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It is a great college so far. The instructors are very good mentors. The school should expand their parking lot, it gets very crowded. The school environment is very calm and peaceful which is good. They have good councilors and overall academic help to students. My grades went up after getting help in the academic center.
This is can great small college. We run off solar power. We have a water reclaim pond. We have a sustainable garden and pizza oven.
Central Carolina was a great 2 year college. Almost all of my professors were great. My advisor was always so helpful. They have a great staff ready to help you advance your career. They made the transition from mom-life to college life smooth and easy.
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I have had a blast going to this college. They are very supportive if you have a problem and do everything they can to make sure you are successful.
Excellent School and Excellent People. Highly Recommended! They have very progressive programs for metalwork and tool and die. They also have an accelerated program for AS and AA program which is one of the few in the area.
I loved Central! It is extremely diverse and I think that brings a lot to the classroom. The staff is always there to help you with whatever you could possibly need.
My experience with Central Carolina Community College is fairly nice. I like the way things are set up online for blackboard and how the instructors give you a good amount of time to finish the assignments that are given. I also have had a class with a real instructor. I like the way my instructor taught our class. If I had to change anything with cccc I would change the way the instructors look at things such as if I had a problem with my internet or didn't receive a book for the class for a couple of weeks than they would understand instead of not caring about the situation.
What I love about CCCC is their ease-of-use. From applying for classes to talking with the Financial Aid office, they are user friendly. If you're looking for something close to home to get some college credits in without paying university costs, this is the place.
My classes are flexible because your the one that chooses the classes and time.
In online courses will workout with your planning like you can advance on the work.
In the school they have very helpful services in school they will help you out to apply for jobs.
The professors are really interacted with the student helping them out.
Internship for my degree plus you go to field trips and go see your potential companies that could hire it's like a career fair but more excited.
My major is a great one because once you graduate you can get an opportunity in the job field like working for the job
Overall experience that I'm having so far is great because cccc does really care about the students, they have varies helpful resources to help us out.
They offer career services on campus to help student with resumes, and also looking for job opportunists.
The class size is fair, the courses offered are great. The only downfall with attending a smaller school is that the flexibility of when some courses are offered are limited.
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I seen many students who was once a student here come back with a great job opportunity. This gives me confidence that I may have a great network of people here.
By completing my AS degree here I am able to take great science classes to help prepare myself to get a BS in Biology. The science professors here make sure to really let us KNOW the information. A lot of the staff have had great experience within their field. Some has worked in the pharmaceutical companies and other are surgeons. We can learn a lot from the science department
The one thing I love about this school is how small the campus is. This allows more one on one time with students to interact with the professors and academic coaches. The staff here really wants you to succeed. They provide many student services to help you through your classes such as tutoring, the writing center, success coaches and a career center. By taking advantage of all the services the school has to offer allows you to stay in track and even ahead of the game!
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