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CBT College - Cutler Bay Reviews

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The student body is diverse and it's great to see that.
Like I said the school is gpod but the cost is to high. For the certificate I'm receiving is to much money for an 8 month program.
It's okay just wish the school could help get into what I desire to be.
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The teachers are very knowledgeable it's just the cost is way to high
The school should consider having a higher certificate for medical coding and billing
The school could be better if the cost wasn't so high.
I think that tution is to high . the advisors are ok .Some of the fees that they charge are outragous
Course load way to heavy, hard to get the online chat and communication with instructor and students to even work, spent most of the time on Skype with a tech guy who lives in an other country then i did actually being able to use the software, teachers not very knowledgeable on how to run these online classes
The cost is ridiculous, we pay nearly 500$ per credit so each semester of 6 weeks cost me 5000$ at least, no favorite experience just trying to graduate and get out and receive my bachlers elsewhere
The computers are slow will lock you out change your password almost 1 out of every 3 computers don't work at all its terrible walking around a classroom trying to find a working computer because that is how many suck, only in cutler bay
They all suck, you can not check out books from the library can only use them while your there so inconvient, we have no athletics, rarely campus activities at cutler bay
Super small no room in hallways but plenty of class room space
Every medical student taking over the BUSINESS COLLEGE is ghetto as hell and talk s*** all day very uncomfortable place to learn
I have done better in west Kendall than i have in ghetto cutler bay
The curriculum is never followed the workload is reasonable by some teachers but better than if you take a class online than workload is extremely too much
All depends on the class and the teacher.
You have no idea what you are getting as for loans, they mess up your financial aid and deny you classes, they only want to give you 1 or 2 at a time and if you ask for an extra class they refuse to give it to you. Hard to communicate and understand so you get frustrated and just leave. Better figuring out for yourself.
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I have not received any help through Career Advisers at CBT College Cutler Bay Campus. I got so annoyed with the ignorant teachers that speak broken English and can not explain certain things to you in English because they do not know the English word for what they are trying to say so they say it in Spanish. Well I do not speak Spanish so that is of no help same goes for Finacial Aid, I would like to know how I've racked up 30K in tuition for a 2 year program when I was on a scholarship fully paid for the first year and I can not speak to financial aid because she does not know what I am talking about and I can not understand a word she it saying. I hate it and am still unemployed when I was promised a job 11 months ago.
Honestly, this school doesn't stand out from any other accredited school.
Overall it's good, but library closes early so if you go to school at night you're screwed.
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