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Yes, I took online classes last semester and now I am starting off this fall online once again. It's cool!! I mean I do miss face-to-face learning like some students are used to but now with technology you can Skype, email professors and students and important people.

All in all, I still love being here at Central Arizona College!!
So far, what I've learned about Central Arizona College it offers a lot of degrees; for one and certificates. It does not even matter what major you choose!! They have helpful resources and staff. Beautiful campus and great professors who help you when in need.

It at times challenges you but isn't college is all about? Taking courses that test and challenge you in your areas. I'd definitely recommend it!!!
Really nice and informative advisors. However, I would have liked the financial department were more helpful in helping find different ways to help students with paying for college
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So far the classes haven't started but they are very flexible with your schedule. You don't have to be online every day just when you are able to. Assignments are due once a week.
This would be my first year taking online classes do to the corona virus situation but I have hear many good things about it. I have also heard that the classes are easy to access the professor went need.
When participating in the early college program throughout my junior and senior year of high school, I grew fond the environment and how the culinary chef instructor was at the San tan campus. Chef Clay Peden ensured the safety of his students, gave us work place that was open to help when need and provided real world situations that would help better us as culinarians. The campus even provided a interactive lecture about what to do during a school shooting situation. It was very informative and made me feel even more safe.
I really like how everybody is so friendly and very helpful with everything. Everybody is always so willing to help me with whatever I need help with. I have enjoyed my
professors and they make everything so easy to access.
This place felt like home to me for the past 3 years. I had a hard life growing up and always feared change. But upon going here I had made more friends than I could imagine
I am currently enrolled in CAC and I have to say it has been the smoothest process from point A to point B. The professors truly want to see and help you succeed. I wasn't sure what to expect when I first enrolled but being here for over a year has opened me to many opportunities as well as giving me an opportunity to find like minded people. I have taken both regular courses and online and the programs are genuinely helpful and Iv'e learned many things that will be beneficial in my future career.
The teachers here are absolutely amazing, they are always looking out for their student's future career and educational pathways, they are often very understanding of student schedule and are willing to do what they can to help. The school also puts on several free events to help us relieve tension, which absolutely comes in handy during midterms and finals. The only thing I would change about this school, is for there to be more restaurants or businesses close to the school for students living in the dorms to visit, instead there is just desert, which makes it feel a little isolated, but other than that the community and the workers here are absolutely amazing.
One of the worst college experiences you can have. Teachers don't care, one of my professors didn't even show up most of the time, insanely easy work, dorm came with mold in the bathroom we were fined for, most dorms didnt have functional AC, the police officers are incredibly rude, dorm advisors didn't help at all, 1k food plan gave everyone food poisoning, administration wasn't accessible, my friends plans were mismanaged and they would've had to spend a 3rd year there. Not to mention that the campus is in the middle of worn down ruins of some city

Don't even waste your time, go to literally any other CC
So far I have had a wonderful time at CAC, the only thing I will like to see change is the teachers make more time for the students questions.
The counselors and secretaries were very helpful and informative. The campus is very clean and easy to navigate. The online self service should be made a bit more user-friendly, as it can be difficult to register without recieving direct assistance.
I love going to Central Arizona College. There have been many updates to the campus. With a new student lounge, we are able to meet in an area just for students to relax, eat, do homework, or socialize. The food they have is much better than the food there was before. The new campus buildings also have a modern touch to them that adds to the campus. The landscape is mostly nature so if you want to you can go for a hike around the campus and enjoy the scenery. The students and faculty there are very helpful as well in finding your classes, tutoring, or overall making you feel welcomed. It is a much smaller campus than a university, so there is not much of a walk between one end of the campus to the other, probably about a 10 minute walk to walk straight across the campus. However, classes are fairly close together, about a 1-5 minute walk. Overall, the campus is great, and anyone who would like to join this school will surely have a great experience.
Not much to complain about you get a 1 on 1 experience with teachers. Student-Teacher relationships are built and are beneficial for a new student new to college.
I love cac! The academic advisers make sure you are utilizing all of the resources that I have been provided to you. They make sure that you stay on your plan making sure that your grades stay up to par and that you are not struggling in any aspect. They sit down with you and they take the time to make a plan to get to your degree. They show that they truly care about you getting your degree just as much as you care. I truly like CAC and can’t wait to get my degree through them
The campus is good and I like the area it's in. There are multiple ways for you to attend the college of your choice after. CAC sets you up for success and always takes care of you even when you think you're alone
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Central Arizona College is a great place to get education. The professors are very student oriented and they work with each individual to achieve their goals. Go Vaqueros!
Great college located in a small town. All of my classes were online and I had excellent tutoring resources. I would highly recommend this college.
Overall a great school, transferring was fast, and easy. I would like to see the nursing program offered at more than one location.
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