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I chose central for the inexpensive price, but I have never regretted it. There are so many opportunities to get involved and you're exposed to all different lifestyles. I've learned so much here in 4 years.
Overall I have had a pleasant experience at CCSU. There are a lot of resources for help and lots of people to help you along the college journey. There is also many ways to reach out and get involved at any point in time. Every week there are events going on and chances to meet new people.
I enjoy the campus and how it is easy to navigate, and most of the professors are exceptional. However, as a commuter student, the parking garages are a mess, and incredibly dangerous. And the professors are not examined well enough, because while there are good professors there are outliers who make a hard course even harder and do not listen to the students who need them to slow down or teach it a different way.
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CCSU classes really help me see what it means to be a future teacher. I am able to learn about why we teach not just how to teach. I would love to see CCSU grow more programs for commuters!
At Central they are very accepting of their students and they ensure that all students have the best experience possible. The faculty does what they can for their students and helps the progress to success.
My experience at CCSU is very good. I think that I found a home away from home on this campus. The atmosphere isn't always the best but the people and staff are what make this school the best. I would pick Central over a big name school because I feel that at this university the professors don't just look at you as a number but a name.
The school is very quiet since everyone goes home all the time. Not a lot of people live on campus, but overall is not that bad. The food is okay and the people are cool, i guess.
It was refreshing to have the majority of professors be passionate about what they were teaching! I graduated with high honors and had an easier transition to the workplace than many peers who went to private institutions.
CCSU is a very open and accepting community, and the people and professors here are great for the most part. There is not a lot to do on the weekends for campus life, so a lot of students who live on campus go home on the weekends because there's more to do at home. The dining halls also have weird hours and it's hard to eat there on the weekends.
Central is very sociable, afforadable, and very close to home for me. I live in Southington, so the campus is only 20 minutes away, if that. The campus seems to always have something going on for the students to stay busy when they are not already busy studying. The student center provides and cool place for students to kick back and relax, study, do homework, or even play games. In the game room, there is a variety of games to choose from. From billiards, to ping pong, to video games, air hockey, and many more. I would say that the only down side to Central Connecticut is that a slim few of the professors are not the nicest. In addition to that, the wifi is spotty but that is life, not everything is going to be 100% perfect.
I attended Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) for two and a half years. During this time, I acquired my Bachelor of Arts in Social Work while receiving a minor in Psychological Science. One thing I noticed while enrolled at the university is that the teachers were very proactive in ensuring the best learning environment for their students. I found that the professors made themselves available to students who needed extra time outside of classroom time to process materials being taught in class. As a young African American Woman, I was further impressed by not only the diversity of the university's faculty but also their students. Overall, my experience at CCSU was positive. The only thing I would change is for the university to be as considerate to traditional students as they are to non-traditional students as it relates to class availablity.
CCSU is a great school. For me I am a hour away from home so it's just far enough. The campus is gorgeous and they maintain the property very well. It is an easy campus to navigate. You have plenty of help around if you get lost you just ask someone everybody is friendly. My fist year was tough since I have ADHD and it took a while to get my services in place. Once that happen It was much better. Professors are great. The food they need to work on! Made friends quickly!
What I liked about CCSU is that it was local and is an affordable college. The campus is large. It leaves something to be desired over all
Central Connecticut State University is a very good university for the price and academics available. I also really enjoy the housing on campus. The dining halls have good food choices.
I think Central Connecticut has the best Robotic Engineering program. The professors are outstanding and are very helpful for you to achieve your best!
Central has an unique campus and great family atmosphere. There’s isn’t much that i would change about the University other than maybe an increase in the food quality. The selection can be very repetitive and that’s not very fond of the students. While this shouldn’t be a deal breaker when looking for a school, it is something that can take Central Connecticut State from being good to outstanding.
It is a great school and it is close to where I live so I don't have to commute very far. It is also affordable.
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I liked the professors at CCSU. They are very welcoming, fair, and great teachers. It is clear that they care a lot about their students. There are great services provided, and the atmosphere of the school is very comforting. My only concern is that there isn't more study areas.
The faculty members are so nice and willing to help. The facilities are well kept. The curriculum is very good.
Freshman at CCSU. Good campus, friendly people. One downside is that some of the professors accents are very heavy and hard to understand. Also, some professors move too quickly and it's hard to learn in their classes
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