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Centenary University does not pay enough attention to minorities on campus. If you are here for the party scene, this is not the school for you. There’s usually house parties and that’s it. Nothing is really walking distance if you want anything good. There’s not that many teachers that are helping and they don’t put enough effort into class like they should. Centenary will definitely help you lower your pocket cost by a lot. They waste money on things that don’t matter rather than funding the more important things. The food isn’t that great honestly, don’t need to worry about Freshman 15. The freshman dorms are trash. Smith is better than reeves. Yeah if you want to go to a half a** school, Welcome To Centenary University!
This is the type of college that people go to if they do not know what they want to do after high school. The school is very small and not that entertaining. There are very few sport teams and not many engaging activities. The food was sometimes awful more times then not. The dorms are old and not very clean. Resources were few and far between Campus security seemed nonexistence. Many of the classes were not challenging and the school seemed like it was facing many financial issues. The area around it was not bad but was not anything exciting. For people looking for the full on college experience I do not recommend. I would only suggest this college to people who only want nothing more then a quiet place to study as for anyone else I would tell them to look elsewhere.
The college gives a good education, they have great teachers that help a lot. However the student and campus life is awful. The people in charger are never on the same page and the campus is strict, they will often charge you with something before understanding the whole story
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It's my first year here come the Fall but everyone so far has been extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable in my new home. I am excited for the year to begin!
I started at Cent one year ago, and I love it. I transferred from a big party school and I love it here. It is a smaller school where the profs, admin, and students, truly care for your success. I haven't met an unfriendly person here. Classes are small and encourage active participation. All of my professors know my name, and know a little bit about me; and are all very knowledgeable in their fields as many have worked in those fields before teaching. I love the flexibility of scheduling as well!
I graduated last year with a degree in psychology. The professors at Centenary were very helpful in helping me strive for the best academically, as well striving to be the best individual I could possibly be. Moreover, the environment at Centenary was very loving and welcoming, making me feel right at home. In addition, Centenary provided me an opportunity to pay for my schooling through my religious affiliation, with that being of the Methodist denomination. I was offered a Methodist scholarship that covered majority of my costs. I will forever be grateful to Centenary, and i recommend all high school students attend!
Beautiful campus for students to learn and grow on. The faculty and staff really care for the students and take the time to make sure they are successful.
Centenary university is a good school and it has many leadership opportunities, as well as many programs. The people on campus are very friendly and welcoming. They do a lot of activities to have the students involved and for the students to get to know each other. I would recommend this school to anyone.
For the most part the professors are pretty knowledgeable, teach accurate and relevant information and grade fairly. Everyone has an equal chance to do well and succeed with the right attitude and determination. The workload is pretty heavy.
Centenary University is a good school with a close knit community that allows for growth within the school and outside. The professors are very involved and have the students best interest in mind, always.
The cafe food is not always good and needs to be stepped up. The pasta and sauce is also pure water and sometimes the food is either under cooked or over cooked. But I do enjoy some of my classes and the relationships I have made with my professors and classmates. My professors are willing to help when a classmate is struggling and they have helped me a lot with struggles that I have had.
Centenary does work with bringing many events and clubs to campus so people can get involved. If there isn't already a club for someone's interest, that person can easily make their own club. What I wish to see is more diverse events for everyone.
college does not have any resources for students who need financial assistance or are struggling financially. a lot of what was offered is beginning to be outsourced.
I only took one class here as a high school student, but I was unimpressed. My English professor didn't know what a hanging indent was and said that Edgar Allen Poe lived in the 18th century (She had a PhD). My classmates all seemed like they didn't want to be there and class discussions never went anywhere.
So far my experience at Centenary has changed greatly from when I first came in as a freshman. My freshman year I was thinking to myself that I made the wrong decision in coming to Centenary. I just was not happy. But, as I got myself involved in more activities and playing sports, it opened my eyes more in how much the school has to offer and how great the professors are especially in my major. Not only has being involved on campus helped me see how great of a school that Centenary is, but the staff and other students as well. Because Centenary is such a small school everyone literally knows everyone. Professors stay on top of their students more, such as always making sure students understand the material, helping with internship and job opportunities, and just being their for the student. Coming to Centenary is like being apart of a huge family. You are not seen as a number at this university, you are seen as someone that can have a good future after graduating.
profs were cool, easy classes. free parking and short walks to class. the campus was small and felt like HS. Its hard to make a lot of friends. This school is for a kid who isnt ready for college. The dorms were disgusting. There was mold and algae growing on shower curtains. They lacked water pressure because of the exponential scum that was on the showerhead. bathrooms are never clean, even after the staff left. they only mop the floor with dirty supplies and change the towels. dorm floors are dirty tilelike flooring with hair stuck in the wax. window screens fall out every time you open a window. furnaces are loud. Lacked a variety of food so you ate hard rice and soggy pasta with wateried down sauce everyday. Food swipes were weird in comparison to other schools. You can only swipe once per either breakfast lunch or dinner, only. Where other schools you can swipe as many as you have. the gym hours sucked and they closed randomly and its small. Other people had the same issues
As a student I found that the school was very basic in its structure. But it also had a goal to make the students feel at home and that was evident with the small classroom settings. This gave me the chance to relate more with the professors and not feel like a number in a large crowd. My academic experience is fairly simlar to my high school, only more advance in terms of how it was taught and the subjects main objectives. Overall its not easy academically and the social is tamed to an extent in order to maintain control of the student.
The town it resides in is small and comfortable, which is why the campus may have a laid back feel to it. Personally I like going to this college, still there is not much in variety on campus.
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I love the campus size and the closeness to the town. Everything is pretty much walking distance. The class sizes are small and the teachers really take time to get to know you.
Centenary University has great equine and business program. The teachers are amazing and well-rounded. The only problem is that if you aren't equine or business the college tends to lack. Also the staff and availability of things like the library or student resources is limited.
Centenary University is a great school. I am currently a sophomore and have loved every minute of being here. College is hard so no matter where a student chooses to go it is necessary to pick a place that feels like home. That is exactly Centenary a small, inclusive, and loving community that becomes your second family. Not to mention the natural beauty of the surrounding area, makes life at Cent all the more enjoyable.
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