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As of 2017-I give 2 stars curriculum is great and the instructors are good. The administration is all about money. One instructor wasted our time and we had to learn the information from other instructors. The administration and instructors changed during my classes time there. There are lots of instances that our class new they were winging it. Be very aware! One girl came from 3 hours away because they told her she would find a roommate within the class she didn't and slept in her car one month and paid for hotels the other months. She was told what was needed to get her to sign up. I felt bad for her. They will assume liability for nothing in this school. Know that you can contact COMPTA if anything goes awry in your time there. Again the curriculum is really great, instructors great, the ADMINISTRATION SUCKS! I would go there again but very aware next time. Also, we get a discount on CE's so I will be going back.
Once I'd found the school, it was really easy to become enrolled. The responses to my questions were always prompt and I had no trouble at all.
I mainly chose this school because it was affordable. Some of the supplies I need do cost a bit, but I'll be using them for a long time so in the long run it's worth the expense.
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The students taking this class come from a wide variety of places. It makes for a unique bunch.
My classes are all in the evening. I would have preferred them to be earlier but the program I'm in goes by season and I couldn't do anything earlier or later than the one I'm in.
They have everything I could possibly need to complete my schooling.
It's located in a downtown area, so the setting is very unique. I'm surrounded by interesting people and places. The environment is perfect.
They help me find a job where I can use what i've learned.
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