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Central Louisiana Technical Community College - Alexandria Reviews

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Central Louisiana Technical Community College is a great school to continue your education. They give you the opportunity to get a degree in the field that best suits your busy life.
A good school for people who do not feel a four year university is for them or if they need something more local to kick off their career at first! Competitive nursing programs, with high passing rates!
My experience at the school has been amazing. The professors are nice and the classes are the perfect size.
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The online course at my school are great. Although I really love being in front of my professors because I believe face to face is best, the online class was not what I expect. Everyone was still able to help and communicate with each other.
The quality of post-grad services at my school is the best. They prepare for the future and helps you get a job.
I have the best time of my life when I go to school. I like walking in the classes and learning something new everyday. I love the smile on the professors face when they teach. I really enjoy the class size. It's no more than 30. The professors knows everyone's name. It's amazing!
A degree from this school is very valuable. Of course a degree from any school is very valuable, but at Central Louisiana Technical Community College, everyone cares. There are many programs and job opportunities for you.
At Central Louisiana Technical Community College, I am majoring in Patient Care Technician(PCT). Our building is amazing. The classes are not big, but it's perfect. Everyday you learn something new and it's exciting. It's a lot of hands on stuff and paper work. It is hard, because I was balancing a lot of things, then I made school and homework my main focus. I focus on school during the day, afternoon, and at night. The workload is very challenging and stressful, but if you really want it and is determined like I am, than nothing will stop you.
What makes my school unique is that your not alone. The professors, counselor, even the students helps you with anything you need. Everyone at the school is family and family always helps family. The professors are very passionate about what they teach and they makes learning fun. Seeing someone with that much passion really inspires the students to keep pushing. So, if I could do it all over, I would choose my school, Central Louisiana Technician Community College in a heartbeat.
This school is very driven on helping students seek career opportunities in many ways--through guidance courses given by instructors and constant other opportunities that are made public to students and faculty on a daily basis; like local businesses reaching out for future career driven students and helping educate at the same time.
The courses taken at my school are very straightforward, interesting and made easy to understand. The professors/instructors are very helpful and great to work with. The classes are not to compact and crowded, which adds to the comfort level.
It is great. I am learning so much more about computers and networking and troubleshooting solutions to technical problems involving computer technologies.
I am learning so much since attending CLTCC in Alexandria Louisiana. Also, the teachers and students are very great to work with which adds to the wonderful experience.
Many different ethnicities. People from all walks of life and age groups. It's great to see all kinds of people enhancing their career.
Applying for financial aid is fine. On the other hand getting into to financial aid office is a task that takes patience. The school needs a dependable skillful financial aid representative.
Registrstion is simple. Professors are always available to help. They also have work study. The programs offered are great with hopefully more to come.
Business Office Administration (Accounting) My workload is satisfying and my teachers are great. That are always available to help.
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We have a library, a cafeteria with vending machines and a microwave. The school does need upgrading. It will be soon though. In the next year or so they will have a new campus in downtown Alexandria.
I've been on my best behavior since day 1.
My courses by the grace of God I'm passing them. As for my professors they really nice and capable of helping me out with anything I need.
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