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I like Catholic Universities campus. It is located in Washington D.C. and there are plenty of things to do, but there are not many things to do on campus. The academics are very good and the teachers want you to succeed.
THE Catholic University of America, is a school unlike any other. With a fairly small to mid-sized population they offer expansive programs fora multitude of disciplines. Diversity on the campus is growing, with a population lacking minorities it certainly is not closed off from others. the have alliances for any race and encourage new clubs to be created as the student population finds fit. Being Located in Washington D.C there is no lack of activities for those attending this school. With a metro system right on the campus its only a 10 minute ride into the city. The City is full of attractions consisting of restaurants, museums, outdoor festivities (concerts, festivals, etc.)
Catholic University of America is unique among all of the country’s Catholic colleges and universities in that we are the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States chartered by the Holy See and founded by the Catholic bishops.
The University is located in the heart of Washington, D.C.
From the D.C. Metrorail system, adjacent to campus, you're just a 10-minute Metrorail ride from Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institution, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Union Station.
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Am holder of an advance level Gce certificate in economics and history my father taxi driver my mother household am the last of about 6 familiy am from a low background family of abt 8 memb r
I the campus. It is safe and clean and a great distance from the city. So many opportunities and things to do!
The Unversity was very motivating and assistive in helping me to follow my career path from the begininng of college to freshan year of medical school.
Good university, gorgeous campus and very good with the financial aid. i strongly recommend the catholic university
Great school! Wonderful Professors and a beautiful campus. D3 sports there are highly competitive. Can't beat DC for internships.
At CUA I like how I am able to do various programs, and see and do things in DC. The school is very costly though, but the campus is a very nice thing to come to everyday and very prestigious. The cons are that we are not allowed to party on campus and the D.C cops always bust our other parties.
I think The Catholic University of America is a great institution with a lot to offer in terms of education, resources, and campus life. When you step onto campus you don't feel like you are in a major metropolitan area but you can hop on the metro and within minutes you are in the heart of our Nations Capital. Most students are very friendly and the faculty and staff are the same. The dining is fantastic and the staff behind them is even better. I feel safe and secure in the dorms as well as comfortable. Overall I'd give this school a 10/10.
The academics are great, especially the political science department, internship opportunities are amazing in DC, and the professors seem to care. However, the small campus, small student body, and gross food are not good.
I like that Catholic University is a closed campus that is still in proximity to Washington, D.C. With our own metro stop and our own version of a "main street," Monroe Street, I feel like CUA is the perfect place to go to college in DC. The academics are reputable, and the people who attend and work at this school are kind-hearted. One thing I would like to see change is more diversity on the racial, religious, and political spectrums. I also would change the food options--they are limited and repetitive, and are overall subpar.
The social work program is great and I love being in DC. I don't think the dining options are that great. The dorm I live in is ok. Generally underwhelmed by CUA.
Catholic was one of the best experiences ever, the professors and staff are super caring and educated. Campus is clean and a good vibe is transmitted once you enter.
It is an amazing place. The classic college campus but with our own metro stop we are only 5 minutes from the Capitol and the heart of DC ( you can actually see the Capitol from some buildings). There are support and interest groups on everything from swing dancing to latin to ultimate frisbee. We also have a lot of focus on student mental health, student visits to the counseling center are free for the first 45 sessions. The one thing that could be changed is that it the neighborhood is not the best and it is not reccommended that you go off campus at night (although since we are right on the metro this isnt really a problem, we just go into the city). We have metropolitan police as our campus security so campus itself is very safe.
Washington DC is a great place to go school, plenty of opportunities for internships, work and new experiences. Catholic has the best of both worlds--closeknit campus where your professors know you in the middle of a great city. Metro stop is right on campus, campus has plenty of green space, dorms are decent and the professors do care. My only criticism is the food--the Meal Plan food is below par.
Catholic University is a great University. It has a well rounded student body and faculty and staff is very welcoming. There are groups and clubs available for almost anything you can think of and if they don't have one you like it is easy to create one. The classes are challenging and designed to promote success and the teachers are always available to help when needed. They have great athletic programs and the coaches are willing to work around school schedules for practices. The food is not the best, but they do have many options and a food court with many different restaurants to choose from.
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Four years of the best memories of my life! The people I met are now lifelong friends. The education I received was superior beyond compare, and the religious backbone of the university continues to be my anchor in my life. Catholic University exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend the school.
Just as expensive as American or GW for no reason. Classes are small but professors are awful, generally felt like I learned nothing while I was in the classroom. Far too many required classes including: 4 semesters of theology with professors that usually don't get enough students registered for their classes. Prepare to get an internship or job, because this school will not give you the experience you need if you are a political science major. There are literally no parties on Fridays and frat "darties" are a major part of the cultural. Food situation is god awful, no vegan options whatsoever. Majority of campus resources aren't anything out of the ordinary save for the medical center and career center which go above and beyond. Dorms are average but rules regarding who you can have over are too antiquated for students of the 21st century. I think of CUA as a place I live in order to be able to intern on the Hill and in the DC Metro area and nothing more than that.
The inviting attitude of any given student at the university makes you feel at home, and safe with many open-minded people. The professors are very personal, on top of being top notch. They will often address you by name, showing their eagerness to know you and engage in conversation. The location is in a safe part of Washington D.C. Catholic University also has a Metro train stop on campus making it difficult to not have something to do in between study-time. Such a location also makes it easy to find internships and job opportunities. On top of all these, the campus food is not only unlimited to freshman and sophomores, but also highly enjoyable.
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