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Cedarville is an amazing Christian college. The community is unlike anywhere else, you can definitely feel God working here! And unlike some Christian colleges, academics are still top-notch. The courses are challenging, and will prepare you for real-life work.
Since I was student, Cedarville has been taken over by the SBC. They didn't remove from their board of trustees, Paige Patterson, until he was fired from SWBTS for gross mishandling of sexual attacks on his campus and rampant misogyny. Rather, they chose to force out Godly women from the Bible department. Women are now forbidden from teaching from the Bible if men are in the audience. At Cedarville, women have no way of communicating their view of Scripture from a female perspective. Men are taught to despise women who teach them from the Bible. Don't send your children here unless you want your daughters to feel guilty for teaching from the Bible and you want your sons to turn a deaf ear to the women in their lives.
Cedarville University is such a wonderful Christian college, that allows students to receive a great education all while proclaiming their faith. All faculty and staff on campus care about you being there and want you to exceed. Cedarville has been expanding their campus, and will continue to expand for the next 10 years by bringing in record-breaking freshman classes every fall and constructing better facilities.
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I have loved being at Cedarville and it has offered me an incredible opportunity to grow closer to Christ.
It's like all schools. You get what you put in to it. There is not much of anything in the area, not even one place that delivers and nothing off campus to do locally. I wish that would change. I love being part of Christian culture and knowing we can all pray together.
I attended Cedarville University Summer Scholars and took the Politics in American Culture class. The class had an excellent teacher and I had an overall great experience.
Cedarville is an amazing school. The faculty and staff are willing to help students do well in their classes. The campus is beautiful and never too far of a walk. The dorms are nice and provide great opportunities to meet new people. Cedarville offers many different groups and clubs that students can be apart of so no one will ever feel left out. Chapel is an amazing experience and is always a highlight of the day.
Cedarville is an outstanding school with a first-class education. It is the best place if you want to be surrounded by people who are going to push you to grow professionally and as a Christian. Professors truly care about their students, and go the extra mile to help you learn. The small class sizes are wonderful too. It truly was a 10/10 experience, other than the fact that it is SO expensive.
I have always loved Cedarville since I can remember. My parents met there so I was familiar with it already. Cedarville has a fantastic education and excellent professors. Every student you talk to will tell you that they love their school. They provide excellent opportunities to all of their students and it is a great place to live and further your education.
Cedarville University is located in an excellent part of Ohio. Although it is surrounded by cornfields, with not much variety, bigger towns such as Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati are only thirty minutes to an hour away, allowing students to drive a little to have fun, experience things, and make memories.
Cedarville is a great private Christian University. I like the environment because it is great for staying focused and on top of academics. The downside is that there is not much to do. It is basically in the middle of the cornfields and being a Christian campus, that limits lots of what is allowed.
A community full of God-focused individuals who care deeply, professors who really invest time and energy into helping you grow, and daily chapel that always inspires and convicts. I love this college, and it's truly a second home for me.
Great school environment and passion to see students succeed. Students are passionate about their work and about the people around them. Teachers care a lot about their students and are very active in helping and looking out for their students. Very easy to get involved with extra curricular activities and get plugged in with groups of friends and people. Campus is very nice and a decent size. Great location that is far enough away from larger cities but is not too far to be able to travel to them. Great dorms and great RAs.
Cedarville University is an amazing college that equips students with the tools they need to excel in their professions. The professors are eager to meet with students as they need. The daily chapels keep the students encouraged throughout the week. Finally the challenging academics prepare students for their fields of study.
I will be attending this University in the fall. I have visited Cedarville twice and I have loved it every time. I attended a class in which the professor was very helpful to the student's questions. I also ate a meal at their dining hall both times. The food was of excellent quality and had a wide variety of options. I appreciated the numerous gluten-free options because I am gluten-free myself. I also enjoyed both of the chapel services that I attended on both of my visits. The Christ-centered curriculum is strong with the foundations of the school and the professors are committed to progressing your faith as well.
I try not to be cynical about my Cedarville experience, but if I'm being honest, Cedarville as a school deeply hurt me. I spent the worst 2 years of my life here, and I was really disappointed with the way the institution held up to my struggles. I interacted with and asked for help from numerous people in leadership at Cedarville, and the help I received was insufficient. This includes the counseling center (who I went to in a time of extreme need and was told I couldn't see a counselor until the next semester), my RD, and the Dean of Women. I also had negative experiences with some of my professors and my academic advisor in my department. I was struggling, and any systems put in place failed me.

Academically, Cedarville is very strong. If you happen to have the same worldview as the people on campus, you can find a strong community. But Cedarville is not a place for people who are struggling, asking hard questions, or going through pain.
Cedarville University is in an unfortunate area with way too much wind and not much to do. While the academics and professors are top notch, student life is lacking. There are too many rules put on the students, which makes it feel more like a boarding school than a university. These rules don't allow students to learn to hold themselves accountable.
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I can not imagine studying at any other Christain University. Cedarville has the kindest professors who don't only care about our grades but everything else going on in our lives. Having chapel every day were the faculty and staff join us is an incredible experience. I am convinced that we have the best president ever. He was so emotional talking about the graduating class this year. I love this school!
Cedarville is a great choice for any type of major as the school seems to put a lot of emphasis on making all academic experiences on campus above most you will find at any other college. They put a lot of focus on the professors to make sure that what is being taught will prepare students for career success. The campus is really beautiful and the community of people is really encouraging to be around.
Cedarville is an incredible university to study at. The professors are beyond caring towards the students and make every effort to help the students learn; they even make gen eds interesting and enjoyable! The academics are not easy, but that is what shows its quality. If you put time and effort into the classes at Cedarville, you will get a lot out of the semester and come out with more knowledge than ever.

Student life is lively and very encouraging! Students all around you, whether in the classroom or in the dorms, are always uplifting one another and encouraging each other to strive for academic and moral excellence.
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