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Cazenovia is an amazing college, after spending almost 4 years on campus, you end up with your likes and dislikes, it all just depends on you. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Caz. Do I sometimes wish there was more variety in the dining hall of course, but who wouldn't after 2-3 years of the same food.
The faculty and administrative really care about the students at Cazenovia. Everyone is invested in the future of the student and they truly want to see they succeed. The community is small but very safe and if you crave more to do, Caz is only a few minutes away from Syracuse.
I like the smallness of the school, the professors I've encountered, and most of the food the school makes. There is also a ton of security guards all over campus and blue lights to pull when you're in danger and need someone to escort you back to your dorm. One thing I don't like is how unorganized the financial aid office is. I have had problems with my student account countless times because they messed it up.
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Overall Cazenovia College is a college where you get the most education for your money. The classes are small like they were in high school so you can talk to teachers and ask questions. Not to mention the staff knows your name after a few months instead of a large university that don't know who you are out of 10000 students. This school can also put you on the path for a great future.
I fell in love with Caz the minute I set foot on campus. There's just something about this place that makes you feel like you're making a significant change and I know I wouldn't have grown nearly as much as I have at Caz had I gone anywhere else. You get out of Caz what you put into it, and the more you participate the more you get from your experience. Almost everyone I know on campus is involved somehow, as an RA, student government officer, CABbie, tour guide, student athlete, club e-board member, honor society member... It's so easy to find your place here and there's always someone to go to if you feel like you're struggling. At Caz you have a tribe of people behind you, and even people you don't know will reach out to help you find your place.
The dorms and some buildings are falling apart, and have issues. Farber Hall showers are temperamental. The showers are either hot or cold. There are some classes being held in the basements of the buildings. Some of the buildings are nice, such as the new Jephson campus building. The teachers are super nice and helpful along with the other workers here.
I liked how the school was on the smaller side so pretty much you knew everyone. The community surrounding the school was close-knit. I enjoyed the way that the professors interact with the students and the fact that you could meet with them whenever you needed to and they would help you.
I really enjoyed my "Terrorism" class and the professor. I did not like having to take a mandatory European art history class. My mother dragged me thru several European museums two years ago.
I really haven't had the chance to explore career prospects. I would like to explore options with the F.B.I.... I intend to talk with my Terrorism class professor when I return in a couple of weeks
I'm from a small farming community and I feel safe on the small campus of Caz
I've been in a lounge with 3 other girls,, it was pretty tight. Double room for my sophomore year was ok
I have been on Cazenovia Womens Swim and Dive Team for two years and we have won the NEAC conference championship two years in a row!
Since I came from a small school, I prefer the small campus of Cazenovia. I love my swim team and my coaches.
It's pretty good except financial aid dept. they left out some important information causing a balance when there should not have been.
Marijuana is everywhere. The buildings smell of it, but nothing is done about it.
I had an internship my sophomore year and was very lucky to be able to do that. Some of my friends have not even discussed internships at their schools yet. I feel as though this school has me on the right path to be very successful when I finish
The educational aspect of this school is amazing. The small classes are awesome and you get individual help from professors whenever you need it. Very easy to communicate and talk to professors. The campus is not modernized what-so-ever, very old feeling to it. Also not very handicap accessible
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Very informative on this information, through all years of schooling at Cazenovia.
The woman in charge of residential life is very accommodating and makes sure you are comfortable. If you aren't, she will do as much as she can to help you out with your living situation.
There isn't much hype about the school sporting events. Certain cliques attend them, but not usually a lot of people.
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