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The Grand Island Central Community College is an excellent college with many activities to do. There are many ways to get involved within the college. Also, anyone is willing to help a student. They are super friendly.
I like that the classes are small. The environment gives one a more one on one feeling with student to teacher ratio. If Central Community College could change one thing it would be to offer more financial help to those that need it even though the income shows a different number. They do not take into account of all the bills a student can have on top of trying to maintain a good grade and keep a steady income flowing in.
This was an interesting college because it had locations spread out throughout the state of Nebraska. With the distant learning classes, a professor can have students from different towns at the same time. CCC is a very nice community college.
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Love that it is super affordable and being close to home. Being able to see some of my high school friends here makes it better and also playing on the soccer team really makes college for enjoyable.
The staff is very polite and helpful. Professors are always there to provide extra help and if they cant, they will send you to who can. Financial Aid works for you, for you. They have lots of advice and knowledge on what is for you and your own personal situation and needs. Would like to see designated parking for college instead of having to drive around looking for a spot and end up having to park 5 blocks away.
In the past few weeks, I have had a great experience in Central Community College. The advisers and staff are especially helpful. I had to change my whole schedule around to fit my major, but they were still willing to help me find the classes I needed. Because of the major change in my schedule, I was a week behind in my classes. All the professors were patient with me and frequently asked me if I needed help with anything. The only thing I would change about this college would be more student activities on different days, to make sure everyone is included.
I like how the class sizes are small. Even in the gen ed classes. I am in my second semester here and my largest class size has been 25 students.
I don't like that when there is an event they don't advertise it everywhere they just advertise it in a few of the buildings and if you don't go in them you miss out on the event
It's confusing at times to understand what the teacher wants. The teacher's also don't grade the assignments in a timely manner.
It's hard to get into other school in different states.
Some professors forget about real life situations.
Some professors apply day to day situations to learning.
My teacher is great and applies daily situations.
It's great to be able to work and be in school at the same time. They are all very understanding.
Instructors readily assist students with questions and concerns. A wide variety of courses are offered on several dates and times. Small class sizes allow personalized attention from instructors.
Job postings are posted for all to see in the commons area preceding the cafeteria. I am unaware of a career center within the college.
Overall course dates and times are flexible. There are opportunities to take courses on different days at different times.
Self-paced online courses differ from traditional classroom experiences because you are responsible completing assignments at your own pace. It requires a bit more self-discipline and motivation.
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Job posting are posted on a board for all to see in the commons area preceding the cafeteria. I am unsure if CCC offers a career center to students.
Central Community College degrees are more valuable in Nebraska than other states.
Instructors and faculty genuinely want you to succeed. Small student-to-instructor ratio allows more personal attention from instructors. Distance learning courses are available which allows students an opportunity to partake in classes taught off campus.
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