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If I had any questions they were able to answer them and if they were not they found someone who could. The staff has been extremely nice to me. Classes are not hard and the instructors care about you getting a quality education.
I have not had any online classes so far, but my classmates with the same major that do. All have said its not bad
Small enough that you get a lot of attention if you need help. Big enough to get advanced training in you degree.
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I am currently enrolled here and everything that I need or need help with is available and the staff will go to extreme lengths to help you with what you need for success.
Central Community College is a great because it helped me get used to being outside of high school and it was so helpful and understanding. All the instructors answered the questions I had and they were so nice.
As a community college Central is hands down the best. They work with you on anything from a certificate or diploma to an associates or to just get your general studies done then assist with your transfer to a 4 year college. They make the transferring easy and make sure you take classes that will transfer with as well.
If you have to sue them, you have two years after the incident due to a deal they have with the government. Don’t make the same mistake I did and allow criminals to it away with stuff just because the police don’t care and the lawyers can’t look into it.
I am a current 2nd year OTA student at CCC, there has been some ups and downs along the way along with changes to the program that will ultimately benefit the classes to come! It has been an awesome experience, as for the OTA program - it feels more like a university, held at high standards and everyone is such a close-knit family!!!! I will definitely miss them for sure!
The teachers are wonderful and always willing to help. They truly want to see all students succeed. They have a great student success center and the software they provide while you are a student is incredible and helps with the financial part of having to purchase programs like Microsoft office. They also have the Read and Write program available for all students. They also provide online, in person tutoring.
I think that the Central Community College campus in Hastings, NE is average overall. I learned about as much as I expected from being there. The food can sometimes be either bad or good depending on what is being served. The dorm I lived in was pretty disappointing since it was one room that I had to share with another person. The campus itself is pretty far away from the rest of the town, only being able to travel there by car. I felt neutral about my professors at Central Community College. They do what needs to be done, but I also have not felt any special connection with them.
Central Community College is a small college. The teachers are decent but check in to make sure their expectations and how the want the assignments. Academics-there are a good assortment of that students can gain careers and become experts in their field of study. Food could improve but it isn't terrible. Normally students might have to go more into town to find activities to do, but if there is a dorm, the campus staff can put on some good activities for the students.
The Grand Island Central Community College is an excellent college with many activities to do. There are many ways to get involved within the college. Also, anyone is willing to help a student. They are super friendly.
I like that the classes are small. The environment gives one a more one on one feeling with student to teacher ratio. If Central Community College could change one thing it would be to offer more financial help to those that need it even though the income shows a different number. They do not take into account of all the bills a student can have on top of trying to maintain a good grade and keep a steady income flowing in.
This was an interesting college because it had locations spread out throughout the state of Nebraska. With the distant learning classes, a professor can have students from different towns at the same time. CCC is a very nice community college.
Love that it is super affordable and being close to home. Being able to see some of my high school friends here makes it better and also playing on the soccer team really makes college for enjoyable.
The staff is very polite and helpful. Professors are always there to provide extra help and if they cant, they will send you to who can. Financial Aid works for you, for you. They have lots of advice and knowledge on what is for you and your own personal situation and needs. Would like to see designated parking for college instead of having to drive around looking for a spot and end up having to park 5 blocks away.
In the past few weeks, I have had a great experience in Central Community College. The advisers and staff are especially helpful. I had to change my whole schedule around to fit my major, but they were still willing to help me find the classes I needed. Because of the major change in my schedule, I was a week behind in my classes. All the professors were patient with me and frequently asked me if I needed help with anything. The only thing I would change about this college would be more student activities on different days, to make sure everyone is included.
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I like how the class sizes are small. Even in the gen ed classes. I am in my second semester here and my largest class size has been 25 students.
I don't like that when there is an event they don't advertise it everywhere they just advertise it in a few of the buildings and if you don't go in them you miss out on the event
It's confusing at times to understand what the teacher wants. The teacher's also don't grade the assignments in a timely manner.
It's hard to get into other school in different states.
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