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Centenary College of Louisiana Reviews

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they are so friendly. the last few months in process of applying they have been so kind and helpful. My admissions councilor has helped guide me through the process with any questions.
I adore Centenary. There are incredible opportunities for research, graduate/professional-level projects, and internships available for any student, including freshmen. The professors encourage students to create their own values by facilitating international opportunities (Centenary is the #1 undergrad college for international travel currently!) and inspiring connections between the students and the community. Every student participates in some form of community service, all freshman spend their first ten days of school in Paris, our pre-professional tracks have 80-100% acceptance rates, and nearly everything on campus is 100% student-led. Centenary is the place for people who want to do more.
Centenary is a private institution with a price tag to match. You pay for the academic opportunities and experiences offered by the campus. It is made affordable and attainable by the scholarships they offer.
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Centenary is a very diverse and culturally dynamic place. It campus offers man activities to do while being a student here. Sports are a big thing here with the school being dominated by student athletes.
I absolutely loved my time here at Centenary College! I highly recommend any prospective student who is going through the college search to add Centenary to your list. Visit campus and you won't want to leave!
The faculty is what really makes this college unique! I have developed numerous relationships with the professors and they are my second family. I don't know where I would be without them!
Centenary College is a good balance of academics and student life while keeping you focused on the task at hand, GOOD GRADES.
This college is great. My friends, and even some professor's, have become family. Here you really can have it all and some how mange to get sleep. I wouldn't change anything.
one of the things that I enjoy abount Centenary is how the teachers really care about the students. Classes are smaller which really gives that one on one connection, this helps me a lot with school because I always have questions and they answer all of them. Things that I don't really like is that , its pricy.
Beautiful small college that prides itself on being diverse and encourages everyone to participate in activities. The college is small but provides all the amenities of a larger university and gives students the ability to walk within 10 minutes from every location. The downsides to the school would be smaller grade sizes, smaller departments in need of faculty and current changes within the administration.
I honestly don't know much about it. I'm not even sure how active our alumni group is to be quite honest.
Love having small class sizes and being able to get to know all of my professors. They are difficult, but every professor wants the best for their students. If you aren't coming to class they'll contact you and ask why and if you're struggling they are more than willing to give you the help you need.
We have DPS which is a 24/7 on campus police department that monitors parties and will give rides home to people so they don't have to walk alone. They also will help with whatever you need if you call them.
It honestly just depends where you love on campus. My first two years I lived at Cline, which was not very clean and had a lot of heating and air conditioning problems. However, centenary overall has some of the biggest dorm rooms I have ever seen not to mention the awesome amenity of free laundry. I'm living in rotary this upcoming year which is on campus apartments and they are very nice. Price is good compared to other colleges in my opinion.
The Greeks at centenary definitely run the campus, but in a very positive manner. My sorority has various charity events that all of the student body can attend and it's always so much fun! Greek students are typically viewed as nice people who do a lot for the community. There is no Greek housing available at centenary, but we do have houses where we can hold rush events and meetings.
As a golfer at Centenary I think athletics are all around pretty good, the only struggle we have is funding some better opportunities because our school is so small. Our school spirit is great especially at basketball and gymnastic events. Athletic facilities are pretty good, but our gymnastic and golf team has to practice off campus which is really inconvenient.
I would choose Centenary over and over again because of the small class sizes and how much I am able to be involved. I play golf, am a student ambassador, and have an executive position in my sorority Zeta Tau Alpha. Not only am I able to be super involved, but I am also able to have the capability to do well academically. My school is also unique because I am able to get to know my teachers very well which will lead to great recommendations and further connections down the road.
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My school isn't the worst, but it also isn't the best. The living conditions could be improved as well as the food. The academics are a plus because the professors are willing to give you more of a personal approach to make sure you're grasping the concept. At the end of the day my major is what I'm there for and it happens to be a rather nice program so I can be content with that. Now there is a "more in 4" program, which is very much appreciated by all students allowing us to not overwork ourselves to stay on track. Our small campus can be a positive thing and a 'meh' thing. It allows you to get familiar with just about everyone on campus and like with the classrooms, there aren't massive class sizes, ranging from 3-25. I say 3 because I was in that class. If I could go back and change things I probably wouldn't choose my current school again, mainly because it was a rushed decision and I'd weigh my options a bit more.
The number for DPS seems to be everywhere and it's great for if you don't have the number in your phone already.
As a music major, most of my classes have to do with music and the music professors are really great!