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1,132 reviews
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I am in the nursing program at CCSU and while the clinical program is unique, the department as a whole is disorganized. I also believe the student body is over charged in terms of books and lab fees for no reason.
The school had a lot of construction at the time that I attended. The campus was always clean and I felt safe walking from building to building for classes. The one negative was the limited parking spaces, since the majority of students who attend CCSU are commuters.
I'm currently attending as a freshman, finishing my spring semester to become a sophomore in the fall and while attending Central I really admire the size of the campus and the size of the classroom because even though the classes and campus are rather small there is a chance for a connection between the teacher and the student, which is what I find to be most important, and a connection between the students separately.
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I absolutely love coming to CCSU! The housing is nice and the atmosphere is amazing and the people here are very outgoing and fun. The classes are a lot harder than expected and you definitely have to put in the work. I would highly reccomend coming here. I've made so many friends and have had a memorable time here.
I like it. There is always something going on and there is always willing to help you out. I would recommend attending.
My sister attending this school for 4 years and now has a very successful career in Marketing. I plan to go here in the future because of the good location and inexpensive tuition. Names don't always mean everything. A cheap college is all you need to make a great future for yourself!
Central Connecticut State University is a great school for finishing general education courses as well as starting a degree.
Great College overall. Some dorms are better than others such as Mid-Campus and James Hall. There are two dining halls with decent food for most tastes. Academically I do not find the General Education classes very challenging but some major specific courses are in a good way very challenging. As athletics go the girls teams seem to do pretty well and some of the guys teams are top notch: ie Track and Field. However, if you are looking for a winning Basketball or football team... look elsewhere.
As a freshman at Central I found going to college to be a smooth transition. The classes and friends made me not so scared for the journey I was about to embark on. The professors are helpful and inspiring for the most part and there are always options for outside help such as tutors. Central provides many tools that they want and encourage you to use that will help you with your education.
My time here so far has definitely been well spent. Most of the professors care about course content and take the time to make sure that on some level you do too. The class sizes arent usually too large so you can build more personal relationships with your professor and classmates. On campus activities are alwys going on, with programs like movie nights and guest speakers spread throughout the month. Life living on campus is good, the dorms are clean and people are friendly, and there are programs almost nightly that you an attend,
I'm a vet most issues I've had have been with the va. The va is an issue that they have not found a resolve for.
What I like about Central Connecticut State University are the professors and the overall atmosphere of the campus. I have had great professors who work with the students and they want us to succeed. What the school could change would be the dining service and offer more of a variety of food that is tasty and healthy.
I am currently enrolled as an Art Education major at Central Connecticut State University. It is a great school with a lot to offer. outside of classes there are several clubs and activities on campus. Living in Mid-Campus Residential Hall is great. It is new so it is extremely nice. The athletic events aren't all the rage but they are worth going to at least once. Academics really depend on how you are as a student and the classes you take. There will always be professors that don't fit your style of learning but there is an active and helpful tutoring center.
Overall, I like the campus. There's a wide variety of classes and has a great Social Work Program. Buildings are fairly close together and they have many clubs. The parking is fairly cramped as there are a lot of commuters and make it hard to find parking during times. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants a quality education
CCSU is a small, intimate university. It's easy to make friends because the campus is so small. Most of the students live in apartments very close by but unaffiliated with the campus and to be honest that is the cheapest option. Although CCSU is a very affordable college, it can be pocket robbing for some students. The teachers are incredibly helpful and the classes are smaller than average, which makes learning much easier. All teachers have office hours and many have tutoring sessions which can be incredibly helpful. The campus is not too loud, some might even consider it boring but at the end of the day, partying can be a distraction. Overall, if you are small town kind of girl or guy, or someone who's easily distracted of influenced, this campus is the halo you need.
I have only attended Central for a short year, however my time spent their has been wonderful. I attended a state school in Vermont and a community collage and while at Central I have noticed a lot of resources, the facility is clean, and the campus is safe. The professors really care about their students, individually. This must be so hard considering how many students they each must have. While attending Central you really feel like your not alone and you always have someone to turn too.
I am currently Freshman a Central Connecticut State University and so far the experience has been awesome! The professor I've so far really care about their students and help you if you need it. The campus is huge but easy to get around because of the maps located on the campus. But I would love to see more diversity on campus.
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The campus itself is well kept, and visually appealing. Many of the students live off campus and commute, which makes for some very quiet nights on the weekend. Some classes are better than others. My basic math class was taught by someone with broken English, a choice by the math department I will never understand nor agree with. However, the professors for my history major classes have been stupendous. Parking is good, with sufficiently large parking garages and lots so you don't have to go hunting for a spot. As a student you can get a free parking pass for you, your significant other, or parents. I think you might get two passes, not sure on that though. Food on campus hasn't been impressive, in my experience. Dining commons are small and awkwardly arranged, but there are a number of delivery capable restaurants available if you have the cash to blow. Dorm rooms are small, but the facilities are well-updated and clean.
I love the atmosphere that this university provides to students. The ever-accepting programs that make students feel like they are belonged make it easier to integrate into college life.
I love my college. The campus is not too big or too small. The professors are all so wonderful. They are very accommodating to students with disabilities and really want each student to succeed.
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