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Every interaction I’ve had had has been online and has been stellar. Any issue is immediately addressed with genuine concern and willingness to make things work smoothly.
Everyone is extremely supporting and helpful. I don’t feel intimidated or unable to ask questions and engage in the learning
Based on my own personal experience, this school is rather unprofessional. They have made at least three mistakes that made it take longer for me to graduate, such as forgetting to sign a form. This prevented me from taking one of the classes I was meant to take. As well as not allowing me to register, claiming that I did not pay all of my fees despite the fact that I do not. I checked and it says on their website that I owe $0. The staff are normally nice, but most of the teachers that I have gotten (several) are careless, rude and/or unprofessional. Most of them will make a mistake and blame it on the student (ex: Misunderstandings, mistakes). I would rate two or three stars, but I am just very disappointed that they could make so many mistakes without making up for any of them. I do like the library though. I was promised to be put first and to receive good services, but those promises were not kept. I regret wasting time and money here.
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I actually prefer the classes online, however many mistakes have been made and it is easy to miss assignments.
I am taking all of my classes/courses online. The experience has been great because everything is planned out and it is very descriptive so you would rarely have to ask questions and it is easy to get things done ahead of time.
My overall experience at CCCC is great everyone there is here to help you. There are free tutoring options and they encourage you to ask questions because that is what they are here for. What I would like to see change is the campus itself, make it more appealing and pretty.
I have taken most of my classes at CCCC online. The professors make the class easy and are straightforward with due dates and assignments. I can easily find what I need and if I ever have any trouble, the professors communicate very well even though there is no in-person contact.
Hello, I am currently a sophomore at CCCC. My time at Central Carolina has been full of learning experiences, from life experiences to learning about my major. CCCC truly cares about their staff and students and every professor truly wants the best for each student.
I have been taking online classes with CCCC since I was a junior in high school doing dual enrollment and I would recommend them to anyone! Blackboard is super easy to navigate and you can always find someone willing to help if you have questions!
I have been attending CCCC since I was a junior in high school doing dual enrollment and I have loved every minute of it. The staff and professors are so nice and always willing to help if they can.
My online experience was wonderful! Online classes allowed me the time to study and make good grades! When I had a problem, I could go to the Academic Assistances Center and get the help I needed! I recommend Online Classes for working people too.
This was an amazing experience for me! I am 56 years old and college allowed my creative juices to flow again. I learned new information and I got to refresh some old information! Thank You CCCC for all that you represent for our community!
I like the fact that Central Carolina Community College is available to high school students through their College and Career Promise program. Some of the information I have gotten from advisors has been confusing, and once they even registered me for a class I was not eligible to take! Also, the fact that there are three campuses which are somewhat far apart can be difficult, if you are taking classes at more than one location during one semester.
For a small community college they have pretty good programs there are some things I don't like like the face the bookstore and all offices are on the main campus and there's not a smaller office for the other smaller campuses .
The instructors at Central Carolina Community College are so invested and satisfied with their job. They all want you to succeed in the best way you can. There are various resources and club options for all sorts of needs, as well. CCCC is a great school, especially for someone considering transferring to a University to make a slow transition properly!
I am a distant student therefore all of my courses are online. CCCC offers many resources for students to ensure success in academics, future careers, and personal lives. The only issue is a shortage of advisors, making it stressful for advisors and students at times. I do not necessarily fault the college for that issue, however, as it is my understanding that it is a matter of budgeting.
It was okay. There was a few good professors but that's about it. The classes were extremely easy and I didn't really learn much. I applied myself as a high schooler and attended CCCC at the same time at LEC. All the LEC kids hang out at the student center, so no college kids can really hang out there. But I took 4/5 classes each semester since my sophmore year and was taking classes beginning my freshman year with precalc. It was no challenge and the classes were boring.
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Has parking lot with a lot of spaces for students. ,TRIO program helps students a lot about academic plan, wriiand reading center staffs available most the time, librarian available online and can help student to find resources
I am a distance education student, and the college is very accommodating. The teachers and staff were always helpful, going above and beyond whenever I had a question or problem. I like that they use Cengage for their computer related courses, as it saves money when completing an associate degree.
My school is no Harvard or Ivy league school, its not some high end fancy private school, but I get a quality, personal education, at a great price and my school even has payment plan option. overall I'm not too unhappy.
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