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The Alexander City campus is so nice. All the people/workers are nice and professional. On the other hand, the Childersburg campus is not the same. The teachers are very nice but some of the office people are ridiculous. Stuff never gets done!
The students on the campus for the most part are very friendly . The teachers are outstanding especially the welding and machine shop instructors . The only thing I do not like is we don't have dorms . Only the baseball/softball players have dorms even though it is a 2 year college it would be helpful . Other than that I love attending this college.
My experience with Central Alabama Community College was fair. Most of the teachers are wonderful but dealing with the office stuff is what was frustrating. The office staff could improve on friendliness and stay more on top of things. I liked the small class settings and more one on one teaching.
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I like Central Alabama Community College because teachers are very understanding and helpful. The teachers want to not only get you through college but help you do better in everyday life. You learn how to handle things differently, how to juggle everything. There is a program that is called Student Support Service (SSS) they people who work in here are wonderful. They are very resourceful. If you need anything like someone to help you write your paper, if you need supplies, or just someone to talk to while you are waiting for you next class. The campus itself is very open and everyone is friendly.
Although this may be a small school, the amount of positive energy that comes from it encourages every person coming through the doors. If one has a true desire to succeed, the staff here will do everything possible to help one achieve greatness
Central Alabama Community College is a great community college with a great atmosphere. The staff and teachers really care about students and the class sizes are small so you get on a personal level with your teacher. I would recommend this community college to incoming freshman because it helps you prepare for a bigger school and its a lot cheaper!
I love being able to still live at home and save my money while going to College. I wish the Nursing Program was better than what it is.
My college is unique because, I was able to take developmental college classes and current college course at the same time. Without feeling that the teachers were just trying to get me in the next class. They were very caring asking me questions about how I was doing in my courses and if I needed any help with a certain subject. This is one of many great reasons why my college CACC is the one for you!!!
The professors really care about the students doing well. They will schedule private meetings for extra help.
The flexibility of classes and such is actually really good. Multiple times and dates are provided so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. It's quite nice actually. The teachers are willing to let you makeup a test or take a test early if something comes up and you can't be there the day of the test and you are allowed to email your assignments in if you get sick the day it is due or something.
I have had a really good experience here so far. Everyone is very helpful and everything is pretty easy to find. I have had really good classes as well as teachers that have challenged me to be the best that I could be. I enjoy being a part of student services because it is incredibly helpful to be able to print at the school and get work done without having to hope that the computer lab is open. Also Student Support Services is simply convieniant.
The quality of courses versus the professors is great. The professors really care about you and try to help you out if you are having trouble, they even provide extra credit so that you can pass with a 70. Tutoring is available and every teacher will tell you to stop by their office any time for help. It is a very friendly environment. The courses are wonderful as well. They challenge you intellectually and really get you to think. I have had such a great experience with CACC so far and I am sure I will continue to have a great experience.
The school is very involved in students' goals and trying to help them meet those goals. There are various programs in place so that a person could go straight from school to the workforce. There are internships available and provide excellent experience in the field that a student wants to work in.
I love online courses. They are really convieniant because you can do it on your own time which I love. I usually interact with my classmates more during an online class as well because our discussions obviously involve us having to communicate with each other to get something done. I find that I interact with everyone more as a whole in my online classes versus my traditional classes. The workload is a bit easier only because I am able to do it all in my own time and I usually don't have to have something done until the end of the week versus having to have it done next time we meet in my traditional class. Overall, u enjoy online classes more than traditional classes.
Academics are very well organized at CACC. There are a lot of options available to the students to get extra help or get involved in the school such as tutoring, student support services, and student activities including lawn parties. The professors work to really push the students to be the best that they can be and really challenge them intellectually. The class registration process is fairly easy as wel. There are two options, you can either register online or on the campus. Personally, I prefer registering online because I find it easier than having to wait and register your classes with a person. As long as prior advising as been attended to then online registering is not a problem. CACC makes signing up for your glasses fast and easy. They also send outstripped reminder emails about registration dates, tuition due dates, as well as student activities that can be participated in and scholarships available. CACC is a very student-oriented school and I love how it makes me feel like the school actually cares for my well-being.
I haven't started my major classes yet but I am having a wonderful experience getting my basics out of the way. My major is Apparel/Textiles with a Concentration in Fashion Merchandising. CACC does a very good job of making sure a student has their required curriculum covered if they are transferring to a different college which I am. Through the STARS guide I have a set list of classes I need to take that will transfer with me as I transfer which is incredibly helpful because it prevents from taking a class that would waste my time. The program I am on right now involves a few business classes as well as fashion classes so that when I transfer I will be prepared to take the advanced courses. My adviser has been with me every step of the way advising me on which classes to take each semester and being a huge help, answering all of the questions I have had. My internship opportunities will most likely come later in my program, when I am a senior most likely. The workload is a bit daunting but I am able to handle it with hard work and dedication. This is an excellent transfer program and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me.
The student body is fine at CACC. Personally, I do not interact with them very much because I am focused on furthering my education and achieving my goals in life. That is not to say that I do not talk to them, I just do not excessively talk to them or try to make friends because I usually go to class then straight back home if I do not need to do anything on the campus prior to going home. There is much diversity though. There men and women of all varieties and they are accepted. There is no racism or anything going on at CACC. Everyone is accepted as an individual and are valued by their actions not by what they look like.
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Tuition and financial aid is handled very well at CACC. The tuition is not out of this world expensive and it rightfully reflects the type of school it is, a community college. CACC does not nickel and dime you to death, they give you a set price and expect it to be paid. They have several reminder emails that go out to the student body as a whole and have options for if you annoy pay the tuition on time. Financial aid options are available as well and are extremely helpful. Scholarships and pell grants are mostly the source of aid though there are a few that use loans and such. The school works with you though to maintain yourself and your financial aid if you have any. They make sure you are in the right text and try to encourage you if you are starting to regress. CACC really is a wonderful school. Tips for getting financial aid would include working hard at whatever you are doing, attending class to be able to get the best experience possible, working with professors to ensure you understand everything and are getting my the best education you can receive, and maintaining a good work ethic and willing to do the work it takes to be successful. Things just are not handed to you, you have to work for them.
CACC has many different options for someone wanting to go straight into the workforce from their school. It has degree programs for welding, mechanics, cosmetology, and nursing. CACC wants every student to be successful and bears its programs towards those kinds of things. Many people that go there have been able to go on to become technicians, hairdressers, and nurses. The results are proof that CACC education is worth a person's time. Several alumni come to visit every now and again to talk with and interact with the current students, give them advice and see how they are doing. It is always inspiring to see where the alumni are after graduating from CACC. CACC really cares for its students' goals and is willing to do anything it can to help students get to where they want to go in life.
Everything is accomadated to the student which is incredibly nice to say the least. Two of the bathrooms are a little torn up but they are still presentable enough to use and the rest of the bathrooms are very nice. The facilities are nice as well, there is always air conditioning and everything works properly. CACC does a really good job of trying to engage its students in student activities such as a costume party during the month of October and a pageant during the month of May to help students out with financial aid. The school is geared toward helping each and every student reach their goals in life and there is an administrator around every corner ready to assist you if need be, they even offer extra credit to help you pass if you are struggling with a class as well as tutoring.
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