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If you are looking for a place to further your education, look no further than Cedar Crest! Cedar Crest has wonderful professors, as well as small class sizes. The various different departments get along really well with one another, which is not always the case with major universities.
Faculty are invested in my success. The students quickly become family. Leadership is encouraged. I am never told no, rather "are you sure you have time" or "come see me if you need to help"
Cedar Crest is a fantastic school! Initially I was apprehensive about the size but it is not a problem, in fact it helps getting to know your teachers and classmates to promote academic success. I was able to easily get an on-campus job my first semester, and joined three different clubs including a sports team. The faculty is very willing to work with students and the food isn't bad either.
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I like that the professors at Cedar Crest College are helpful to the students. I like that Cedar Crest has a part-time nursing program for working adults with a family.
Cedar Crest is a great family atmosphere. Every time I go to the college everyone is warm, funny, and welcoming. I feel at home and safe there. It is very easy to make friends there too. The college seems like a great place to learn. I hope next year I will have as much fun there as everyone else seems like they are having.
I love Cedar Crest. I am a current freshman. I had never visited the college before move in day. I will never forget my first few moments on campus. They forever won my heart. the campus is quiet, small, beautiful, clean, and very safe. We have security right here on campus 24/7. I never been afraid to walk to me dorm by myself after dark. The professors, faulty and staff are amazing. Some of them are more like friend's then professors. They all want to see you succeed and try to do everything they can to help you. They're aren't any parties on campus which is nice if you aren't about that life. However, if you are, there's other colleges within the area that you can visit to party. Cedar Crest has become my home away from home.
I am a current senior in the Part-Time Evening Weekend BSN program Class of 2017. Started with a group of 56 out of 60 seats. Final semester only 14 out of 32 students moving on to practicuum at the end of senior year. 30 out of 32 students had to repeat skills-taping this semester. Cedar Crest's 96% NCLEX pass rate is MISLEADING. The NCLEX pass rate only factors in approximately 25% of students who originally entered the BSN program and make it to the end. Cedar Crest's retention rate for the BSN program is abysmal. 50% students make it to senior year, 25% make it to graduation. I have never been through something so hard in my life and this is my 2nd degree. Look elsewhere for a BSN. Cedar Crest College is not the hardest nursing program to get into but now I can clearly see why!!! They only care about the numbers, not helping students. You will get no help from your instructor, advisor, department chairman or provost.
Cedar crest is a small college that wants you to succeed. They go out of their way to help you adjust.
Cedar Crest College is a small school that helps build women into leaders. There are several amazing teachers that really excel in their fields. The required liberal studies credits can be limiting.
The nursing program is extremely challenging. It is literally a life commitment. Its extremely challenging to be an adult student and balance life, children, family, work, paying bills and being an adult and being in school/clinical and paying tuition. Yikes!
If you are thinking about the nursing program, RUN! It will tear you down and distroy you! Many people do not make it through the program and they are out all the money they put in. The compassion from the program head is lacking as well. Do yourself a favor and go to dsales
I really enjoy the environment. As well as the student to teacher ratio. The classroom setting is very intimate, which enhances my learning.
This is such a wonderful college. The small campus allows for students to get more involved than on a bigger campus. There are many opportunities for students to be involved and to hold leadership positions.The school is a community that looks out for one another and always supports each other. The professors genuinely love teaching and want every student to succeed, providing an engaging classroom setting. There is always a warm and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention the campus is absolutely beautiful all year. The grounds of the college are a registered arboretum, so there are a wide variety of trees and plants that make the campus a wonderful place to study or to spend time outside.
I love the cultural diversity and the multiple opportunities to get together with people with the same interests.
It is a small campus that is very safe. All the faculty, staff, and students are friendly. There are many varieties of clubs and organizations to join. Academics are very important to the school. They want you to be prepared for life after college and that is why they have courses such as College Life.
Cedar Crest is a really great college to attend. The atmosphere is peaceful and if you are determined to pass your classes with no distraction this is the school for you. The students and staff at this school is nice and always willing to help. The school at the moment is ranked #2 for their nursing program pass rate for the NCLEX. I definitely would put this college on the top of my list to apply to.
I love Cedar Crest. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were more financial support for SAGE, students of adult and graduate education. Traditional students have many financial cuts coming in from other schools, transfer students. I feel adult students have more responsibilities than traditional students by the way of families, jobs, paying bills for homes etc. Many traditional students live on campus or with parents who pay their tuition. I have to pay for all my tuition as an adult student other than a $2000 transfer scholarship for having a 3.9 GPA when I transferred. Tuition for me is over $15,000 a semester. Professors are great and very approachable. Beautiful campus and if is a women's college.
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Through my multiple visits to Cedar Crest College, they were welcoming and made sure to inform me of what I would be learning if I go there. I also like the small classes they have there.
I enjoyed attending Cedar Crest, the campus is beautiful and the history behind the school. The only thing that I did have issue with was the financial aid office. The last year of my major is at an affiliate school and there were many issues with that. I believe that if there is going to be affiliate schools then all of those bugs should be fixed before you have students making plans.
Overall, Cedar Crest is a great school. The opportunities are great. I had a few problems there with racism and discrimination from a few of the science department professors. There are some great professors in many of the other departments that truly care and show you that they care about the future of their students. The tutors on campus are great, when they feel like doing their jobs. There are many opportunities for the traditional students, but not many for those who are over 21. The school is a bit expensive, but that is to be expected with private colleges.
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