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very well structured but somehow it is more expensive than traditional classes! also, the school does not provide any computers or technical requirements to make the transition any smoother
The school sucks all around. They never do anything right, always late with financial aid, screw students out of money, dont offer many opportunities for financial assistance.
I have taken many online classes through CACC and each professor would help their students with anything they need. It is as close to an on campus experience as you can get. Each professor cares for their students and wishes them to succeed in there study’s and at life.
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This college is a great experience, with great professors who make learning a whole lot of fun. I have enjoyed every step of the way in my college journey. Everyone is there to help us students with whatever we need. The campus it’s self is just amazing, we have a pond and multiple ducks that we get to enjoy each day we are on campus. I am going to start my second year at Central Alabama Community college in the fall and I can’t wait. Not only is the classes enjoyable and the teachers but we have a few clubs that are enjoyable too. I am currently apart of our fishing team who is coached by and amazing person who also apart of student services and can help whenever needed. We also have an outstanding sports team like softball and baseball. Overall I would like to encourage people from all around to come to CACC and experience the good times themselves.
It’s small so you build relationships with the instructors. It’s a really good school with great teachers.
Central Alabama Community College had helped me get out if my comfort zone and really move forward with my life. The teachaetd are so helpful and always there for the students.
Central Alabama Community College is a great school. The teachers and faculty are very helpful and they will do their best to make sure you complete your goals or task at hand.
cacc is a great college for teenagers just now coming out of high school and still has no idea what they wanna do with their life.
Central Alabama community college was the best college I have attended. I love how all the professors know you by name and face. Everyone there is supper sweet and caring. It is so safe around campus also, they always have security patrolling to help with that also.

I wish they could get a couple more sports back but besides they have great athletic system.
I have dual enrolled at CACC for almost four semesters and HAVE LOVED IT!! The people are kind, the teachers are relaxed, yet knowledgeable and very reassuring. I have learned so much more than I expected to from the small, community college. It was well worth it.
The Alexander City campus is so nice. All the people/workers are nice and professional. On the other hand, the Childersburg campus is not the same. The teachers are very nice but some of the office people are ridiculous. Stuff never gets done!
The students on the campus for the most part are very friendly . The teachers are outstanding especially the welding and machine shop instructors . The only thing I do not like is we don't have dorms . Only the baseball/softball players have dorms even though it is a 2 year college it would be helpful . Other than that I love attending this college.
My experience with Central Alabama Community College was fair. Most of the teachers are wonderful but dealing with the office stuff is what was frustrating. The office staff could improve on friendliness and stay more on top of things. I liked the small class settings and more one on one teaching.
I like Central Alabama Community College because teachers are very understanding and helpful. The teachers want to not only get you through college but help you do better in everyday life. You learn how to handle things differently, how to juggle everything. There is a program that is called Student Support Service (SSS) they people who work in here are wonderful. They are very resourceful. If you need anything like someone to help you write your paper, if you need supplies, or just someone to talk to while you are waiting for you next class. The campus itself is very open and everyone is friendly.
Although this may be a small school, the amount of positive energy that comes from it encourages every person coming through the doors. If one has a true desire to succeed, the staff here will do everything possible to help one achieve greatness
Central Alabama Community College is a great community college with a great atmosphere. The staff and teachers really care about students and the class sizes are small so you get on a personal level with your teacher. I would recommend this community college to incoming freshman because it helps you prepare for a bigger school and its a lot cheaper!
I love being able to still live at home and save my money while going to College. I wish the Nursing Program was better than what it is.
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My college is unique because, I was able to take developmental college classes and current college course at the same time. Without feeling that the teachers were just trying to get me in the next class. They were very caring asking me questions about how I was doing in my courses and if I needed any help with a certain subject. This is one of many great reasons why my college CACC is the one for you!!!
The professors really care about the students doing well. They will schedule private meetings for extra help.
The flexibility of classes and such is actually really good. Multiple times and dates are provided so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. It's quite nice actually. The teachers are willing to let you makeup a test or take a test early if something comes up and you can't be there the day of the test and you are allowed to email your assignments in if you get sick the day it is due or something.
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