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Just starting bit I visited and did fresh start loved every bit it experience. This school is extremely diverse. The campus is beautiful it's small but very comfortable...
The campus is beautiful and so is the surrounding area. The professors are generally passionate about the subjects they teach and are often willing to work with students when they don't understand something or life throws something unexpected at them.
I have so fair have enjoyed my experience at Centenary College. It is a very nice school, especially the Equine Program that they offer. The teachers unlike at many other colleges, truly wants you to succeed in their class. They go out of their way to help you in and out of the class room. The thing that I would say needs to be changed is the freshman dorm rooms. Though they are working on redoing them, the freshman doors need work. Especially the bathrooms, they are falling apart and really need to me fixed up.
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I have a good variety of courses . The class styles are easy to learn environments . The class size is usually perfect , but there are some classes where we have an overflow of kids & it makes it harder to learn.
I feel like it's going to be fairly easy looking for a job after college. Career services are very experienced & great at what they do !
The campus security is great , however I don't feel extremely safe all the time walking through campus at night or waiting for security to get to my location .
The apartments are the best place to live ! Reeves and smith get so dirty and aren't very comfortable to live in . However, Van winkle is not so bad.
Greek life is very active on campus, they help out with open houses and also plan school events . Non- Greek life usually look up to Greek life mad want to join a fraternity or sorority but they struggle to find time to fully dedicate themselves. We only have one Greek housing on campus so far and it's for the fraternity.
We are a small school, but our school spirit is overwhelming ! We are very supportive of all varsity sports and show the same enthusiasm to each.
My School is a small family-oriented college, which is great,because everyone's knows everyone and no one ever has the chance to feel alone . No one is afraid to lend a helping hand or give advice . I love my school, because I am not a number , my professors know me by name and want me to succeed .
I just graduated from the Social Work program. The program is awesome! The Professors are all wonderful. The program is not easy, but it does prepare you to work in the field or to go on to Grad school. The Professors are very helpful with job leads before and after graduation. I would highly recommend anyone interested in Social Work to go to Centenary. I am 52 and was the oldest in my cohort, but I can honestly say everyone in my class graduated feeling confident going on to their next step. I had such a wonderful experience that I recommended to my son to go there and he will be going into the psycology program in the fall.
I know many graduates from Centenary who all talk about what a great school it was to graduate from. They have not had problems finding jobs after graduation.
I have had so many fabulous professors at this school. I have formed so many bonds with different professors, many of whom I still keep in touch with even though my time in their classroom has ended. Professors at this school are knowledgeable and helpful, and in addition, class sizes are usually very small, which makes for a very intimate class setting.
I have never felt unsafe while traveling around campus, even late at night. There is a great sense of security, and multiple facilities are available to people who feel unsafe or need counseling of any kind.
I have loved everything about my time at Centenary College. Because it is such a small school, I have formed meaningful and helpful relationships with all of my professors, and I genuinely believe that they care about me as an individual person, and celebrate in my successes right along with me. Though the tuition is a bit expensive, I would recommend this school to anyone without a second thought.
I do not actively involve myself in anything athletic on campus. However, I have heard good things about the athletic programs, and the gym on campus is welcoming.
I feel very safe on campus
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Most classes are very interesting and the professors are helpful
They work very hard to help the students to be placed in jobs. Very helpful and give directions to the best resources.
always something going on. Dorms are adequate.
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