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The in person class I attended during Spring 2020, went online during the pandemic. The college made this transition, seamlessly. My professors, emailed and checked in constantly, exams were similar to in class exams, and the communication between students and professors were open. Administration sent weekly updates and support to students. Wonderful experience.
Cecil College is one that I am extremely impressed with. I have attended courses at other community college campuses and institutions, and this college by far, is the best. The campus is beautiful. There is always student activities going on. The communication between the administration and students is very present. The most important feature, are the professors. I have never encountered such capable educators. In my field, all of my professors were doctors and heavily stressed how the work field will be. Information is not sugar coated and you receive the grade that you earn.
Cecil College is a great school! I have enjoyed all of my professors and classes. I have learned a lot and had lots of fun in the classes I take there. I am a high school student who takes place in their dual enrollment with the high school I attend, and I am so glad I was able to join their ECA program, which stands for Early College Academy. Some of their classes provide information that is not needed, but that can be a good and bad thing, depending on the subject.
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All of my learning was in person until the coronavirus hit. Their online teaching was pretty difficult since there was not much direct instruction, but it was otherwise a fairly good experience.
The 2019-2020 year at Cecil College, it was very helpful to me in my academic career and in general life too. Cecil College has taught me many things.
As a learning experience, Cecil College has good and supportive online learning. Also, very straight forward everything.
I truly enjoyed my time at Cecil College. The teachers were easy to communicate with and understanding of working students with families. Even the chair person of the education department was super helpful. I wish they would add some lab courses to the Elkton station.
Cecil is a good school with friendly and helpful instructors who want to see their students learn the skills that they need to succeed in the field they pursue. My instructors have been very understanding whenever I have trouble with the material or make mistakes, and have given me much insight on how to improve on my basic fundamentals. The classes are fun and fellow students treat each other fairly. An excellent school to get an education.
The professors are extremely helpful, and are trying to help you succeed. The workload is manageable, but our professors are constantly reminding us that this is college, and extremely different from high school. The classes are great and so is the student life.
There are no true online classes anymore as they expect some work to be done on campus, but they don't tell you. You have to find out on your own when such an assignment comes up. Yes, this is for a class listed as online and described as online by the college and the course prof.
The staff also won't actually withdraw you when you ask, despite saying that they will. You end up badgering them a week later on the last available day for it. They get really offended when you look out for yourself.
Sad because it wasn't always so hard to get classes to fit YOUR schedule. They're changing for the worst. Now, if you aren't a traditional college student, they don't want you there. They want to be a typical college, which wouldn't serve the population that they were originally designed for.
I loved Cecil College, it helped me become who I am today. The professors there were amazing. I affiliated with most of the students there, no matter what type of person he or she is. I worked out more times at the college than I’ve ever worked out anywhere else. The college wasn’t very far from me, it was about 20 minutes from where I live.
I would like to see change the book pricing to be cheaper. Certain books be just as much as the classes I’ve paid for. I also wish they had a dorm for the college. It’s not a change I would need, but it would be nice to have. And I do wish the food was a little better.
Cecil College has been a great experience so far. Every teacher I've had has catered to my specific needs as a student in and out of the classroom. Student services are easily accessible and easy to navigate. Great school!
I wish that I had stayed at Cecil College longer. They care for your education more than other colleges that I have been too. Everyone is close and friendly. It is easy to talk to professors and they like to help. Very inexpensive.
Cecil College is a very small and scenic college. They offer a very wide variety of academic programs, and professors are very outgoing to help their students. There is a college cafe on campus for students to eat at, but they don't offer much.
Cecil College is a small but mighty college that helps all. It helps you get somewhere and improve and move onto better things. It's a very nice campus for a community college and friendly environment.
I love Cecil College because it is so affordable and each class is based on YOUR schedule. There are so many classes and they have so many different times so you can attend, regardless if that is online, in class or hybrid (which are my favorite) because even though the classes are online, I am testing my stud skills for when I go on campus and test.
Cecil College is an excellent school. I love how helpful other students are in study rooms and teachers are easy to reach if needed. The staff is welcoming and the admissions office is always there if you need help with scheduling or any events that come up. They also offer free tutors to their students who are struggling to improve success, Cecil always puts their students first and it is a very safe and welcoming place. The only suggestion I have is offering early nursing so when their students first apply to the school they can receive their associates degree after 2 years of schooling.
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Plenty of free resources available for students and online and evening courses available for working students.
All of the professors and adjuncts have been nothing but welcoming and helpful. There’s more than enough room for potential growth, several networking possibilities, and an ideal environment for students to excel!
I quite enjoyed my years at Cecil. While there were rough patches (bad classes, not so great teachers, etc.) overall the experience was amazing. Most of the time any major school-related bumps in the road could be resolved by seeking help through any of their various resources. The classes were stimulating, the teachers engaging, and the credits all transferred.
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