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Central Georgia Technical College is an excellent place to further your education and gain hands on experience while you learn. The staff is always friendly, professional and helpful, in most cases, they end up going above and beyond to help you succeed.
I am a returning student at Central Georgia Technical College and highly recommend this institution to anyone looking to advance themselves.
In closing, the only downside and a service I hope they incorporate is campus living, and better over all student life.
Do not go to this school.!!! If you are a Move On When Ready Student, this place is not for you. The teachers do not care. The advisor is only interested in the free money that they get to enroll you in this horrible place. Please choose somewhere else. This play is awful!!.
Do not believe the good and excellent ratings you see. Central Georgia Technical College is horrible. The teachers are only interested in their paycheck. The tutoring service is a joke. Please do not take a computer class or any class here. They have new teachers that do not have a clue on what they are teaching. If you do not already know about computer then do not come here to learn. Please parents, if you are thinking of sending your child to this school for the Move on When Ready Program. Please don't. They are only interested in the government money. You and your child will be miserable. This school is not safe. It is "ghetto". Just come to campus in the day and walk around. You will understand what I am saying. If I could give this school a zero star I would. This school is a waste of time. It should close.
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CGTC has a class called bendflex where you can attend class live online at home, watch a recording of the class on your computer later, or even attend the class physically. I think this is so cool and gives the student an opportunity to attend class even though they are not physically there. It realy helps with your class attendance tremendously.
The online courses give you so many opportunities to catch up or go back and get information that you did not quite understand before. I have done online courses before at CGTC and I loved it..
CGTC have job postings all over the building. They even have people that specialize in building your resume up for you and help send it out to different companies so you can get a job.
The professors will go out there way to make sure there students are successful..
CGTC has its own separate career services that have many staff members ready to help you.They will give you an career placement test to see what career best suites you. I know a lot of people have been in a situation where they don't know what there going to major in. CGTC give you that push and opportunity to open your eyes and see what career is best for you
The education at CGTC is so great that I have leaned a lot of new thing in just one sitting.
CGTC has a lot of opportunities in one setting. There help towards a future student encourages them to make a great decision about continuing there education. CGTC makes all there tuition help and there tutoring session very known towards the public and inside students.I really like this school.
I wish there were more class options after 5pm. Most classes are during the day, and I work a full time job so I'm resorting to online classes instead, where I would prefer to be in a classroom.
When the professors upload the needed content, everything is laid out for you. There's no room for any misunderstandings.
So far, the professors are great. The courses offered are transferable as well.
Not the most prestigious of schools, but at the end of the day a degree is a degree.
This school offers Human Resource courses, where other local colleges do not.
Admissions and financial aid are horrible, but the classes are fine.
I loved my teachers and advisor. The classes were great and I actually had fun with them.
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Students, please make sure you handle all your business and are top of everything you do at this school. I loved my classes and advisor, however, the organization of the administration is absolutely horrible. First I was told I finished my degree, paid my graduation and everything and 3 months later when my degree does not come in, I call and they tell me I forgot one class. They didn't even bother calling me or anything. Thank god I knew I should be expecting my degree. I go take the test so I didn't have to take the class and passed so I put in for my degree again. 8 weeks later no call, so I call up there and try to find out what is going on and they are saying I have completed the degree again!!! By the way, I have also been at a entire different college getting my Bachelor's Degree while handling all of this. They wont return my phone call and this is serious! I have all the paperwork of where I completed everything and still they are saying I have not. However, my advisor says I have. This is absolutely crazy. STUDENTS BEWARE! I will not send another friend of family member to this college.
It's helping me get hands on experience
I did not transfer any credits. I have not noticed any complaints from my classmates concerning transferring credits.
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