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I have dual enrolled at Cecil throughout High School and Cecil had given me many opportunities to further my education. The students and teachers are friendly and create a great learning experience.
All the professors I had were wonderful and gave all their effort to helping their students to succeed.
I was not very impressed with Cecil College. Their staff and professors were far from professional and I had a really hard time getting anything accomplished with them.
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Before Cecil College, I attended two other universities where I struggled to pass. At Cecil, the class sizes are small which allows more instructor-student contact, whereas at my former universities, the class sizes ranged from 300-500 students. The tuition at Cecil is affordable so I am no longer taking on student loan debt. The classes offered are also very flexible which allows me to work full time as well. Transferring to Cecil College was the best decision of my life.
I was able to take several classes at Cecil while still in high school. Even without being enrolled as a full time student, I was still able to take advantage of opportunities there.
The first thing I've noticed about Cecil is that it's meant to be a stepping stone school, a transition between high school and a 4 year that isn't (or shouldn't be)as taxing on you're wallet as jumping into a university tends to be. If you're willing to tough out the growing pains of you and your classmates, consider Cecil a solid fit if you live in the area!
I liked the people I went to school and most of the professors although there are some professors that need to grade work in a timely manner and show a greater passion for teaching
I really like cecil because it offers a variety of degrees and works with each of its students to achieve their goals. I wish there were more projects and activities to use different demonstrations of student knowledge.
Teachers are always so helpful.
My career choice is nursing, and although all of my other experiences with Cecil professors has been great, the nursing staff was horrible. There was no connection between the teacher and the classroom. I felt like we were being thrown to the wolves when clinicals came around. The price for the classes was hefty enough but on top of that, they made you pay a bunch of fees for other things that could have easily been rectified with other methods. The tests were ridiculous. It was almost as if they didn't teach us any of it.
The school is awesome. The teachers are always willing to help the students and because of the small classes, it is easier to stay focused and have one on one time with the instructors.
I was able to transfer a couple classes so I didn't have to start over
My experience at Cecil so far has been great. The instructors are all highly knowledgeable about the material they're teaching. The small class sizes are beneficial. I'm getting quality education at my small community college.
Weekly discussions on various topics, made the class more exciting and interesting.
Career center is great, it's always staffed, if you ever have a question they answer it right away.
They have a career placement facility, and there are internships available too.
Professors really care about their students, and the class ratios are really low.
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I love the curriculum, I am excited about the coursework. The workload is reasonable, and they also have a daycare center that has awesome programs for your child to attend while you are in class.
Love this school, it has great Academics and a great student body. Not too big, small teacher to student ratios.
The course objectives for my major are my favorite. They are so interesting an the instructors keep students engaged. The work load is no heavy, very functional.
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