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The online experience so far has been great. The teachers make sure that you have total access to them. If you need an 1 on 1 all you have to do is schedule an appointment but other than that you can join a group session.
The teachers are very understanding. They are willing to work with you and make sure you have access to all resources.
I am a dual enrollment student and this college is great. The admins are great tools to understand classes and how they might interfere with everyday life.
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I was going to take one in person course for the 2020 spring semester but due to COVID-19, my class was moved online. The teacher didn't use videos to communicate to with the class and only sent 2 emails to inform the class of due dates and cancellations.
I didnt do any of my course work online, however this review site that im using for a scholarship requires that i have to put one hundred characters in this review
You absolutely must keep on top of the financial aid office. I personally had a very hard time navigating the process due to multiple miscommunications and loss of paperwork on thier end. the professors are hit and miss, i had some absolutely wonderful professors that were knowledgeable in their subject; i also had professors that were exceptionally unprofessional in the worst sense. i would not suggest it, however their location is convenient.
The professors were good. They knew the subjects very well and were able to easily communicate the information. Also, the content taught was leagues better than anything I've had before.
I was able to find a program that worked best for me and was affordable. I can still live at home and not have to worry about the extra expenses associated with living in the dorm. Applying was fairly easy, the staff is helpful and the location of the campus is right near other businesses. The size of the campus is small enough where you do not get lost and can easily find your way around.
As a dual-enrollment high school student, I received all the same perks as regular students as well as an education to aid in my future.
Central Georgia technical College is a very nice school. The staff is friendly and polite. It’s affordable and the classes are wonderful. The campus is very welcoming. It’s one one of the best decisions I made in attending.
I recently moved to the Warner Robins area and was welcomed into the school with open arms. Coming from the military I felt a strong Veterans Acceptance at the school. The teachers are amazing and will work with you beyond whats expected. I highly recommend this school.
Being at central Georgia Technical College has completely changed my life. I am now majoring in something that I absolutely love. The teachers are great, the security it always on portal. The campus is always being upgraded in some way. Making sure that the campus is safe and nothing will harm the students.
Central Georgia Technical College is less compact compact than other big shot colleges, which is something I prefer. The attendees and the teachers are friendly and courteous whenever you need something, the buildings are overall nicely maintained and everything is convenient to get to.There are of course bad things about colleges no matter how you think of it, but the way CGTC operates, you don't really notice "the bad" because you realize that it's just something to remember and you learn to live with it just like everything else in life. I'd recommend this college to anyone that wants a school thats reliable and yet comfy to be in.
Love the College!! It has excellent resources. The professors are amazing and understandable. It's very affordable and there are many student activites to particapte in. The science dept. is to die for and the labs are very easy to do.
Central Georgia Technical College provided a very good college experience for me. I was always able to register for the classes I wanted. The classes were very informative and provided enrichment. I learned a lot from my instructors.
Central Georgia Technical College is not so bad when you're online. There are some professors who are not as helpful as they say they are but the subjects they present are quite interesting to learn!
This school is very nice! I study online but the campus isn't far and I like to go there to the computer lab when I need to catch up. I love the flexibility they offer with online classes.
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I enjoyed the atmosphere at CGTC. The professors are extremely helpful and want tot see you thrive in the class.
I like that cgtc offer varies of programs . The teachers are GREAT ! Overall the college is chilled . A change I wish to see is getting more events at our school
I love Central Georgia Tech they have me get started in my career field. I am currently working at a daycare center and they have help me choose the right classes to help me move forward in keeping my job. They also offered other course they will help boosting your career level and pay at your or any other job.
I am thankful for he admission office that's where it all began. Those are some awesome staff that has a lot of time and patience. I am looking forward to continue my adventures with the school. So if you need something that's local and have a great staff then Central Tech is the place to be.
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