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Very very expensive school in comparison to it's competition, but what you gain out if it is well worth the investment. Everyone is incredibly competent, and this school offers the most flexibility with it's programs, and has highly-accredited associates.
Due to coronavirus, most programs are now hybrid, where most of the lectures are online and the only in person learning is through labs and clinical rotations.
The school adapted really well to online classes. Labs are still in the building. They have a lot of good systems in place that help make the virtual experience user friendly and it is easy to assimilate for anyone who is fairly good with technology.
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I am reading some of the reviews here and am really surprised- I completed the EMT-Basic Program as a bridge to the Paramedic Program and I have never felt more prepared for the world of EMS. The instructors were super dedicated to my success, as well as that of my classmates. Lots of great experience that is hands-on.
Worst EMT school ever, don't teach people correct guide face to State Exam. Specially the Class Measurement Department Andrew Miller is really unhelpful, you might reach to 69.99% in overall of class, but still don't give you chance to pass it. Lab class is no bad, but their management just want to take money and run away. If you want attend school for EMT or ALS, please go LaGuardia Community College EMT program. They even charge less tuition than this CAHE place.
Online class won't teach you much to face for State Exam. Most of time students have to study by themselves without good guide. You might Spend $800 more for study equipment.
Access to great staff and resources to make students successful in the program. This is the place to go to be best prepared for a career in healthcare. My classmates and I, while we worked very hard during the program, experienced a lot of success with the exam and employment.
great education and training and great locations and hospitals all over new york city. I really liked the staff.
There’s not much to say...

CAHE offers 6-7 undergraduate certificates/degrees in a building that’s roughly the size of an NYC brownstone.

The majority of the faculty- sans professors, spend more time counting your money than they do providing you with dependable and sensible information about their institution.

If you have enough time to get to know your classmates between working to pay the outrageously high tuition and trying to get a handle on the half-baked curriculum; you’ll probably realize that most students are friends or associates of someone in the faculty.

Tuition is more appropriate for a four year degree from a private college than a two year degree/certificate in niche fields. Coming from someone who just received their four year tuition was actually way less.

I don’t think there is anything more to say about this center. Be smart. Be informed.
There is a lot of cheating, favoritism, and unprofessional staff. You can get 100 on homework's but they mark you 64 for example and there is no one to talk to. Lots of shady stuff. Too long for this forum.
I rotated through amazing NYc clinical sites (3 different hospitals in different specialties) and met wonderful people in my field. I came from a dead-end job and realized that I wanted a career that helps others. That’s exactly what I got out of the DMS (sonography) program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone willing to work hard and who wants to make a difference. I graduated in the summer and was offered a job even before I officially took my registry.
Excellent Clinical Experience and the school prepares you amazingly for the field. I was really happy with my overall experience in the Radiography Program.
Cahe is a school that cares for their students academics. With the value you pay one cannot afford to play around and mess up. However, if you do mess up academically they do give you a second chance (comorehensive exam) and a third chance (reapply next term).
Current student.. this school is incredible. Great faculty and great experience. The school really wants you to succeed and gives you the tools needed.
Please be careful when investing your money into a school that is going to be your life for 2 years. You will not like this place.
Horrible school. You will hate it. The staff is even worse than the insane rules. Not just a bad review. Every student that goes or graduated hates it here
Horrible school. Run. This is not just a bad review this is honesty. This school will ruin your life and put you in unaffordable debt with no care in the world.
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Excellent environment, clinical experience, and it really feels like a family. The school is affiliated with a lot of hospitals and clinical sites in NYC which allows students to get hands-on experience which will be valuable when they enter the workforce. They are very helpful in terms of exam preparation and job placement.
The program is still fairly new and needs a lot of attention. I strongly believe the administration upstairs needs a lot of work communicating with the director/ professors and being more organized. Dr. Edward sanchez and Elina Beyn are the two most important and helpful people that i have found throughout my time at CAHE and without them i probably wouldn't have stayed in CAHE to complete my program there. Overall i would NOT be recommending CAHE to anyone because of the simple fact that school should be a place that you focus on bettering your self, learning and improving; Not a place where you need to pick up slack from the school and teach yourself most of the time. This school prides itself on there Medic programs because thats what they started the school teaching. They dont care about the surgical tech program.

Lastly, Dr. Sanchez (director of the surgical technology program) is WAY to over qualified to be working at that school and they truly are blessed to have him.
One of the worst experiences of my life. You will spend 40k and will have a hard time getting a job in the radiologic field.
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