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I enjoy Cedarville's campus, and their dedication to providing a quality learning environment. The surrounding area is good if you enjoy hiking, and cornfields. There is very little available for any kind of weekend or evening activities. The nearest areas of interest are 30+ minutes away. Overall though, a solid learning experience.
I love the university. Great education; great campus, dorms, people and food. The students and faculty are extremely friendly and helpful. The professors seek to invest in lives; you matter to them.
I absolutely love the atmosphere and community at Cedarville. The faculty, professors, and students are all amazing.
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I recently went to All Access, which is an event where accepted students can meet incoming freshman as well as current students, professors, and other staff members. I had an incredible experience. Every time I visit the campus, it is always well taken care of, the faculty is always so welcoming, and the community there is just overwhelmingly positive and has an amazing influence on anyone visiting. The only downside I have found is the cost, but if you can afford it, or apply for scholarships, it is definitely worth the investment! I hope that scholarships come through for me because this is my dream school and I feel as though I am called to attend here!
I love Cedarville. I transferred to Cedarville from another school. I chose Cedarville because I was amazed at the facilities and the opportunities Cedarville provided both in the classroom and to grow spiritually. My other school only had 900 students and operated with rundown buildings so my first impression was the distinct difference between the two schools. The culture at Cedarville was amazing and from the moment I stepped on campus I felt like I was at home.
I would give Cedarville University a five star rating. The staff is amazing!! When you are there you feel like you are a part of the family. They are very clear about their expectations and do not try to pressure you into coming to the campus. The campus is spectacular. It is centered around a small lake and has many nooks and crannies where you can relax. My personal favorite thing is their nursing facility which is one of the finest I saw during my college visits. The best part about their program is that it is very patient centered and you learn how to integrate your faith in everything you do.
Cedarville is a very wholesome experience. I love the atmosphere there and am very ecstatic with the Christianity present there. It gives a very welcoming air. The campus is beautiful, the professors are top of the line, the dorms are pretty clean. Overall, I am very happy with the college as a whole.
Cedarville is truly worth every penny, they stick to their morals and follow through in every respect. The professors genuinely care about the students and want them to succeed while still providing high-quality education. It's a fantastic school and I couldn't see myself anywhere else.
I went to Cedarville University's Engineering camp for a week and I loved the campus, which is a beautiful 400 acre campus built around a lake (some people would consider it a pond) with handsome buildings such as the Stevens Student Center, Engineering and Science Center, and Centennial Libary all with modern equipment and resources. All of the faculty was competent in the different engineering concepts; however, some were more interesting than others. My mother attended Cedarville for a bachelors in nursing and easily passed the nursing boards and effortlessly attained a job.
Cedarville is the perfect school for people who want to succeed in class and who want to stay close to God. They have great professors who truly care and want to see every student succeed. They have athletic programs that are amazing for students that see themselves in that scene.
I like the nice christian environment the school has. It is very much a big family since it is a relatively small school. I would maybe change the amount of times the students are allowed to skip chapels. Since they are daily, it tends to be difficult to always attend them if we have a lot to do or study for.
Cedarville has been an amazing school to be at, the professors truly care about the students and try their best to help us if we are struggling. It is a very welcoming campus and everyone is very friendly and the campus itself is gorgeous.
I love the community atmosphere of Cedarville University. Everyone trusts one another so easily. The courses are academically rigorous, but the professors are always there to help.
I absolutely love everything about Cedarville University. Cedarville is a Christian university in Ohio. My admissions counselor helped me out a ton when I applied and answered all my questions. Such a beautiful campus and a God loving atmosphere.
Our career services awesome is fantastic. You've got to work for it and show initiative... Most people that whine about not getting jobs don't do that. Be professional, seek out interviews... but if you're willing to take a few steps and be an adult, this school will help like crazy.
Just like at any other institution, some classes are easy and some are very difficult. There are a lot of resources for students that are struggling, and they're easily accessible. Most profs really do care and know what they're talking about. In your gen eds, you're obviously going to be in slightly bigger class sizes (think 20-100 or so), but they get significantly smaller as you advance. Professors are very good at integrating faith with what we're learning.
This campus is very very safe. People leave their backpacks around all the time, and theft very rarely happens. It's a pretty trusting community, which can be nice... but it also makes you a bit naive, because the rest of the world isn't like that.
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The rooms are pretty dull and average. Some of the hall styled buildings have decent sized rooms-I have enough space for what I need, but I also didn't pack as much as some of my friends. They have what you need. Rules can be a little crazy, and enforcement depends a lot on who you have as an RA. The community can be great, but also sometimes overbearing and conservative.
There's no football here, which kind of sucks. Overall, there's a lot of support and morale for the sports that we do have, though. CU also has a very strong intramural system.
Cedarville is overall an awesome school. The academics are great, and there's a lot of student life stuff to be involved in. People here are very passionate about their faith, and the school provides a LOT of ways to stretch your walk with God. However... There's also a lot of rules, and they can be overbearing. Some far more so than others. I have a hard time following them, especially ones that are particularly restricting, so it can be a challenge. Some of the people can be stuck up, fake, and judgemental. But, ultimately, you're going to find problems anywhere you go. Be aware of the problems... But, ultimately, this is a phenomenal institution.
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