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I transferred, ran screaming into the night, after only one semester here. It's all smoke and mirrors, they promise you one thing and deliver the opposite. They claim that there are many things to do on campus during the weekends, fact, it's a ghost town. The security at the dorms is downright scary, anyone can gain access to the dorms if another student gets them in the front door. The campus is across the street from private homes, so there are numerous people, who are not associated with the college walking around the campus. There are cliques, if you are a loner, or just shy, this is not the place for you.
I am Freshman at Cedar Crest College. It's a pretty campus and I am liking it so far. The professors and staffs are really helpful, however the college food is not one of the best things at the College.
A beautiful environment is created for all the students who attend, you feel welcomed every day. Meeting new people, a diverse and culturally advanced environment, where everyone is equal. The staff and faculty are all ready to help any time of the day via email, phone, or person. this college's goal is to focus on the whole student, and i believe they do, do that.
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I love this college. I started off as a traditional student back in 2010. I took a leave of absence and returned last year. I could have gone to any other school closer to home to finish getting my undergraduate degrees but I felt that I had to become a Cedar Crest alumni. They have a great sage (life-long learners or non-traditional students) program. The professors and staff are just incredible and since campus is small they really get to know you and they really care. It has a very welcoming feeling and even though I don’t live on campus, it’s still has a feeling of home.
The school is honestly such a close knit community, and networking opportunities are great. You'd be crazy to not come here!
I love how helpful the professors are. The students are very friendly. I love how they have tutors if you're struggling in any of the classes.
Cedar Crest College is unlike any other college I have visited. All the faculty works their hardest to be there for their students. Not only are they there academically, but they are there personally. They make sure you're comfortable and that you have no problems. The campus in general is beautiful. There is a new breed of tree everywhere you look. Right behind the school is a park. The school gives you the feeling of being at home. Cedar Crest is also one of the most diverse campuses I have ever been on. They also have every major known just about. To be honest, there is nothing I would really change except for a bit of renovation.
I would really like to see the community grow and get better as a whole. I would love to see all of us get along.

There is a bit of a disconnect between certain professors and the reality of the current student population's actual capabilities
While great for nursing and STEM, the college couldn't care less about the other departments. The food is below average compared to other colleges. The campus is beautiful and there are plenty of professors who truly care, it's too bad Cedar Crest doesn't care about them. Nearly half of students don't stay for all 4 years for a good reason. Want a college where you can party, get food after 9pm, and see diversity in the teaching staff? Well... I hope you didn't put that deposit down.
2 words....

BED BUGS!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you lower your standards of acceptance.. Trust me anyone with a valid checking account can get accepted. Just know that your loans will be well into the 6 figures before you graduate and you will unlikely be able to pay them back.
What I like about Cedar Crest College is their commitment to diversity and the population of the school. It is a small school, around 1,600 at last check; rather than feeling like a number, the smaller class sizes have helped me to develop personal and student relationships with the professors. The campus is very diverse, with international students and students coming from all over the United States and a few students from other countries. I have been a part of the Asian society of Asian Animation club, Treasure and PR for Psychology club, and club Member of Out There. I love how involved the Professor in the Psychology department is with the students and how dedicated everyone is dedicated to reaching their goals. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime
Cedar Crest College is a very diverse school that gives lots of different opportunities to their students. Not only are the professors great, but the college as a whole work on educating the entire student. In their sophomore year, students have the opportunity to go to another country through the Sophomore Expedition program free of charge.
I like that professors are caring and want to see you succeed. And it has a welcoming atmosphere. I would like to see an affordable tuition. Especially for thpse who struggle to pay tuition out of pocket.
The best experience I could ever have. Professors are willing to help you succeed and excel. There are countless opportunities to build relationships and further your education.
I like the academic level, the way in which the teachers teach, the high level of learning in the students and the support of the tuyores for academic support.
I felt that they were very welcoming when I first went through the application process and I felt that I would have a great time here but after the first couple months, I realized that I was not happy. I am currently in the nursing program and I feel like I am being set up to fail. I am actually transferring next semester because I feel like I cannot succeed here and also for other logistical reasons.
I am currently in my first year at Cedar Crest College and I have enjoyed it. I have met so many wonderful new people and made quite a few new friends. I enjoy the hospitality of the campus and how I always feel like I am at home. They always have lots of campus events going on as well, so there's never a time to be bored! They have something for everyone. The college truly does care for their students as a whole. I believe I made the right choice of coming to this school for my nursing degree and look forward to the next 3 years!
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I love the campus, students, and professors, but since it is such a small campus, sometimes it is rough to get all the classes you need in a timely fashion. Certain classes are only offered every other year in a specific semester and there are hardly any summer or winter courses. But it is a beautiful campus filled with people who want to help you achieve your dreams!
Run away from the nursing program! I had a great experience while taking my pre-nursing classes but once I got accepted into the nursing program everything changed. From 70 students that started the program only 20 made it to senior year. They don't care about the students and don't provide enough resources for students to succeed in their classes. Their NCLEX passing rate is misleading, not everyone's allow to take it.
I love the variety of cultures at the school and also how we all are brought in together as a community. Not many schools are involved with their community but with Cedar Crest College there are opportunities to do volunteer work through the school in the community. The one thing I believe should be changed are with the dining services. Students have classes from 6-930 or even later and the dinning halls close at 9 so therefore some people are unable to eat when they get out of class.