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Freshman at CCSU. Good campus, friendly people. One downside is that some of the professors accents are very heavy and hard to understand. Also, some professors move too quickly and it's hard to learn in their classes
I love the class sizes at this institution as well as the amount of time professors can take to help you. But, this university can improve on social school events, diverse meal options.
I think overall i had a average experience I think their could be more social activity. Maybe the academics can be more courteous to freshmen.
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Best fit for a small local school. Gen-eds are not the best but once you get your major courses its great.
Central Connecticut State University is a great college I fully utilize all of the academic resources within the campus and love the cultural diversity that the campus illustrates. I am not apart of the party scene and i am very motivated and determined to achieve success.
Its a very good school for the money you get exactly what you pay for also college in general is all about what you make it. If you want to do something you can do that thing at any college and the great thing about CCSU is that the school encourages things like this.
I would like to see more of a change in the educational system. Where more teachers are involved and helpful to students.
I would like to see more programs or internship opportunities in the campus and not just remodeling the physical buildings.
The college itself is average, it's not too bad and it's not too good. You do as much as you can and hope your college experience will be "good"
I feel welcomed. The classes are engaging & thought triggering. The ccsu environment is exciting & hopeful!
I just recently transfered to Central Connecticut State University from a community college. Coming from a community college, I was a little intimidated to attend a university. However, CCSU was an easy transition. The campus is clean and inviting. All of the professors are intelligent and helpful. Transferring to CCSU was the best decision I have made in my life. I see a great future ahead thanks to the knowledge I will gain from CCSU.
While I can't speak to the on-campus experience at CCSU, I will say that I've been really impressed by the rigor of academics the school provided.

I transferred last year from a private liberal arts school, and the experiences I've had at Central have completely surpassed my expectations going in.

Since enrolling, I've had publication opportunities, I've been given the chance to speak at conferences, and I've gotten an internship--this is much more than I can say about my prior college.

All that said, you do have to search for it. Career services seem pretty hands off, but if you're motivated and show an interest, it'll come to you.

Great English department, as well.
Central has a very warm feeling to the school that makes the adjustment from high school to college seem very easy. The school is on the relatively small size making it easy to get from point a to point b, but when you're on campus it doesn't feel like you are constrained in anyway. The staff and professors I had were excellent. They provided informative lectures and were personable and accommodating to any student that asked questions and needed help. There are plenty of clubs and activities going on from day to day so there is always something to be doing for the times you need a break from homework. Coming to CCSU for college was the best choice I have made and I am looking forward to pursing my degree to become a teacher here.
As I am an incoming freshman for CCSU when I toured it I was extremely pleased with the amount of diversity I viewed there. The campus was bustling with different activities and clubs ready to take in new people. I am really excited to become a Blue Devil and soon alum.
I will be an incoming freshman at CCSU, but so far from the orientations and open houses the school seems very welcoming and an overall fun campus. The class sizes is one of the reasons I chose the school because they would give the teacher and students a better advantage to interact and get noticed.
I enjoy the fact that the campus is large and the people are helpful. The financial aid office works on your paper work automatically no stress about that. The food is well mad and delicious. The professors respond to your emails efficiently.
Central has been great to me. My friends and I all agree that this school was definitely a good choice. Professors are fair, and the school is lit
I've been loving attending he university. Great professors and a lovely campus environment. My friends and I frequent the bar Elmers right off campus, and also find it very easy to hangout in the dorms. I wish I could stay here longer
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These kids really made CCSU great again. I go to SCSU and I went up to a frat party at Central and it was an absolute rager. Dudes really be screaming make Ccsu great again, like it was do it for state or something
I never attended CCSU but my cousin did and I loved it. The dorm was alittle tight but that's how all traditionals are. I met so many friendly people upperclassmen included. The first couple of days I kept forgetting where my cousin dorm room was, there was always someone to help me. I really enjoyed the food. There was always something going such as extracurricular activities or events and parties. If I wanted to live in Connecticut I would've definitely attended Central. My cousin also said this school was great educationally wise. I do recommend this school. I just don't really care for the area the school is in.
I have had a great experience at Central so far. My advisor has been extremely helpful for the past couple of years, and I've had some great professors who were able to gauge my interest in classes I wouldn't normally enjoy, and they really care about their students. The campus is also beautiful!
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