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The food is a major issue. The student restaurant is dirty, the food is disgusting, they give tiny portions, and there is not even close to enough seating for the number of students on campus. Don't even bother trying to get in here at lunch time. My major problem with dining services at CUA is actually not the food though, it is the incredibly rude and unhelpful staff. God forbid you ask for something on the side or what ingredients are in something, you would think you are asking them for $50 out of their own pocket. We don't have a basic grocery store within walking distance, but we do have the gentrified Monroe Street Market if you want some macrame bracelets and a CVS where razors need to be locked in a case because they've been stolen so many times.
I am a politics major, & I have learned practically nothing here. The pol. core curriculum is not standardized, & therefore doesn't give a solid base for future coursework. It seems the school is focused more on World Politics concentrations than American Government and Political Theory, & it shows in the professors that are asked to them. Many times a grad student has taught a course for my major, which is not okay considering the school isn't cheap and it's not like there are more than 12-15 politics courses offered in a given semester. You need an internship to learn at all. CUA is pretty unhelpful with this unless you want an internship on the Hill or with a political consulting firm, which everyone and their brother has. The one thing I will say is that it's easy to get an A, b/c no one in the major cares about their grades at all. Just put in a little effort and you'll look like a genius. I feel like I'm sitting in a class full of zombies most of the time.
When I tell you to run from this school, I mean it. The students here are extremely clique and they all stay in their little sports team bubbles. I am an average student, with a big social life in high school and here I am a standout. They do not give as big a financial aid package as most other schools, but they definitely have the money laying around. The professors are actually pretty decent but it seems that no matter how hard you work in a class, they just wont give you an A. If I could give the "Safety" Factor a 0 I would-within the first week of school there were two reports of armed robbery and one sexual assault right on the edge of campus. They try to make you feel safe by having police and security everywhere but they are usually just found sitting in their big trucks eating donuts. The food is miserable! They advertise it as being very healthy but in fact is just a lot of grease. RuN!!
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I'm most impressed with their consideration of a given students needs and challenges and the type of accommodations they provide. Their workload is generally made to be reasonable and they posses many perks including holidays, food, parties and etc.
Such a great community in an amazing location! Such an underrated school. The resources and connections that are at CUA is very impressive for a school that is on the small side of medium. Great choice to come here!
My school is great. I love it, but sometimes I feel like you can't be involved as much as you might want to if you are a commuter. Thus, I would like to see the school find a way to remedy this situation and to provide more financial aid to the students. Also, a food bank is in great need.
I love the location of Catholic. There is no better place to go to school because you get a suburban feel right in the middle of DC. There is plenty of wide open space and you're just a short metro ride from the more urban, downtown area of DC. The only thing I would like to see change is the food service. It is not great and improvements are necessary. Also, a greater presence of Greek Life and school spirit for football would both be nice.
I love it! Campus food is going to be improved by 2020 when the new dining hall opens. My favorite thing about Catholic is all of the community service opportunities. Everyday there is a way to get involved with the community and help people. The education pushes you to have to work hard. It’s a very traditional education which was hard for me at first but I like the challenge. Also there are so many internship opportunities available in the city. Every night of the week there are networking events. It’s just an overall great school with serious students.
CUA is home to about 5,000 undergrad. The campus is small, but always kept in tip top shape. The students come from all over, mainly states from the east coast. The environment is warm, friendly, and safe. CUA is more of a bar school, however certain sport houses throw some good parties once in a while. CUA's cafeteria is one of the worst in the country, you may starve if you come here because the choices in the upstairs food court are horrendous. However, administration has become aware of this in recents years and is attempting to fix this problem. CUA is currently building a new & improved food court. CUA is a great institution, the small class sizes are great for learning and the university is well recognized throughout the country.
I am currently in my last year at Catholic University of America, and I am very happy I chose this school to pursue my MSW at. The curriculum is easy to understand. The online learning option is perfect for me as I do not live near the campus. I really enjoy being able to carry on with the rest of my life while still being able to participate in class work, and an education through this wonderful school! I would recommend Catholic University of America to anyone and everyone interested in pursuing graduate studies for social work. Great Place to attend!
It is a great School, with amazing people around.. The professors are really friendly, active and helpful.. The campus is cute, small and beautiful, so you don't have to walk a lot.. Its just awesome.. Also, we are blessed to have the Bascilica in the middle of our campus.. It is a great and peaceful place to be in..
As soon as my mother drove away last August, leaving me at Catholic University of America,I was honestly scared and excited for my adventure.But, I knew that attending at Catholic University of America, I would be receiving a great education. I was mentally prepared for the lack of sleep, consist hours of studying and drinking coffee in order to stay alive. Realizing that college went from 0 to 100 real quick. My mental preparation needed more information such as budgeting, extreme organization and prioritize oneself in order to get into graduate school. I kept my circle extremely small and social interactions less of a priority. However, I am still working on working out of my comfort zone. Throughout my learning at Catholic, college is suppose to help us understand how the world evolves and that everything connects. However, the most important thing my professors have taught me, is to work extremely hard because in reality none wants to higher lazy people.
I absolutely love my school! I love being in DC and only a metro ride away from all the monuments and the national mall. I feel so at home at CUA and I do not have any complaints; except the food is not very good.
Catholic University is a good school with great opportunity and amazing access to DC where even more opportunity awaits. As a freshman, the "Catholic identity" really gets shoved in your face, and there are some idiotic rules with the housing that make you feel like a child. But aside from that, the school is beautiful and provides a great education.
I love the campus at Catholic University of America and it’s location in Washington,DC—I found the people on the campus to be engaging and inviting as well. The Media and Communications department has me most excited as that is my intended major. I look forward to starting my freshman year in this wonderful place!
I like that Catholic was a smaller school so close to downtown Washington D.C. The school has many opportunities to get involved socially and academically. The dorms are very good compared to other universities because they are large and well kept. While the athletic center may be small, great training happens there. The academics are challenging but very possible and professors are interested in getting to know you.
It was an overall pleasant experience thus far. However, financial troubles are the only thing holding me back and continuously causing me stress.
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Family oriented university, that makes you feel welcome the minute you step on campus. I visited the university in February and have now made the decision to enroll my freshmen year. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have in the 4 years ahead!
Catholic is a good school overall. It is not an exceptional school like an Ivy league school but its academics are good and improving. The campus is well maintained and it is very close to DC which is a unique experience to see the capital on a whim. The only thing holding the campus back is literally funds as a good amount of the buildings are old and they are looking to reconstruct them. A big thing this school does is connect you opportunities for internships which makes you very appealing in the job market afterwards. Many Freshmen I knew are getting internships already. Overall, Catholic is a good school that is constantly trying to improve itself.
I am not a student yet but will be attending in the Fall of 2018. I will be playing on the schools varsity baseball team. I have dealt with the admissions office and the coaches and have had a great experience in having all my questions answered. I have been made to feel welcome and look forward to becoming a part of the school and team.
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