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I love the campus and the faculty. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful. The classes are tough but they provide a lot of tutoring to ensure students get the help they need. They provide student and professional tutors.
The campus is very small and majority of the student body is focused on their studies. The campus provides many events on campus free to students to lessen the stress during midterm and finals as well as to have fun during the school year.
Many of the professors were understanding of the circumstances. They had trouble moving classes online but never blamed students for being confused and/or lost during the transition/coursework.
Still provided tutors online along with hosting many 'zoom' (different online videocall) meetings to ensure students understood coursework or needed extra help.
Nursing is way better in person, but they tried their best. Hopefully they can get their crap together.
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The nursing program is a joke. The nursing department has many tools, yet they are very disorganized with them. I was stressed while in the program, not because of academics, but because I had no idea what was going on 80% of the time. They make students participate in a “nursing boot camp” before starting the semester, yet they didn’t teach us anything about the various recording/simulation resources. They offer ONE optional seminar per resource. If we miss that, we have to make an appointment with Fructl who is VERY busy. Why didn’t they teach us these things in boot camp??
Like most colleges and universities cedar crest uses canvas. Nothing against the college as the professors try the best they can but canvas is difficult to use and has screwed me over with assignments before.
I struggled heavily with the transition from high school to college and failed pretty much all my classes. Cedar crest was there for me to help me get back on track. The staff really took the time to set me up for success and became great allies. I do not think I would have been able to do it without them especially the student success coach. I am so fortunate to have a community who truly cares for my well being and success. They really made me feel like a part of the campus even though I am a commuter and there is a sense of distance that comes with it.
Cedar Crest classes are pretty tough. I've only had about three professors I actually ever liked. They also do not offer you much support in registering for classes or help with financial aid. Your kind of on your own.
The online portion is the best part. The workload is a little demanding but its managable. No all classes are available online making it harder for adult students. I had a few good online professors and some absolutely terrible.
I’ve taken two hybrid classes and a full online classes so far. I feel like my hybrid classes were great because I still got my face to face time. The full online was fine as well. I took a very hard class so I passed by the skin of my teeth since I didn’t get that face to face time.
I do love my school! I am a sophomore this incoming semester. I feel as though my faculty in the Education Department is there for me. They always have my back! I would love if Cedar Crest renovated their dorms rooms and bathrooms in the buildings that haven’t been done. I would also love if they changed their food services because it’s absolutely disgusting. I ended up lowering my meal plan to the very lowest so I can cook instead next semester. Also as a black student I wish their was a little more diversity on campus because their is only a limited amount of us.
Besides Academics, cedar crest has nothing else to offer. (1)the food is always cold and it tastes horrible.(2) My friend once found a bug in her food. (3)They have no variety for the food choices.(4) if you're party student, don't even step foot on the campus because you will be DISAPPOINTED(and that is an understatement). (5)if you're an incoming freshman and you want a suite style dorm, good luck getting it because the seniors get it first(there are only 4 suites in the whole school).
I have been to many college visits, but this college had everything I wanted and more. It is a small college, yet something is always going on. The college makes sure that you get passed your first year in college, because it is definitely the most challenging part. Everyone is so nice and inviting, and that is what initially drew me to the college. They also have an amazing nursing facility that just got a 100% pass rate this past year. I recommend this school to anyone that wants a small school, to go into nursing, and wants a really diverse environment.
I enjoyed getting to know the professors at Cedar Crest. The professors genuinely care, and they want to see you succeed. Overall, the academics are excellent. The professors will go out of there way to accommodate you and make sure you understand the material in class.

However, the social aspect is lacking. I did not have a pleasant experience with with my fellow classmates. Some were not friendly and had bad attitudes, while others were nice. Most students transfer after their second year. The dorms are not the best. If you are looking for a college with vibrant social life, this is not the college you want to attend.
Cedar Crest College is really a great place to attend. They offer a wide range of majors which makes the college picking process easier for students like it did for me. Cedar Crest holds great activities for their students during the holidays and otherwise as well. I would love to see a more wide variety of activities held throughout the campus so there is a little something for everyone to participate in and have a better, more enriched college experience.
I transferred, ran screaming into the night, after only one semester here. It's all smoke and mirrors, they promise you one thing and deliver the opposite. They claim that there are many things to do on campus during the weekends, fact, it's a ghost town. The security at the dorms is downright scary, anyone can gain access to the dorms if another student gets them in the front door. The campus is across the street from private homes, so there are numerous people, who are not associated with the college walking around the campus. There are cliques, if you are a loner, or just shy, this is not the place for you.
I am Freshman at Cedar Crest College. It's a pretty campus and I am liking it so far. The professors and staffs are really helpful, however the college food is not one of the best things at the College.
A beautiful environment is created for all the students who attend, you feel welcomed every day. Meeting new people, a diverse and culturally advanced environment, where everyone is equal. The staff and faculty are all ready to help any time of the day via email, phone, or person. this college's goal is to focus on the whole student, and i believe they do, do that.
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I love this college. I started off as a traditional student back in 2010. I took a leave of absence and returned last year. I could have gone to any other school closer to home to finish getting my undergraduate degrees but I felt that I had to become a Cedar Crest alumni. They have a great sage (life-long learners or non-traditional students) program. The professors and staff are just incredible and since campus is small they really get to know you and they really care. It has a very welcoming feeling and even though I don’t live on campus, it’s still has a feeling of home.
The school is honestly such a close knit community, and networking opportunities are great. You'd be crazy to not come here!
I love how helpful the professors are. The students are very friendly. I love how they have tutors if you're struggling in any of the classes.
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