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Thoroughly enjoyed my time at CU. It was cut short due to some personal issues that came up and forced me to withdraw. Beautiful campus, rigorous academics, and a solid christian environment are some of the biggest strong points for me.
I took one class online over the summer. It was well-arranged, though nothing stood out as a strong point particularly.
All the students had to leave in March unless you had special permission to stay and resort to remote learning. This was a huge unexpected adjustment the last two months of our spring semester. Professors did an excellent job in adapting well.
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The school is such a great place to find who you are and what the Lord is calling you to do. I transferred over to save money. Cedarville offers chapel everyday, Professors who are ready to help, and an environment that feels like home.
I took online classes during the coronavirus lockdowns. Cedarville allowed the professors to decide what the best way would be to return to instruction. Some professors chose to just send documents or recordings for class, while a few professors held lectures over Zoom. Professors were responsive to students questions and pproblems. The experience was fine, I just wouldn't choose to go to school full-time online. I personally had a hard time motivating myself to keep up. As long as you have self-discipline, Cedarville's online classes will work for you.
The best part of Cedarville is the community. I've met so many incredible friends while at Cedarville. The town itself is smalll and there's not much to do, but there's plenty of stuff like restaurants and movie theaters 15-20 minutes away. The food is good, it might bet boring and repetitive over time, but hopefully the Chick-Fil-A will help with that. They are intentionally and devoutly Christ-centered, so don't be a surprised Pikachu when you get on campus and they are.
I did take some classes online through Cedarville. The online classes were a change of pace for everyone. The professors were very lenient with us to learn how to do things differently than in the classroom. I still learned a lot in my online classes just like I did in the classroom. If I were to change anything, I would want my professors to explain things a little better online. Sometimes instructions get lost in communication, and I as a student need to know exactly what the professor wants of me.
I absolutely love attending Cedarville University. The professors make such an effort to teach their students to the best of their ability. It is obvious that the professors care greatly about their students. My professors never just care about me doing my assignments, but they check up on how I am doing with other things happening in my life. They pray for me and help me with things that I need help with. Cedarville University pushes me to become the best me that I can be. The social work program is the best program that I have seen in many universities. Cedarville University has many activities for the students to connect and have fun. If I were to change anything, I would make the chapel services three to four times a week instead of five. I love the chapel services, but as a college student I am already very busy with my classes nevertheless the chapel services every weekday.
The pandemic online courses for 2 months is all I know. Taking tennis online for a necessary credit to graduate seems worthless online but considering it was during the pandemic there is nothing much one can do in such a strange time and circumstances. Mostly busy work was given. I would not choose online but there was no choice obviously during a pandemic.
With the switch to remote learning, my professors handled everything very well. Professors and students alike were encouraged to be gracious with each other. Several of my profs modified or cancelled certain assignments to help us adapt to the change. One of my profs also created a new assignment that helped us learn video/technology skills that were very beneficial during this transition. Unfortunately, the lab aspect of my classes had to be cancelled; that part couldn't be done remotely. And some of the assignments/classes I had been looking forward to didn't happen. Overall though, the professors were creative and flexible with their assignments and grading policies, giving additional grace to all of us during this strange time. It was inspiring to watch.
I love the sense of community at CU! There is such a strong emphasis on doing life together. The professors are amazing and care deeply about their students. It is very easy to get in contact with your professor if you need clarification or to ask for advice. There is a strong emphasis on academic excellence and integrity as well. No alcohol or drugs on campus, which eliminates a lot of potential problems. There is almost always something to do on or around campus, such as movie nights and free student-run shows and events. Campus feels very safe, even after dark.
I love being a student at Cedarville University. I have no regrets about attending this university. Most of the faculty and staff are excellent at what they do, and they are kind and personable. They set a godly example for the students around them. Classes at CU are challenging but also practical. I learned so much from my major classes and even from several of my gen eds. The village of Cedarville is not much to speak of, but the university makes up for it with the many events and organizations on campus. The community at CU is like none other that I've ever seen. The majority of students are passionate about Christ and are very welcoming. I love our daily chapel times because it is so special and powerful to have a room full of 3,000-4,000 believers all worshipping God together. It is so encouraging and beneficial. Chapel also adds to our sense of unity as a student body. We are reminded five days a week that we have the same Lord and the same mission.
The online class experience I had was very different from taking the same classes in person. Only a few of my professors recorded lectures to watch. However I was still able to learn from most of them. My speech professor (Mishne) did an excellent job keeping a similar class environment by uploading TED Talks for us to watch and have an online discussion about because we would normally watch and discuss these speeches in class.
Most of the professors I had during my first year have been extremely kind and encouraging. They want to see you flourish in all you do. Chapels are usually very good and I always seem to hear the right message at the right time. I love the atmosphere of this school and most of the students here are super accepting.
During the transition to online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, most of my professors did a very good job of adjusting to an online-only way of teaching. Of course some communication was strained especially with the older professors, however, most things were clear. Cedarville uses Canvas and it does remind when certain assignments were due. Also, many of my professors uploaded voice lectures and powerpoints. With those tools, it wasn't too difficult learning through this online platform.
I would not recommend attending Cedarville. They have consistently covered up sexual harassment and rely on nepotism for faculty/staff to get positions through their connections with a specific seminary. Faculty that do not adhere completely to White's fundamentalism are pushed out, leaving sub-par educators.

The financial costs and safety risks are simply not worth it.
I took one summer course online, Theology II. The professor was decent at organizing content and providing informative, short video lectures.
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I love Cedarville University! The community that I have found is outstanding. The teachers and student body pursue excellence in their walk with Christ and in their education. I would highly recommend attending Cedarville University.
You will never find a place that is more intentional in growing every aspect of your life. They are a Christian university in more than just name. I feel as if I have been able to not only focus on my craft and build my career but learn how to balance the rest of my life. I do think that if you come from public schooling it can be a more difficult transition, but once you find a solid group of friends and mentors, you'll find yourself in a new home.
My favorite thing about Cedarville University would have to be the daily chapels. The great messages or worship experiences truly brighten up any day. I also love how the faculty and staff demonstrate their love for God and their for others in everything they do. The academics are challenging, but you learn so much! I definitely highly recommend this university if you are looking for a solid Christian education and student experience.
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