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CCI has worked with me in the best way possible to have me enrolled and pursuing my goal to being certified.
I've had a wonderful experience.
Everything was easy, friendly and professor very hands on.
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The career center is in great condition.
This is a new career field for me. The recruiters are wonderful, make you feel at ease, and build your confidence.
The professor, Great willing to explain and break it down so you will comprehend. I'm in a small class, so we are able to get one on one learning experience.
The staff treat you with respect and dignity. Very patient and willing to go that extra mile for you.
The Staff and instructor's are awesome.
The student body at my school is very focused group of students and very determined to study hard and finish school with a great grade point average.
Well, our professors are a big help when it comes to various of questions.
I am a nursing student so I think there will always be job opportunity out in this field. As a nursing student everything in life gets difficult and overwhelming but you just have to push through because you only have yourself most of the time. It has been a hard long road, i know it will pay off in the long run.
I am a first time student
So far I have had an okay experience. It would have been better if certain subjects were enforced more to better my education.
My school is private and has 4 programs to choose from. The programs are; License volcational nursing, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, and X ray tech, I think that is what makes my school different from others.
My school has a some what successful job placement program. They will work with you and are great people.
My schools tuition is 27,000. I am graduating on July 10, 2014. financial aid helped me out with 12,000 the rest i have to pay. How i see it is at least Financial aid helped me and I am very grateful for that.
Their i so much to do for college, but nobody said it was going to be easy. I think having a education is very important but so expensive. Many people can not afford it like myself but end up finishing school anyways, even if your so much debt. Its worth it at the end of the day.
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My school mostly consist of older adults who had jobs and were laid off or just tired from going job to job due to not having any certifications or degrees to fall back on. Students varies as full-time workers, part-time, full time parents trying to better their-selves and juggling family. I believe the school helps us prepare to seek the career that we never had before and making sure we love what we do.
The teachers are encouraging to and very informative to each and every student. The schools gives a reassurance and job placement. School goes beyond and assist students to prepare resume' for jobs and information on professionalism.
The main reason I chose this school was because of the accelerated program. I want to finish with training as quickly as possible to get back in the work force. The administration process was quick. Started classes pretty quickly. There is not much flexibility in classes due to the accelerated program, but they do have a night class option available.
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