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Only just starting, I am really enjoying my start at Central Connecticut State University. The campus activities are nice and the people are friendly and nice. I look forward to how my 4 years will span out at this school.
I like it a lot. I have a lot of friends here, the teachers for the most part get the job done, and i feel very comfortable being here.
So far my experience with CCSU has been a great one. I have not had this problem personally, but I am close with various people who have had issues transferring credits while entering CCSU and I would love to see that change. People work hard and pay lots of money to attend, and it is only fair to them to honor their academic work by transferring their credits.
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I have a sibling attending Central Connecticut State University. They a really looking forward to attending and participating in a Division 1 athletics program.
The whole atmosphere is so welcoming and exciting. during orientation, it gave such a welcoming family aspect. It felt like a big family that we are entering. The first day I was able to make friends who have the potential to be forever friends. everyone on campus has a friendly
Good school. People from all walks of life. Relatively small campus with a good teacher to student ratio.
They made my transfer experience here a smoothe one. All the professor and advisors i met are really nice and they listen to you very well. They are well invested in you and your academic needs.
I absolutely loved CCSU's Dorms, Food, academics and overall size of the campus. The size made it easy to get anywhere on campus in under 15 minutes walking and everyone there is so nice. However, on the weekends the campus is very quite due to it being a very heavy commuter school.
I am just now entering as an incoming freshman here at Central Connecticut State University as a student athlete. Since the first day of coming in contact with this University at the age of 14, I knew this was where I wanted to spend my four years of college. I first came in contact with this University while playing baseball. I was playing a tournament over in Connecticut and the championship game was a Central. I probably played the game of my life there and I fell in love with the facilities, buildings, fields and just the atmosphere of the students attending there. The vibe there is one like no other.
My freshman year at Central was a pretty good one. There are many resources for a student to seek help in nearly every subject. Out of the teachers I have had, they are all very understanding and work with you for help in their class. I would like it if there were more clubs available on campus, there are not that many and I would really love it if I could join one that actually fit my interests both academically and socially. I also wish there were more events on Campus as well of the few that we've had I had so much fun attending and really wish we could have more.
My experience at Central is pretty good. It fits the type of College experience I wanted. The school isn’t too big or too small so I get the type of time with professors I’d like to have. I’ve also met a lot of cool people at Central. One thing I wish would change is the amount of diversity at the school. I don’t see people who look like me as often as I would like. It’s hard to fit in with people who don’t understand what you could have been through in your life. However, overall it’s a good experience.
After spending a full year of college there, I have seen some ups and downs. The ups I have seen so far are how my professors have taught, how well the college is structured, and the local area you're in. There is sadly one downside that needs to change and it's about how they handle certain situations. The biggest situations would have to be the weed smoking and the way they handle suicidal students. I have to say that both situations , in my eyes, have not been handled very well. For example, sometimes you can never go to a certain floor in a dorm building without smelling weed. Why hasn't Central cracked down on that? I can only hope that Central fixes its mistakes at this point
Central Connecticut is a great college for incoming freshman. The application process is very simple, they send acceptance letters fairly quick, and they send your financial aid package quickly as well.
The professors there are decent, nothing too special. My best professors there were the ones in my major which is psychology.
What I liked about central Connecticut state university is that despite all of my hardships with doing track/field at the college and have some academic trouble they keep helping me so much with giving me resources and helping me be the best that I can be. They provide so much help for me. Especially my coaches and teammates they have got my back no matter what and vice versa, I like how CCSU treats each other like a family because that is definitely what I need.
Very informative when inquiring about what the school has to offer, Staff was very informative, a very pleasant experience, made me feel welcome.
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My experience at Central Connecticut State University has been wonderful. I absolutely adore this university. It is not too expensive, the campus is beautiful, and the students and professors are kind.
This is a eh for me it literally looks like highschool in the engineering department. You’re surrounded with a bunch of idiots knowing that central accepts literally everyone. The dorms all stink and not to mention it smells like pure weed in dorms. If you wanna be a nurse they have good nursing program. I would recommend to go here if you didn’t get accepted to uconn nursing program. Also the parties are caca
I really enjoy the campus and classes, but the students here are very cliquey. The dining hall food is pretty awful and there isn't much selection. That being said, there's many options outside of campus.
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