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The staff is excellent with helping future and current students. Issues never go unresolved, the staff and guidance works with you and for you.
They could be more organized. If you're going to take classes there, take Professor Moulton's English class! She was incredible
I have been at Central Arizona College for two years now and I have never had any problems. My teachers have been great and my advisers have been very helpful in helping with my career path.
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Not very on top of fixing problems at the Maricopa Campus. I have repeatedly called to ensure my issue would be resolved but I keep getting the run around or the statement "I'll call you back tomorrow" which
The school was easy to navigate and was clean. Everyone was nice and helpful. It is typical of a somewhat rural community college in that not much is happening on campus. But Phoenix is only 45 minutes away and Tucson about one hour and 15 minutes. ASU and UA offer a lot of night life.
I enjoy the small-town feel at CAC, the staff and students are like friendly neighbors and everyone tries to help each other out with assignments, explaining how specific sites and credits work and helping to get things done. I would like if CAC fixed their website, it's difficult to navigate and they're always adding some sort of update that makes it even more difficult to understand.
This is a really good school when I took classes during summer I made lots of friends it is a good school
I have visited the Signal Peak campus multiple times and i can't wait to start over the summer. I want to get ahead start in my education and this is the place for me!
Central Arizona College is a great school. The SMC campus has by far been my favorite! The professors have been very nice and stay in contact with you very well with any help that you need. Plus, CAC offers a lot of students the two years free if they partner with your High School. The classes sizes are generally 24:1 or less!
I like that the college has many locations around Arizona to choose from, and that there is a lot of different events and learning opportunities to choose from. I even think that they have a great selection of elective classes that are fun. If a mistake is ever made, the staff always makes sure things are set right.
What I liked about Central Arizona College is the simplicity and straight forwardness of their programs. What I would like to see a change is the quality of the education it needs to be elevated.
The quality of the buildings, staff, and classroom supplies are great for a community college. As I am in high school AND community college right now, I like that I can have a sophisticated and studious place to study for both my schools.
The professors know what their doing and the campus is very inviting and spacious. Plenty of places to study and to hang out. However the on-line registration systems and school accounts tend to have problems and could use work.
I really enjoyed my professors 2 out of 3 I feel that their could be a better approach on communicate when a student email the professor and it takes 3 to 4 days to get a response. It's a list of things that need to change at this campus sometimes starting off small can make a great impact.
There is little support, the professor's are rude, and the online aspect does not work. You can't even register for classes online due to their web site having so many problems. Their graduation rate is very low 18%. I give this college an overall thumbs down I should have spent my money somewhere else.
The counselors an advisors have steered me wrong with courses since the day I started here making my time here thousands of dollars more expensive and lasting much longer than I would like. The campus (SMC) that I attend is nice and the new building they built is full of new technology and great lecture rooms. I have had many great professors here.
Central Arizona College is a wonderful transition for high school students to the College atmosphere as well as non-traditional students returning to the classroom. The campus is clean and easy to navigate, as well as beautifully landscaped. There are many opportunities for athletics, student life and immersion to this college community. The professors are top notch and the ratio is comfortable to still receive wonderful interaction as well as personalized instruction to meet your current subject knowledge.
I would attend again if my career path changes to receive another certificate or change my course of study.
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I had an average experience. I went to class, did my work and then went home. I completed my associate's degree here although I wish I had better guidance as to what studies would truly benefit me in the long run.
my experience at central Arizona college the past year was everything i expected and more. The entire staff is very humble and treat everyone with respect the way a school should be. Classes are very easy to find which can make going to school difficult and frustrating at times. The teachers there care very much for there students and want you to succeed and get to where you want to be with full potential.
My time at Central Arizona College has been amazing! I was given many opportunities to experience what I actually wanted to study. I got the chance to take part in the music programs while applying myself into the amazing science programs. The professors have all been wonderful in the that they have helped me succeed.
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