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Cedarville University is next to none in my mind for its wholesome atmosphere for academic and personal growth. The academics are strenuous, pushing students towards excellence, while the faculty are personable, helping students master difficult material.
Even though there is nothing to do around the school, there is plenty to do on campus. The student life is great. Although a little expensive, I believe that I am partly paying for the Christian experience. I really enjoy the freedom of the profs to speak about their Christian beliefs and opinions.
I love the atmosphere and the community here at Cedarville. Everyone is so uplifting and encouraging and they truly want to pour into your life in any way possible.
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I love the diversity through this university I have met numerous students from countries across the world. there is much support provided when academia gets difficult this includes free tutoring, many support groups, and counselors. The staff is always very inviting and welcoming to any stranger. The professors are devoted to each individual student and their future prosperity. The athletics are versatile and outstanding. Campus has a wide variety of student life activity designed for spiritual growth, leisure, and studies. Retention rate is outstanding. All people are guaranteed to be working or in a graduate program after graduation. Overall my experience has been amazing and I plan to finish my undergrad at this university.
I visited Cedarville University and am planning on attending. Cedarville made me feel safe and wanted. They have an amazing atmosphere of Christian attitude through serving, learning, and high expectations for there students. They are known for their high placement of students in jobs after the graduate. Many employees want more Cedarville students once one apples for their job. They really set you up to do well in life. It can seem out in the country, not in a big city but I like that and there are numerous things to do on campus and with others off campus. They have impressive buildings and continue to expand with new dorms and facilities.
I really enjoy attending Cedarville University. I love my friends, the chapel services, and the events that the school puts on. It offers a very fun and safe environment for all of the students. The only things that I don't enjoy about the school is the food and some of the faculty. The food is only good on occasion, and even when it's decent, it doesn't compare to the food I get at home. When it comes to faculty, I have a mixed review. While I was in the engineering program, my professors were terrible. I wasn't able to find any help and I always felt so lost. I would go to my professors after class seeking help and they would often shut me down. My advisor was a terrible communicator and was very ill-informed. When I switched my major over to business I found that the professors and my advisor are a lot more helpful. Overall, I am enjoying my experience and would recommend it to any incoming Christian student.
Out of all the colleges I visited, Cedarville University was the safest. you could leave your backpack at the lunch table to hold your spot and it will still be there, untouched, three hours later. Cedarville has a strong Christian base and teaches the Bible through other classes. There is a daily Chapel with worship and a message.
Great school! Biblically founded, centered on the Word of God and the Gospel. I absolutely love it here and have learned so much and grown so much.
I have loved my time at Cedarville during my first year here. The people are friendly and positive and the professors are encouraging and helpful. The environment is fun, energetic, accepting, and loving. It has been the most positive school experience I have ever had and I am looking forward to the rest of my time here.
The professors are excellent and genuinely care about their students. Some policies seem a bit more extreme than may be necessary, though their intent is in the right place.
I love the atmosphere of Cedarville, the community is very inclusive and welcoming. The staff and students are very warm and encouraging. The academics are challenging, yet not too much so.
Cedarville University is a Christ-centered university that is also great in academics. The student life & involvement is great and there is always something for the students to do on campus. All of the professors genuinely care about you, both personally and academically, and want you to succeed. The dorms aren’t the most fancy dorms, but they’re average living quarters and work if you’re living on campus. Our cafeteria is one of the better college cafeterias out there. There aren’t fast food options, but there are plenty of options at each meal. If you don’t want to eat in the cafeteria you can go and eat in the cafe-type option that is also on campus. Overall, the school is a great place for academics and establishing life-long friendships.
I absolutely love Cedarville! It's been an amazing experience so far and I can't wait to spend the next three years here! The professors are incredible and care about the students more than they care about their academic journals and whatever else professors do. They will work with you, help you, and do absolutely everything in their power to make sure you succeed.
The quality of education is also amazing. I've learned so much and I am actually enjoying it. Many Christian schools tend to sacrifice quality of education for making everything "christian", Cedarville does not do this. At Cedarville they take education seriously and teach at a high academic level.
Over all, Cedarville is an excellent school and a great choice.
I really liked the fact that it is a smaller university and the people are all very nice. I wouldn't change much, if anything.
Cedarville is a great option for all Christian students who can afford it. Unfortunately, they don't take many transfer credits from other schools, CLEP, or Dual Enrollment.
Cedarville University is an amazing college with a heart for students and Christ.
On arriving on campus I felt immediately welcomed. The classes can be hard if you don't do the work. Otherwise, Cedarville is the best!
I really enjoy the people and my Professors. Everyone is so caring and the spiritual life is fantastic. I also love my classes and chapel is the highlight of my day. There isn't any risk when walking around campus or town for that matter. It is a tiny town but tons going on. A very good community and fun things to do. There are no crazy parties and athletics are fairly good.
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Absolutely love this school. Academically they exceed any expectations that I would ever have in a University. In addition to that, the relationships with the professors is superior. One aspect about Cedarville that creates an outstanding experience is the atmosphere and community. I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to experience such rich community and friendships as I have at Cedarville University. Chapel every day is not a burden, but instead a blessing! The worship and speakers are outstanding and all play a part in the unique community that we have.
What I loved about Cedarville University was the experience that I got there within a 24 hour visit. I was able to attend a very good chapel service, watched an intense NCAA volleyball game,stayed overnight on campus with a student, and had the privilege to sit in on classes that interested me.
I loved the Christian atmosphere and the loving people I was connected to. I fit in really well and enjoyed every second of being there!
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