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Central Maine Medical Center College of Nursing & Health Professions Reviews

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MCHP is the perfect place for someone who is serious about their education and wants to learn hands on from the very start. This is a very accelerated program for nursing and radiologic technology, but that it was makes it so great. The professors will turn more into friends and your classmates will turn into your family. The programs are small, as is the school, but that gives you more chances to work one on one with educators and in the clinical setting with patients. My radiologic technology class has a total of 22 students and 3 major professors. We are all so close and work so well together. When a problem does arise, we talk to each-other and work through it as a team. I wouldn't change my college experience here for any other in the world.
The professors are all very well experienced so we get real-life stories and scenarios in our lectures. The college is very competitive so being accepted was life changing. I enjoy learning with all of my fellow students as I get to learn from them as well. Some of us have no medical experience while others have hands on patient care. The balance is awesome!
So far it has been a great experience! Everyone is so welcoming and want to help us learn and be there for us!
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Very nice college. No real dorms. But you can stay in the hospital in rooms that are considered dorms. It's a short walk from campus. No on campus parking but again, you can park at the hospital.
Overall the school is OK. The staff are adequate, but the location is terrible. Parking is lacking, and you risk getting a parking ticket if you happen to park on the street.
This is a great school. I am just finishing my first semester of the nursing program. All of my teachers have been wonderful, and I feel that I have learned so much already. The program is hard but we'll worth it. I truly feel that I will be prepared for being a nurse after completing my degree at this school.
Parking is way too far from the building. The school is more expensive than all the other community colleges and UMA. They do not do snow days even when the weather conditions are not safe for driving. The teachers and financial aid ladies are really nice though.
There is a parking lot next to the campus building, and students are not allowed to use it. The student parking lot is approximately a half mile away...not good, especially during inclement weather. There needs to be more space for group study.
The college offers a computer lab, with access to printers. The wireless access is great!
I don't believe there are any athletic resources on campose
There is wifi available for everyone and there is computer lab with free printing and copying. Bet helpful when you have 60 page packets to print out for classes.
Everyoneis willing to help you when ever you need it.
Very Good Experience – Very good school that expects a lot form their students. They do a great job preparing you for nursing.
Great Price – The tuition is very affordable and the school offers a variety of ways to help students with financial aid.
Run Through a Hospital – The school is run by a hospital so they tailor the program for what a hospital is looking for in nurses.
Academically CMMC CONHP has really prepared my for the real world of nursing and for the NCLEX.
CMMC CONHP helps all students find the job best suited for them and help with the application process as well.
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After School – I pray that i can find a job that i can do in my field of work.
This can be a real touchy subject because some times it can take a whiole for ur stuff to come back n then some times it dont tak no time. I wish u could fillit out on the computer and after You would submit it, they would tell u something right then..
My School. I have enjoyed it this far. My teachers are great and real help for with work and assignments. During my time at Calhoun i meet nice people and the staff is azmazing.
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