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Central Christian College of the Bible Reviews

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It's the best. I feel I can actually grow as a person.
It a great school, I would high recommend it to anyone
I would guess they are good, I take all my class online so I'm not physical there
Review Central Christian College of the Bible
I am learning a lot with classes.
Horrible to say the very least. Contact for more info OR read my review on their Facebook page.
This college is horrible. There are professors who are bigots, there was once a required text that literally challenged the mental capacity of Full Gospel/Pentecostal believers. They are condescending to say the very least.
This place is a joke, run away, run very very far away!
Feel free to read my full review on their Facebook page.

But be VERY CAREFUL about going to this college.

They never were "great" but they have changed so much, you may want to consider staying away from them!

They may possibly be borderline fraudulant.

They seem to discriminate against Full Gospel/Pentecostal believers.

They ARE VERY rude and VERY dishonest!

Borderline FRAUDULANT!


Feel free to contact for more information or find my FULL REVIEW on Facebook.
The athletics are certainly not the focus of the school, but the students really appreciate and love them.
The theology is a little bit off sometimes, but as ling as you have a solid faith background, the teachings you will receive are some of the best.
Everything is safe in the city. There are plenty of fun activities in the area.
Off campus is a great option as far as affordability.
There are people that are very different from you, but yet we all share one mind on so many topics.
Weather is unpredictable everywhere, but Central almost never misses school due to it.
The dorms are a great option. They are very affordable and of high quality. The social atmosphere is well worth it.
The college has dorms, there is one newer dorm, but the two other dorms are fairly older, but they are in decent shape.
Review Central Christian College of the Bible
The nearest thing to do is to drive 30 minutes to Columbia to do anything. But there are always things to do around campus so that you are not completely board all the time.
The athletics offered are good and competitive, but there are only three sports offered.
The acedemics at Central are of the highest caliber. The faculty are all overqualified it seems, but also very friendly.
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