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I love that Central Carolina Technical College classes are really hands on. The course work is not a lot and I find it very easy to retain.I wish there were more scholarships offered.
I had a really pleasant experience at Central. I did dual enrollment as a junior in high school, and I was happy to have the opportunity to do so. It was informative and beneficial to me because I had somewhat of a college experience whilst still in high school
CCTC is one of the biggest wastes of time I've ever elected myself for. Do yourself a favor by spending a little more to attend a decent college. What you save in tuition will cost you in sanity.
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Central Carolina is the best college I been in so far. They help you with your work, let you choose how many classes you taking. The experience for me has just been amazing.
I was told coming to central would save you money before transferring to a 4 year school. I don't feel I have saved much money and also they do not offer any classes at the Camden campuses near my house, so I have to drive 45-55 minutes away to Sumter just to finish my degree. A lot of the classes are offered at times that don't correlate as well. I have classes at 1 and 5:30. Not ideal as we thought it would be.
They give us 2 years free. My sister goes there and she enjoys it and its great that its so close. Everyone is very nice and its a small school.
I like the small classroom setting that the college provides because I am able to receive a lot of one on one conferences with my teachers.
I have been attending for about three years now as a dual enrollment student. I have dabbled in several degree programs and I can pretty safely say there is only one degree program in the entire school that is worth doing. If you want to go here and learn something, do the engineering design degree. That is the only degree worth pursuing; all others have instructors that are largely incompetent.
I like that CCTC is a small college. I feel like CCTC needs more degree programs, they need to have better communication between departments, they need to disburse financial aid ( refunds, loans, etc.) in a faster more timely manner and be more helpful to students. They also need an on campus restaurant or somewhere students can get food/drinks/coffee because there isn't anywhere.
This is my second college and I love it. The teachers actually teach and help you to pass the test and you actually learn. Teachers at my first college basically let us teach ourselves. This school has a high pass rate for the nclex if you are interested in the nursing program at a technical school in South Carolina.
Central Carolina has put a spot light on me. I am apart of an honors society and I never was in high school. I have really excelled while attending this college and its not just because of my hard work. The teachers and advisors have really been some of the biggest influencers on me. I can tell that my professors really believe in me and want to see me succeed and further my education even after Central Carolina. I feel that I am pushed to my very limit in a positive way. I have reached new goals and success that I thought would be impossible. There are endless possibilities when it comes to getting an education with Central Carolina and I am proud to be a student here and I will represent this school with honor for the rest of my life.
I've only been with this college for one semester but everyone is very helpful. Any questions I have are answered very quickly. I rate this a 4 as when I started I was not told that the program I was enlisted did not have all classes at Kershaw Campus and some classes I am still unsure how I will attend. Overall good school and great instructors.
I attended Central Carolina Technical College while earning my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I loved the school and environment. My program and teachers were wonderful. Everyone at the school were eager to help if a problem ever came up. I graduated in 2016 with my degree and am thankful I chose this program.
I liked the teachers at Central because they are flexible and work around your schedule. The office at Central is well put together and whenever I had questions about financial aid, registration or even about my classes they answered it for me.
I'm in the Engineering Design program, which is a fancy way of saying learning CAD programs, and it's great I absolutely love everything about it (well, maybe not the gen-eds) and professors are great!
I go to an outreach campus, and my experience has been great. Amazing teachers, mostly great classmates, and helpful staff. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bad staff, but the ability to switch to an alternate teacher alleviates this issue. I've learned a lot about a variety of subjects here. The college has great student life programs from clubs to aid for those who struggle to make ends meet. You can even get a discount at a local daycare if you're a student here.
I love central Carolina technical college! I have had some amazing professors, and their campuses are nice and clean!
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I like the school however I think the work can be better demonstrated and explained. I must say there are some good instructors, while there is some that don’t seem like they are doing enough to help you accomplish your goal.
The college itself is a good start for people who haven't yet decided on what their major will be or what college they will be going to. Most of the teachers are laid back. However, some of them aren't exactly the best at teaching.
I will start at CCTC in the fall. So far the administrators and admissions counselors have been extremely helpful in preparing me and helping me get enrolled!
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