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I love the environment of the campus and all the teachers one thing I would love to change is some of the faculty in the school.
I have been attending central Carolina since 2013. I would really like to see the schools Book Store to be changed. I have only seen one personable person working in there. Evey single year I have trouble with filing for financial aid because somehow my paperwork gets lost or I have to file for a new high school transcript. The classroom are average and some of the teachers are worth going to the school for. Others act like you should feel glad they even showed up.
It's a nice, small school, with 15-25 people per class. The teachers are usually nice, and you'll always be on a first-name basis, especially since you'll see the same 2-3 teachers for 90% of your classes.

Many people work and have families while they attend, so you have a range of ages, from fresh-out-of-high-school up to people in their eighties, even. There is no on-campus or off-campus housing, but you could privately rent an apartment, but most people just live at home and drive to the campus.

I wouldn't go here for a "real" college experience, but it would certainly suffice for someone seeking a small investment to advance their career, or as an option for people who know they have to do something about higher education but haven't decided what. This school can also be used to transfer to another school to make getting their Bachelor's degree less costly, or even faster.
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CCTC is an affordable place to get an Associate's Degree. All fo my professors have been nice & are willing to work with you around work & life in general. The financial aid and admissions departments are pretty good as well. They are knowledgable and responsive to questions.
I liked the help and experience and chance they gave was awesome taking criminal justice classes there as well as starting paralegal classes towards my bachelor's degree. The experience was life-changing it made me more academically ready and organized. I truly enjoyed taking my classes there. It made it a great difference in my life for the better.
Well, this semester was not flexible with my work schedule. So I had to quit my job to attend this semester.
My Computer instructor was great she took time with her students going above and beyond. Making sure we learn the course.
I currently work in the medical field, and this college is helping to easily transition to nursing.
I'm not sure, I'm not there yet.
My experience at school so far, classes are small and fits with my work schedule.
I am currently enrolling in the summer session at Central Carolina. I am a new student and the staff has been really helpful in assisting me with the enrollment process. They are very friendly and are concerned about the students. I am really excited about starting as it has been eight years since I attended college.
The flexibility of the classes have worked out very well for me, dealing with a full-time job, and a one year old child.
The workload is different for each and every class, but is overall bearable.
The career counselors are very helpful, and will definitely lead you in the right way.
The college has a great career services center, you learn a lot from them.
The quality of professors seem to be very well. They are open to help you in any way possible.
The teachers at CCTC are very knowledgeable, and most times willing to help you understand completely.
Review Central Carolina Technical College
A good school for the local towns, fairly easy to get an Associates Degree here. Avoid some of the math teachers, because they are extremely unfair and give excessive amounts of homework that you do not get help on.
There was a lot of confusion about my classes and what to do. No one would return your call.
I've had a good experience with Central Carolina Technical College. I have switched my major to finally finding what I want to do with my life and my program is amazing. I feel that the instructors are some of the best around and they are really involved with our interests and what we want to accomplish with our lives. The school's library I believe is also great and I've also been involved with lecture classes and online classes, both of which have worked with my schedule.
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