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Overall it has been a great experience at Central Lakes College. The professors are very helpful whenever you have a question. The only issue is the academic counselors they are not super helpful, it feels like they are overloaded with students and don't have time to help you or just give you short unexplained answer over email unless you make an appointment. Other than that I have had a great experience and would recommend this campus to anyone!
I loved taking online classes through central lakes college. The professors are very helpful and are willing to make a zoom call appointment with you or an in-person one if you are still confused. They are very clear on how to do assignments and teach with clarity.
Overall my experience was very positive! I very much enjoyed my experience at Central Lakes College, Brainerd. The staff and faculty was held to a high standard and I learned a lot from my time there. I believe they had a very accepting and uplifting atmosphere throughout the campus, which made learning and socializing easy! The students were very good as well, I was able to join a club my first semester, and made a few friends.

I really enjoyed my time at CLC and would highly recommend the college for anyone seeking a great two year community college degree, or are seeking transfer credits.
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I took one completely online class, and one hybrid online class, before the COVID-19 pandemic caused all my classes to go online. I think CLC did a great job of providing a high quality Online learning environment. The instructors were always available to answer any questions needed, and overall I felt I learned a lot from my online learning experience.
Even after COVID-19 my classes remained high quality and very interactive. The faculty was exceptional at converting their In-Class courses to online in a timely manor.
this a great college and they have amazing sports. but the living areas and bad in some places and good in others. But they are still livable.
I chose CLC because I was lost and didn't know what I wanted to do as far as school. CLC provided me with a cheaper opportunity to get my AA and helped me find the right career path for me!
I like the teachers, the way classes are taught and explained. Online classes are a favorite. I like to save on gas.
If you want to go to a school where the teachers, advisers and the Dean care about the students then CLC is the place. I'm pretty sure that out of all the schools in Minnesota this is the most affordable. There are couches and spaces made specifically for the students to relax, study or just hangout with friends. They even have a space for snacks and meals that are free for students. If you have trouble in classes they have tutors in the library and no you don't have to pay for it. I enjoyed my time at CLC. I made friends with teachers, janitors, and non traditional students alike.
They offer a variety of courses that you're able to take in high school. However, some of the professors for online classes aren't very reachable.
My experience at Central Lakes College has been an excellent one! The instructors are good at what they do and want to support their students and see them succeed. I have loved getting more involved in the community and discovering others who share my interests. Overall I love attending CLC and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking one of their degree programs!
The professors have been great, I have been introduced to the Honors Program through CLC and it is a wonderful experience already.
The instructors were real and told it to us straight. They made sure students understood their material and were open to all questions. They were nice and inclusive to all.
I wish that Central Lakes College had dorms or a set groups of apartments for students. I drive about 40 minutes everyday for class. The facility is very nice and the classrooms are easy to find. People there are very friendly.
I like that it's a small campus with small class sizes. the staff that work at central lakes are all very helpful and kind. It's a great campus to go to and with it being my first semester in college i dont have a lot to say.
I like the professors and the way they care about their students. They always make sure students have what they need to be successful in their field of study. All of my professors have taken time out of their day to consult with students about classwork, or set up a success plan for them. They are kind and compassionate, and they know what they are talking about. If you ask questions, they do not make you feel dumb, they just do their best to help answer what you have asked. Helpful teachers are always a plus when looking at schools to attend.
For a two year college, I think CLC is a great place for anyone who wants to start their college experience off on the right foot. They offer a good, affordable education, and I loved most of my teachers this past semester. Only thing I wish they had was Veterinary Technician program for those looking to go into that field such as myself. But, I have been able to start the completion of my generals without any problems.
The professors are very thorough in their assurance that students understand the course materials. The admissions and advisory staff have gone beyond their workshops to help me with my funding since I have a Consortium Agreement in place with another MNSCU institution.
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Some of the teachers shouldn't teach and others do really well and as a student, I enjoy participating in their classes. It is really hit and miss with instructors. The campus is nice and their food is average but okay.
The Central Lakes College Brainerd area has a lot to offer as a community college. The staff and students work very hard to offer a variety of activities to take part in. Also not only is the campus very beautiful but everyone is very welcoming!
CLC is an excellent school to begin a Liberal Arts degree! The faulty and programs offer substantial help to walk their students through the application and financial aid process. They also offer many free programs to make college life easier and more affordable. Overall, it is a great school to get students started on their education and to help them reach their next level!
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