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Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy Reviews

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It's an okay school and can be very helpful and very educational, but only at their convenience
Class size depends on who registered to attend at the school, some classes can be more focused on you and others are just very overwhelming and hard to follow along with if everyone moves/learns at a different pace
I've learned a lot on what I have came to this school for, they ask for more money than anything when we have free tutorials already, they ask for $35 for each one. Teachers are very helpful, only to their convenience. Students have the same goal/mission as I do and I can relate with them very well.
Review Center for Natural Wellness School of Massage Therapy
It pretty equal between races, we get to experience with everybody. Why not, we are all one on this earth.
Tuition is kind of high for a building with only 5 class rooms. Financial aid is VERY flexible, only perk of paying.
We have a clinic where we preform our school abilities on real clients to get used to how it would be in the real world, I would consider it very helpful before we get our license and a job in reality
Awesome professors, all have been teaching 10+ years so they are very knowledgeable and can help in a lot of situation. We have a tutoring program if you do not understand a topic very well, but you have to pay extra for it when some students get it free, not fair
Teachers have a great way of teaching, reviewing materials in which a way a student can easily remember them. Not too much workload at all, and numerous internship and job opportunities, we have a job board.
Small work spaces, extremely small library but great teachers, know how to teach and offer job positions after graduating to everybody
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