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i like central arizona college becasue they added a new student building where the bookstore, cafeteria and other facilities its just a great building to be in and look at
CAC is a small community college with diverse age groups attending classes. I would like to see change is more specific degree paths.
Some rooms are better than others and location is okay but it is livable. There's a light atmosphere and a place for free laundry. The only main problem is that there is not much to do, especially if you don't have a car.
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I have had some of the most wonderful professors of my college career at CAC. The only change I would recommend is the advisors and administrative staff can be rude and unhelpful.
Like that it’s smaller but still have a variety of classes to take and people to meet. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with professors and fellow classmates. They’ve all been helpful and a overall positive influence throughout my college career.
The school may be small, but it is quickly expanding and constantly searching for improvements across all campuses. Excellent opportunities for transferring to universities and the main campus all ways has very friendly staff eager to help.
I find Central Arizona College to be good. The teachers are helpful. In fact, I have yet to run into an unhelpful teacher. Additionally, I find the costs very reasonable. Thus, I have great return on my investment. However, their range of subjects are lacking. There are hardly any art classes and it is very restricted. In other words, the classes are more designed for students wanting a technical degree. Currently, the campus is under construction. They are putting in a new cafeteria and science building. This is for the best, because both of the other current building are in not so great condition. Furthermore, this college is in Arizona, so it is pretty sunny. Nevertheless, they have nearly no shading and no grassy area to sit on. Besides these few issues this is a great college. Mainly, because the teachers are nice, the classes are decent, and the tuition is reasonable.
I liked the fact that they took all my transfer credits, but the department that I'm in needs some serious tech updating.
The staff is excellent with helping future and current students. Issues never go unresolved, the staff and guidance works with you and for you.
They could be more organized. If you're going to take classes there, take Professor Moulton's English class! She was incredible
I have been at Central Arizona College for two years now and I have never had any problems. My teachers have been great and my advisers have been very helpful in helping with my career path.
Not very on top of fixing problems at the Maricopa Campus. I have repeatedly called to ensure my issue would be resolved but I keep getting the run around or the statement "I'll call you back tomorrow" which
The school was easy to navigate and was clean. Everyone was nice and helpful. It is typical of a somewhat rural community college in that not much is happening on campus. But Phoenix is only 45 minutes away and Tucson about one hour and 15 minutes. ASU and UA offer a lot of night life.
I enjoy the small-town feel at CAC, the staff and students are like friendly neighbors and everyone tries to help each other out with assignments, explaining how specific sites and credits work and helping to get things done. I would like if CAC fixed their website, it's difficult to navigate and they're always adding some sort of update that makes it even more difficult to understand.
This is a really good school when I took classes during summer I made lots of friends it is a good school
I have visited the Signal Peak campus multiple times and i can't wait to start over the summer. I want to get ahead start in my education and this is the place for me!
Central Arizona College is a great school. The SMC campus has by far been my favorite! The professors have been very nice and stay in contact with you very well with any help that you need. Plus, CAC offers a lot of students the two years free if they partner with your High School. The classes sizes are generally 24:1 or less!
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I like that the college has many locations around Arizona to choose from, and that there is a lot of different events and learning opportunities to choose from. I even think that they have a great selection of elective classes that are fun. If a mistake is ever made, the staff always makes sure things are set right.
What I liked about Central Arizona College is the simplicity and straight forwardness of their programs. What I would like to see a change is the quality of the education it needs to be elevated.
The quality of the buildings, staff, and classroom supplies are great for a community college. As I am in high school AND community college right now, I like that I can have a sophisticated and studious place to study for both my schools.
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