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Central has made a motion to have every student in the classroom at all possible. When a student tests positive or has been exposed to COVID, Central's team does an amazing job making sure that their online experience is as great of an experience as in the classroom.
Central's campus has an amazing home feeling everywhere you go on campus. With Central being as small as it is each Professor will go out of his or her way to make sure that you succeed and show your full potential in and out of the classroom.
I know this statement may sound relatively stereotypical, but I say it with complete honesty: Attending Central College was one of the best choices I have ever made. I am someone who learns best in a small classroom setting where I have the ability to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversation. Central provided me with the ability to do so and to get to not only know my professors, but develop professional relationships with them. The faculty at Central care about your development not only in the classroom, but in life as well. Central College is the place where strangers smile as they walk by and they ask you how you are. There's a strong sense of community. The campus itself is beautiful (but in the spring, watch out for the geese, those things are mean). All in all if you are someone that thrives in a small school and caring community, I would recommend looking at Central.
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During the spring semester of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit and halfway through the semester, all classes transferred to online learning done through zoom meetings. It was a tough adjustment for not only the students, but also the faculty and staff. A lot of classes became trial and error through zoom (the online video chat platform that we used to meet), blackboard (the website that has our grades, assignments, etc., and google documents.
I did not take classes online however I did stay in contact with Admissions, professors, and deans which were all very helpful during this time and were very dedicated to supporting their students.
My experience with central was subtle but it was still enough to see and understand that the school is very welcoming to incoming students regardless of race, age,religion, and sexuality. Being such a welcoming school allows students to be more comfortable and adjust to the new area without feeling like an outsider.
My first month I honestly hated it here but then I got out and met people. Almost everyone on campus is friendly and it's more than likely you'll take classes with a lot of your friends!. Campus is the perfect size so I felt like I was at home. I love it here!
The community and campus give a welcoming feeling. You find your place at Central College. Anyone is willing to help you in anyway. Don't be afraid to ask questions and get help. There are plenty of friendly faces, and you won't fall without someone to help you get back up. Everyone helps everyone out, whether that is students, professors, or other faculty. It really is one big community.
I love how easy it is to get involved at Central, in sports, music, and clubs. There are many events going on every weekend which make it hard to go home at breaks.
They have a very fun, welcoming and family oriented environment. This led me to choose Central College. It is overall an amazing school.
I love the visit! It honestly feels like home. The professors are very knowledgeable and confident about what they teach. In addition, the student life is fantastic because it is so easy to make friends and to adjust to student life. Another reason is that the faculty/admissions is supporting and willing to help any student. They take you step by step through financial and academic help. I cannot wait to adapt to the new student life in 2020, to make new friends, and pursue my academic career.
Central is an incredibly homey experience. You are included and accepted. As an RA on campus, I had the ability to meet so many people while also being involved in many activities.
I am currently a freshman at Central College, and I absolutely love it. Everyone is very welcoming and eager to meet new people. The professors are amazing and classes are interesting. I look forward to spending the next three years here.
I'm currently a sophomore at Central College, and I could not imagine any other school for me. They have great faculty and staff. Students on campus are always extremely nice making Central a super welcoming environment.
Loved my department professors. They invested in us personally. I did not get a job in my field of study right out of college. Loved the campus and the town as well.
I love it here, everyone specifically all of the faculty works for the benefit of each student. I have lots of health problems which requires me to miss classes from time to time and all the professors I’ve had at Central want to make sure that I am successful despite all of the different obstacles in my path.
The diversity is increasing at Central College and they are making many updates to the academic and athletic facilities. They have great student to professor ratios and offer many ways to support their students. With Des Moines being about 30 min away there is a good amount to do not only in Pella but in Des Moines. It is easy to get involved and stay involved at Central College with all they have to offer.
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While expensive, the community makes it feel like a home away from home, and the professors are incredibly attentive to anything a student might need. It's also an amazing school for study abroad and internship opportunities. The campus is absolutely gorgeous and the people are incredibly kind.
This college has a great small town feel that allows you to be open and try new things. The town is very homey and friendly with the college being a large part of it. The instructors are welcoming and helpful. It is a great place to expand your horizons.
Central College offers a rich educational experience rooted in deep tradition in which calls you to a higher standard. I would recommend it for everyone.
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