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My experience at Central College was absolutely amazing. On my campus tour and athletic facilities tour, the staff made me feel like I belonged there so much. I love how within the college there are so many tight friend group and how big the sense of community is. The college is built in a small town that has a major Dutch influence and the school embraces it and makes it part of who they are. It also has very new facilities and has the best stuff for their students to succeed. I also really like the fact that the class sizes are very small and the student to teacher ratio is really low because i like to be able to connect with the teacher because I learn better that way.
Central has given me so many opportunities to expand my knowledge on a variety of subjects. They are equipping me well to become an accountant.
Nice teachers just the college is too expensive. No one can afford it at all, I know someone who graduated over 10 years ago and will be paying for another 10!
There is no party scene and not much to do in Pella. Every semester the tuition goes up. There are a lot of nice people there but it just wasn't worth it to me. The teachers will challenge you and expect a lot from you. This is a good school for people looking for the small town and thirty churches vibe.
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I enjoy the wonderful student-to-teacher ration at Central College (approximately 10:1) and the various resources available for both academic and personal health, such as the writing center and free mental health counseling services. The dedication to academics exhibited by both students and professors here is truly spectacular as well. However, I would like to see a greater emphasis on diversity and intercultural learning at Central College with more events and classes dedicated to these subjects.
I love the school! Very pretty campus, and most staff are helpful and nice. Central does have some strict rules with housing and meal plans and drinking. Also, the town is strict. They are closing the only fun bar in town.
Central has an amazing atmosphere and the perfect campus for its students. Residents halls are clean, and students are nice and friendly.
The atmosphere is that of a family. Everyone is close nit and friendly. Professors are more than happy to answer any questions, and help you to succeed in whatever major you are interested in.
The whole experience has been so much fun! The atmosphere and friendliness of the college as a whole is needed due to the fact that I live 16 hours away from Central. The college really makes me feel at home.
Beautiful campus. Great professors. Decent food. Friendly people. Caring staff. Many opportunities. Gorgeous town.
I love being a student at Central! All my professors are amazing, the dorm I live in is great, and the campus is beautiful.
Everyone is so nice and very accommodating. It's a beautiful campus and a great city! I love that the professors take time to answer questions and their doors are always open. The city is very cute and everyone is very friendly, there bakeries and shops that can keep you entertained.
Central is located in an amazing town! Pella is a cute little Dutch town with an exciting festival every May. Pella is completely safe and everyone is very nice. All of the professors love meeting with students individually and are interested in your personal growth. The only downside is Pella is a small town, so there isn't always a lot to do, but with Des Moines close by something fun is just a short drive away.
I have loved every experience that I have encountered thus far in my career at Central College. Everywhere you go, you are welcomed in as a family member. You are included in every opportunity available. I have planned some scholarship and service learning opportunities in the next couple years and I can not wait until I get to take part in them.
Central College is a small school in Pella. The atmosphere of the campus is defiantly that of a small town. When walking around campus you will see people you know and even those who you do not know are friendly and will likely pass along a greeting. Academically after the initial required courses have been met the classes ramp up significantly. Pella is small and does not have a lot of entertainment within the town. Central makes up for that by having something somewhere on campus every weekend. Pella is also about 45 min from Des Moines which makes a trip there and back in a day or night quite manageable.
Central has been great in all aspects. From professors that truly care about you to wonderful dining services, I have had a great experience at Central College.
Central College provides a great liberal arts experience. It's big enough that you don't know everyone, but you still recognize a few friendly faces on your walk to class. The professors are great and take the time to get to know each of the students in their class. This makes it much easier to ask questions and get help outside of class. There is also a great tutoring and writing center available for additional help. Central provides a variety of activities and groups for students to get involved in. Being in the middle of Iowa, this school is lacking a bit in diversity but is very intentional with it's programming to raise awareness about different issues. Central College could benefit from more student involvement in planned programming. There are many great events planned, but the student turnout is often low.
The students are wonderful and the professors are incredibly helpful. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved, seeing as it is a purely undergraduate school.
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I'm a senior at Central and I love the school. Campus is beautiful and small enough to walk anywhere I need to go. The professors genuinely care about and take time to get to know their students in order to help them excel.
I am a transfer student and unfortunately they do not prioritize transfers like I would prefer to see. However overall I have enjoyed this school.
The class sizes are good.
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