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I love the cultural diversity and the multiple opportunities to get together with people with the same interests.
It is a small campus that is very safe. All the faculty, staff, and students are friendly. There are many varieties of clubs and organizations to join. Academics are very important to the school. They want you to be prepared for life after college and that is why they have courses such as College Life.
Cedar Crest is a really great college to attend. The atmosphere is peaceful and if you are determined to pass your classes with no distraction this is the school for you. The students and staff at this school is nice and always willing to help. The school at the moment is ranked #2 for their nursing program pass rate for the NCLEX. I definitely would put this college on the top of my list to apply to.
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I love Cedar Crest. The only complaint I have is that I wish there were more financial support for SAGE, students of adult and graduate education. Traditional students have many financial cuts coming in from other schools, transfer students. I feel adult students have more responsibilities than traditional students by the way of families, jobs, paying bills for homes etc. Many traditional students live on campus or with parents who pay their tuition. I have to pay for all my tuition as an adult student other than a $2000 transfer scholarship for having a 3.9 GPA when I transferred. Tuition for me is over $15,000 a semester. Professors are great and very approachable. Beautiful campus and if is a women's college.
Through my multiple visits to Cedar Crest College, they were welcoming and made sure to inform me of what I would be learning if I go there. I also like the small classes they have there.
I enjoyed attending Cedar Crest, the campus is beautiful and the history behind the school. The only thing that I did have issue with was the financial aid office. The last year of my major is at an affiliate school and there were many issues with that. I believe that if there is going to be affiliate schools then all of those bugs should be fixed before you have students making plans.
Overall, Cedar Crest is a great school. The opportunities are great. I had a few problems there with racism and discrimination from a few of the science department professors. There are some great professors in many of the other departments that truly care and show you that they care about the future of their students. The tutors on campus are great, when they feel like doing their jobs. There are many opportunities for the traditional students, but not many for those who are over 21. The school is a bit expensive, but that is to be expected with private colleges.
Beautiful campus with excellent professors. Has various outlets for students to prepare for life after graduation and events to participate in.
This school is an amazing place to reach your goals and create a stable pathway to success! The professors do a great job at ensuring student success, and they are very reliable.
I love it! They are so one on one with you.
It is very safe. The police are always driving around watching and there are plenty of cameras too.
When I lived on campus I loved it so much. Some people were so friendly and others were very rude, loud or obnoxious. I would return if I had my own single.
The sports are a big part of school life.
The school I am in is an amazing school. The professors know what they are talking about and they genuinely care about our success as a student. They are great to work one on on with and they understand that we are not experts like they are. They are much better than my high school. I look forward to going to classes knowing that if I have a question, they are someone I can rely on.
I have no idea how i'm going to find a job in theatre after i graduate, but i still have time to look. I haven't used career services so i can't comment on their effectiveness.
The reason i haven't left is because i have amazing professors that actually care about my education and well-being. they are so accommodating and actually want you to succeed. Not all faculty is like this, but i've had very good experiences so far.
If i could afford it, i'd live in an apartment off campus. I've lived in moore and steinbright and moore probably has better rooms and bathrooms, but steinbright has less stairs, so it depends on what you like/can compromise with. I'm living in butz next semester, and i'm not sure what to think so far. it's definitely improved from 2 years ago. A lot of the seniors who were gross about cleaning up after themselves graduated so it's a lot cleaner and doesn't smell like pee all the time anymore.
Review Cedar Crest College
I'm not a part of the frat myself, but they are always recruiting. It's a frat centered around community service, and i'd join, but you have to pay a fee to get in. Otherwise, it's pretty awesome. They always travel during spring break and work with habitat for humanity to build housing.
We're a D3 school so our academics will always be more important than our athletics, but I still try to find time to go and cheer for our players. Not many people can go to games with our different schedules, but a good number always shows up. My school just recently remodeled the fitness center as well, so that's a major improvement that benefits non-athletes as well.
I think that the teachers are amazing, but the higher-ups like the dean, the office of student financial aid and the such make it a less enjoyable experience. I will be a senior next year and the only reason i haven't chosen to transfer to another cheaper school, is because i know how much it actually matters to my professors that i get good grades and find a good job in my field. I know that they will keep caring about me even after i graduate and it's so amazing to have supportive people like that rooting for you and pushing you to do your best.
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