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I honestly love my campus, it’s right out of a small town picture book. The lake is down the road if you want to be by water, the houses are gorgeous if you want to take a walk in the morning and ogle the house designs, and my favorite are the nature trails to hike on if you’re feeling adventurous. Since it’s a small college you really get to know your community, I made great friends once I got out of my shell and everyone is very understanding. I love how I was able to try new things and find clubs that I really know that I belong to.
I love Cazenovia College. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. When I first started, I was extremely homesick but now I never go home unless I really have to. When it comes to professors and athletics, It's literally amazing. Although being a student athlete is really hard, I have grown so much within volleyball and lacrosse, while also growing academically because of my coaches and professors.
So far I like Cazenovia College, it's a safe space it's small, quiet and a good place to grow. I just completed my freshman year and I'm anxious to return! The activities we get to indulge in are great. Everything from carnivals, movie trips, and even karaoke nights. Cazenovia has a lot of potential and good professors, I look forward to graduating.
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Individualized support for my success! Loved the small school experience and community. The Village is also welcoming, and has unique shops. Not far from a nice size city for shopping needs. Overall perfect choice for me!
What I liked about Cazenovia College was the comfort that I felt and the safety. The professors all connect with the students in an academically state matter. It is small but it sure makes you feel like you’re at home.
Very small school, great environment, and good for one on one experience with professors. The food is average and could be improved. The campus is very diverse and welcomes everyone. Party scene seems to be pretty low and alcohol is frowned upon
Cazenovia College is the perfect college for you, if you love a small and homey atmosphere! At Cazenovia College you are more than just a number! Professors work closely with students to ensure their succession. No one wants to see you fail here! Cazenovia is all about building community and creating a safe and diverse place for students to strive for excellence.
A beautiful school set in a beautiful lakeside town.
It's very safe and although it's not a "party school" there are a lot of clubs and activities.
Its a small School. The classrooms size is small, which means one on one contact with the professors . Lots of activities and sports on campus for everyone. The campus is small not far to walk to class.
I love Cazenovia but they have some things they need to change. Overall it is a good school with a greta program. I love that they have the option to get a single room instead of having a roommate and the equine program is amazing.
Small class sizes fit my learning style perfectly. Professors actually care about you and push you to succeed both in and out of the classroom. Dining Hall is lacking but you learn to live with it.
The campus is small, and very accepting. Professors care about their students both in and out of the classroom. The environment is generally very positive which promotes successful learning.
Caz was a very small school, with a beautiful campus and diverse population. The dorms are clean and nice. The food was pretty good, however the 1 and only dining center closes at 7 pm, so if you had late classes, you could easily miss dinner. Great professors and teachers. Good library. Tiny town, with not much to do -- you have to travel outside of Cazenovia for much of anything. It is a good idea to join various interest groups to keep yourself involved. the student loans I have from Cazenovia are extremely high in relation to my below-average salary, working within my field of study (graphic design).
I haven't yet started my college years there yet, but i plan to in the fall of 2018, but when i went for my campus tour, I loved every minute of it. The faculty, the students I passed on campus, the teachers, everyone was just so nice and welcoming! I felt as if i were at home!
Cazenovia College offers a variety of courses that help to create a well developed education. The professors are dedicated to teaching and look to help students in their education.
Cazenovia is an amazing college, after spending almost 4 years on campus, you end up with your likes and dislikes, it all just depends on you. I have enjoyed every minute of my time at Caz. Do I sometimes wish there was more variety in the dining hall of course, but who wouldn't after 2-3 years of the same food.
The faculty and administrative really care about the students at Cazenovia. Everyone is invested in the future of the student and they truly want to see they succeed. The community is small but very safe and if you crave more to do, Caz is only a few minutes away from Syracuse.
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I like the smallness of the school, the professors I've encountered, and most of the food the school makes. There is also a ton of security guards all over campus and blue lights to pull when you're in danger and need someone to escort you back to your dorm. One thing I don't like is how unorganized the financial aid office is. I have had problems with my student account countless times because they messed it up.
Overall Cazenovia College is a college where you get the most education for your money. The classes are small like they were in high school so you can talk to teachers and ask questions. Not to mention the staff knows your name after a few months instead of a large university that don't know who you are out of 10000 students. This school can also put you on the path for a great future.
I fell in love with Caz the minute I set foot on campus. There's just something about this place that makes you feel like you're making a significant change and I know I wouldn't have grown nearly as much as I have at Caz had I gone anywhere else. You get out of Caz what you put into it, and the more you participate the more you get from your experience. Almost everyone I know on campus is involved somehow, as an RA, student government officer, CABbie, tour guide, student athlete, club e-board member, honor society member... It's so easy to find your place here and there's always someone to go to if you feel like you're struggling. At Caz you have a tribe of people behind you, and even people you don't know will reach out to help you find your place.