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The campus and environment encourages me to try my best in everything, to excel in all my classes. The campus is always welcoming no matter what comes it's way! I truly honor how they respect education. Thank you Cedar Valley College!
I have been attending Cedar Valley College as an early college student since my freshman year of high school. Cedar Valley college is not only stellar for working with and supporting high school students seeking to getting college credit hours, but it offers so many other opportunities to further your education for such an affordable cost. Through Cedar Valley college, I was able to graduate not only as a high school graduate, but all a college graduate with an associate's degree. I will always 100% recommend Cedar Valley college to anyone because it is such an exceptional college and has changed my life for the better.
My name is Quinterika Jefferson a HighSchool Graduate of 2019.Going into college right after school was a big step nobody in my family has done.So i never actually knew how it would feel or got advice .When i stepped foot into Cedar Valley i was uncertain about being able to sign-up in time because im with an amazing Program called The Dallas Promise.Uncertain of a-lot but than i talked with many employees who gave me good advice.When i went into the Financial Aid Office the lady knew i had no clue what i was doing there by myself .So they helped me giving me advice on time management with work and school.What i liked most about Cedar Valley is that no matter what somebody cares and want to help.Its not just a job to them its a passion .
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The staff needs a refresher course on office management. I had my former colleges send my official transcripts in April which both confirmed that they had. I asked in June & July where they were. The only answer I received was that "we can't find them" & asked if they were submitted under another name. I had told them already that they were submitted under my maiden name. No answer

I resent and no response. After 24 hours I emailed both the registrar's office & the transcripts & did not hear back. When I emailed everyone in the admin office suddenly they found my transcripts & my hold disappeared. There is NO requirement to meet with an advisor & no point of contact for Distance Education students. Their instructions for registering for classes are confusing & even inquiry emails were met with silence.It feels the staff was supplying contrary information on how to enroll in vet tech classes! If you're looking for a distance education vet tech program I recommend going elsewhere
Campus is small but every one is willing to help you. All of the advisers are funny. From the online classes to on campus classes nothing is just over the top hard, if you need help they will assist. They have committed to working with the students until the last one leaves. The little fish pond kinda sucks but that's ok because those fish will eat anything. They have a baseball team, soccer team and a Police Academy.
It is very good. The professors there really do care about you and teach you everything that you need to do that helps succeed.
Good teachers they helped me though class, got to learn a lot from them. The campus itself is very pretty a calming place to be once inside of the area. There is much diversity inside of the classrooms nice to get to know my other classmates. It is a safe environment never had any problems nor felt as if my safety was in danger.
At any given moment during any given day I need to speak with someone, they are always there. Everyone is very open and inviting. All of the employees whether at the front desk, an advisor, an financial aid advisor or a teacher, they do not disappoint. At every level everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. A great school.
I love Cedar Valley College. The staff and professors are very friendly and helpful. The classes were overall great and affordable. I always feel safe and welcome there. I would totally recommend for people to go there for their education. They have a variety of career paths you can choose from. They also have great places to study and very helpful tutoring centers.
I’ve gone to CVC for quite some time now and it been a decent experience. Most of the professors seem to do this as a side job. There isn’t anything wrong with that in-fact the staff is very much qualified but there is room for improvement.
My experience at Cedar Valley College has been really good. I enjoy the classes, the environment, and the professors. It is an exceptionally great school, however certain areas have this distinct smell that really drives me insane and I wish they would get rid of it.
Great school however it shares classes with High school students and some of the students are distracting. There is a small cafeteria for you to eat at but get swarmed by all the high school students who do seem to care about the other students.
I would like to see the admissions and financial office workers change. They are very slow, they sometimes seem like they don’t care about their job, and everytime I go a worker did something wrong on my behalf.
The education I receive at Cedar Valley College as a dual credit student is challenging yet not too difficult. Academically, the school is a good environment, but I am not feeling cared for as far as food goes. The only access to food I have that can somewhat restore my energy for the next class is the student convenience store. I need more than just little snacks to hold me over otherwise I will not stay as focused on the lessons of the day than I would like.
Cedar Valley College has provided me with great resources to help better my education. For instance, CVC has an amazing library full of amazing resources, such as a wide variety of books and a wonderful staff willing to assist one with anything!
It was great except that fact that they don’t tell that classes you dropped in your pass can affect your gpa now I’m trying figure out how to pay for school.
Pros: about 2 of my professors, criminal justice course, student atm, student lounge, and food places
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My experience at Cedar Valley College has been excellent! I love how anyone can fit right in. Everyone is so friendly! The professors really care about their students. They try to help you as much as possible and challenge your way of thinking! Cedar Valley College is great for anyone and everyone!
Great place to study. Moderate size campuses. Variety of associates degree programs. Only DCCCD that offers an associates degree in veterinary technology.
Absolutely love this school. The staff is so informative and everybody is there to higher the education and learn everyday. I would like for them to get a football team so I can cheer them on on the weekends.
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