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My experience at Central Christian College online courses, have been the best experience anyone could ever think of. The course fit my needs of availability, time consumption, and reliable staff. The professor's superb in giving understanding to course materials, vocabulary, and feedback to help each student succeed. I really enjoy how Biblical teaching is infused with the college courses, it really helps one to see how God is in everything from science, math, social, psychology, and the arts. I would recommend this college to anyone no matter their age, ethnicity, or background. Central Christian College of Kansas is a blessing from God. I know it was God that placed me here. For reasons out my control I could not get in another online college that I will keep nameless. But, I must say Student Success went above and beyond to get me in and CCC of Kansas has met the call and it is paying off for everyone. May God continue to bless CCC of Kansas staff, student and alumni.
My experience with Central Christian College of Kansas has been awesome. The professors and the staff have been with me through my journey, and I love the way they teach using God and the Bible.
My experience so far at Central Christian College has been very NEW. There's a lot of things I have to adapt to and actually buy into because of course my background is quite different from the environment. I like the fact that everyone makes you feel at home, doesn't matter the skin color. The environment itself is very uplifting with lots of sensere people. I am a student-athlete here at Central and that kind of brings me a lot of popularity here, especially as a NEW freshman. The only thing I would change about the college is the dorms, haha.. my room in specific is very tiny BUT comfortable. I'd also feel more comfortable in my room if there was a window, I think safety wise it'll be smart to have a window in all rooms just in case of quick emergencies with all exits blocked.. other than that, my experience so far has been wonderful and I plan on things escalating positively as the year progresses.
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I loved Central Christian College of Kansas. I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and I'm moving on to graduate school. The instructors are amazing and work with you directly, even though it's an online school. I never felt like I was flying solo with all of the support and resources CCCK made available. When deciding on schools, it is important for me to keep Christ in the center of every part of my life and obtaining a higher education that excluded Him, was not an option. CCCK brings faith and education together for student looking further their education. I would HIGHLY recommend CCCK for anyone looking for an excellent Christian College!
We are a very small college in a very small town. Not much goes on involving crime. I feel very safe at my campus.
We are a private Christian college so everything is expensive. The dorms are okay as far as space, cleanliness, and amenities. I think a big downfall is that students are not allowed to live on campus unless they are 23 or married. The dorms are very close to everything so there is no need to drive and waste gas, the housing process is fairly easy, and the social atmosphere is great.
In a sense, athletic at Central are big. As stated before, majority of the students on campus are athletes the student involvement, fan support, and school spirit are amazing. The past couple of years have been rough as far as team performance, but this year the athletics definitely stepped up. Our men's soccer team qualified in regional, the women's soccer team placed third at nationals, basketball went to nationals, and we had track runners qualify for nationals. Our school has been in the process of adding new sports in order to recruit more students, but this has been difficult because of our schools size. It is fairly small so we don't have the best athletic facilities, and we don't have a lot of money so the school can't upgrade or build more facilities.
My overall experience at Central has been an eye opening experience. It has opened my eyes to diversity, culture, community, and adaptation. I believe that the most unique thing about our college is the sense of community that we have. Majority of students on campus are athletes so everyone is constantly supporting one another in sports and academics. The staff is also a big part of the community. I think it is extremely unique that the professors not only know us by name but also genuinely care about us. Our President and his wife are constantly around campus and always supporting campus events. How many college students can say that they even KNOW their President of their college,much less have a relationship with them and get invited over to their house for dinner.
Feel very safe on campus
Everything looks good so far
Could definitely use some updating
Great coaches, friendly, and great at what they do.
So far everything has been OK. I haven't started classes yet but the campus is nice and the people are friendly.
I enjoy the freedom of online school and their help and guidance and the student success team is wonderful when you need them. I really enjoy that it's a christian school and the discussions and classroom are very helpful and interesting. I've been attending CCC for a year now and I'm enjoying the classes I've been involved with.
I go to school online on the internet so I don't actually use campus ground facilities. They seem to be dedicated to student success and favorable grades from effiient professors. The teachers are helpful and guide you through tough spots. I have enjoyed working with the "team" for a year now and would recommend CCC to anyone looking for a good Christian education.
It is a great school and I don't want to leave
Average. Chain restaurants and not too pricey.
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IT's a Christian school so there are some rules and they are strict, but compared to other Christian schools they are not that bad.
The people are really great and are willing to work with you to get you the financial need you need. They keep you updated about what is going on and don't let you get lost in the hustle.
There are a lot of options so if you don't like what theyre serving there is usually a pizza bar, a salad, a ceral bar and a sandwhich bar. There is a lot of fried food and high carb foods so it's hard to resist.
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