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Coming back as a graduate student I can say that CCSU is a great college. In my experience CCSU's professors are more then willing to go the extra mile if you are. There are plenty of classes for different schedules at an affordable tuition.
Its a cool school, not a party scene anymore, but really good professors, and they have funds for students who dont have the fund to lower their balance. Nice campus, and a lot of construction just recently was done.
This school is under rated. I graduated and have found I compete very well with others who graduated from more prestigious schools. (I paid much less) I now earn more than many of my peers in the same field and I credit that to the work ethic I developed at CCSU.
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CCSU in a nutshell:

Pros: Good engineering/business departments, nice campus, new buildings under construction on campus, good athletics, lots of ways to get involved

Cons: The teaching is below average overall, poor party scene due to high percentage of commuters, crime rate in surrounding area, average staff/faculty
I just recently transferred to the University and so far so good. I had trouble registering for classes before the semester started and an advisor immediately met with me and helped me register for classes which was a huge relief. The professors and all staff at the University care for the students. Lots of resources and who doesn't like a Starbucks on campus? This was a great choice for me to transfer to!
This school isn't anything special, but if you want to go a Connecticut State University and don't want to go to uconn, this is probably your best bet. For the size of the school it has relatively small class sizes and most of the professors know what they are talking about and are willing to help you if you ask and seek out the help. Parties are very hard to find, most people just have small parties in their rooms or go to other colleges to find them. It can be very hard to make friends here as most people know eachother from high school and the school is almost 80% commuters. Unless you live in a hall like Seth North which is the freshman dorm, your going to have to get very lucky to be able to meet people.
CCSU students have a lot of Blue Devil spirit, which I love. Also, they have a very good Criminology/Criminal Justice program here.
I transferred from Georgia up to Connecticut and I currently I have enrolled as a transfer student. Overall my experience with CCSU has been life changing. The faulty to the staff and the people have truly made it an experience.
Student Life is amazing, the professor are horrible and don't care, there's only a select few that care f a student passes their class, the food is good the first month of school.
Central Connecticut State University has professor’s that are working in there field. This allows the student to have firsthand knowledge of real world experiences. It is a very interactive campus. Classes are big and the course load is manageable. There are many clubs for socializing, making new friends and exploring new interests. It would help a lot, as a student, to reach out and talk to different people. Making friends is easy. I do not have anything negative to say about the university. It is worth attending, you will not be disappointed.
Central was very well put together . As a basketball player we had support coming from everywhere . I enjoyed the clubs and activities for student life . I lived in the newest dorms which was suites, so enjoyed my living arrangements really well. They had many of places on campus so you would never be bored or lonely
CCSU is a good school to apply for and get into. The school is very diverse and people there are friendly. There are a lot of different activities and groups to get involved in and have great sport teams. Living on campus is a little on the pricey side and honestly the best thing to do is to compute and save your money.
My first year at Central was one I'll remember and I still have three more years to make great memories. While being at Central there are plenty of cool events happening and very easy to join a club which I recommend you doing because you can make friends that way. There isn't much I would change at Central besides for the food and the parking.
I love the programs offered here. The ease of registration is a big help too and there are so many staff and counselors available to answer any questions.
My main liking of CCSU would be the diversity, whereas for many other colleges diversity is almost non-existent. Overall, it's your typical college; average food, decent campus, decent classes.
Central Connecticut State University has a diverse faculty that is willing to work with you in order to help you accomplish your goals.
After nearly four years at Central I can genuinely say that I enjoyed my time here. Tons of opportunities to work on campus, cool events happen every week, and it's easy to find a club to join and make friends
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I started my journey to higher learning here in 2009. This school will definitely grow you into a better student and individual. I am now a mother and wife who has chosen to pick up where I've left off and Central Connecticut State University was there to welcome me with open arms. Their curriculum is designed so that the courses, no matter which one, reflect/reference one another. This makes the coursework easier to retain. The advisors for the School of Business are easy to access for assistance and/ or appointments. There professors that I have had all have been willing to assist and seem to have their best interest in their students. I am forever grateful to have gained knowledge from this institution.
Overall I had a very good undergraduate experience at CCSU. I enjoyed the nightlife around the campus, as well as my program of study, and it is very close to where I live. I liked it so much that I will be returning in the fall for my graduate studies.
I chose central for the inexpensive price, but I have never regretted it. There are so many opportunities to get involved and you're exposed to all different lifestyles. I've learned so much here in 4 years.
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