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Central Maine Community College is the most affordable community college in New England and the quality of academics well surpasses the low cost of tuition. I would recommend this school to anyone!
My experience with CMCC is excellent. I was able to register and select my courses easily. CMCC helped me with applying for financial aid. CMCC offers day, evening and Saturday courses. I like CMCC because the college is affordable, and their credits are acceptable towards four-year degree colleges. I think CMCC should offer four-year programs.
Most of the teachers seem to really want to help and teach, but I feel as though there is a lack of proper equipment for everyone, especially in chemistry.
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The staff at Central Maine Community College is very friendly. The advisors are amazing to talk to and extremely helpful with any questions you have. The Trio team is extremely helpful and very friendly.
I haven't attended as a student yet but the campus is great! So far the staff is kind and extremely helpful. I love all the options for beverages and food. The campus is small and quaint, a perfect size to still get confused on but not enough to get lost. The campus community is very tight knit and very keen to keep their students safe and happy.
I emailed several times fir information on a particular program, several times. Finally drove up to the campus to get the information.
CMCC is a great college, I wanted a college where I was not just another number and I got that at CMCC, everyone knows everyone. People (students, staff and faculty) are very friendly and welcoming. There's a good student-teacher ratio which allowed learning to efficient and effective.
CMCC is a very inviting environment, filled with many professors and students with an unlimited amount of knowledge. It may be a 2 year school yet, there’s so many young folks going to bigger and better schools once they finish their 2 years at CMCC. Central Maine is one of the cheapest schools in New England!
Pretty campus. Small, but in a good way. Good school to go to if you're still uncertain of what you want to study and decide to do a Gen Ed degree before attending a four year college. Not great at advertising help for struggling students. I had academic problems due to mental health and had no idea where to turn to for help. Other than that, it's okay.
There are a few decent professors. It is nice to see that there are a few who really want to help and see you succeed.
My experience at CMCC participates in clubs. I like CMCC because is close to my home and every hour citybus go there. Also, Central Maine Community College has cheap courses.
Central Maine community college is very welcoming, there are great teachers and other helping staff that will be right there for you if you need anything or have any questions. It's a fun environment with school activities and fun things for students to do every day. There is a large variety of professions to choose from and the give you a great learning experience through every class.
My experience has been absolutely incredible at Central Maine Community College! All the faculty I've encounter have been very nice and helpful.
I am in the U.S Navy currently stationed in Bath, Maine. I attend Central Maine Community College for about a year, taking classes both online and at nights due to my work schedule. I commute 45 minutes one way, and my professors take that into consideration and are very flexible when it comes to me having to perform my military duties. For example, one week I had to work nights and missed class and my professors emailed me the work from the class and allowed me to take an exam the following week.
Great place to start you college career. Tuition is low making it affordable for most. Most of the professors/instructors are fantastic and very willing to help. Free tutoring is available to students.
Central Maine Community College (CMCC) is the first and only college I've attended.

The first thing you hear about CMCC is that safety is their first priority. They live up to this! Local police drive through at random times during the day and night - which adds to the feeling of security.

Some instructors are very knowledgeable in their courses, yet lack the skills to teach a course. Others arguably know little of their course, and teach it well regardless. These are outliers - my experience differs from that of my colleagues. My colleagues proclaimed excellence in their instructors through their time at CMCC.

Their second priority, in my opinion, is successful transfers. There is a "transfer fair" every month or so, where other Maine colleges reserve a table inside the main entrance of CMCC, and offer applications for transfer. The college maintains that *all* earned credits will transfer.

If a safe college with knowledgeable staff is what you seek, CMCC is worth the price.
They are so good at making kids feel like they have a safe place to go. Excellent nighttime security for those who need to be walked to their vehicles late at night.
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Central Maine Community College is an excellent return on investment. This is the reason I am returning for a second degree. The programs offered are well taught and a great way to enter a technical field without breaking the bank.
Very home like. I lived on campus and it was my home away from home. All the people you need are there. Everyone is friendly. You make friends with everyone even your professors and advisors. Everyone is motivated to see you succeed. Definitely one of the most diverse friendly colleges I've been to.
The campus is a great and friendly place. The sports are very fun to play and are very competitive. The professors are pretty good with working with you.
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