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Awful! Lots of hypocritical behavior from many involved in the administration department! They will definitely keep CBC from growing. In fact, the student population has obviously dropped in the last several years. I’m certain it will continue to do so!
Central Baptist College feels like a family. The instructors, staff, and administration really care about their students and make you feel wanted here. The PACE Program offers alternative ways to take classes that allowed me to complete my degree while I still worked full-time. All in all, it's a great value and worthy investment!
The experience at CBC is amazing. The teachers are willing to work with students during conference hours. All the staff is friendly and makes for a good day everyday. Personally the only downfall about going to CBC is a very strict dress code at the college.
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All the staff is very friendly and helpful. The pace program is one the best for a working person or someone with family.
Central Baptist College is a great campus! It is very personal, and you can easily meet new people everyday!
I love being apart of Central Baptist College’s student body. Being at CBC feels like home and the Christian environment through the students, facility and staff is truly heartwarming! I was drawn to CBC because I felt the Lord call me there to pursue missions. CBC is a growing college and even though I love the small atmosphere, I believe CBC would thrive in several areas if they expanded their mindset on growth.
It is small, so all of the professors have the opportunity to get to know you individually. All of the staff members are extremely caring and want you to succeed. You can always go to them with anything that you have issues with. I feel safe at all times while on this campus.
I’ve loved my time at CBC. While the course load can get challenging and stressful at times it’s very easy to keep up with if you stay organized. Your professors actually care about you beyond what they see in the classroom. They are always willing to help you and make time to listen. I have met more than friends I have met a family at CBC and I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to grow in my faith with fellowship of other believers!
I like the small campus life at Central Baptist. The staff is very welcoming and helps make you feel at home. The coaches are there to help you whenever you need.
Central Baptist College provides a Christian environment for all of its students. The 11:1 ratio for students to faculty allows for one on one time with the professors. At CBC it is evident that the professors care about your education.
I am a freshman everything is good so far . I will be playing basketball i love the staff coaches my teachers. The campus is beautiful, i have meant a lot of new friends
I have loved Central Baptist since the first time i stepped on campus.Central Baptist is so exclusive and exciting once you see it for the first time.Everyone including the staff and faculties there are so generous and well mannered.
Central Baptist has high expectations for students and instills in them the drive to succeed,teachers are loving,warm and wonderful.The way they wave the christian values throughout the school students learn strong christian values as well as a world class education experience.
Great Christian school. Small but very family like environment. they have a very safe campus. great school if you are interested in a Christian faith school with weekly service.
Central Baptist is a good school. I like chapel's on wednesday and I like the way the school makes me feel welcome. The school is small enough to where everyone knows everyone so it makes it easier to get around and get a lot of help.
I wish my high school had been as organized as CBC.

I have truly grown in so many ways and my confidence is higher than its ever been.

They truly have staff that understands my asbergers syndrome and my grades and study habits have improved so much.
The things I enjoyed the most about CBC was the student to professor ratio, you get a lot of one on one time with said professors. The thing I didn't not like about how Hypocritical they are with it being a Christian school you are supposed forgiving and to teach to forgive not condem.
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Being a Baptist College, CBC doesn't have a Greek life.
My favorite experience is probably being in Composition 1, so much writing!! It's a lot of fun, especially since writing is my first love. I would never want to live the=rough experience again though- rather, I look forward to the future that this College is preparing me for. I can't wait!!
I have never been to a CBC party.