can firmly say that I love this school. A significant amount of my involvement is in the music department despite the fact that I'm not a music major, and that availability is part of the reason I wanted to go to CMU in the first place. The second biggest thing that's incredible about CMU is the faculty. A small liberal arts college like CMU is the ideal place to get real connections with faculty. How often in college do you have BBQs at your professor's house? The last thing that's incredible about CMU is the sense of community. Because it's easy to be involved in a lot of things it's easy to know a lot of people, and you'll never walk to class without seeing someone you know, which makes the transition to college a lot easier. I won't say you'll never be homesick, but I found that I got over it a lot faster than my friends at other schools.
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I loved the atmosphere, everyone was very helpful and the food was great! Being apart of the football team is very exciting. The people are all very friendly and I enjoying the feeling of being welcome as soon as you arrive on campus.
I like that the campus is small and you can walk to all classes. The staff is friendly and professional and always willing to help or find the appropriate office/staff to assist. The food can be really good but not always. There are so many activities to be involved in even if your not an athlete! Overall the town of Fayette is small with few eating, off campus activities but it is centrally located so it is just a short drive to the mall, etc. Tuition is about 30K per year a little high but they work with students to find scholarships, grants, etc to help lower the cost. The dorms are old and some outdated but there is construction on campus to update facilities.
Good small university. If you are looking for a busy town with loads of things to do, do not apply to CMU, because Fayette is very small and relaxing.
I love the atmosphere of CMU and how homey it is. I have visited there many times and each and every time, everyone is very welcoming and kind no matter what the situation! Both students and professors are willing to give a helping hand
This school is about the money not the student. I should graduate in may 2018 but I am being denied that opportunity because they have found a way to make me fork out more money. They told me to pay for some credits that they would except from my job. Once I paid for them they told me they can no longer except them and that I need to take more classes. They truly are scam artist and if you decide to go with this school I wish you the best of luck.
The campus makes it easier for you to have automatic friends and that makes the experience easier and a lot of fun. Parties are lit too and the campus gives you opportunities but it’s up to you to take advantage of those
I love CMU! It’s phenomenal! Everyone is so nice an accepting! I didn’t join Greek life but my friends did so if you do join a sorority go Delta. Those girls are really nice, have good hearts, just don’t get on their bad sides. Kappas are stuck up plus they made their sorority since their president didn’t get into delta. Zetas like to make out/screw around with guys who have girlfriends, Sigma’s are bigger girls. That’s what I see from an outsiders perspective. Also TKE’s are bad. Chi deltas are super sweet and so are mokers, bangas, and the sig alphs/Phi Delts. This year took the first 30 kids who signed up their year to a royals game. The internationals get to play varsity over everyone else so that sucks. If you play sports here don’t sign for a reserve team cause you won’t ever play varsity even if they tell you, they are just recruiting you as another number. The food could be better but it’s better than high school
I like how attentive they are. Someone is always willing to help or get you to the right person to answer your questions.
I like how cozy the college the campus feels and how driven the staff is to help you succeed. I do wish there was more freedom on campus but there's a reason its considered one of the safest colleges in the US
One thing I liked about central Methodist university is there professors, they focus on every students needs individual and would do anything to help us succeed. What I liked least is the food , the food could be way better and tuition cost is also way to much for what's provided on campus.
I am a freshman at CMU and this first year will be coming to a close quite soon. I love this university and all of the people I have met, both faculty and students. I plan to attend all four years of my college career here and earn a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology, which this is the best Marine Biology school in the Midwest. The campus here is incredible and the professors are extremely helpful and never want you to fail. Most of my professors offer to stay later after their office and class hours just to do review sessions with their classes before taking an exam, midterm, or final. If you want a small school where all of your professors know your name and your largest class is about 50 students then I highly recommend checking out CMU.
Central Methodist University is located in a small town called Fayette Missouri. The campus is beautiful especially during spring and summer. Each professor is dedicated to the ultimate success of the students, and do whatever possible to make sure that these students understand what they need to do to reach for that success. Although the school is located in a small town, the school holds fun activities such as taking people who sign up to the movies, baseball game, etc. or even ice cream socials and more that keep the people attending CMU involved and always meeting new people. The dorms are nice and provide everything you need to add on to the college experience. The majority of the school are athletes, and the stands are always packed and active when we are supporting each other in hopes of a win for the Eagles! I've enjoyed the students, professor, coaches, and the environment and I'm sure that you will too!
I have had a wonderful experience at Central Methodist University so far. Everyone on campus is friendly and welcoming, the professors are willing to work with students whenever possible, and my classmates carry a wonderful reputation and are a joy to talk to. I always have a group to sit by in the cafeteria, and I have a couple of close friends whom I hang out with and talk to frequently. My first roommate is the only roommate I will need; we have so much in common, and I look forward to sharing a room with her for the next few years. I have moved over two hours away from home to spend my first semester in a dorm on campus, and I have felt welcome there, even though I am in a completely different environment.
The professors care about you! The classes are not the easiest, but if you show effort in class then the professors will help you succeed. Everyone on campus is super friendly!
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I love this school. I play soccer here and I it is a very good program. Majoring in both math and physics is not easy but all of the professors are very helpful and will support you. Small school, small town, but that just means you stick out more.
Fayette is a small town with great people. It is a place you can walk home and not look over your shoulder. CMU was a great community that has so much to offer and always an event to attend.
Great college, older dorms. The student athlete experience is great and the professors work with your sport schedule.
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