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I like that cgtc offer varies of programs . The teachers are GREAT ! Overall the college is chilled . A change I wish to see is getting more events at our school
I love Central Georgia Tech they have me get started in my career field. I am currently working at a daycare center and they have help me choose the right classes to help me move forward in keeping my job. They also offered other course they will help boosting your career level and pay at your or any other job.
I am thankful for he admission office that's where it all began. Those are some awesome staff that has a lot of time and patience. I am looking forward to continue my adventures with the school. So if you need something that's local and have a great staff then Central Tech is the place to be.
I have attended Central Georgia Technical College since the summer of 2016. I have enjoyed going to this school. The classes are challenging and the teachers are knowledgeable. I would change the number of students that they are able to accept into the RN and LPN programs. There are a lot of people that would make great nurses. They are just postponed from going due to class space.
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I absolutely love Central Georgia Technical College here in Warner Robins, Georgia. Wonderful teachers amazing cafeteria. Amazing gym! And I love that they have more than one campus in Georgia! Much better than any 4 yr college. They have FREE tutoring in the college and ONLINE! There is always someone to help you in need. they even have a daycare center! They are willing to work with you on your journey to your career.
The people at cgtc are some of the nicest and helpful people I've ever meet. It's a great college to start at if you don't really know what to do they'll help you finger things out and they do on site study programs as well there is always help for those who need it.
The school is great to start off at if you do not want to go to a really big college. The school itself is very much accredited and credits will transfer anywhere.
This two-year technical college is great for students new to college that need that strong support group. Almost all professors offer their help through office hours and in-class time; there's also tutoring completely free through the Academic Success Center.
This college is very supportive of their students and they really take an interest in us. The professors and advisors work with us so that we can take our lives to the next level and be successful. The atmosphere at CGTC is vey friendly and everyone is open and helpful, and this really makes students feel comfortable. The professors also challenge us a lot academically and push students to their full potential.
they are good in helping students and everyone is nice. Everything different from what I have been expected.
Central Georgia Technical College is an excellent place to further your education and gain hands on experience while you learn. The staff is always friendly, professional and helpful, in most cases, they end up going above and beyond to help you succeed.
I am a returning student at Central Georgia Technical College and highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to advance themselves.
In closing, the only downside and a service I hope they incorporate is campus living, and better over all student life.
Do not go to this school.!!! If you are a Move On When Ready Student, this place is not for you. The teachers do not care. The advisor is only interested in the free money that they get to enroll you in this horrible place. Please choose somewhere else. This play is awful!!.
Do not believe the good and excellent ratings you see. Central Georgia Technical College is horrible. The teachers are only interested in their paycheck. The tutoring service is a joke. Please do not take a computer class or any class here. They have new teachers that do not have a clue on what they are teaching. If you do not already know about computer then do not come here to learn. Please parents, if you are thinking of sending your child to this school for the Move on When Ready Program. Please don't. They are only interested in the government money. You and your child will be miserable. This school is not safe. It is "ghetto". Just come to campus in the day and walk around. You will understand what I am saying. If I could give this school a zero star I would. This school is a waste of time. It should close.
CGTC has a class called bendflex where you can attend class live online at home, watch a recording of the class on your computer later, or even attend the class physically. I think this is so cool and gives the student an opportunity to attend class even though they are not physically there. It realy helps with your class attendance tremendously.
The online courses give you so many opportunities to catch up or go back and get information that you did not quite understand before. I have done online courses before at CGTC and I loved it..
CGTC have job postings all over the building. They even have people that specialize in building your resume up for you and help send it out to different companies so you can get a job.
The professors will go out there way to make sure there students are successful..
CGTC has its own separate career services that have many staff members ready to help you.They will give you an career placement test to see what career best suites you. I know a lot of people have been in a situation where they don't know what there going to major in. CGTC give you that push and opportunity to open your eyes and see what career is best for you
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The education at CGTC is so great that I have leaned a lot of new thing in just one sitting.
CGTC has a lot of opportunities in one setting. There help towards a future student encourages them to make a great decision about continuing there education. CGTC makes all there tuition help and there tutoring session very known towards the public and inside students.I really like this school.
I wish there were more class options after 5pm. Most classes are during the day, and I work a full time job so I'm resorting to online classes instead, where I would prefer to be in a classroom.
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