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I've only been with this college for one semester but everyone is very helpful. Any questions I have are answered very quickly. I rate this a 4 as when I started I was not told that the program I was enlisted did not have all classes at Kershaw Campus and some classes I am still unsure how I will attend. Overall good school and great instructors.
I attended Central Carolina Technical College while earning my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. I loved the school and environment. My program and teachers were wonderful. Everyone at the school were eager to help if a problem ever came up. I graduated in 2016 with my degree and am thankful I chose this program.
I liked the teachers at Central because they are flexible and work around your schedule. The office at Central is well put together and whenever I had questions about financial aid, registration or even about my classes they answered it for me.
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I'm in the Engineering Design program, which is a fancy way of saying learning CAD programs, and it's great I absolutely love everything about it (well, maybe not the gen-eds) and professors are great!
I go to an outreach campus, and my experience has been great. Amazing teachers, mostly great classmates, and helpful staff. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bad staff, but the ability to switch to an alternate teacher alleviates this issue. I've learned a lot about a variety of subjects here. The college has great student life programs from clubs to aid for those who struggle to make ends meet. You can even get a discount at a local daycare if you're a student here.
I love central Carolina technical college! I have had some amazing professors, and their campuses are nice and clean!
I like the school however I think the work can be better demonstrated and explained. I must say there are some good instructors, while there is some that don’t seem like they are doing enough to help you accomplish your goal.
The college itself is a good start for people who haven't yet decided on what their major will be or what college they will be going to. Most of the teachers are laid back. However, some of them aren't exactly the best at teaching.
I will start at CCTC in the fall. So far the administrators and admissions counselors have been extremely helpful in preparing me and helping me get enrolled!
Central Carolina is a very good school, from my experience about 97% of the teachers care an have an amazing sense of humor. The content learned is job worthy, and I appreciate the professors and what they have taught me.
I'd like to see more professors care about teaching, and a higher graduation rate. I like the school as a whole, and they offered free 2 years to students who met certain criteria, so my tuition was free even before financial aid. It's small, but overall a decent college.
Central Carolina Technical College is a nice place for someone who is looking for a cheaper way to go back to school. The tuition is not high and there are many programs designed to help one succeed. I enjoyed my Freshman Seminar class and am happy there is a Freshman Focus center as well as a Student Learning Center to help you if you are struggling.
I would like to see a change in activities offered at the institute. Activities that appeal to the mass majority of the school and that can even boost moral of the community. Something that can become a tradition that the entire school/city looks forward to. Another change I’d like to see would be a sports team; nothing big or anything just something that’s students can participate in for charity or just because.
I love the environment of the campus and all the teachers one thing I would love to change is some of the faculty in the school.
I have been attending central Carolina since 2013. I would really like to see the schools Book Store to be changed. I have only seen one personable person working in there. Evey single year I have trouble with filing for financial aid because somehow my paperwork gets lost or I have to file for a new high school transcript. The classroom are average and some of the teachers are worth going to the school for. Others act like you should feel glad they even showed up.
It's a nice, small school, with 15-25 people per class. The teachers are usually nice, and you'll always be on a first-name basis, especially since you'll see the same 2-3 teachers for 90% of your classes.

Many people work and have families while they attend, so you have a range of ages, from fresh-out-of-high-school up to people in their eighties, even. There is no on-campus or off-campus housing, but you could privately rent an apartment, but most people just live at home and drive to the campus.

I wouldn't go here for a "real" college experience, but it would certainly suffice for someone seeking a small investment to advance their career, or as an option for people who know they have to do something about higher education but haven't decided what. This school can also be used to transfer to another school to make getting their Bachelor's degree less costly, or even faster.
CCTC is an affordable place to get an Associate's Degree. All fo my professors have been nice & are willing to work with you around work & life in general. The financial aid and admissions departments are pretty good as well. They are knowledgable and responsive to questions.
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I liked the help and experience and chance they gave was awesome taking criminal justice classes there as well as starting paralegal classes towards my bachelor's degree. The experience was life-changing it made me more academically ready and organized. I truly enjoyed taking my classes there. It made it a great difference in my life for the better.
Well, this semester was not flexible with my work schedule. So I had to quit my job to attend this semester.
My Computer instructor was great she took time with her students going above and beyond. Making sure we learn the course.
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