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This is where I started after high school and I must say I really enjoyed my time here. I completed my associates in arts and I am graduating in just a few weeks. What I'll miss the most about this college is the people - my professors and classmates are so friendly and very supportive. The professors will be there to answer any questions you may have and will help you understand the topic. As long as you do the work and keep track of your assignments you will pass with as "A" in your classes. If you talk to your professor ahead of time about missing a class in the future they will work with you to make up for due dates and attendance. I recommend new high school graduates to enroll into this college as a easy and cheap start to get ahead with your basic classes.
I really like that the classes at Cedar Valley are small because you are really able to engage with the professor instead of being in a huge class. All of the professors I've had are very interested in the student's academic success and are there for all the help that you need.
I am an international student at CVC. CVC has an excellent academic background with well qualified faculties and student friendly environmnet.
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I attend a high school that allows us to receive an associated degree when we graduate from high school. Because of this program we spend our time at the college with teachers that don't necessarily have to care about our grades. This school is good for warming you up to what it would be at a four-year university, but I wouldn't think of it anymore than the first step.
I go to Cedar Valley as a Dual Credit student from a high school. Cedar Valley has given me the opportunity to do something that wasn't even heard of years ago which is graduating with a high school and associates' degree.
I really enjoyed going to Cedar Valley College. It's close to my home (walking distance) and also close to my job. This school is really great with education. The professors make sure that you understand the syllabi and also if your having a hard time with homework there are people there to help.
There are some things that need to be improved and that is the environment of the school. To me every time that I attend I feel gloomy since the people do not communicate with each other and is rather lonely looking. However, I do love that there's a lake and some, what I believe is, water fountains. It is very beautiful.
Overall, my time in Cedar Valley College was a very rigorous, yet amazing experience that one could ever ask for. The professors are overall great, yet set a high standard for all students to follow, and the entire set up of the community college overall is one that someone could get lost in for a few minutes if they are not the best with directions. The environment is overall great, despite the fact that the lake is considered to be very polluted and consumed with algae. In summary, looks may be deceiving, but Cedar Valley College is the best community college experience that one could ask for.
I am enrolled in the Distant Learning Program and at times I feel like I am forgotten about because I am not able to go to the school and ask for help in person. I would change to communication between the students themselves and between the student and their advisor. I have not be told about any study services or discussion forums for other online students. A lot of communication is by email which can be frustrating when trying to get some immediate help.

I would like to feel like the Distant Learning Students are part of a community. After admission, there should be resources given to help students connect to one another for study purposes.There was no orientation available to get accustomed to an online program. I think there should be an assigned advisor to help navigate through the course. Then there would be a consistent person you can contact with any questions or concerns.
The school and the campus are very beautiful. Academics wise there are some professors that are very difficult to work with, but over all very good.
Overall, Cedar Valley College is a very good two-year college. The biggest classroom size can be upwards 25 but, the classrooms can also be pretty small. The Cedar Valley College staff is very helpful.
I love it. The advisers and instructors try to make your experience there as amazing as possible. They help you with anything you need and direct you to wherever you need to go.
I have come across some wonderful people that has helped me through the process of enrolling. I have also has a counselor that was not listing to my needs.
I like how at Cedar Valley everything is easy to find and I like how together everybody is, students and staff.
Cedar Valley College was a pretty well rounded School for early college students to take courses. I had little to no problem with the professors, and engaging with the other students was a great experience.
My experience in Cedar Valley College was very helpful. This college helped me stay on the right path towards my career. The staff and advisors are the best, they do whatever they can so they can help you. Many of the professors are very nice and like to interact with the students. My over all experience in this place was amazing.
My experience at Cedar Valley has been great and it was also a learning experience. Learning that time management is important and you really need learn how to use your time wisely. Online classes for your first year is not good, being in the class is good to interact with other students and the professor. Always ask questions, its good to want to know something.
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I go to an early college high school which is with this college, and honestly there is no complaints. Our teachers are know how to lecture, and provide us with the help that we need in order to pass.
My years with Cedar Valley has so far been an amazing experience. I have been to one other college but, I think the professors and the environment is more professional at Cedar Valley. First and foremost I love the location. Its in the center of numerous cities and its hardly any traffic. I am very pleased with the overall courses I have took. The instructions are very simple and easy to understand. The professors are always there when needed for one on one studying and group studies. One of my biggest concerns is definitely the lack of security the school have. I would walk around the entire school and notice maybe 2 security guards on duty. Maybe add a couple more so every part of the school is secured. I would feel more safe if security was on duty inside and outside the school. I overall had a great experience at Cedar Valley, I would love to continue my experience and finish up my degree.
The things I like about cedar valley college is that they have my exact major I want to get a degree in. I referred this college to a find and he said he loved their program all together. He is currently trying to get accepted and attended there and transfer to a university afterwards same plan as me.
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