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I completed my MA schooling at this institute and was disappointed in the fact that I just spent $15k for a year of schooling and got out making $9/hr as a medical assistant. They also told me other schools closer to me did not have their accreditations and instead of investigating this myself, I believed them and this simply was not true.
The computers are extremely slow and outdated. The computer lab is only available when reserved, but sometimes the instructors would allow one-three students to be in with their class. The equipment in the core program rooms were outdated. 3 of the 6 machines were so old, it was very difficult to see the image.
The students are very focused and independent. They want to be successful and not distracted. I expected test study sessions outside of class. Other colleges that I have attended had students who would work in groups and study together. This school did not have that as a priority. I think it is beneficial to share knowledge and help each other be successful.
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Some of the new teachers seem to have other agenda on their mind. Instead of teaching by hands on they just read the text, like we can't read it ourselves. Some of the students are a hands on learner, 5 senses.
Due to the building being old, it has some issues. But the programs are very good
People at many different stages of their lives. people just starting out and know this is what they want to do. Others have tried other things and are now looking for something different.
Have not started classes yet, but what I have seen from the staff they all seem to be very helpful and are looking out for the students best intrest.
From what Ive seen, everyone is involved and has your best interest in mind
They make sure you are ready and try and help you find a job
From what Ive seen, it consist of all types of people but with all the same goal, to better their lives.
Computer labs were always open during class & before for studying, research or anything else.
Nothing unique besides the unorganized set up with classrooms falling apart and moving our rooms without warning
Very diverse group from all ages & backgrounds.most were older and returning to school, few seemed to have any other college focus
A lot of the teachers were flexible with works but I think was because they didn't care. Administration was usually too busy to be helpful.
Very disorganized school. None of the teachers or director can tell you in what order you will have which classes. They do not have enough teachers, people keep quitting or getting fired. Employees are stealing. There have been several incidences of stolen phones and other items. Student services, the Dean, or teachers are not able to answer any questions, at all. I have to agree with a previous review stating that teachers do not care about the students. I have walked in once where a teacher was slandering a student (to another student).
Workload is a lot, but the course is so much faster than any other accredited school in the area. It's actually the only school in the area offering my specific degree (echo). The school is well received in local hospitals and I have personally been told by hospital staff that the knowledge base of students from CFI is far superior than some of the other schools around. There are no elective requirements and lots of hands on experience.
the computer lab is always available and the network is pretty reliable. There are often machines down, but usually it doesn't cause much of a problem
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The career services department is just as inept as the rest of the folks at Central Florida Institute. They dress very poorly and offer half hearted assistance at best.
Workload is not too bad, but they really dont teach you what you need to know for externship. Then the externship site treats you like an idiot. I would recommend finding a real college over this sorry operation if you are serious about getting a good education and a good job. Central Florida Institute only wants your money, and they have a terrible reputation with the hospitals.
Teachers dont care about the students and treat the students like juvenile detention subjects. The directors are regularly dismissing students from the programs for the smallest reasons, in six months about 1/3 of the students were sent home, some of them plenty smart enough to get great grades. They would give some story about them failing check offs. In six months there were three diferent school directors. Personally, I think they accept more students than they have externship spaces for so they can get some money out of them. This school operates on the minimal amount ethics allowable, they have to be on the line of legality at all times. I WOULD NOT GO HERE AGAIN.
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