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My years with Cedar Valley has so far been an amazing experience. I have been to one other college but, I think the professors and the environment is more professional at Cedar Valley. First and foremost I love the location. Its in the center of numerous cities and its hardly any traffic. I am very pleased with the overall courses I have took. The instructions are very simple and easy to understand. The professors are always there when needed for one on one studying and group studies. One of my biggest concerns is definitely the lack of security the school have. I would walk around the entire school and notice maybe 2 security guards on duty. Maybe add a couple more so every part of the school is secured. I would feel more safe if security was on duty inside and outside the school. I overall had a great experience at Cedar Valley, I would love to continue my experience and finish up my degree.
The things I like about cedar valley college is that they have my exact major I want to get a degree in. I referred this college to a find and he said he loved their program all together. He is currently trying to get accepted and attended there and transfer to a university afterwards same plan as me.
Cedar Valley is a community college that has been around for some time now . It seems like every year they have added more to help the study be more innovative and comfortable in the learning institution . The only thing that needs to get added on is a cafeteria with a more variety of foods.
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Cedar Valley College is the perfect source in achieving an Associates Degree of your choice. I have always believed community colleges to be great training grounds for anyone wishing to later transfer to a larger university. I chose Cedar Valley College because they have one of the best music programs in the Dallas metroplex. I eventually wish to major in Music, but for now I am attending Cedar Valley to get the proper amount of vocal and musical training needed for future studies. This college has some of the best music instructors who have great experience. I love the variety of studies offered to students. One factor I love about Cedar Valley College is the way they help you find your interest of studies. The campus itself is not the most updated version that could be offered, but I understand that it is just a community college. Cedar Valley College is a great place for students to receive a solid foundation needed before transferring to a huge university.
What I like about cedar valley is that the campus is well maintained the students and the professors are friendly the security is always 100%
For almost four year at Cedar Valley College, my experience have been overall good. Some of the professor that I had were very understanding that I also take high school courses. Others, not so much because I am considered as the "college student" When I'm walking on their campus, its atmosphere is very lively. The student life and activities bring school spirit everywhere and lifts the energy.
Cedar Valley is a nice community college. They offer a nice curriculum. I liked the fact that they are pretty diverse and have a partnership with my high school.
The professors I've had are super helpful and pretty laid back, yet tough at the same time. You can tell they want every single student to succeed and be the best they can be. The curriculum is planned out well and I've learned a lot since I've begun my college adventure.
The internship and job choices weren't as big as i hoped but it helped a bit.
  • 7 months ago
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The internship and job opportunities aren't quite as abroad as I thought but it does help.
I really like my school due to the fact the professors there are really good at what they do and try to help you in whatever way they can. The only issue with the online classes is that the professors are not always easy to get in contact with. But overall it is a really great school to start your future.
So far, the classes I have taken at Cedar Valley have been very engaging and helpful towards my degree plan. There were great instructors that taught us the valuable information we need.
First of all living less than 10 minutes from campus was my number one plus. Second, being debt free when entering a major university feels so rewarding. I'd say my stress level has been significantly lowered thanks to this college.
I took several of my courses online and loved it. You can work at your own pace this way which is very wonderful if you are working full time. Most of the online coursework I found to be easier than the in classroom setting. Teachers seemed to be "more organized" in my online courses.
I never did find jobs through this school. There were work study jobs available such as tutors but I never had enough time while working full time And going to school.
  • 8 months ago
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Class sizes were usually no larger than 30 students unless it was a freshman level class. Some teacher were okay and some were terrible. English professors were wonderful, one history teacher I found to be my favorite, and sophomore classes were somewhat challenging in a great way!
They had several job fairs, career fairs and many volunteer opportunities come to the school to spark our interest in different options for work while in school.
  • 8 months ago
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I received my associates degree in Arts and planned early on to attend a university to major in english. The classes I took were somewhat challenging and very fun. English professors were wonderful at this college.
Towards the end of the semester some professors were unorganized, hard to reach, and material was left unfinished. For the most part it was almost too easy. In some ways, it was chAllenging. It helped me save money while attending and I am debt free so far.
Some of the teachers are okay, but most of them have no control over the students. I would not attend again.
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