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The quality of the buildings, staff, and classroom supplies are great for a community college. As I am in high school AND community college right now, I like that I can have a sophisticated and studious place to study for both my schools.
The professors know what their doing and the campus is very inviting and spacious. Plenty of places to study and to hang out. However the on-line registration systems and school accounts tend to have problems and could use work.
I really enjoyed my professors 2 out of 3 I feel that their could be a better approach on communicate when a student email the professor and it takes 3 to 4 days to get a response. It's a list of things that need to change at this campus sometimes starting off small can make a great impact.
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There is little support, the professor's are rude, and the online aspect does not work. You can't even register for classes online due to their web site having so many problems. Their graduation rate is very low 18%. I give this college an overall thumbs down I should have spent my money somewhere else.
The counselors an advisors have steered me wrong with courses since the day I started here making my time here thousands of dollars more expensive and lasting much longer than I would like. The campus (SMC) that I attend is nice and the new building they built is full of new technology and great lecture rooms. I have had many great professors here.
Central Arizona College is a wonderful transition for high school students to the College atmosphere as well as non-traditional students returning to the classroom. The campus is clean and easy to navigate, as well as beautifully landscaped. There are many opportunities for athletics, student life and immersion to this college community. The professors are top notch and the ratio is comfortable to still receive wonderful interaction as well as personalized instruction to meet your current subject knowledge.
I would attend again if my career path changes to receive another certificate or change my course of study.
I had an average experience. I went to class, did my work and then went home. I completed my associate's degree here although I wish I had better guidance as to what studies would truly benefit me in the long run.
my experience at central Arizona college the past year was everything i expected and more. The entire staff is very humble and treat everyone with respect the way a school should be. Classes are very easy to find which can make going to school difficult and frustrating at times. The teachers there care very much for there students and want you to succeed and get to where you want to be with full potential.
My time at Central Arizona College has been amazing! I was given many opportunities to experience what I actually wanted to study. I got the chance to take part in the music programs while applying myself into the amazing science programs. The professors have all been wonderful in the that they have helped me succeed.
Central Arizona College (CAC) was a great start to my college career. Starting at this community college was convenient due to it being close to home and also having low tuition fees.
There are many campuses for this school, which makes it so that for some classes you have to videochat your teacher from somewhere else. There are not a ton of student activities that I'm aware of and the campuses are all pretty small. The academia can be great, but it really depends on the professor that you get.
Why would thousands of dollars for one semester at a University when you can get the same education and more one-on-one time with an instructor? Central Arizona College is an inexpensive affordable college with many diverse students and staff. Central has great professors who will work with you and insure that you will pass their class, no questions asked. Central Arizona College is the best way to go.
This school has excellent faculty!!! I love my professors. You are not just a number here, every single one of them has been willing and available to give one on one help if needed.
I am currently a sophomore at Central Arizona College and they have proven that education is what they want students to have the most. They are willing to work out a payment schedule to be able to pay for schooling and have amazing instructors that meet your needs.
This College is a very good College to start out at! If I could recommend anything I would suggest using their transfer to University program! All of the professors are great and always available for any questions you have! Going to this College instead of a University first was probably the best thing for me!
I like how the school and staff really make it their goal to see students succeed. I personally struggled my first semester. I failed to take advantage of the amazing opportunities I had to do the best I can. Weekly the school organizes activities for students to help with school or stress. They offered tutoring 4 days a week for as long as you need it. My school may be considered small but I love it. It gives staff an easy access to help you one on one with your educational needs. I am glad i chose CAC.
Everyone there has always been helpful and nice. I will continue my education there for sure! I wish they had more subjects at more campuses but it seems that they add more of them every year.
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I love the academics and the professors, they are all amazing. I would like to see the food improve drastically.
I like the education aspect. The residency, not so much, just because there has been a few incidents.
CAC is great. All of the staff members are ready to help. I am there on a scholarship I received for taking college courses while still being in high school. Central Arizona has really brought up the rank on community colleges.
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