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Run away from the nursing program! I had a great experience while taking my pre-nursing classes but once I got accepted into the nursing program everything changed. From 70 students that started the program only 20 made it to senior year. They don't care about the students and don't provide enough resources for students to succeed in their classes. Their NCLEX passing rate is misleading, not everyone's allow to take it.
I love the variety of cultures at the school and also how we all are brought in together as a community. Not many schools are involved with their community but with Cedar Crest College there are opportunities to do volunteer work through the school in the community. The one thing I believe should be changed are with the dining services. Students have classes from 6-930 or even later and the dinning halls close at 9 so therefore some people are unable to eat when they get out of class.
I like that they commit to adult learning, and that they have night classes for working adults. I also like that most of the professors work with you on your projects and paper. The writing center hours could be more catered to the sage students and not traditional students.
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It is really nice and friendly there. I have made a lot of friends. The staff is great! I have expanded my knowledge here.
Cedar Crest College has so many things to offer everyone. With a beautiful campus, awesome activities and wonderful professors and staff, Cedar Crest makes me feel at home.
I love how small Cedar Crest College is. The professors are already a there for you! You will receive a great education no matter what major you are trying to achieve.
Honestly, Cedar Crest was the right decision for me. I know a lot of high school seniors have a very difficult choice to make when it comes time to figuring out what college program to go to into, etc. but Cedar Crest truly was the right decision. I have learned so much about myself and about how to become a better person by getting to learn from our amazing staff in the Communications and Dance departments.
I love the school but if you love to eat and go out you need to find another school. You need a car to get everywhere and the campus food is only good SOMETIMES.
What I like about Cedar Crest College is their commitment to diversity and the population of the school. It is a small school, around 1,600 at last check; rather than feeling like a number, the smaller class sizes have helped me to develop personal and student relationships with the professors. The campus is very diverse, with international students and students coming from all over the United States. I have been a part of the literary club, the improv group FADED, America Reads as a student tutor, and am secretary for Disciple Makers Christian Fellowship at Cedar Crest College, a weekly Bible study. I also love the variety of clubs the school offers for all majors and interests. I am proud to be a Cedar Crest falcon!
The campus is gorgeous when all the trees and flowers are fully bloomed, so many colors and the smell of it all when you walk by the trees is amazing. All the professors are really friendly and very helpful, they all want to see you graduate. The students are really friendly and always have smiles on their faces. Everyone has goals to be successful in their career and graduating. The performing arts department is amazing, the shows they put on are always astonishing the dancers and actors work really hard to really make it happen. The celebrations on campus are really fun. The clubs are great to be in and are very involved with the community. It's a great school to go to and it's an all girl school which represents leadership. I wouldn't know where I would be without Cedar Crest!
Cedar Crest College is not only a great place for higher education, it also provides an exciting opportunity to discover yourself and expand your mind. It is not a place for those looking to slack off and party all the time, but if you are willing to work hard and desire to be challenged, it is the place for you. Not to say this school doesn't come with flaws no school is perfect in some cases I would the finacial office isn't very helpful when it comes to helping students find alternative ways to pay for college other than loans. In the science and nursing department certain professor aren't very kind or understanding to the students and many students. There aren't many tutors for other majors such as psychology, crminal justice as the science and nursing major (s) are priorities.
I have not started but the process of getting enrolled and selecting classes has been a breeze so far.
I have a great group of friends I made here. My professors are very helpful when you have a question. The atmosphere is very good.
On my visit to Cedar Crest all the faculty are very nice and welcoming. I committed on my first official tour of the school. The basketball games are fun to attend. The food is great and there is a decent variety to choose from.
I personally like this college and I like the communication between teachers and students. The one thing that sucks about this school is the food, the high pricing and the dorms.
I have an amazing time at Cedar Crest College and would recommend it to women or young women who are interested in pursing a high quality degree with easy access to high quality professors and peers. I gained very useful experience that took me to a great job and I know it's because of my CCC education, excellent recommendations, and the work study/volunteer/other opportunities I took advantage of during school. Since I've graduated, they have started something called the Sophomore Experience during which ALL sophomore students study abroad. I will continue to donate regularly to further CCC's mission.
If you are looking for a place to further your education, look no further than Cedar Crest! Cedar Crest has wonderful professors, as well as small class sizes. The various different departments get along really well with one another, which is not always the case with major universities.
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Faculty are invested in my success. The students quickly become family. Leadership is encouraged. I am never told no, rather "are you sure you have time" or "come see me if you need to help"
Cedar Crest is a fantastic school! Initially I was apprehensive about the size but it is not a problem, in fact it helps getting to know your teachers and classmates to promote academic success. I was able to easily get an on-campus job my first semester, and joined three different clubs including a sports team. The faculty is very willing to work with students and the food isn't bad either.
I like that the professors at Cedar Crest College are helpful to the students. I like that Cedar Crest has a part-time nursing program for working adults with a family.
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