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Family oriented university, that makes you feel welcome the minute you step on campus. I visited the university in February and have now made the decision to enroll my freshmen year. I am grateful for all the opportunities I have in the 4 years ahead!
Catholic is a good school overall. It is not an exceptional school like an Ivy league school but its academics are good and improving. The campus is well maintained and it is very close to DC which is a unique experience to see the capital on a whim. The only thing holding the campus back is literally funds as a good amount of the buildings are old and they are looking to reconstruct them. A big thing this school does is connect you opportunities for internships which makes you very appealing in the job market afterwards. Many Freshmen I knew are getting internships already. Overall, Catholic is a good school that is constantly trying to improve itself.
I am not a student yet but will be attending in the Fall of 2018. I will be playing on the schools varsity baseball team. I have dealt with the admissions office and the coaches and have had a great experience in having all my questions answered. I have been made to feel welcome and look forward to becoming a part of the school and team.
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So far, as a freshman I have really enjoyed my college experience at CUA! Teachers care about the students and want them to succeed. It is also a bonus to have such easy access to DC!
Awful school for undergraduates. The school puts its money into the graduate program and the undergrad program is there for them to make money. Even if you don't go to parties and get sick there, you'll probably wind up in the ER anyway if you dare eat food at the food court. Some dorms are nice while others are moldy and should be condemned. Professors are pretentious snobs on the most part. Don't let their good recruiting programs fool you. Stay away from CUA!
I’m studying biomedical engineering and I love it. This definitely isn’t a party school and it’s D3 so if those are more important to you than your degree, keep that in mind.
I like the people and the faith aspect. There is a wide range of classes an undergrad can take, but the administration has chosen to combine and drop some offered courses making classes close to overcrowding for no reason except that they don't hire enough professors.
When I toured the school, everyone was extremely friendly. The professors were approachable and the students on the football team (who I stayed with) were extremely nice.
This is the best online course that I have taken. The professors actually care about you and call and check on you. I RECIEVED COMPLIMENTS that I did not believe I would ever get from a professor.
Amazing school and great people. Everyone is extremely friendly. I have made amazing friends who are there to support. It is extremely expensive but worth it.
Catholic university has an excellent sense of community and fellowship, it is a great place to develop character and grow in faith. The only issue I have with it is the expenses and deficiency in scholarships, this makes it difficult for less wealthy people to attend.
Great sense of community
Small class sizes
Large campus
Takes 10 minutes to get into the heart of D.C.
There are always events going on at campus
Supporting professors and advisors
Only bad thing is the food
Great school, would love to see 4 years in the dorms available because of the expense and danger of the surrounding area.
Not a terrible school, but could definitely be better.
The food is absolutely terrible and is barely open. There are barely any options on campus (only one dining hall and the food court is only open from 11-7 on weekdays and typically closes early as the workers do not like to work).
The business school is new and up and coming. I have had wonderful, caring teachers and learning in a small class size make learning great.
I'm having an "average" time at CUA. One of my favorite things is definitely that its a DC school and DC is a really fun place to hang out at. The people are nice and the majority of my teachers are really. But I'm not connecting that much with the school, mostly because I commute. While people are nice, it's definitely awkward in some classes and I don't really feel like I belong. But I understand that this is only my first semester and there's still time for it to be better. However, there's one thing I don't like about the campus which is the lack of diversity. I'm hispanic and come from a very diverse area. At my high school the majority of us were Hispanic or African American. All of my best friends are minorities. So coming here is definitely a new type of environment for me. Academically, my classes are going really well. I'm really loving the business school in particular (I'm a marketing major).
It's great! The campus life is amazing! There are so many different ways to get involved, from clubs to service opportunities. The campus itself is so beautiful, and it actually has the most privately owned green space in DC! The fact that it's in DC is great because that means endless opportunities for internships and jobs.
I like Catholic Universities campus. It is located in Washington D.C. and there are plenty of things to do, but there are not many things to do on campus. The academics are very good and the teachers want you to succeed.
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THE Catholic University of America, is a school unlike any other. With a fairly small to mid-sized population they offer expansive programs fora multitude of disciplines. Diversity on the campus is growing, with a population lacking minorities it certainly is not closed off from others. the have alliances for any race and encourage new clubs to be created as the student population finds fit. Being Located in Washington D.C there is no lack of activities for those attending this school. With a metro system right on the campus its only a 10 minute ride into the city. The City is full of attractions consisting of restaurants, museums, outdoor festivities (concerts, festivals, etc.)
Catholic University of America is unique among all of the country’s Catholic colleges and universities in that we are the national university of the Catholic Church in the United States chartered by the Holy See and founded by the Catholic bishops.
The University is located in the heart of Washington, D.C.
From the D.C. Metrorail system, adjacent to campus, you're just a 10-minute Metrorail ride from Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian Institution, Supreme Court, Library of Congress, and Union Station.
I the campus. It is safe and clean and a great distance from the city. So many opportunities and things to do!
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