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The campus is good and I like the area it's in. There are multiple ways for you to attend the college of your choice after. CAC sets you up for success and always takes care of you even when you think you're alone
Central Arizona College is a great place to get education. The professors are very student oriented and they work with each individual to achieve their goals. Go Vaqueros!
The professors are very accommodating but they can only do so much. Online sites to submit assignments are consistently crashing, staff can be slow and counter productive, and the president has openly stated she only wants farmers and engineers. Anything that doesn't fall under those get cut eventually.
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Great college located in a small town. All of my classes were online and I had excellent tutoring resources. I would highly recommend this college.
Overall a great school, transferring was fast, and easy. I would like to see the nursing program offered at more than one location.
CAC has been a great start to my collegiate journey. My classes have been uplifting in class and online, though redundant at times. The Professors have been very helpful and considerate of the students needs, but administratively the college seems average to below average. The registration office has always given me some issues with classes, transcripts, etc, but for the most part I would recommend the college.
I love going to Central Arizona College I always feel welcome on and off campus. It may be a community college but this community college is by far the best. The professors I've had are some of the most informative professors and they are very understanding. I love how advisors keep up to date with your classes and try to build a relationship with each student. Central Arizona College really does there best in helping you reach your goals and seeing you succeed at a university of your choice.
The campus is tucked away right behind a small mountain; it is a small, quiet, and peaceful place to study. I have especially enjoyed the Psychology classes offered here. If you are seeking a challenge you will not find it here, as expectations need to be raised.
Overall, it is a very good college. They help you with the goals that you want to achieve in the future, and the faculty is very nice. Like every college, there are some problems. They don't have that many clubs or programs for students that don't go to the main campus. I only go to the Maricopa campus, but from what I hear from the main campus, Signal Peak, it is very nice. The education is very interactive and the professors really care about their subjects. They also offer a really good Early Scholarship Program that is great for homeschooled students.
I love coming to this college. All the teachers are very enthusiastic about teaching, and I learn so much. Being in such a great environment makes me want to learn more every day!
central Arizona has a strong college rodeo team which to me was a big deal since rodeo is an important piece of my life. Also this college is at a size that best suits me since I'm not a big fan of large crowds.
The teachers are very encouraging with the students. But the Financial Aid office is very slow. They do not tell you if you have any holds until the very last minute.
The multiple campuses can make school very accessible however I wish some classes like chemistry were offered at all campuses. They did find a way to video chat between classrooms for math classes and such so they can teach at all campuses but there are no lab classes that you can take through the video chat classrooms.
I love central Arizona college. The counselors are wonderful, and campus is beautiful and easy to find classes. And not hard to register for classes.
The atmosphere very warm and service by staff very appreciative and very helpful with questions and concerns I had to prepare myself for the future.
i like central arizona college becasue they added a new student building where the bookstore, cafeteria and other facilities its just a great building to be in and look at
CAC is a small community college with diverse age groups attending classes. I would like to see change is more specific degree paths.
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Some rooms are better than others and location is okay but it is livable. There's a light atmosphere and a place for free laundry. The only main problem is that there is not much to do, especially if you don't have a car.
I have had some of the most wonderful professors of my college career at CAC. The only change I would recommend is the advisors and administrative staff can be rude and unhelpful.
Like that it’s smaller but still have a variety of classes to take and people to meet. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with professors and fellow classmates. They’ve all been helpful and a overall positive influence throughout my college career.
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