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I transferred to Cedarville University and that was the best academic decision I've made. I came from a school of 30,000 students. At Cedarville the faculty not only cares about your performance in class but they care about your personal well-being. I have had professors reach out to me over the summer just to see how I am doing. I am constantly challenged to grow by the faculty, staff, and peers at Cedarville.
Cedarville isn't the college for every student, but it definitely was the college for me. God lead me to a faith based university in order to strengthen me and encourage me to walk worthy. I had fumbled around searching for acceptance in high school, and I knew then I was compromising on what I believed. Now, I am equipped to think critically on issues and line them up to my worldview as a follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, Cedarville has rules. However, the rules portion is not a mystery before you sign up to go here. As a Christ-centered institution, they want to encourage students to set holiness as their standard. If that's not your end goal, then it doesn't make sense to attend. Community at Cedarville was amazing. I miss chapel, living with girls in Maddox hall, praying with friends near the lake, and having my bro-sis to spend time with. They aren't kidding when they have the motto "friends for life".
I love that Cedarville has mandatory chapel, but I wish they would not have allowed staff to carry guns.
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Cedarville is a great small school for those who love people and are seeking strong academics. Cedarville makes a big effort to provide many things to do on campus-I have always had plenty of options for entertainment (big plus: most of it is free!). There is an awesome sense of together-ness among the student body. Also, most of the classes are small; once you get out of the gen-eds, 15-25 students is usually the maximum limit. The professors are wonderful, strong in their fields/disciplines and genuinely care about their students.
I love Cedarville! After spending a year here, I recommend Cedarville to everyone that I meet in churches. Cedarville fosters amazing community through an education that is biblically based. The professors at Cedarville are genuinely interested in your well being and want to see you succeed but even more so grow in Christ.
Excellence is promoted in every area. The faculty invest in the students' lives and serve as mentors. When students leave the university, they are prepared in their fields.
The Christian environment is encouraging for my walk with God, yet the academics push me to work my hardest.
Cedarville University has challenged me both academically, emotionally, and spiritually more in one year than anywhere else did in 18 years. The academics are world class, the environment is positive, Christ centered, and genuine like none other, and I can't wait to go back in the fall.
Best school in Ohio. Excellent nursing program, with staff members who truly care about your success: both in and out of the classroom. Campus is so safe, and daily Chapels are one of the highlights of your four years on campus.
I am in love with this school and the way it is run. I have had nothing but great experiences here and I have found the faculty and staff to be so helpful and passionate about what they are doing. I also love the community of the school. I am constantly being pushed closer to Christ through the friendships I have made and I am incredibly grateful to be able to attend this school.
Cedarville University is a wonderful place to grow in your love for Christ and your love for others. Your relationship with God is emphasized in every area of the school. They are completely committed to making God's Word known above all else, but they also consider academics extremely important.
I absolutely loved attending Cedarville University for my undergraduate studies. I learned a lot, made lots of friends, and had a great overall experience there.
I've sent more than 6 emails to HR regards issue in my account and I never received response, I left more than 3 voicemails and response as well!! Cedarville University should work on their customer service level.
Cedarville has bent over backwards to ensure that I am well cared for. Their responses have been more than prompt. They have done their best to accommodate my unique situation. They genuinely care about each facility and staff member and invest deeply in each student in their program—both academically and individually.
Cedarville University is an amazing college where students will feel welcome and be able to fit in. The atmosphere at Cedarville is like no other college I have visited, students are serious in their walk with God and are genuinely friendly. The buildings are all clean and kept up, as well as the grounds. Professors are more than willing to help students if they are having trouble in their classes. This is my first year here but I highly recommend it!
Cedarville equips and educates students for their designated career field and for being beacons of hope wherever area life may take them in. It has plenty of STEM, art, education, business, etc. majors and minors. Academics are rigorous and all encompassing. You will be a better student and harder worker after experiencing their academic culture. It is fairly easy to get a job on campus if you use your connections well. Mandatory chapels are Mon-Fri at 10 am. They are a good time for campus morale and a time of rest in the middle of the morning. Dorm life is alright. Room checks once a week with criteria depending on the resident director, if room does not meet standard could end up with a fine, as well as if you miss chapel more than 12 times. Food options are good. Cafeteria is all you can eat and has everything from veggie bar to cook it yourself. Stingers is a snack shop you can eat meals in if you do not want to eat in cafeteria.
Cedarville has been great, if a little expensive. The athletics are great and an awesome way to fellowship with fellow believers.
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The community here is absolutely unmatched. Your professors care deeply about you, as do your fellow students.
I love the overall experience of Cedarville University. Cedarville stands for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. To do this they value integrity in conduct, love for God, love for others, and excellence in effort. All these core values lead to produce an excellent education. Not only are classes rigorous to truly instill what students need to learn but professors also genuinely care about the students success. I love how Cedarville teaches students to pursue excellence in their field of study so that they can graduate and use their degree as a platform for the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Cedarville University is next to none in my mind for its wholesome atmosphere for academic and personal growth. The academics are strenuous, pushing students towards excellence, while the faculty are personable, helping students master difficult material.
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