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Central Methodist University - College of Graduate & Extended Studies Reviews

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My experience at CMU so far has been extremely positive. I have enjoyed my classes much more than I expected mostly because I have had incredible professors.
Central Methodist staff cares about their students, They are willing to help in any way possible. The academic advising department is really helpful and always do what is in the best interest of the student.
Pros:Great staff, Always willing to help in any way, Affordable
It’s a great facility academically and environmentally. They have a ton of resources that surround us and encourage us to use them. I absolutely love that this university is technology friendly, our generations are getting more techy and this university is totally getting us ready for that.
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I have not yet attended this school but I’ve had a lot of questions on the way of this process of applying to the school and every question that I have asked has been answered and people are very helpful to what I have seen so far and I am happy to give my school a great rating plus in Missouri we have had a lot of flooding and the college opened the dorms up for the flooding victims! How wonderful is that!
The student life here at Central is awesome. Everyone is nice and it is a very tight nit community in Fayette. All of my professors I have had have been awesome.
The online RN-BSN program was an appropriate amount of work for a working professional nurse. The program did not require additional clinical hours if students are working in the nursing field. Instructors are responsive to students, even in an online setting. Even though it is a private school, it is one of the most affordable RN-BSN programs around!
I appreciate the friendliness of the staff at Central Methodist University. When I enrolled, I had a lot of questions and my advisor has been wonderful! The classes are convenient and easy to work into my already busy schedule.
CMU does the most that they can to make the campus feel at home. They’re plenty of opportunities to meet new people and the professors are highly invested in each individual student.
I transferred to this school to finish up my degree in Psychology. Thanks to this amazing school and wonderful staff I am graduating a year early with little debt to student loans!
Nobody pushes you to do anything you aren't comfortable doing, drug/alcohol-wise.
Students of Central Methodist University are all very sought after. Nearly all of them find a job that they enjoy and can turn into a career.
I absolutely love this school and I am so very glad I was accepted. The professors in general are very supportive, the classes meet quality expectations, and the students are very dedicated. the class ratio is about 16/1 and very accommodating to students who struggle with hearing/seeing.
I feel very safe on campus. It is a medium-sized campus and it has great security and 1 or 2 alarms for assault/theft.
Everyone is courteous to staff and the other student who live on-campus. The rules aren't too strict, and the security is very comforting.
I don't know much about greek life, whereas I am only a freshman, but everyone is polite, whether or not you are part of greek life.
Even for out-of-shape students like me, the facilities are very welcoming and very easy to access and utilize. People are very willing to support you when you have issues learning to use a piece of equipment.
This school has everything that a young student needs. Community, support, activity. Really, the possibilities are endless! Unless something unforeseeable and terrible were to happen, I have full intention to stay at Central Methodist University until I reach my goal.
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I'm just starting back to school as a single mom. They have been very helpful with teaching me the ropes, as I have been out of school for a while, man[y things have changed.
I have read the policies but I am not on campus to see for myself the policies in action.
I am still currently waiting to hear back from the financial aid office after having to resubmit my FAFSA information.
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