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It’s an incredible hands on school with an entire staff willing to help and in courage students to succeed. A school that provides the exact tools needed to strive in your chosen career.
The instructors work tirelessly to assure that students have the appropriate website and provide the appropriate subscriptions to said websites making it easier to obtain a successful online experience.
Vet Program is absolutely trash. Unfortunately I'm stuck in it because I'm after my RVT but I encourage anyone looking into the veterinary field SEEK ELSEWHERE!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY and look into foothill college or even Davis pending your time-line. The VA program is terribly run by someone with no sense of setting students up for success. They show and put WAY MORE effort into their other programs, they treat the VA/RVT programs as a cash cow. Save yourself and seriously look into another school, ITS NOT WORTH IT TRUST ME. If I could transfer out and not have to start over I'd do it in a heart beat.
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I know once covid hit being online was going to be tough, however I didnt think that CCC would make it MORE DIFFICULT. They had no plan or system in place so they had to stall the online courses because they weren't prepared. Then once being onlike just absolutely poor teaching. Very lack luster and for a "hands on" school and all the money were paying i would have thought they would have sent us home with some materials to learn/practice with. However that was not the case. Terrible presentation, lectures, visuals etc. Save your money and don't come here
My experience at Central Coast College is awsome the teachers and students are so wonderful. I have learned so much more than my last college I went to, I feel more achieved here. The teachers are very helpful with our studies and keep us in shape. I do not want to change anything from this College, best school I been to.
This school is such a joke! CCC has kicked out 30% of their student for no reason. They just care about the money their receiving from you! Their always drama and make you feel uncomfortable, and in your personal business.. they don't care if your enrolled through one stop career center! They think your less of value if you entroll through the one stop career center. The owners are rude, and just want your money.
Very unprofessional! If you enter any of their training programs through the one stop career center , they frown apon you! As if your enrollment is illegitimate! All I can say is that this is tragic, ANY other training program would welcome you with open arms, but not CCC.
Instead of focusing on a students great success in school, this school focuses on the he said she said of students. If you want to join a school that is very immature and catty. This is the school for u!
My counselor is always able to schedule our meetings during times that are convenient for me.
Most importantly to me, this is the only school that offers the program of the career I want to pursue and all the following are huge plus' to that This school attracted me because of the short term programs and also because they focus on each individual student so that they can advance their education. I believe its really important and unique that the counselors give a tour of the school when you come to apply. This school really takes to heart at balancing school and life so you can achieve your goals.
The financial aid process is simple and takes a short amount of time. A counselor will ask you a few short questions to determine your eligibility and how much of a grant you can receive; pending that you already completed a FAFSA. Also they may calculate a student loan amount if you need one The cost of tuition is broken down so you can see what you're paying for such as background checks or costs for books; rather than just seeing a large price. Their financial aid system was by far the easiest I've ever had to complete.
Class registration is very simple. There is year round registration meaning you can walk in anytime to apply and there are never any lines. First you make an appointment with a counselor who discusses your goals and interests. You then complete placement testing to see if you are ready for which ever program you choose. Then complete financial aid and pay for registration and wait for you classes to start!
The student body is great! There are students of different ages and you get to communicate with them and get their point of view of how they feel about going to school at their age and with their obstacles in life.
The class schedules are flexible because there are morning, mid-day, and evening schedules for classes and that helps a lot because you can work in the morning and study in the evening, or study in the morning, and work in the evening. It's also not like other colleges that you have to stay there all day for your next class. Once class is done you're free to do as you like.
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