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My experience at this college was in person. I finished this degree just as online options were beginning to be offered.
The professors I studied under were very helpful and knowledgeable, yet demanding. I can not stress how much I learned
Central Connecticut State University has a lot to improve. I definitely made the most of every experience I had, and I will be leaving with a great degree. However, the school has so much to work on. The housing and meal plans are below average. The location of the university also isn’t the greatest. My time there was seen as more of a stepping stone. I would recommend other options if available.
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The online experiences were very good. Like every other school adjusting to the new norm, we had our moments of confusion. However, after a few trial runs and mess ups, we were very for the rest of the semester. Classes ran very smoothly.
What I appreciated about CCSU was the educated professors I was provided with. They were so smart and I genuinely felt like I was learning so much from them. I believe that out of any of the state schools, CCSU provided me with the most intensive program for my major because they expect a lot from their students and want the best for them. I will always be grateful for CCSU for giving me such an excellent education.
N/A. I did not take any classes online, they were all lecture or lab practical classes due to my major
Online classes are not too bad. It is like anywhere else, as long as you stay on top of your work there is no problem.
I had a horrible experience transferring from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Most credits did not transfer and the music department did not allow me to take placement exams to place out of classes that I had already taken.
I took classes online due to COVID-19. Some professors adapted well, others didn't. Professors are accustomed to teaching classes in person, and some professors cannot effectively make use of the technology.
I like the resources available and the cheap cost compared to other schools. I don't feel that autonomous however, and it seems students are somewhat micromanaged. For example, you need a code given by your advisor to register for classes the next semester.
I enjoy classes here at Central. However, I had to change Majors because the Major I really wanted did not offer the classes for evenings and weekends need to complete my degree in a reasonable amount of time. I switched to Psychology and there are plenty of opportunities to register for classes that fit within my schedule.
I enjoy taking classes online. I have learned a lot more than I anticipated. The only down side is that have yet to have a online lecture with an opportunity to ask teachers question about the material in real time.
Central Connecticut State University or CCSU is mainly a commuter university but still has a fun and lively environment. Nice place to go to school.
Professors put in the extra effort to make online learning feel just as real as sitting in the classroom physically. Great experience.
I think CCSU is an accepting and fun school. The people I've met have been incredibly kind, many of the teachers have been nice and one of them is one of my favorite teachers ever. Campus is super nice albeit a bit small (which isn't necessarily a problem.)

I was working and taking classes at the same time so I didn't get to fully experience life on campus an I didn't stay on campus after classes for long, however when I did I always had a relaxing time sitting in the student center, studying in one of the buildings or going to my friends dorm to hang out.
Teaching program and earth science department was great. Math department was difficult to work with and teachers were sub par. Myself as well as almost everyone I have known that graduated from there was told their last semester of college that they would not be able to graduate due to missing credits. This caused myself and others to stay in school an extra semester. In addition, When I transferred from another state school, a sister school if you will, They did not accept DOZENS of my credits. Leaving me to take classes like english 100 as a junior. I found this ridicuous since they are of the same school system.
Nice community and tries to immerse students into campus immediately. Love it! Professors look to help students and even students try to help students. Safe night life and lots of opportunity for involvement on campus whether it is clubs or events.
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I like the size of the campus, it is easy to get to each building so you won't be late to class. It is easy to get around. I also like that since it is a smaller school the class sizes aren't as big, so it's easier to form a relationship with your professor so they can help you if needed.
The professors have been great, the campus is nice and parking isn't a problem as a commuter. But even with a completed minor (with honors) I am still required to take credits toward a required minor for this new degree. They claim it is because they were from another state. This is Connecticut, the state I got them from was 25 minutes north in Massachusetts, that is ridiculous. It just seems like a money scam which is insulting when I'm already paying them a lot of money.
When I attended Central Connecticut State University there were so many great things. The professors in the Education Department were amazing. They truly loved what they did and wanted to help us all be the best teachers we could be.
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