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My experience was great, I am returning to finish the program, but all the staff and support that everyone has is really great.
CBD college is a very small private institution. The professors are very hands on and the class settings are very small. I love it!
Even before enrollment, you can tell that the staff at CBD are here for you and your success. I love that you are required to interview for a spot in the OTA program. This gives you piece of mind that everyone in your class will be as dedicated and driven as you are. No distractions. They set you up in an amazing environment. The staff all have an "open door" policy and is always willing to stay extra hours to assist you. All of the professors in the OTA program are knowledgable in their field and always push their students to strive for more.
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The DMS program at CBD is the best around. The professors are great, helpful, and knowledgeable. They offer their help whenever needed and are happy to spend extra time for students in need. The school is CAHEEP accredited, which makes it more competitive to get accepted into.
The school tuition is definitely worth the education and the degree I wil receive. Futhermore, being a full time employee I did not receive much financial aid which helped.
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