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Catawba Valley Community College Reviews

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It needs to be fun events here, this school can't compete with other community colleges when it comes to doing anything fun at school.
It is very comfortable, especially for students that do not know yet what they want to do in life as in regards to their education. The teachers are excellent and the installations are very good
It is an ok school. Good to start here if you plan to transfer to a senior institution. Although, do not get involved with the wrong major, as it is a hassle to try to get out of. On the other hand, the teachers are generally caring and easygoing, though be wary of the ones who are solely here to make money.
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The teachers mostly know the material well and are able to help students achieve their goals in classes and in their future plans. The campus is very well maintained and almost everyone is friendly and welcoming when you step on campus. The resources are made known to all students as well as all safety and security procedures.
Catawba Valley Community College located in Hickory, NC is a top notch community college. For the seemingly small feel of the school, the amount of classes and degrees are impressive. All of the professors are knowledgeable in their prospective subjects and communicate frequently with their students to ensure they are on the right path. This school has been a great asset in my education and I attribute this school with laying the foundation needed to further my educational goals. I highly recommend this institution as the overall college is one that is noteworthy.
I like how close in proximity Catawba Valley Community College is to my home and friends. There are plenty of things to get involved in within the college, making for an easy-going college experience.
I think Catawba Valley Community College is a good college. It definitely feels like a community college without the housing. The teachers are great and all the advisors are very helpful. This college has great discipline financially. CVCC makes there students more responsible with their grades, which is what makes it feel like a college. Walking around campus is relaxing because one walks outdoors and high school barely has that. Students succeed from the motivation of the enviroment, professors, students. Especially the diversity there is at the school is very interesting, and it's a great way to learn from each other. When I'm feeling tired, I think of the hardworking students that talk about their experiences. Some students work-study, stay all day in school, or even live in their cars outside of campus! CVCC has a good S.T.A.R.T assistance that helps students financially and out of campus with any personal problems from home, too.
Love the campus and the people that attend. Great education and preparation to transfer or begin a career.
Overall I have very much enjoyed my experience at Catawba Valley Community College. The staff and student environment is very welcoming and helpful. The only change that I would suggest would be more outreach and support for students entering programs such as Dental Hygiene or Radiology ect. I feel that work shops to meet with professors and to go over their expectations of you for the year would benifit many students. As well as interviews to go along with the application process as everyone knows test taking isn’t the only form of judging ones ability to understand and perform a task.
Even though my classes are online, I have still been able to form relationships with my professors, which helps tremendously in situations that I need extra clarity. They are usually prompt on responding to emails and very understanding. The one thing that I do not like is The CVCC bookstore. They will rip you off. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.
I am an early college student at CVCC and I think that they provide balanced academics, but stay pretty average. I wish they would offer more options for math and science classes, and possibly more degree programs.
Catawba Valley Community College is a great place to further your education on a budget. The classes provided are proficient and well-paced. Most of the faculty and staff are respectful and knowledgeable about their subject.
Overall experience is decent in terms of what your expecting from a community college. If your plan is to transfer from a community college to a university, this is probably the community college you'll want to go to.
I've had an overall positive experience at CVCC. All of my professors were patient and skilled at teaching a variety of students. It's very easy to make meaningful connections with the staff here. Most students are very driven and on-task. ALSO, don't worry if you've forgotten your lunch because CVCC will provide one for you in our "Hawk's Nest". This is where we keep food free-of-charge for students who don't have any.
CVCC treats everyone like family. There are so many resources for tutoring or just finding someone to help you in which ever course needs attention. Professors are respectful, helpful and understanding on a daily. If CVCC could become a 4-year and build housing for students it would be great.
CVCC is a very diverse community college with tons of options for students. They have online courses, campus courses, choices of internships, work study programs, etc. There are always people willing to help you and I love that everything is web based. It's easy to register for classes and take control of your studies.
My experience at Catawba Valley Community College was very good. The professors that I've had during my two years, helped me reach my academic goals so that I could pursue higher education at a different university. Resources were constantly offered to help achieve academic success.
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My experience at the community college was great. It is very diverse. I loved the teachers that I had. I learned a lot and achieved a lot. I also made lots of friends.
Catawba Valley Community College is a fantastic way to transition from a high school to a college lifestyle. CVCC offers a wide range of classes. The class sizes are small enough that each student has an opportunity to know their professor and meet with them one-on-one. I have saved thousands of dollars by attending CVCC instead of a 4 year university, and I feel that I was just as educated and knowledgeable at CVCC as I would have been at any other college or university.
Catawba Valley Community College is a very good school with a wide variety of programs to pursue. I am going to graduate with my Associates of Arts transfer degree, but I have had many friends and family members who have gone to school here and enjoyed it. It is a really great place to get your basics in and transfer to a four year school. It has saved me so much money and has allowed me to take various classes for the two years that I have been there.
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