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I am a freshman everything is good so far . I will be playing basketball i love the staff coaches my teachers. The campus is beautiful, i have meant a lot of new friends
I have loved Central Baptist since the first time i stepped on campus.Central Baptist is so exclusive and exciting once you see it for the first time.Everyone including the staff and faculties there are so generous and well mannered.
Central Baptist has high expectations for students and instills in them the drive to succeed,teachers are loving,warm and wonderful.The way they wave the christian values throughout the school students learn strong christian values as well as a world class education experience.
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Great Christian school. Small but very family like environment. they have a very safe campus. great school if you are interested in a Christian faith school with weekly service.
Central Baptist is a good school. I like chapel's on wednesday and I like the way the school makes me feel welcome. The school is small enough to where everyone knows everyone so it makes it easier to get around and get a lot of help.
I wish my high school had been as organized as CBC.

I have truly grown in so many ways and my confidence is higher than its ever been.

They truly have staff that understands my asbergers syndrome and my grades and study habits have improved so much.
The things I enjoyed the most about CBC was the student to professor ratio, you get a lot of one on one time with said professors. The thing I didn't not like about how Hypocritical they are with it being a Christian school you are supposed forgiving and to teach to forgive not condem.
Being a Baptist College, CBC doesn't have a Greek life.
My favorite experience is probably being in Composition 1, so much writing!! It's a lot of fun, especially since writing is my first love. I would never want to live the=rough experience again though- rather, I look forward to the future that this College is preparing me for. I can't wait!!
I have never been to a CBC party.
Don't go to parties. I go home and watch netflix and sleep.
I love everything about it. They don't let a student get behind
No one does drugs on campus or drinks on campus
Doors to the library lock at a certain time so its pretty cool and no one can get in without a student id so thats pretty save and also we have a cop on campus when its night time.
I never really looked at this.
The professors are all nice, I like that the class isnt so big because its easier for more one on one with the teacher and better for him to remember your name.
I don't live on campus but from what I have seen its pretty cool.
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Not having greek life is probably the best thing ever
I love my sports team and I also enjoy going out and supporting the other teams.
What I like about my school is that its small enough to where everyone knows who you are and where the teachers can easily help you!
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